Rumor – Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Weapons Discovered, Desert Eagle Among the Mix [Updated]

Recent reports suggest the Desert Eagle, along with a number of other infantry-focused weapons and gadgets, will be offered to Battlefield 4 players as a part of the upcoming Dragon’s Teeth expansion pack.

Symthic forum moderator “elementofprogress” was able to dig through a few new Battlefield 4 game files that are believed to have been introduced in the most recent PC client patch.

According to the findings, Dragon’s Teeth will launch with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets tailored towards urban combat, which falls in line with developer DICE’s description of the DLC: “All-out urban warfare” in “war-torn cities locked down by the Chinese army.”

Players will get their hands on two new attack bots that can be controlled remotely though a PDA. They are described as being similar to the EOD bot in Battlefield 4 vanilla, but with either a chain gun or 40mm grenade launcher mounted on top – a key difference.

The Ballistic Shield was also spotted in the files, which DICE confirmed last March would be introduced in Dragon’s Teeth as a two-handed device. However, due to its inclusion in the “weapons” category, it is believe that the shield will replace a primary weapon and must be used in conjunction with a secondary weapon.

Moving on to weapons, the newly discovered game files point to firearms like the Bulldog 762 Assault Rifle, SIG MPX PDW, McMillan CS5 Sniper Rifle, Unica 6 Magnum, and the Desert Eagle.

Our take? At first, we found it a little odd that DICE would include two all-kit weapons, as well as weapons specific to the Assault, Engineer, and Recon kits, but not the Support kit. However, that’s where the Ballistic shield might come in as a Support kit-only “weapon”. What’s also interesting is that the majority of these weapons are described as being highly capable in urban combat situations, which fits the theme of the DLC, from what we know so far.

This leaked key art for Dragon’s Teeth also depicts urban combat on the streets of a war-torn Chinese city.

What do you guys think? Is this selection of weapons and gadgets likely? How would you fancy a Desert Eagle for a sidearm?

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth is being developed at DICE LA and has no specific launch date yet.

Update 1

Images of some of the leaked DLC weapons have begun to surface, clearly lending to the legitimacy of the reports.

From user Wirrew and Hattiwatt1, via DANNYonPC.

Desert Eagle


Ballistic Shield:

BnOKku5CYAEn-W7Update 2

Wirrew has now pointed out to us that Dragon’s Teeth may also raise the rank cap from 120 to 130 with the following new icons:



  • Grif

    The Deagle will be a good addition. I assume it will act like the Magnum, damage, accuracy, etc. The Wall-E robot with mini guns on it, not to excited.

  • Edward Chai

    What no new pump action shot gun? Now I’m ah sad panda.

    • MeisseN

      I seriously hope they bring in some “fun” weapons, like a wood finish Model 1887 shotgun, or a wooden DMR/Sniper rifle… I’m just tired of shooting those polymer plastic guns. But I feel that DICE thinks Battlefield is way too serious

      • prodgy92

        This ain’t COD soo no “wood” thing ok!?

        • MeisseN

          That’s exactly what I expected people would reply. “This isn’t COD bitch it’s Battlefield”. Yet people want dinosaurs. They want something that would make the game not always that serious. So why not some wooden guns?

          • HK-47

            Go to bed cod kid

            • MeisseN

              Wow. Calling someone “cod kid” when barely knowing him. #TooMatureSir

          • Trevor Squires

            You say that like Dinosaurs are a “fun” thing. If I look at a dinosaur I think serious gameplay, not fun or funny gameplay. BF fans like me want a horde mode like what CoD has(Zombies, Extinction, etc.)because of how amazing it would be with Battlefield’s gameplay and vehicles. If there were vehicles in the horde co-op mode however, tackling something like zombies or aliens would be a bit easy. Dinosaurs on the other hand would be perfect for a BF horde mode considering the firepower needed to eliminate them. Just imagine driving up an MBT towards a Tyrannosaurus Rex while your buddy in a helicopter above is handling the pterodactyl’s.

            • ChatWraithGamma

              Dude hell yeah, aggroing a T-rex and kiting it in a jeep while people shoot at it?! CAN YOU IMAGINE A T-REX JEEP CHASE?!

            • MeisseN

              Not funny but fun I think. I mean by fun that it makes the game more attractive

        • Laser0pz

          I guess you completely forgot that the Thompson and M1 Garand were in BC2 then?

  • xHDx

    Looking forward to that Sniper rifle, but not so much the ballistic shield. However I don’t think this will be as good as the previous DLC was. I really hope the final DLC is Dinosaurs!

    • born2expire

      Enough about dinosaurs, its not gonna happen. I just pray this DLC and the final DLC offer something for the infantry players. ie aftermath

      • xHDx

        It’s not gonna happen. They’ve been teasing since BF3 (more than 2 years). I’m sure it will happen.

        • RustyFrags

          Wrong. Regardless of how much they’ve teased it, dinos won’t happen. As you’ve said, it’s been two years. They would’ve announced it by now. DICE simply has too much to work on.

          • xHDx

            To much to work on eve though they’ve included countless amounts of Easter Eggs… Sure…

            • RustyFrags

              Creating easter eggs requires much less work than an entire gamemode with rendered dinosaurs. That’s not even comparable.

            • xHDx

              That isn’t the point i’m making. If they have to much to work on, then why even include Dinosaurs as easter eggs? It would seem pointless hyping it up, just for it to be forgotten by the time BF5 comes around.

            • RustyFrags

              There have only been references to dinosaurs as Easter eggs, no real rendered dinos (except Nebandan Flats). It’s just an ongoing tease, and will most likely continue in BF5.

            • xHDx

              Guess you haven’t saw the Megalodon then…
              I bet you they will add it either way…

            • Olek

              Idiot. Pointless arguing with you, you’ll believe in what you want to be true. Dino modes will not happen, stop with that bs already.

            • xHDx

              There’s always 1 person which takes it to far and spoils a discussion. You could start by not crying first, then i’ll take your comment(s) into consideration. Don’t want it, don’t buy it. Seems fair.

            • Olek

              You’re still in your little bubble, it won’t happen, and if by some amazing chance it does and it’s part of Premium then i already paid for it.
              Absolutely nothing that indicates that it would happen, DICE takes it as a joke so they include all these easter eggs.

            • xHDx

              Ok you can stop crying now. You’re being a stupid troll. Really you’re admitting that there is a slight chance of it happening lol and that you are reassuring yourself that you can can access it because you have prem, even though you hate the idea of it. Yeah, sure you do… when it does happen, I’ll get a chance to laugh in your face. Which should be humiliating for you.

            • Olek

              What kind of sad fuck are you? You’re calling me a troll for not thinking your way, you assume that i give a shit if i get proven wrong. I’m sure it won’t happen, but i said that if it did and was a part of Premium, i’d own it.
              Don’t put words into my mouth, i never said i hated the idea, i said it just wouldn’t happen.

            • xHDx

              I’m not calling you a troll because you aren’t thinking my way. I’m callign you a troll because you’re practically crying over a disscussion about a video game. You obviously do give a shit if you get proven wrong because you’re still going on like a child.

              ‘Dino modes will not happen, stop with that bs already.’. You called it the idea BS, but still you claim you aren’t against it. Ok, ok go troll somewhere else.

            • Olek

              It’s bs because DICE already demonstrated that they have no plans to do it, they just add easter eggs which can be put together in a few minutes or a couple hours compared to full production for an actual expansion around it.
              Also have no idea why you’re saying i’m crying over anything, if anyone’s doing that it’s you because you want it to be real so badly.

            • xHDx

              Did DICE really demonstrate that they have no plans to do it by adding more Easter Eggs again and again for 2 years in a row? Logic…
              It’s pretty obvious by your attitude that your but-hurt over a simple subject like this. I’m not bothered if it’s included or not but I think the idea is more interesting. Especially more interesting than more generic maps and guns which we’ve all saw before in the previous game and vice versa.

              I think you can tell from the BF forums that people are going mad for it, not just me. You’re just one of the minority.

            • Olek

              You keep saying i’m butt hurt and other shit like that and you try twisting what i said. Stop for your own sake.
              If they do it then i’m all for it but as it stands, it’s not going to happen.
              If they had plans to do it, it would have been seriously hinted or outright announced because they would probably sell a lot of it, but it would require an absurd amount of resources and they have a ton of games on their hands at the moment.
              Having easter eggs does not mean anything at all, they’re doing it as fan service…In case you haven’t realized the whole dinosaur thing has been around since BF2 and they never made a dino mode nor heavily suggested it.

            • xHDx

              I didn’t twist your words at all. You said the Idea was BS at first, now you’re saying ‘i’m all for it’. Make your mind up before you make your argument.

              They have the resources to do it. They halted all project development up until BF4 was playable, so i think they’re more than capable as a company. The amount of money that franchise has earned, i’m sure they could cover the cost of the game mode easily.

              Put it this way. They earned at least $130m from BF3’s Premium service alone. They have acknowledged that fans want a Dino mode and they’re listening. It will be quite embarrassing for you if they announced it soon though wouldn’t it. I’m sure you wouldn’t be arguing much then would you? No, didn’t think so.

            • RustyFrags

              The Megalodon is an easter egg, not an entire mode like you want dinos to be.

            • xHDx

              Again, you missed the point. Why create the whole hype wagon just to end it with silence? They would still have enough people buying the game even without these Easter eggs compilation. Even if it does release, it won’t effect you because you won’t be forced to play it.

            • RustyFrags

              It’s just a bit of fun, teases simply don’t go on for two years. My point is, DICE has too much to work to do, not enough time to create an entire gamemode with dinosaurs. That precious development time could be used for fixing the game.

            • xHDx

              I see. Although I think they lied when they said they stopped progresses on all other games until BF4 was fixed. I really don’t believe they did that tbh. Seems a little far fetched for someone like EA/DICE. I think it would be a good idea if it happened though. People were going mental on the forums looking for the first EE’s 🙂

            • DANNYonPC

              Nice avatar!

          • DANNYonPC

            Your avatar keeps confusing me.

        • born2expire

          I for one will feel ripped off if the last DLC is some co-op dino experience. If i want horde mode gameplay (which i do not) i’d play one of the thousands games that offer that.

          • xHDx

            You may feel ripped off, but I think more people would rather have Dino’s than not have Dino’s. Don’t shoot the messenger, although I would still have dinos if I was in charge of development.

        • KennyKyle

          Well damn you guys, dinos ftw

  • MeisseN

    More high caliber weapons… Oh my. The revolvers in BF4 have a terrible shooting feel. The animation of shooting while aiming down sights is totally messed up. Recoil is so unrealistic, the barrel barely kicks, the interval feels terribly strange, but it actually makes the weapon more accurate and easier to hit targets (in BF3 if you fire before the kick is over it’s just like hipfiring).

    Btw, no new carbines? AR, PDW, LMG and SR categories have all had 3 DLC weapons yet Carbine category has only one (not to mention it’s returning). And there haven’t been a single DLC DMR at all. Even a shotgun would be welcomed… More ARs but people will stick with ACE 23, more LMGs but people will stick with MG4 or AWS, more SRs but people will stick with M98B or SRR61, more PDWs but people… wait, does anyone use PDW at all…

    • Paul Thomas

      I agree on most weapon classes need new goodies but not DMRs. The ones we’ve got are bad enough.

    • Playmaker

      Magnum feels horrible agreed. It is a good one shot mop up when you run out of bullets.

    • V For Vincennes

      I rather like some of the PDWs myself. UMP-9 and the SR-2 are pretty vicious in my experience.

      • MeisseN

        True that, plus the 50 round beast P90

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      Yeah, I’ve been highly disappointed with the revolvers since release, they used the “realistic” excuse for the trigger delay, but even then, that’s not really all that realistic, if you were going to do that then all guns would need some sort of trigger delay, it may not be a large one, but every gun takes a few milliseconds to fire, but if you do that then ALL the gunplay would feel destroyed. Makes me wonder why they didn’t consider that with the revolvers. There’s also the fact that most revolvers are double action, meaning you can also pull the trigger back manually between shots and have no delay.

    • StahlRim

      Well i use PDWs quite often they destroy most players that are 10-20 feet away excluding shotguns and some guns with a high rate of fire like the famas or mg4. However some players might get the jump on you if they start firing before you.

  • Ryupyroa

    Riot shield/Wall-E bot army on Metro is going to be hilarious.

    • MeisseN

      As if triple-mini-nades or Flash/Flare-yo-ass isn’t already annoying enough…..

    • Gannon

      The only thing were missing is throwing knives

      • Angelreborn96

        For real.. Fuck this. Hope it’s not too annoying. The shield

    • oofy

      ‘Nuff said.

    • ChatWraithGamma

      whoaaa I just realized the impact shields are gonna have on stairwells. This could be awesome, but inb4 invincible shield glitching etc.

  • Robert Wagner

    Deagle Baby!

    • jaskdavis


    • dieger

      Its gonna kick so freaking much

      • Angelreborn96

        That’s how a deagle really is in real life. .50 damn. It’s gonna rock the soldiers hand that’s for sure lol. Bigger kick than that damn .44 magnum.

        • Xplosio

          The DEagle has a ‘.44’ printed on the front.. Hmmmm

          • Angelreborn96

            I did not notice that lol. Guess it’s the .44 version then. Damnit

        • RobbieDobbie

          This will be the .44 version…

          • Angelreborn96

            I realized

  • theplantain

    you can see the Danger Close influence

    • potatolol

      It was pretty obvious since first DLC with their silly UCAVs an SUAVs.

      • MeisseN

        Uh I guess I read the news one day saying that DICE LA (previously Danger Close) only starts making DLCs for bf4 since this one. Can’t remember clearly though

        • Banana_Hamm0ck

          They also made the second assault maps.

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          Didn’t EA say that part of Danger Close got absorbed into other dev teams as well, and they didn’t all go into DICE LA? Because a lot of the BF4 things feel like they have quite a bit of Danger Close/MOH:WF influence.

  • Aria68

    I always wanted the WALL-E to shine! now it’s time to see it’s dark side!

  • Tank Buster

    I hope the maps are good, not very excited about these gadgets and guns.

  • SamRock

    No matter how much I hate BF4 these days. I always love to read about some new stuff. Urban map has always been my favorite BF hangouts. I hope this will redeeming DLC for BF4. If so I am buying Premium 😀

    • dpg70

      Why when you can get the expansion alone for $15? If urban is your thing don’t bother.

      • SamRock

        Well I have always hoped there will be a discount on Premium after 3rd DLC. So it will be a great deal. Also most server run on all DLC, if one is missing , the server wont allow me to join 🙁

        Whatever the case, I wil wait for the discount! 😀
        Not spending full price on premium

  • KennyKyle

    EOD bot with guns…. FML

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Bots with guns? Are they even being used in modern combat? Come on DICE, stop this mickey mouse bullshit.

    • RobbieDobbie

      They’re being tested… There are already similar things and although not currently being used in combat, they do still exist…

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Does military use Ballistic shields?

    • mechcell
      • jj16802

        Wow, at least there is a legitimate use for the shield in the military.

        But still for a game that has open maps, destruction and vehicles…. I don’t think it’s going to be that useful unless you play 24/7 Locker.

        • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

          you gonna be able to go inside buildings in the new dlc,so i think they will be usefull. They not gonna protect you from nade spam on metro and locker

  • E. Johnson

    I see some users posting about military use of ballistic shields and armed EOD bots. Both are used (in limited functions) by some branches of the US military.

    Further reading – Google Talon S.W.O.R.D.S. for bots and in particular the USMC Special Reaction Team for shields.

  • We meet again Juan Deage

    • Mus1ckFPS

      That is senior Juan Deage to you my friend

  • Zidane TK

    How badass are you going to look running around with a Deagle and a laser?

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  • Hot-Wire

    Unica 6? That the mateba?

  • Angelreborn96

    I KNEW THERE WOULD BE A DEAGLE! WOOOOO. NOW BRING THE AK-47 EVERYONE WANTS!! 🙁 I want the AK. Here’s how it should be. Dragons teeth should bring an AK-47 AR. And then the last expansion pack should be the M16A3 and the M4A1’s RETURN from… the…… DEEAAAAAAD!!!!!

    • MeisseN

      I prefer AN94 than AK47 🙂 needed the 2-shot firebreather back in BF3 🙂

  • mechcell
    • MeisseN

      How to go to 3rd person in Test Range..

      • DANNYonPC

        camera hacks.

        • MeisseN

          Makes sense. XD

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  • V For Vincennes

    I miss my G3A3. We had some good times together. Would have preferred that over a Desert Eagle. My 1911 works just fine for me.

    • V For Vincennes

      That MPX looks delicious. May just be a good replacement for my old BF3 MP5K.

    • jj16802

      HA, a deadly Wall-E. Great video!

  • Rob

    Hate to see the assignments you got to perform. The UCAV was hell for me. Right when I get it unlocked it gets patched.

  • GunsNroses61

    Am I the only one who thinks the Unica is just a SW40 with a longer barrel?

  • jj16802

    A UGV…. this is reminding me of Homefront.

    Also, what’s with DICE’s love of pistols these days?

  • jerry

    64 player riot shield matches on metro… That’s going to be insane

  • Oblivion_Lost667

    If this is the weapons we get, I’m disappointed again. We’re essentially getting the revolver we got before again (And revolvers play pretty badly.), a bunch of guns that the community was, again, not really asking for, and the Desert Eagle. Desert Eagle being the only one I’m really interested in, though technically at least we’re getting a MP5-type gun, though PDWs aren’t very effective in BF4.

    EDIT: I read a bit more into the revolver, while it still seems a bit like the revolver we had last time, it has a chance to not be terrible and fire like the rest of the guns in the game since it’s a semi-auto revolver that uses the recoil from firing to turn the cylinder. Maybe we’ll actually get a worthwhile revolver, though I’d still prefer to get a better selection of guns than this.

    • V For Vincennes

      As far as revolvers go, the SW40 has been a lot more effective on the field for me than the Magnum or Rex. Rate of fire is what saves it.

      Its kind of strange DICE is rolling with two pistols on this DLC and yet another sniper rifle. If the emphasis is supposed to be urban combat, a little more close knit…I don’t know, a new shotgun? A new carbine? Even another LMG?

      I’d even be interested in a DMR based on the G3 platform. Just something other than another bolt action sniper.

      • Oblivion_Lost667

        It’d be awesome to have the G3 again, and that’d be an interesting DMR considering it’s technically a battle rifle and not an assault rifle, it’d be like how they added the semi auto sniper rifle to recon.

        I’d like some a new carbine, and DMR myself, though I’m not opposed to having the Desert Eagle, even though it’s overused and tends to be done rather terribly, it might be a fun new weapon to have.

        • V For Vincennes

          I suppose there’s no reason not to include the Desert Eagle now after all this time. Honestly I’m surprised the Battlefield series has gone this long without.

  • Jason

    I can’t wait to get rank 130 and become a Super Mega Uber Elite General.

  • HazeWulfDemonic

    Lame, that Deagle is the .44 Magnum and not the .50 Action Express.

  • That bot is going to be used by everyone on OP: Locker and Metro!

    • StahlRim

      i think the robot will only be battle pickup weapon like the m82. i also think the bot is only going to be available in the new maps

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