BF4 Dragon’s Teeth – Team America Reference Pokes Fun at Former North Korean Leader

Former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il isn’t immune to a bit of satirical humor in Battlefield 4’s just-released DLC, Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth.

The reference can be spotted on the base of Kim Jong Il’s statue in Propaganda, a map set in North Korea. The writing is in Korean, of course, but its translation is awfully similar to a verse sung by the former North Korean leader in a scene from the satirical comedy Team America: World Police.

Battlefield YouTube personalities LachlanCotter and JackFrags got the translation:

Here’s the scene in Team America: World Police with Kim Jong Il, played by Trey Parker, singing those words. Obviously, NSFW due to language.

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth is currently rolling out on all platforms for all Battlefield 4 Premium members and will be making its way to non-Premium members on July 29 for $14.99.

  • Cloud Flash

    A nice easter egg on an even better map. IMO, the best map BF4 has seen so far. Infantry-centric combat without being the Metro/Locker/TDM circlejerk. Reminds me of Stalingrad from 1942, or Fall of Berlin from 2142…

    • RustyFrags

      Agree, Propaganda is phenomenal. Love the street battles.

      • Yeah, could you guys just not talk about how awesome DT is? I won’t have time to play until tonight. K thnx.


        • mechcell

          I just unlock “THE DEAGLE” 😉

          • Nooooo! What’s a good map to get 5 kills while swimming!?

            • mechcell

              Sunken Dragon is very good map but everybody like to lower water level on the lake on me. Any naval strike map, flood zone and parcel storm are all good.

            • David

              Speaking of watery maps, best part of the DLC is that there’s not a single attack boat on any map! So awesome!!

            • Arvid

              I think I saw a jet ski on sunken dragon.

            • Angelreborn96

              The best is that it’s all infantry! Especially in chain link! It’s the best DLC. Though lumphini garden and sunken dragon aren’t the best maps.. The market one is the worst! Too many buildings.. It really promotes camping

            • Hheol

              I tried Sunken Dragon, but it felt like someone was always trying to drain the lake. After getting only one kill in the water in three to five rounds I went to play Obliteration on Flood Zone.. and got the rest of the kills in that one match.

            • Hot-Wire

              That’s because to unlock the unica 6 revolver you have to drain the lake once.

  • swipe_06

    I wonder if Best Korea will threaten Sweden with nukes in retaliation after this.

    • Brandon Stern

      Dragon’s Teeth was developed in the US.

  • DeLuke

    statue is of KIm Ir sen not Kim chong…..


    no north korean faction 0/10

    • Alex Melendez

      No korean faction 100/10

  • J4MES

    Propaganda = Amazing map
    Lumphini Garden = Very good map
    Pearl Market = Good map
    Sunken Dragon = Worst Battlefield map ever.

    I’m really pleased with the DLC but the Sunken Dragon map is a complete disaster and I’ve taken it off my server browser in the hope of never playing it again. Looks dreadful, plays awful, spawn trapping+camping+snipers galore and the B flag is a disaster. Too many copy and pasted elements in there from Flood Zone and Dawnbreaker too. Propaganda makes up for it by being one of the most perfect maps I’ve seen in Battlefield though.

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      lancang dam and operation locker are way worse. As well as some bf3 vanilla maps that are awful