Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Hunters Discover Giant Megalodon Easter Egg

In what seemed like the wildest goose chase (or shark chase) in video game history, Battlefield 4 easter egg hunters can now rest easy after having discovered one of the game’s biggest secrets.

This of course is none other than the elusive Megalodon easter egg, or giant shark easter egg, for which the hunt began way back in December. Reddit user Tee_Hee_Wat appears to have discovered the location of the easter egg after compiling a number of cryptic poems that appeared after Naval Strike’s launch.

The easter egg can be found on the DLC’s Nansha Strike map. See it in action in the videos below and find out how to activate it:

Have you tried it yourself yet? Which Battlefield 4 easter egg has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Eaglejoc .

    Doesnt surprise me however very cool.


    Megarubberbandon? OH SNAP!

    • theplantain

      i see what you did there…rubberbanding…rubberband…snap

      • Barrett Jasper

        um, yeah we all got it 😉

      • Wargasmic

        If you try to say rubberbanding while rubberbanding you will never stop.

  • Robenter

    A monumental waste of time by both DICE and egg hunters alike.

    • DownyJones

      More like a waste of time whining about it.

      • Wargasmic

        And a waste of time whining about whining about it….and so on.

    • Jeff Kazimer

      Things like this are cool!

      • Grif

        It’s cool but the community would rather have DICE work on fixing stuff than adding these Easter eggs.

        • TheGreaterGamer

          im pretty sure there workin on stuff just give it time or stop playing

          • VEX_VEHIX

            Yes, move on. Just like DICE did.

            6 Months and this game is still broken….

            • TheGreaterGamer

              yep, they just better make sure this doesnt happen with battlefront or heads will roll along with cars when gamers riot

          • Barrett Jasper

            agreed….they aren’t sitting around making easter eggs. It’s a much harder task than inserting this.

  • No name

    The fact is that the megalodon easter egg thing that was going on started back in December when Naval Strike wasn’t even out yet. It’s probably because this was such a huge hype that DICE included it in this DLC. So the big easter egg is most probably still in one of the vanilla maps.

    • Justin Mckay

      I was going to say I swear One of the devs said theres still a massive easter egg left to be found in the Vanilla game!

      • Tank Buster

        I hope its not more hidden audio files!

      • Wilder Mason

        they did find it. It is the exploding ship on Hainan Resort

        • HotHam

          no thats not the big one they were talking about

          • TheGreaterGamer

            theres the dino roar and ruffling trees on rogue transmission

            heres a link

            • Hot-Wire

              There out to be a giant dimo out there somewhere.

            • VEX_VEHIX

              Watching this wasted a bit of my life.

            • TheGreaterGamer

              at least you didnt waste as much time as him finding the damn easter egg. these are starting to get annoying, either make a dino mode or not Dice.

    • SamRock

      Haha! Thats exactly what I said on Jackfrags channel. This just seems to be an “appreciation” from DICE for the massive community hunt. There is still something out there…

      • IceKoldKilla

        Aren’t there STILL BF3 easter eggs? I think I read someone from DICE say it last year.

        • SamRock

          Yes there is supposed to be a huge Easter egg which no one has found yet. Looks like BF community gave up and DICE has to reveal it to us

  • Jesus Orchid

    If they spent half the time on fixing the fucking banding that they spent on goddamn Easter eggs…

    • TheGreaterGamer

      damn people are still mad…. go….. go play titanfall or something.

      • roland0811

        But Titanfall isn’t worth the asking price. And it’s such a shallow experience. But… least it works.

        • TheGreaterGamer

          well that was just an example how about last of us

      • James Mulhall

        People have the right to be mad as consumers. It’s a shitty product that still hasn’t been fixed.

        • TheGreaterGamer

          yes your right but its not like DICE is gonna see his comment and suddenly feel like fixing the game, the engine they built the game on is so broken they have to release patches for patches

  • SubXero

    Eff that! I don’t want to get eaten or squished by sharks even if they’re fake digital sharks!

  • Tank Buster

    Would be waaaay better if not being in the most recent DLC! Seems cheap to me. DICE ruined megladon!

    • DellyDellz

      forreal like hey lets throw it in to distract them from how bad we fucked up

  • Aria68

    HOLY SHIT!!!!

  • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

    Disappointing that it was less climactic than that Hainan Resort exploding ship easter egg. I’m surprised how much it is an oversized great white shark that wasn’t subject to artistic revision.

    Nonetheless, I can’t deny it wasn’t good fun and suspense that had me intrigued at some points.

  • Wargasmic

    Elusive? It didn’t even exist. At the end of the day the community has created this idea of the megalodon and all the hype surrounding it. Then dice actually puts the thing in the game and its found in a matter of days. Instant anti climax to the Easter egg hunting. Either it doesn’t exist or it will be quickly found. Good job again dice at ruining the perfect balance of FUN