Battlefield 4 – Fan Requested Features Recognized, Pacing Concerns Addressed and More Ways to Access Beta

EA Community Manager Ian Tornay details some of the key featured the DICE team will be focusing on throughout the development of the recently announced Battlefield 4 and addresses concerns of the pacing of major Battlefield releases.

In case you haven’t heard, Battlefield 4 is official and there will be a beta for it next Fall (2013) with every pre-order of the limited or deluxe edition of Danger Close’s upcoming FPS title, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. This is not to say it will be the only way to gain access to the beta as Tornay also mentioned “there will be other ways to get into the beta aside from MoH Warfighter. At this time, however, it is the only way to guarantee entry.”

Other than these details, little is known about the next entry to the Battlefield series and we are not expecting to hear anything until this November or later, after the release of Warfighter, according to this Origin product page. (Later removed. Cached version below. Make of this what you will.)

If you’ve been able to catch any of the reaction to the official Battlefield 4 announcement, you’ll most likely have heard phrases like, “it’s way too soon!” A reaction that many gamers currently share. Tornay addresses these concerns via a recent Reddit post:

We’ve been seeing a lot of concerns about the pacing of release (i.e. “only” two years after BF3). I think it’s worth noting that DICE has released a Battlefield game every two years or sooner AND Mirror’s Edge at least every two years. I truly believe that we’re in one of the best positions to be creating our next title – Frostbite 2 has matured, we’ve been gathering fan feedback like crazy, Battlefield 3 continues to expand with features which we can learn from, and we’ve got more data about how people play than ever.

He also lists the key features that members of DICE “recognize that there is a serious desire for, including but not exclusive to”:

  • A better VOIP solution
  • Battle Recorder
  • Spectator Mode
  • More robust eSports support

What are your thoughts? Is Battlefield 4 arriving too soon? Are you happy to see these features being focused on this time around? Let us know in the comments below.

Base featured image by artist MuuseDesign.

  • Nico

    Give us a WWII setting and ill preorder it first day I can…

  • Guys, sorry to derail the discussion, but I’d like some feedback on the featured image. It was easy to put together, but took me a long time to find a decent base image.

    • TTRedRaider27

      looks pretty badass

    • reminds me of 1942 😀 good job

    • IcyGuy

      It looks good. My only complaint would be the lack of space between the BF4 and MP1st logos. Having little space between the two is understandable, though, for two reasons: 1) you want to tell people, “Hey, this cool picture came from a place called ‘MP1st.’ Google it!” and 2) people are less likely to confuse it for an official image.

      Granted, this is the Internet, so there’s always the chance that someone (and then his friends…and then his friends…and then his friends…and then Reddit) will confuse it for official art anyway.

    • Al


  • Releasing a Battlefield game every 2 years or sooner isn’t much of a surprise to long time fans of the franchise(Before Bad Company)Battlefield 2142 released a little over a year after Battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2 released a little over 2 years after Bad Company. No one complained then so why is it all of a sudden a big deal now? I swear CoD has way too many people on edge

    • problem is they are releasing the sequel to the game THEY JUST MADE! if it was BC3 or 2143 hell even 1944 people wouldn’t complaining at all hell i would buy MOH WF to play it buts its the sequel to BF3 which was lackluster,buggy, and broken at release.

      • Boss

        We had bc1 and bc2 in a row

        • MasonMei

          yeah, but they aren’t sequels to BF, so it’s fine

          • Bad Company 2 is a direct sequel to Bad Company released in a two year time frame, just like BF4 will be. I fail to see the difference and the point you are trying to make here

            • MasonMei

              Man you got it wrong… BC2 is a direct sequel to BC but not BF… it’s like a branch. If BC’s a direct sequel, it will be Battlefield 3: Bad Company and BC2 will be Battlefield 4: Bad Company 2

            • So I did not say that. Read my comment again. I said Bad Company 2 is a direct sequel to Bad Company released in a 2 year time frame just like BF4 will be. BF4 being released in more or less the same 2 year frame after BF3. I said nothing about Bc2 being a sequel to a main Battlefield game.

            • MasonMei

              Huh. But you know, the interval between the release of BF2 and BF3 is 6 years. Now the interval between BF3 and BF4 is only 2 years. And BC3 is most anticipated to be released in 2013 (according to the community). We’re astonished to see the BF4 news… I think that’s the major problem we have here. (Most players expect BC3 to release in 2013 and maybe BF2143 in 2015 then after 6 years, BF4 in 2017) So actually DICE changed this list, huh..

        • And those were development games for BF3. They were not direct BF sequels.

          • how are they development games for BF3? BF3 uses a completely new engine, has new game mechanics etc. If anything i’d say BF3 was a development game for games going to be made with Frostbite 2

            • well to be honest BC was dice/EA chance at the console market which worked pretty good and it gave them time to familiarize with the frostbite engine (even if it was an old build)

            • console world..that makes sense, i agree with that

      • Espen

        Just because it’s the sequel to a buggy game doesn’t mean the sequel will be buggy. -_-‘
        Wether they make BF3 or BFBC3 they base it on the same engine.

        • hmm well since they haven’t even fixed BF3 for all the bugs. what in the hell makes me want to buy BF4 if they cant even fix BF3??

      • Cpt_Balloonhands

        who even cares? the only difference between BC3 and BF4 would be the Singleplayer. who gives a crap?

        • That’s unless BF4 goes back to the roots of a global conflict and not just Russian Vs Americans again in which yeah I can see your point

      • gaunt1et14

        Right in every way.

      • UnknownUser28

        it still is buggy

      • michaeloakley

        they said that BF4 would be coming like two weeks after BF3 and alen said he was working on a next gen title and this is michaeloakley

    • You said it right. That COD fear is leeching on BF players again. i.e. Close Quarters DLC..

      • its not the fear thats the problem its the way they announced it and the game itself (BF4)

    • If this is your first BF game then dont talk smack

    • voodoo

      Yep As Jonathan said, problem is they are releasing the sequel to the game THEY JUST MADE!

      • @TonetheBone925

        They just made? It would be over two years until they release it. Most people would be playing something else by then anyway.

  • tyronethenigga

    i think battlefield 4 is going to be awesome and they aren’t rushing it they made bf3 2011 and bc2 in 2010 only had like 1 year and a half and bf3 was fine aside from the bugs and they are giving 2 years apart so it could be way better than bf3

  • releasing a BF every two years is not bad BUT release the sequel to the game (BF3) which you are still supporting and announcing the sequel to the game (BF4) while your still making DLC for your first game is BAD and no one wanted BF4 everyone wanted BC3 >.<

    • TTRedRaider27

      I’m fine with either one, I just want it on the next gen consoles.

      • too bad not gonna happen SONY & MS haven’t even said they will release next gen for awhile -__- thats means prepare for massive input lag

        • TTRedRaider27

          Holiday 2013. I’m hoping.

    • Jack

      Bc and bc2 were realesed in succassion, but really i would’ve liked 2143, much better than bc2 imo

  • TriPpKinGs

    As long as BF4 isnt a copy and paste. Games like CoD, Madfen/Any yearly sports title, assassins creed, or Need for spees Should not be $60. I think $40 is more appropiate.

    • Mikey MiG

      What was the last big budget title you saw released for $40? Come on, people. Let’s think realistically here…

  • They already had their chace to please the community with Battlefield 3, now they’ve just spat in the face of everyone that bought Premium when they announce another Battlefield title before they’ve even finished making the rest of the expansion packs.

    • ktorkel

      Hello, open your eyes. The beta itself will be in the fall of 2013! That means the game could come out late 2013 – early-to-mid 2014. I’m pretty sure that BF3 Premium will be finished by then.

      • IcyGuy

        BF3’s beta was released less than a month before the game came out. If the BF4 beta is being released in fall ’13, count on BF4 to come out around the same time.

        • Al


          • noooo…. that does not mean they will do it again that was a last minute beta

            • Dude, they had a closed alpha like less than or around a month before the beta.

            • Al

              same thing happened with BC2 Beta which i was on …the beta was on summer (august) and the game came 2 month after that

            • Beta does not facilitate a release date soon after. Counter Strike GO has been in beta since October of Last year. It releases next month

      • Up in the quote from Tornay he said “every two years or sooner” 2013 would be a two year turn around. The game will launch in 2013….not that I care though, hopefully BF4 will be what BF3 shoulda been.

    • Crumblingtoast

      To be honest, i don’t mind with battlefield 4 and battlefield premium being so close together. I enjoy premium. You get alot of dlc and extra bonusses. And battlefield 4 will hopefully have somehow a different feeling, so i can look forward to that! People should not complaining if there’s nothing to complain about. If you have premium, you bought it because you like battlefield 3, so i don’t see your point 😉

  • Xplicit

    “I think it’s worth noting that DICE has released a Battlefield game every two years or sooner AND Mirror’s Edge at least every two years.” Umm when the hell have they released another Mirror’s Edge? Oh that’s rite they haven’t so that was a stupid statement no matter how he meant it.

    • IcyGuy

      Why not mention NFS: Hot Pursuit? Or MOH multiplayer? Maybe he’s subtly hinting at the imminent announcement of Mirror’s Edge 2.

      Because that’s just salt on a heart wound that’s been there for far too long. 🙁

      • Laser0pz

        Because they weren’t in charge of developing those games. They were in complete control of the BF games, and Mirror’s Edge (well, EA was breathing down their backs the whole time, but that’s what publishers do).

        • IcyGuy

          That’s true, but DICE at least had a hand in making them, and DICE’s involvement in MOH’s MP was widely advertised. According to Wikipedia, DICE employs 280 people. In 2010, these people would have been spread out among the BC2 DLC team, BF3 team, MOH MP team, NFS team, and BF Online team, to say nothing of teams working on unannounced (or temporarily shelved) projects. While it’s doubtful that each person only worked on one project, that’s still a lot of people not working on the next main series BF game (or ME2), so I stand by my bringing up NFS and MOH.

          • nickmaster1150

            how can you know ho many imployee’s DICE has? DICE is big so yeah

            • IcyGuy

              “According to Wikipedia.”

              So while it may or may not be entirely accurate, it’s the best number we have. I invite anyone to correct it.

    • nickmaster1150

      bf2 was in 2006 mirror’s edge was in 2007 and bfbc1 was in 2008< is every year

  • F Dice

    What about adding F#$#@$ PS-Move support to bf3 and bf4???????????????????. I guess Dice don’t consider people who own a move “fans”.

    • TTRedRaider27

      hahahaha whaaaaat? Are you serious?

      • yes

        Dice and every other developer treats Move owners like crap.

  • Apollo

    This is likely just to be only a Beta for the game when it’s released in 2014.

    • Al

      or maybe its just a strategy to sell more MOH; then they can delay their beta to idk Jan 2014 or sth like that

  • Personally, I was just hoping for a different setting – near future or WW2 again. We got BF3, MoH:W and BF4 all in the same setting (I assume). It’s gonna get stale, fast, I think.

    • exactly thats why BC3 would be better we atleast get destruction with it

      • Totally. The Bad Company series, at least, has a different enough character to it that it would provide a different experience.

        • Al

          i really enjoyed BC2…hell i even like it more than BF3…it was so chaotic at time (not cluster-fuck like Op metro in BF3)

        • stevenStefano

          Yes it was sorta a bit more fun and less gritty, would be a nice contrast to BF3 if we got BC3

  • i made a video of all the bf4 beta and moh wf new id really appreciate it if you guys would check it out 🙂

  • SooDooWooDoo

    He forgot dinosaurs

    • nickmaster1150

      you know it was just an easter egg/joke from DICE right?

  • jonchr2

    I dont see why people are complaining at all. the next gen consoles will probably be out in oct-nov next year, if they wait any longer, people will just save up for a pc and the games thats being released by that time will be to big for the console to handle. Sony said the ps3 has 5years in them, and especially from microsoft it has leaked multiple pictures and information about their new console. My guess BF4 will release on Ps4 and xbox720 in oct-nov 2013

  • im not buying their bf4 they can keep that shit. how about fix the bugs and glitches and unnerf a bunch of shit the nerf brigade ruined in bf3.

  • I personally think they “screwed the pooch” already, in regards to Battlefield 3. The catering to CoD fanboys, with an expansion pack such as “Close Quarters”, reeks of desperation on their part. Which is sad, given that the true Battlefield was never -only- about one thing. It was always the flexibility of being able to do different things. Ride a tank, fly a plane, run on foot etc. BF3 could’ve easily been designed with these things in mind, when it comes to maps. Even if you have a huge map, you can still have intense close quarter fighting, and WITHOUT sacrificing expansive open areas for tank warfare.

    BF3 had alot of large maps, but the problem is, most of it was unplayable. One would hope they learn from their mistakes when designing the BF4 maps, no matter what era the game takes place in. Personally, I thought the combat of 2142 was BF at it’s finest. Especially if fought on “Titan” maps. First you have regular Conquest mode (with a twist) on the ground. Once the Titan shields go down, you board the Titan and engage in intense close quarters fighting. All on the same map. There was no need for a separate expansion pack just for “one player type, or another”.

    Another fan-requested feature that has long been requested (and probably going to be overlooked yet again), is availability to mod tools. Being able to create mods of the game, increases the longevity. You don’t need a million different unlocks to get the longevity factor. In fact, I hope they tone the unlock-system down (possibly removed entirely).

    Lastly, I hope they either return to WW2-era, or future “BF2142”-era, rather than yet another modern warfare combat FPS game. We have quite a few of them already, and still more on the way.

    • RNP_Ghost

      Firstly, putting seperate play styles in different maps allows those who don’t want to play close quarters to filter it out, and allows those who purely want the rush of adrenaline that close quarters provides without being shot to pieces by armour and helis to filter the vehicle maps out. If you have maps that include both, you may have entire sections of the map that closequarters players absolutely hate and would never go in. This makes the playable size of the map for players much smaller. By making seperate maps and modes, people have the opportunity to choose what they want to play and how they want to play, which in my opinion is what BF is all about.

      On unlocks, I like the ability to choose which unlocks you use on your vehicles, as it allows you to play to your strengths, and feels more personal. Again, it allows you to play what you like, how you like. Maybe you shouldn’t have to unlock them, they should all just be available, but ‘attachments’ for vehicles, for me at least, have played a large part in my enjoyment of vehicle warfare.

  • 3DArtist

    No commander mode?! Not true battlefield, to me it’s Bad Company 4

    • Would love to see Commander mode make a return in the next game. That and a working command structure for the teams/squads.

  • I’m going to get hate for this…..I really didn’t like the Bad Company series, but I did love the new physics engine. My guess is we’ll see a BF2142 arcade title in between BF3/BF4, and hopefully BF4 brings a lot more of everything. If they follow BF3’s play-style with more factions,maps, vehicles, weapons, and customization; they’ll have my money. :p

    • nickmaster1150

      haha you don’t got hate 😀 but everyone likes what he wants, and I love the bfbc series, but it was a huge step forward

  • MasonMei
    • nickmaster1150

      they placed it back

  • John

    So is BFBC3, 2143, BF1944 Just goin to be left in the shadow of the Battlefield series? I just want to play a game that feels solid and was worked on long enough to actually call it a game.

    • MasonMei

      BF1944? LOL and BF1945 and BF1946 and perhaps in the next century we can see a BF2000, cheers

  • Mike

    I dont give a fuck, bring on the 4th!

  • Mike

    Just fix the spawning.

    • nickmaster1150

      what’s wrong with it?

  • vizziv

    and we’ve got more data about how people play than ever.” Many many people in BF3 play metro only servers. Imagine it out for yourself how BF4 maps will look like

    • MasonMei

      loled hard on this. Indeed lot of people play on metroonly servers, DICE aren’t stupid to only follow the data and create those small crappy maps. But more.

      • nickmaster1150

        don’t think so, it’s still battlefield, you can expect huge maps and vihicle’s

  • recoil

    This is really pointless, talking about a game to come out in more than a year’s time and the current iteration still has stuff to sell, greedy much EA?

    • nickmaster1150

      it wasn’t the purpuse to announce it

  • metroll

    “Battlefield 3 continues to expand with features which we can learn from, and we’ve got more data about how people play than ever.”
    Expext more metro style and close quarter maps lol

  • YepHa

    To me it would make more sense if they made a sequel to BC2, BF2142, 1943! Before mading a BF3 sequel!

    • YepHa


  • How about patching BF3 and adding these things in?

  • CryGhost

    How should they mange this? 5 map packs, BC3, BF4 in such short time?

    • nickmaster1150

      bc3 isn’t coming before bf4, map packs are set already the last one is in march 2013, they are working on bf4, so acpect a november release for bf4

  • henk

    how bout at least 32 players on console, bf big maps fail so hard with only 24 players

  • RECK1N

    Maybe in BF4 you’ll actually be able to jump over railings or low walls on the FIRST try 😐

    • Dope

      so true

    • zakrocz

      You’re doing it wrong

  • Chuckz28

    I’m not concerned with the release time. What I am concerned about is this early of announcement time. With a year and a half to go the hype train will be so overbuilt that every single person will be let down in some way. RIM tried this crap with BlackBerrys and look where it has gotten them. We all know that a Battlefield would come out two years later but now is not the time for EA to be talking about it.

  • Bluto

    I bought MoH for the 3 Beta and felt like a sucker, the game was a mess, played it for about 5 hours tops. Every BF fan realised this and wont fall for it again especially for a 1 week beta. I actually wanted to get the new Moh but this lame fanboy bait is turning me off that and the origin price for new releases.

    This BF4 annoucement looks like it was not planned and was then rushed as it was leaked. The next game should be 2143 or Bad company 3 WTF are EA doing, its far to soon after premium and this is damaging there rep just when it was looking up. EA should keep big releases under wraps until there is some fottage or actual info.

    How about they just release some free maps in the patches like the good old days and stop trying to monitse everyhting. Im sick of playing Karg / capsian and firestorm and the odd bit of CQ. back to karkand isnt as good as the BF2 version and CQ is only good in small doses.

    Please make the fans happy not the shareholders.

    /end BFRANT>

  • Munk

    Battle recorder :O Bf4 will be amazing!

  • CostaRican Guy

    Too soon. No No



    So theres that. No Battlecorder/Spec mode til BF4. GREAT!!

    I think they should focus on FIXING BF3, first.

  • dpg70

    Ha! So that just confirms no recorder or spec mode for BF3! Nice way to deliver the message.

    • nickmaster1150

      everyone knew it already they wouldn’t do it anymore in bf3

  • BrokenThinker

    Sorry DICE, no DICE.

  • TriguyRN

    The only thing that I’m worried about is bf4 not being for next gen consoles. I know DICE said they could adapt frostbite for next gen but does that mean small map and lower quality servers for 360’s and ps3 and bigger maps with better graphics for next gen consoles?

    • That’s exactly what I’m concerned with. It’s the MAIN thing that concerns me with this timeline. If I played on the PC primarily, I wouldn’t care. I’d be cool with the every 2 years timeline. I’m just worried BF4 is going to fall into the time right before the launch of the PS4 and Next Xbox. I don’t want to be waiting till 2015 to play BF4 with 64-players, 5/6 objective conquest and 60 FPS.

      I think DICE/EA would be shooting themselves in the foot if they release BF4 for the current gen systems in the same year the Nextgen systems are (rumored to be) coming out.

      When I get my hands on the nextgen consoles, I’m not going to be playing any more on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

  • I don’t care to have a new Battlefield on this generation of consoles. I have BF3 for all both Xbox and PC. What I’m looking for from BF4 on console is the 64-person experience and have it look like it does on “high” settings on the PC and 60 FPS. That’s not possible with the current generation of consoles. Maybe DICE knows the arrival of the PS4 and Xbox “950” will precede BF4… however, if it’s going to be for the current gen consoles, I’d rather wait another year.

    BF4 has to, has to be for the nextgen consoles, not the current gen. I just don’t want to have to wait another 2 years (2015) for another battlefield game to be everything I want BF4 to be. What a great launch title BF4 could be!

  • Also they need something to be able to change the camos suit IN game!!!

  • Dope

    remove the blue filter and i might buy it…

  • “Nonetheless Battlefield and Medal of Honor Warfighter every single
    offer players a entirely special experience,” mentioned Frank Gibeau,
    president of EA Labels, “they are united by their technologies resource
    – Frostbite. They are two of the hottest shooters, coming jointly to
    deliver a one-two punch of activity, intensity, and shooter

  • tofusage

    agree about in the end it just all about console (even it mean this game still sticking with old machine like 360 and ps3 again). sale numbers of pc is totally fail for bf3. it sell far better on console even the graphic on console is just …..(sigh)….i know you can guess what i mean. but that is no surprise if you think about how bad pc version is. full of bugs, force player to run game via stupid battle log + origin and the worst of all.. it full of cheaters that ea/dice not do anything about them.

    only good graphic no longer mean it can sell any more !?!

  • redrum331

    Can’t wait to start seeing footage from BF4. I think they’ll be saving BC3 till next gen launch title against IW’s COD

  • Scharling1994_DK

    Battle Recorder!!!

  • chicklit

    we need a machinma friendly game

  • John BF

    NEW HITREG SYSTEM. Battlefield 3 had one of the worst hit reg system in the entire series of BF games, resulting and lots of frustated players and leaving the game unable to get into E sports. The System BF4 needs is Server side hit reg and not client side hit reg as BF3 had. BC2/BF2 wasnt perfect in this regard, but MUCH better than BF3, way more fair and precise. Its called a “first person SHOOTER” game, its pretty important to get the shooting part right, and that first foremost means server side hit reg.

  • josh

    I think im excited for bf4 i hope dice puts in battle recorder and some BC2 maps along with some guillie suites and better graphics i thought bad company 2 had much better sceneray and explosions get them bad dice!!

  • Littlejoker97

    You sould make the game more to peoples like because like bf3 had pacthes and it get on everyones nerves just leave the game how it is and is ps3 going to have bf4