Battlefield 4 – Footage Of China Rising DLC Weapons And Gadgets Arises, New Server Update Incoming

With the release of Battlefield 4‘s latest update on the PC, some users have seemingly managed to get their hands on some of the content to be included in the upcoming China Rising expansion.

Two videos below capturing gameplay footage from private servers showcase the new weapons and gadgets that are originally intended to launch with the expansion this December 3 for Battlefield 4 Premium members, two weeks later for non-Premium members.

The new weapons showcased in the videos are none other than the L96A1 sniper rifle, MTAR-21 carbine, MP7 personal defense weapon, RPK-74M light machine gun, and the L85A2 assault rifle, while two new gadgets; the SUAV and the UCAV are also shown off.


Reddit user Velfi has listed the Assignments you much complete in order to achieve the weapons listed above, as well as one new, most likely dog tag-related assignment:


Assignment: Open Fire
  • Assault ribbon x3
  • Get a kill with a pistol in a round
  • Get a kill with 40mm grenade in a round
  • Get a kill with the defibrillator in a round


Assignment: Need Only One
  • Sniper ribbon x3
  • Get a kill with a shotgun in a round
  • Get a kill with a DMR in a round
  • Get a kill with C4 in a round


Assignment: Multitalented
  • Get a kill with an AR
  • Get a kill with a LMG
  • Get a kill with a Sniper Rifle
  • Get a kill with kill with a grenade


Assignment: Powder Keg
  • LMG ribbon 3x
  • Get a kill with the M224 Mortar


Assignment: Make A Dent
  • Destroy an air vehicle with portable AA
  • Anti Vehicle Ribbon x3
Also, two new gadgets:
  • SUAV, Flying laser designator. Must be controlled (Recon)
  • UCAV, Flying Airburst grenade. Must be controlled (Support, Long refil from Ammobox)

New Assignments

Middle King
  • 10 Hours China Rising
  • ???
  • 1 Kill with SUAV

Earlier, we also learned about possible map names for China Rising’s four new multiplayer maps, which you can check out here.

Presumably, a mishap in the recently outed update has unintentionally allowed users to gain access to these new weapons and gadgets. In order to patch things up, as well as to address an increase of reports of server crashes, developers DICE are rolling out Server Update R10 over the next few hours.

“We are seeing a lot of server crashes at the moment,” writes DICE in another Battlelog update. “These are being solved by rolling out a new server patch on PC (Server Update R10). It will take a few hours for this new server version to propagate, but it should be with most servers in a matter of a couple of hours. If you are getting error messages referring to the China Rising expansion pack when trying to join a multiplayer server, please try another server. This error will only appear if a server has not yet updated from server version R9 to R10.”



  • Hot-Wire

    Still waiting for qbz03

  • same weapons from BF3 🙁 we want totally new!

    • I agree, but there’s still 4 more expansions that will provide more weapons. The diversity will be there, you can count on it.

      • Yes but we’ll get this map pack first and I wish it has different rifles.

    • Grady McDonald

      What could possibly be so new? Everyone loves these guns, there are plenty of future weapons currently in vanilla bf4. So are you expecting laser weapons? The xm8? A rail gun?

      • No I don’t want futuristic guns, I hate them. There are other rifles and machine guns which not used in BF3 like Uzi, and also vintage weapons welcome like MP18, Breda, FG42, Thompson etc.

  • pot51e

    I can see it now…”you SUAV Bro?”

    • Hot-Wire

      Gerardo responds: “Yes sir, I’m SUAV” … “e”

  • SamRock

    That same happened with B2K DLC in BF3 … all weapons and assignment were accessible before the release date!
    Looks like they havent made note of that 😀

    • jj16802

      Would it really hurt to unlock the guns early?

      • NinoBr0wn

        Guns, no. Gadgets, possibly. But it’s just sloppy on their part, regardless.

        • jj16802

          Well that I can see is a problem…

  • MR_H0RNY

    Not sure why they are adding an older version of the RPK, its already in the game!

    • Saul Martinez

      plus, it sucks. lol

      • Hot-Wire

        Should have given it a 75 round drum

        • Saul Martinez

          too op , i want the XM8 weapon system to return.

    • Joel Santana

      I would prefered if they added the M60 or the M27 IAR instead of the RPK.

      • Katana67

        The M60 isn’t in? It was in a trailer for sure.


        I haven’t played BF4 yet, but if it’s not in I’d assume it’s coming with Second Assault.

        • Joel Santana

          Nah it isn’t it sadly.

          And yeah hopefully it comes with Second Assault, alongside my favorite AR the AN-94

          • NinoBr0wn

            I’m still annoyed the AN-94 and G3A3 aren’t in the base game. Two of my favorite guns. Now I have to hope they’re added in.

            • Mech Fett

              G3A3 I too am hoping will make an apperance. I also would like a SCAR-L for a carbine. Personally the AN-94 needed some love. I mastered it and that was the only AR for me to master but it was a long road of love and hate.

      • uwantSAM0A

        Those or an entirely new LMG would have been more interesting to see to me.

        • Mech Fett


    • Jamic

      I first thought too that it would be absolutely stupid but after unlocking it and getting to play around… its a laserbeam. I dont know how similar it is to RPK-12 since I havent unlocked that yet but its really, the most controllable automatic weapon in the game, its super accurate too.

    • Kevin Walters

      because it looks like the Ak-47 🙂

  • uwantSAM0A

    4/5 “new” guns straight from vanilla bf3 now a part of DLC.

    We waited two years for this?

    • shodannet

      You were waiting for the China Rising DLC for two years?

  • Jamie Marques

    L85 was my best weapon in bf3. Welcome back, baby.

    • Green117

      Same buddy. Welcome back indeed!

  • jaskdavis

    I like the gadgets!

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  • Matthew Woodard

    So let me get this straight its from the CHINA Rising DLC, but it comes with 1 German, 1 Russian, 1 Israeli, and 2 British guns?
    Dat logic.

    • jj16802

      Base game takes place in China, but yet we get Swedish and Czech Republic guns as well.

      I’m not sure why, but modern military shooters these days have been putting in weapons from different countries that don’t really relate to the game’s setting.

      • Katana67

        Because limiting your weapons to the region you’re fighting in/faction you’re fighting for, in a video game, would limit your pool of weapons indefinitely. That and it’s a fictional timeframe, who knows who’ll be using what? That and you can choose not to use these weapons if you feel that they are inappropriate for your character/faction.

        • jj16802

          I don’t have a problem with using international weapons, it’s only a slight annoyance to my OCD. But I’m sure there are a plethora of weapons that each faction have that aren’t included in the game as well. For example: The QBZ-03, AK-101, M27 IAR, LW-3, Type 86s, Ithaca 37, SR-3, OTs-14, SIG 716, LR-300, etc.

          • //[email protected]”””//

            alot of china’s weapons are pretty much just copies of other already existing weapons if it makes you feel better

      • Grady McDonald

        Dice is based in Stockholm…. Why do you think it in there as it’s the standard issue carbine

        • jj16802

          It’s more likely that they reused the assets from Medal of Honor: Warfighter and it happened to be a Swedish firearm.

          • Grady McDonald

            I don’t think its that simple and they’re that lazy to include it and make Swedish steel a gold assignment

            • jj16802

              Considering Danger Close was turned into DICE LA and they both use the same engine, I think it might be that. Plus there are some Medal of Honor: Warfighter-like animations in the game and some other Warfighter guns as well. And given both studios were working on MOH 2010, the weapon models and animations in MP were similar to Bad Company 2’s.

            • Grady McDonald

              That is a logical assumption. But not the sole I clusionary reason there are other countries guns fielded in vanilla or updates that aren’t necessarily Russia China or the US

            • jj16802

              TBH I only tried to answer that issue of the AK5C in particular.

    • Katana67

      There are very few modern Chinese weapons that haven’t already been included in-game.

  • jj16802

    MP7, welcome back to my arsenal! 🙂

  • Katana67

    UCAV looks a liiiiiittle ridiculous.

  • KennyKyle

    New MAV that can kill people, controllable mortar, ultimate trolling gadgets? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!


    I’m looking forward to playing with the MTAR & L85A2. (Still haven’t unlocked the L85A2 in BF3 so I hope it isn’t connected to some lame ass assignment again)

  • Karmmaguitar

    Man It’s Ok to have favorite guns from BF3 but they are using the same fucking guns once again. What is the idea of buying a full game just for new maps?, so don´t get mad when people say BF3.5

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  • Vind

    I can’t unlock L96 🙁 What is a Sniper Ribbon? 🙁


    I’m a little surprised that none of the DLC’s weapons are Chinese even though the DLC is called “China Rising”, but that’s okay. I can’t wait to try the L85 if I get it.

  • Joe Mumm

    guns id like to see

    AR’s- Galil/Goani, Rec 7(6.8spc), AK47
    Carbines- berreta arx, aac honeybadger(300blk), AK74u
    LMG- m27 iar, scar-hamr, M60
    SMG- sig mpx(357Sig), Mini uzi, TMP
    DMR- RSASS, M417, FAL , G3A3
    Snipers- MSR, berett 416,
    Shotguns- AA-12, KSG
    Pistol- judge, 500S&W, Desert Eagle
    launchers- RPG-9
    map power gun- 20mm recoilless rifle(anti armour/infantry)

    • Grady McDonald

      AR: galil would be ok, however the ACE is also manufactured by the same company out of Israel. The REC-7 is essentially the HK 416 for civvies. The Ak47 has been surpassed by the Ak12, it has no place in this title.

      Carbines: same for the ak74u… Has a direct modernized upgrade in place.

      LMG: I would love to see the M27iar having been recently adopted by the marines. The HAMR would

      • Joe Mumm

        if the fact that there is more modern versions of the ak 47/74u is the reason y they shouldnt be in the game then y are are the m4/m16 in the game(because they are the standard issue rifles for the US MIL…..well the AK47/74u are the most used rifles in the world to this day….and if thats the case the m240b is the modern version of the m60……the h&k mr556 is the civv version of the 416….the rec 7 shoots a different caliber…(6.8 SPC)….it would spice up the game a little instead of having a shit ton of guns that shoot 5.56….

    • Grady McDonald

      … The HAMR would be a great addition as well. The M60 will no doubt be back.

      SMG(PDW): the mini Uzi only interests.

      DMR: the g3a3 should have a full auto function and therefore be an AR. The FAL can very well be a single fire weapon and I would love it to be a DMR. (The FAL OSW could be a carbine too). The 417 should be back.

      Sniper: the Barrett 416 has no place…. It’s redundant. The 408 m200 ruins it. Ћ m98 fills the gap. There are .50 cal pick ups on almost all maps.

      Shotguns: AA12 yes! Ksg no… There’s already a stacked barrel pump action.

      Pistol: Taurus judge definitely has a place. S&W 500? No. Deagle? Yes. Clip loading .50 provides better diversity than another large caliber revolver.

      Launchers: Rpg 9? Why? Would require a rebalance. What actually needs to happen is a rebalance of current launchers. The javelin I like the req. to lock on self mode. However locked top downs should be a kill on all but tanks that are fire and forget. Also the sraw shouldn’t lock. And all mobility critical vehicles shouldn’t take more than a MBT LAW OR 320 to the back to kill it. So tired of getting mobility hits and needing 2-3 follow up hits?!??(in hardcore)

    • Grady McDonald

      And lastly (sorry iphone).

      Map power weapon:
      The 20mm recoil less would be awesome, should be instant kill on all. Should kill with back blast. Should be 1 shot and not able to restock on ammo boxes.

  • Janus Grøn Rønne

    why cant u unlick the weopons???