Battlefield 4 – Game Breaking “Death Shield” Bug Blocks Projectiles With Invisible Hit Box

A newly discovered bug may be the cause of some of those inexplainable moments of frustration that you sometimes experience in Battlefield 4.

Ever fire a bullet, throw a grenade, or launch an RPG at an enemy only to experience a negative effect, despite a clear hit? As it turns out, that particular instance may be linked to a game breaking bug with Battlefield 4’s revive system.

As YouTube personality Jack Frag points out with a few fellow team members, it appears that the hit box of a downed but revivable soldier can actually continue to block projectiles, including even tank shells.

In Battlefield 4, there is a short period of time after a soldier dies that he or she is able to accept a revive from a fellow soldier equipped with defibrillators. Once the countdown period expires, a dead soldier will not be able to accept a revive any longer. Death from explosives, however, will kill a soldier outright with no chance for revival.

With this new discovery, it appears that projectiles fired from live soldiers will pass over a completely dead soldier without trouble, as it should be. But it’s a dead soldier waiting for a revive that seems to be causing the trouble if it happens to be in the way of your aim. It’s likely most noticeable on maps with narrow corridors like Operation Locker or Operation Métro.

You can catch the bug in action below for a better picture:

Your expression right now is probably something like, “So, that’s why!” It appears that developer DICE has yet to acknowledge the bug as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted with updates.

UPDATE: According to DICE QA Lead, a fix for the bug is being looked into.

Have you ever experienced something like this in Battlefield 4?

Thanks, Rhys96, for the tip!

  • pot51e

    …and the curse continues.

    • Katana67

      It just doesn’t stop… It just doesn’t stop…

      • VEX_VEHIX

        Please make it STOP!

      • Samson

        Except they didn’t know about it, but they do now, and said a fix is in the works.

        So your statement is a bit silly

        • Katana67

          Knowing =/= foreknowledge.

          Now that they know about it, how do they sleep at night.

          • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

            Probably after a chuckle about how they let a mistake like this slip by and the community’s subsequent castigation of the company they work for.

        • NinoBr0wn

          Yes, because this is the one and ONLY bug in the game.

        • James Mulhall

          They have a QA team for a reason, they should’ve known about it. People who bought the game ain’t a QA team, and they’re not being paid either.

  • roland0811

    “Game breaking bug”…..I didn’t think BF4 could get any more broken than it already is but I guess I was wrong.

  • Carl Wilson

    Ah but this may not be a bug but a minor boost for the player who is doing the reviving, as it is hard to revive someone when bullets are flying. A little ‘shield’ is helpful.

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  • xHDx

    ‘You’re expression right now is probably something like, “So, that’s why!” It appears that developer DICE has yet to acknowledge the bug as of yet’

    Yup that’s exactly how it’s going for me. I knew something didn’t seem right with explosives. Along with the fact that shooting a tank shell at someones feet only causes a hit marker. In real life, head be decapitated from head-to-toe.

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  • SamRock

    That explains how the guy trying to back stab me with a knife died from the grenade I threw in front of me 😀

    Not so “game breaking” I believe 😛



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  • Marcin Kubica

    lovely 🙂

  • Emre

    -_-‘ it would be better to take the game offline. And make it bug free.

  • Mitch

    People, people, calm down! Just wait for the next DLC which will come with a patch, that patch will no doubt fix this, but put in 2 other game breaking bugs! CALM DOWN.

  • Kyle Conner

    I haven’t seen this many bugs in a massive shooter since Frontlines Fuel of War.

    • Tuttle wada

      At least then, with Kaos Studios, you could give them the benefit of the doubt as that was their first video game(which in my opinion felt more like a Battlefield game than any of the console versions). Dice are veteran developers and lately they’ve dug themselves into a rut. There will always be new code that misaligns with existing code, but the bugs that result tend to be massive.

    • Jerry Kehr

      I use to play the shit out of that game. I actually got into a 30 player server a couple months ago. It was terrible.

    • Fred

      I tested that game back at THQ (I was a temp hire, like many). After doing 60-70 hours a week of nothing but bug hunting, the game grew on you a bit. I’m actually laughing as I type this, because the game was terrible, but sometimes had good moments.

  • Just saying

    I stopped playing this game long ago and moved on to other titles. Really sad to see Battlefield kinda made a name for itself with BF3 just to be crashed by BF4.


      Same here. Truly sad when playing BF3 is more enjoyable. Proving BF4 was rushed.

      • inFamous2-VIC

        In your own opinion it’s rushed*

        • James Mulhall

          Really? Because I think its a fact that its a rushed product, and there is CLEARLY a lot of evidence to support the fact.

          • inFamous2-VIC

            Didn’t know you were a dice employee. Nice going bud

        • VEX_VEHIX

          Mine and many, many others.

          • inFamous2-VIC

            That’s alright about that but still can’t get mad at the whole game at a glance for things, every game has mistakes, COD 4 is the best COD, but even then I’ll still play it before others even if some stuff are broken there

            • VEX_VEHIX

              At a glance? I gave DICE all of my faith when BF3 was not playable, played daily even after every new patch broke something else. I even continued to play after the nerfed the choppera/flying cardboard boxes over a year later.

              Now we have to go through all of this shit again with BF4? I’m sorry, they get zero tolerance or sympathy from me. Enough is enough. When will they learn?

              First they say “consumers lie”, then they say “we are unhappy with our stability, looking to upgrade servers”. WTF? You are telling me with ALL of the money we have thrown at them, they didnt buy new hardware for BF4’s “epic” launch? Get the fuck out of here.

              See, it’s this mentality that allows devs like DICE to continue this atrocious trend. “Release unfinished, patch later”. The major problem with that is they keep breaking the game with every patch.


            • inFamous2-VIC

              Chill out man, it looks like dice may have made you need counseling >.>

            • VEX_VEHIX

              My bad, not directed to you. Just sick of this trend. Releasing unfinished games, and getting away with it.

              Shit needs to change.

    • potatolol

      More like it ruined its name with BF3 and completely destroyed with BF4.

  • MeisseN

    “You’re expression right now”


    Well, no big deal, nevermind, David 🙂

    • Jason Lane

      Holy cow man you have issues with grammar. Seriously, give it a rest .

      • Tuttle wada

        But how else will these illiterate authors realize they used one wrong word of the entire hundred worded article, in the wrong context? /sarcasm

        • Jason Lane

          Agreed. It’s ridiculous and childish.

          • MeisseN

            Ridiculous because correcting mistakes. Yeah, things because reasons. Whatever.

            • Jason Lane

              You have little man syndrome.

            • MeisseN

              Come on man, if you wanna be a part of this pissing match, we can play this all day. You see, I get to practice English in the meantime, but I can hardly think of anything that benefits you from being SO ANGRY with me. 🙂

        • Cloud Flash

          The guy’s job is to write. As someone else who hopes to make a career in writing someday, proof-reading is very welcome. A correction is not an attack, people.

          • Tuttle wada

            Proof reading is important yes, for the writer of the subject material. Common sense is even more so important for the reader. While I’m not discrediting his keen eye or lambasting the guy, rather making fun of what eventually became their argument. I am pretty sure no one else here read this article, and upon reading that particular line thought to himself “You’re? Oh my goodness I don’t understand what he’s saying! Who proofreeds this, a monkey?!”

            While were on the subject, “revivable” is not a word, yet neither he, nor anyone else pointed that out. He could, and should have said “…it appeaes that the hit box of a soldier that has not accepted a revive attempt, can actually continue to block projectiles..” Rather than “…it appears that the hit box of a downed but revivable soldier can actually continue to block projectiles….” But he describes what happens and I know what he meant.

            • Cloud Flash

              Revivable isn’t a word but is absolutely part of “Battlefield” nomenclature, so I don’t really see an issue with it. Obviously, nobody had any trouble understanding what the author meant and it’s not the end of the world, but often it’s the little things that really polish any work. A friendly notice of typos is very helpful, there’s no reason to have a big sparring match in the comments over it. But this is the internet, so I suppose I should have suspected as much.

      • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

        Oftentimes they result from typos from people who are perfectly proficient at writing but still have occasional mistakes that requires proofreading to catch. Honestly, unless the person is being an ass about it, I see a well-intentioned comment to revise the article’s few mistakes a commendable thing.

        Perhaps you shouldn’t try to draw so many negative assumptions of his motives and characters from a few of his words.

        • MeisseN

          Well, once I corrected his “their/they’re” mistake and he continuously posted like 10 replies on how I’m wrong of correcting him. A fail troll, I presume.

          • Jason Lane

            You are such a goober man. I never did that. If you want to talk games we can talk games. If you want to be an ass and correct people than I’m going to call you out. People don’t pull this shit in the real world because when you do you look like an asshole.

            • MeisseN

              Wow, please, do you need the link to that article of your numerous replies about my simple humble correction?

            • Jason Lane

              I would love for you to spend your time posting 10 replies of mine where I was angry over you correcting me.

            • MeisseN

              So now you would admit it. You were angry since I corrected you. Who ever gets mad when being corrected, not to mention the correction is such a humble one? Come on, man, this is all meaningless. What are we doing here? Stop being the initiator, dude. Next time you see I correct “there/their/they’re” or “your/you’re”, just ignore it okay? Just because you shat on me with your nonsense for like 2 days it doesn’t mean anything will change.

            • Jason Lane

              The reply was sarcastic. I wasn’t angry. I’ll be your best friend in the world if you want to talk video games. All I’m saying is stop nit picking over stupid shit and let’s get real. David knew what he meant, everyone reading knew what he meant.

            • Guest

              Now your being sarcastic 🙂 And the next you will be so angry. I’m sure people will understand what David meant, but that’s not a sufficient reason of leaving mistakes as they are. Can we stop this now, for the good of others on MP1st? I’m sure there eyes are so tired of reading our childish nonsense now 🙂

            • Jason Lane

              If you will leave the grammar nonsense alone I will be courteous.

            • Guest

              Talking about conditions now. 🙂

            • oofy

              I am defiantly tired of it.

        • Jason Lane

          No man this is what he does. Not just this article, but others as well.

          • MeisseN

            Others = one reply after your comment with a humble “*they’re” without no further exaggeration. You could have chosen to ignore it since it looks so “childish” to you but you insisted on making a huge fuss about it. Correct?

            • Jason Lane

              I do believe you are the one who is making a fuss.

      • MeisseN

        Holy cow dude you have issues with me bro. Why do you try to correct me when I’m doing nothing wrong? Do you seriously have nothing to do

        • Jason Lane

          This is why you have issues. I wasn’t correcting you. Where did I correct you? And furthermore, to bitch at me over something you do is borderline idiocy.

  • Grif

    Good ol Battlefield 4. I just need to hit level 120 and I can put this game to rest.

    • dpg70

      Until the next DLC comes out and it goes to 130.

      • Tuttle wada

        I’m hardly at 90. Been playing FIFA, Metal Gear Solid V, Assassin’s Creed V and Titanfall

        • Grif

          Ya I took a break to play Infamous and Killzone on the PS4, it was nice.

          • J3SKl

            Killzone is a joke!! The sound in multiplayer is so bad !

            • Grif

              Really? I thought it was pretty good. I also play with a pretty sweet sound system instead of headphones so I might not notice how “bad” the sound is.

            • J3SKl

              Well I use headphones 5.1 dolby surround and playing BF4 and then go play Killzone then u really notice it !

        • NinoBr0wn

          Back from the future I see. How’s the weather?

          • Tuttle wada

            Lol thanks for that, corrected.

            And just to answer your question..cloudy. Not sure if foreboding smog
            Or rain clouds…

      • Grif

        Are they really boosting it up again?

        • dpg70

          I can only assume they will. They’ve done it with the others.

          • Grif

            Hmm well we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Cole.

        im still at like 20 0_0

  • Merciful Domino

    is this just PC? I think I may have experienced this on console.

    • MeisseN

      Nope I don’t see “PC only” anywhere in the article and I presume it’s on all consoles.

  • JBeauregard

    Add this to the long list of issues for DICE and EA need to sort out. The game is fun… when it seems to be working. Rubberbanding is a huge freaking issue that, when notified by individual players, EA and DICE act like they’re surprised. Also, the problem remains where I’ll be sent in a server loop. The page loads to Lancang Dam, then I get booted and put in another map. That loads, and I get booted and put in another map. Eventually, my screen just goes black with the blinking BF rectangle in the upper right hand corner running perpetually. This game operates at peak performance less than 70% of the time. It’s frustrating as hell – especially in those moments where you only have enough time for one or two matches.

  • Jason Lane

    My question is, how has this not been found already?

    • MeisseN

      Come on bro, why haven’t you posted as soon as you found it, or haven’t you found it at all? What good does it do to you to say “how has this not been found already”? Look for a word in the dictionary of “being sarcastic for the sake of sarcasm”, and call yourself that.

      • Jason Lane

        That rant made no sense to me.

        • MeisseN

          As if yours made any sense? 🙂 “How has this not been found already?” Wow such skills, fix them bugs in BF4 then, man.

          • Jason Lane

            It wasn’t a rant, it was a simple question. You keep digging yourself deeper dude.

            • MeisseN

              Haha, are you even expecting replies with that meaningless question? Do you wish people to reply “Yeah they haven’t found it since they are all retards and isn’t as highly intelligent as you”? I’m sure it would make you feel better since you really needed this sense of achievement on the internet. And talking about me digging myself deeper. ROFL moment of the day.

            • Jason Lane

              With so many matches and so many eyes on BF4s coding it seems like something that would’ve been noticed already. I just assumed personalities like Driftor would’ve discovered something like a hit box fail, since he does videos about hit boxes.

            • When I killed an enemy on that moment another spawns on his place and when I shot him he usually don’t die, I experience that usually but just think of bad netcode. Haven’t chance to test with friends. I am sure many player experienced that. It is nice Jackfrag captured and published it.

      • Intestine_Soup

        Will you both please stop your incessant yammering! I mean really, do your lives consist of nothing but initiating and exacerbating conflict? Who cares? I see sort of where he is coming from, as most people correct grammar just to be a pompous and condescending jerk, not because they actually love grammar like you. On the other hand you should not have acted irrationally over a simple correction of a grammatical error. You could have inquired his disposition, as the internet is an impersonal form of communication, you cannot gauge his tone or disposition. Both of you hike up your big girl panties and suck it up!

  • Tuttle wada

    This isn’t even “game breaking” in Battlefield’s standard. Its more like getting new lunch in prison that tastes the same as any of the other lunches

  • Oblivion_Lost667

    You know, this is pretty sad, and it’s not the fact that the bug exists (Which is bad in itself), but it’s the fact that the community seems to be the one finding the glitches, it really is like we’re playing an alpha/beta, we find the massive glitches, and DICE fixes them a month or so later. I’m starting to really wonder whether DICE play tested the game at all or just let people who bought it do it for them.

    • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

      With how simple a client-server desync can come up during implementation, the fact that it went unnoticed until yesterday by millions of players for six months hardly condemns DICE’s comparably paltry testing teams.

      • Oblivion_Lost667

        Well, I’m not just meaning this bug, there have been others as well, and it’s the fact that big ones like the random instant death glitch got through testing, it’s the combined effect, not just a single bug that they went “Oops” with.

      • Brian Kirkpatrick

        Most wrote it of as the infamous “Netcode” issue when in reality it was an entirely different bug, kind of like trying to find the one mosquito t hat bit you in the middle of a rain forest. I have had to move on and its really to bad this was by far my favorite franchise and BF4 just had so much potential.

      • Intestine_Soup

        Kind of think some of you are trying hard to construct intellectually sound sentences, which is great I abhor bad language. But the word “implementation” was unnecessary, what exactly is being implemented? I am curious, honest.

        • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

          Network implementation, specifically.

          If you’ve worked as a software engineer or IT for network-related projects, bringing together the primary software (client) and server hardware/OS/interface might be summed up as “implementation”. And that’s not even mentioning those such as the Systems Architect and Engineer’s work on choosing from and planning the many, many ways of implementation. The infrastructure, however centralized or software-specific, can be very complex and uncooperative especially when many companies will test their software on a closed, local network before finally integrating (“implementing”) the server-side completely (and all other third party network services used, as is common to avoid the excessive costs in doing everything yourself).

          I found it prudent to note that I believed this issue likely arose during the “first pass” of development (where a typical mindset under deadlines is roughly function first, fix/optimize second). But I could be entirely wrong. Either way, now that it actually was discovered, it should be one of the more simple issues to address.

    • AKIRA2020

      Totally agree man…..I am amazed that they even released this game. When it works (which is rare), it’s great. But most of the time, shit like this happens (along with the map crashes).
      Whatever DICE puts out next, I won’t be pre-ordering it until the reviews are in. Yeah, I’m looking at you Star Wars!!

  • Leon

    I am very sorry but what I can only say is “LOL”. DICE turns more and more into a bunch of amateurs.


    Don’t worry, in a year’s time, they may get BF4 to BF3’s “working” condition, then rush the next BFwhateverthefuck. Lol

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  • Guest

    This game will never be fixed or operate some what smooth, truly sad to see what my favorite shooter series has become

    • marpla78

      sad but 100% true.

    • theplantain

      i feel the same way…now i’m looking around for a different series

      • VEX_VEHIX

        H:Hour! 🙂

      • roland0811

        Arma 3 is pretty goddamn good.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          I’m so close to pulling the trigger and purchasing Arma 3. Just don’t have time to enjoy the games I have now. 🙁

          DayZ and Insurgency entertain me when I do get to play.

          • roland0811

            It’s worth it, man. Domination alone is worth the asking price. 30 player co-op. Player controlled artillery, mortars, CAS all over the entire island. Taking and holding villages/towns. Dragging your bud to cover while he’s bleeding out while EVAC birds land to your six. Hell, even the beachhead stealth insertions via submarine en route to sabotage enemy AA emplacements are just as sweet.
            I really can’t say enough about it. I’ve been running the mobile arty and mortars for my buds for awhile now and it’s satisfying when they call in grids and you obliterate a tank platoon or a sniper’s position on a hill from 15 klicks away. XD

            • VEX_VEHIX

              Nice. You are making it harder for me to hold out. Lol

              Still waiting to see if it goes on sale anytime soon. 😉

    • KennyKyle


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  • Sensou-Ookami

    The plot thickens AGAIN!

  • Crazyglues

    Sadly the whole game is a hot mess, I have experienced this and many other bugs that are not even reported.. the game is bug filled and DICE won’t get around to fixing all of them…

    It’s one of the worst gaming experiences I have ever played… A complete rip-off especially when you add the price of Premium -which I wish you could somehow get your money back for… Sloppiest developer code I have ever seen.

    It’s a dam shame when you come out with your new game BF4 and it plays 10x worst then your old game BF3… If I would have known it would be this bad I would have just stayed on BF3, at least there I was having fun playing..

  • Peter

    after following Star Citizen’s development process and having it explained in many different ways that the publisher (in BF4’s case, EA), and not really the developer (DICE), is *responsible* for how complete a game is upon release, I don’t blame DICE at all at this point. The publisher owns the developers and makes the decisions about what developers work on and when they plan on releasing games. EA *owns* DICE. This is the business arrangement.

    If DICE were in charge, I absolutely GUARANTEE with 100% certainty that they would have waited 3-6 more months MINIMUM before releasing this game. EA put the deadline on them and they were unable to meet the deadline, but EA released the fucking thing anyway. DICE was not in charge, EA was.

    So what we have is a game that was released on schedule, but absolutely broken. Do you guys remember that it was impossible to join a server for an entire month because of crashing? The bugs were completely out of control. DICE would *never*, repeat, *never* have released a broken game on schedule. EA, however, did.

    • swipe_06

      Meanwhile Zintho is visiting north korea. Last time he tweeted, he was in the middle east, before that south america. This was of cause after he left for 3 months when the game got released. I would recommend subbing some of them on twitter to get a feel, how much they actually work / care now. They made it. #highrollingstudio. All they do is sit in their offices, and direct fresh interns.

    • marpla78

      I have to disagree at some point with you, DICE are not train monkeys…they could give some strong arguments not to release a game before is finished…i think here we have a 80-20 being good with DICE because i know EA is f*** bad company.

      The game is fun still when you are playing with friends but you have those issues that turn that fun time into a frustration time…im pretty sure this will be my last BF game if i dont see any TRUE work for the series.

      just my 2 pesos.

  • Wrathchildx666x

    Still waiting to buy this game because of all the problems that need to be fixed.

  • James K

    Damn, isn’t that something. I’m glad I decided to wait for the Premium Edition of this game.

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  • Cycovision

    Moral of the story. If you’re going to die…die in front of people lol

  • Izzy Bozz
  • sugarjungle


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  • solidussagesnes
  • clol

    Shit game, just stop playing it like. fail.

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