Battlefield 4 Marketing Reveals The “Drone Strike Expansion Pack” Pre-Order Bonus [Updated]

Additional Battlefield 4 marketing material has been spotted, revealing the “Drone Strike Expansion Pack,” available to those who pre-order Battlefield 4.

Previously, along with the unveiling of Battlefield 4 and it’s release time frame of Fall 2013, DICE and EA also announced the “Premium Expansion Pack” as a Battlefield 4 pre-order bonus.

No information as to what type of content the Premium DLC might include was given and it’s unclear if the Drone Strike Expansion Pack is an entirely new set of second DLC, or an alternative name for the aforementioned Premium Expansion Pack, which is a fairly vague name to begin with.

Take a look at the poster below, announcing the “Drone Strike Expansion Pack” for Battlefield 4.


We’ve sent word to EA for clarification.


DICE has confirmed that “Drone Strike” is, in fact, the working title for the previously mentioned Premium expansion pack awarded to those who pre-order Battlefield 4.

Thanks, Colonel Ramirez.

  • Delta8A

    calling in EOD bot brigade?

    • oofy

      Oh the horror! 🙂

    • oofy

      Have you watched the Youtube clips of the Battlefield Olympics? The Mortar run is hilarious.

      • Delta8A

        yeah, wintergore is insane XD

    • zach

      dont play dumb.
      you know that BF4 will have drones that can be taken seriously.
      they should work the same as vehicles, but probably more points to destroy, as there is no kill.

      • My guess is the MAV is gone replaced by drones.

  • Sekje

    hmmmm, I think it’s the Premium Expansion Pack because they would probaly not have made a poster for other dlc’s then the first one

    • I’m with you there. Quite sure it’s the same DLC. Waiting on word!

    • premium expansion pack is all dlc:s including drone strike.

      • Sekje

        How do you know that?

      • lrishjake

        No, it is not. Its just like Back to Karkand. ONE single expansion pack. Not a Premium membership..

        • alright i think im probaply wrong there. But i think they will release premium from the start this time.

          • Addministrator

            I don’t. They want to wait till the second one comes out, then release it so they can fund the making of the other DLCs

            • Sekje

              Yeah they will probaly also make you pay for the drone strike before premium comes out and then everyone will have it and it will be included into premium and people that will buy premium will be mad because they have already paid for the drone strike one……. That’s my guess

      • ThePoolshark

        No, it isn’t….

        • oofy

          Hey, I didn’t know you post here!

    • ass

      hahakakakakaakak kakakakakakakakka pipi

  • Please not a repeat of B2K and limited edition shenanigans…

    • Hol_Up

      Why not? If you preorder you get it for free. Why reward those with no faith in the game?

      • Jason

        Lol I know man it’s ridiculous at people’s lack of common sense! You Pre-order it so you get the first DLC for free, or you don’t pre-order and you buy Premium and get all DLC’s for $50, even if you got 4 of the 5 DLC’s with Premium and Got the first DLC (B2K) for FREE with Pre-Order @ $15 Each you still save $10 vs not having it! lol

        • kevin lemur

          also, from what i remember BF3 Premium didn’t come out till June 2012. so that was about 8 months after the release of BF3. so you can preorder and get the first DLC for free early, or you can wait till premium which might come out later. so basically your preorder will give you early access to the DLC while we wait on their plans with BF4 premium. Plus assuming BF4 premium is similar to BF3 premium, there might be a gun pack with the first DLC. whether you like the maps or not, theres a possibility of new guns.

          • Jason

            Man I hope so! I think they will have the Premium Bundle Pretty much ready and Explained when BF4 launches, Or at least I hope so lol.

    • Slenderman

      I have a feeling it is going to be like what they did in Battlefield 3 Limited Edition. You just get the DLC when it comes out for free.

    • QwietStorm

      What shenanigans are these you speak of?

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    • Jason

      I hope so, I think they will announce the Next Gen Version after next month when Microsoft Unveils the next Xbox! If the PS4 is more Powerful than the next Xbox and BF4 will be better on it, then I will purchase a PS4 First, The PS4 looks pretty beast except my worry is the Clock speed of the 8 core Processor being only 1.6ghz. If the Rumors are true about Sony Overclocking it @ 2Ghz then Im sure we will get the same quality of Graphics as the Presentation Video Showed off or at least better than BF3 Multiplayer on PC ultra, Everything else already checks out!

      • 8 cores on 1.6gh is the same as 4 cores on 3.2gh. Only difference is that it makes less heat. Ps4 will be just fine

        • Jason

          PS3 had a faster CPU = 8 Core Cell Processor @ 3.2GHZ, Im not too worried about the CPU since it will only be used to load the games, join servers, run your OS, etc. The GPU is where Game rendering will take place which I have no Problem with 🙂

          • but you have to remember that the player count on BF3 or BF4 is solely CPU dependant.

      • Clayton Johnson

        Maybe but they demoed Bf4 using what AMD claims is the fastest graphics card in the world and thats pre alpha gameplay. I may be more interested in PS4 than Durango at this point but I strongly doubt the PS4 will use anything that powerful and expensive

  • ramirez19pl

    i Win internet again ^^

  • It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they had more information for us…

  • oofy

    Maybe this is the fancy name for the 4 rumored Bf2 maps that are gonna be remade for Bf4.

  • Havoc

    Yea, i preorder the game and get that expasion… after i buy PREMIUM and get same expansion….

    • oofy

      Well, to be fair, PREMIUM was kind of shoehorned in for Bf3. I’m hopeful that EA and DICE has got their stuff together and better thought out for Bf4.

    • Sekje

      I’m scared that you will have to wait to get premium and it will not be released day one. Then you will have to buy the dlc or wait for who knows how long untill premium releases…….. I guess I’m preordering the game because I’m scared of that scenario…..

  • Im actually excited for this game, hopefully it runs just as good at the same settings i run BF3

  • Delta8A

    i’m surprised it’s not “Back to Metro”…..

    • Jason

      Why? You complain about 1 Map that a lot of the Community likes because it tends to there Need for Fast Paced Bottle Neck action? Battlefield 3 has Plenty of Diversity, which is a good thing! I don’t like Playing Metro one bit because it’s not my style, But I can guarantee that I have had some of the best Firefights on that map hands down!

      • Delta8A

        me not complaining, me surprised! DICE telemetry shows that Metro IS THE MOST played map. And Dice IS after telemetry.

      • Katana67

        I don’t like Metro cause it’s just… boring. I mean, yeah, I have some intense firefights on there. But I’d rather be having those in a non-gimmicky location where the shitty CQC of BF3 isn’t constantly being demonstrated. I don’t mind it being in BF3, cause I can choose not to play it. But it really doesn’t contribute anything to the Battlefield experience. Sure, diversity is good and all… but doing something for the sake of diversity… even when it’s idiotic, isn’t good.

        It’s just a redundant map in my mind… it’s the Nuketown of Battlefield. Just a mindless idiot-fest of people rushing at each other cause the map is so small that’s all there is to do. If I want that type of action, I’ll go to CoD which is more geared toward CQC.

        And, I’d like to dispel the myth that this is what “bottlenecks” are. No, this is just a bottle… It’s all one big clusterfuck capped off by highly campable spawns. Bottlenecks are crucial points in otherwise open/traversable terrain that are vital for control of an area. Whereas with Metro, -everything- is a bottleneck.

        I’m really tired of “fast paced gameplay” being used as an excuse for poor map design. And for some reason, that boggles my mind to this day, people -love- the worst maps for that very reason.

        • Chris Marrow

          I hate Metro give me more maps like african harbor,casperian border,and (bc2)vietnam maps.Those maps have same dame good fire fights were truly the best shooter wins.

          • It’s not African harbor. although that’s what i call it anyway much easier

      • UnknownUser28

        No, Metro is a map that is very one-dimensional. It’s also too…….. blue.

      • ass

        haakakakakaka you suck!

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  • LBC_562

    How about a PS4 bundle 🙂

  • Kyle Jackson


  • So the image with the chinese jet is a legit one or not? Or someone works at a printing service and gone creative?

    • My theory is that they’re purposely using images that you can find on google so that we can look it up, compare and speculate, which is what we’ve been doing. It builds hype for the game and gets us talking. If you look hard enough, all of the images, minus the two characters, can be found on Google. It was obviously a “choice” they made, and I think that’s why: so we have something to talk about.

      • The picture leaks 1 day before the video was kinda obvious, but Drones are a kind of a BLOPS2 thingie in my opinion.

        • True. But it does make sense considering that’s where our military tech is headed. Plus, I don’t remember clearly, but I think BF4 is set in 2020?

          • Yeah, I checked BF twitter a while ago, and someone asked about it. It is/was a working title for a DLC. DICE does a good job, but I really hope If I shoot down something, someone dies (Virtually of couse)

  • Well, hello again!

  • Jamic

    Omg its 2142 expanzionz !!!

    • acealchemist

      You actually may be correct if shit goes right hopefully. If not it’s just another expansion including drones or some sort of high tech.

  • Ameer Akashe

    being able to fly a reaper drone would be pretty cool.

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  • HelenKell

    The Obama Strike.

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  • dadad


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  • So if you preorder bf4 you get ALL DLC like bf3 premium ?

  • HighBob

    drones ? I have seen that before “somewhere”…

  • When I preordered my copy, I was under the impression that you got a COMPLETE Premium upgrade for ALL packs. haha. Guess I should have read more carefully. But hey, I’ll still happily take it! =D

  • ass

    what is drone strike expension pack

  • ass

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  • ass

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