Battlefield 4 Multiplayer – New Suppression System, Reversible Takedowns, “Field Upgrades,” and “Zoom-Peek”

If you’ve been following the latest Battlefield 4 news, you’ll know that multiplayer is returning in a big way this October 29.

Not only are developers DICE going to let you bring an entire skyscraper crashing to the ground, but the team has spent a lot of time polishing the “second-to-second” experience, as DICE General Manager and Vice President likes to put it, talking about the smaller innovations that are being introduced to the multiplayer.

We covered a lot of the new additions here in our first impressions of Battlefield 4 multiplayer, but there still are a few goodies that were left unexplained.

Luckily, we recently had the chance to pick Troedsson’s brain about some of the more mysterious aspects of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer.

For instance, some of you may have noticed a small green bar that fills up next to the mini-map in Battlefield 4’s heads-up-display as you perform certain actions while in game. I asked Troedsson what it’s all about – what does it do, and how does one fill it up?

“Well, that’s a concept that we call ‘Field Upgrades,'” he said, “Long-lasting fans might recognize part of this concept from 2142.”

“Basically, it’s a non-persistant upgrade system that goes for you and your squad, meaning that if you play together and you have team scoring events, you will upgrade in various tiers on this Field Upgrade list. You will unlock things like more ammo, more grenades, and various boosts that can help you and your squad.”

There are, however, a couple of twists. Troedsson added, “…if your squad, for instance, is wiped out, you will fall down a tier, and it’s also, as I mentioned, not persistant, so this will just be per-session, and then you have to restart. We put this in there because we really wanted people to play – be recognized for playing even more together.”

He also mentioned that “This then replaces the old specialization system that we had.”

If you watched the latest Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer, you’ll notice that, near the very end, a soldier manages to reverse a takedown technique initiated by the enemy, resulting in his foe’s demise, instead of his own. I asked Troedsson how exactly this will work in-game.

“This isn’t entirely done, but as it currently stands, if somebody comes up to you and you actually have the opportunity to see them – so there’s an element that you can actually sneak up behind somebody and they can’t counter you, as it is now,” he explained. “But basically, if somebody melees you, and you melee them back with the right timing, you are actually the winner instead.”

Humorously, he added, “We know how interested people are in taking other people’s dog tags, especially ours. They keep hunting us all over the internet. Very frustrating. Thank you, players. So actually, we implemented the feature just for our own sake [laughs].”

“No we didn’t. But currently, it’s not like it turns into a sword fight. You can counter once and if you miss, then you miss, and if you manage to do it, then you manage. It’s something I think we’re going to need to test a bit and see how it works out, but it’s definitely a feature we’re excited about.”

I then asked about any other new additions Troedsson could think of.

“There’s so many new things under the hood in that second-to-second experience that I think a lot of people will like,” he said.” I tried to remember all of it but I can’t. Small things like we’re really revamping the entire suppression system. So, in close quarters fights, we actually don’t have that much suppression and suppression is actually toned down on a lot of the weapons. It’s more the LMG’s role to actually be the suppressor. Things like making carbines and DMRs for all the kits. So, we’re doing some changes there with the kits.”

“We have an additional feature now which is zoom-peek. So if you’re behind cover and you zoom your weapon, you automatically lean over the cover. We’re not entirely done with it just yet, but, actually, it’s testable on the floor if you want to try it out. We’re not done with it but I think that’s going to be pretty cool.”

If you’re excited to learn more about Battlefield 4 multiplayer, be sure to stick around as we’ll soon be posting our full interview with Karl-Magnus Troedsson right here on MP1st.

  • MegaMan3k

    Field upgrades = yesssss
    Altering suppression to be an LMG thing = yesssss
    DMRs returning as all-kit weapons = yessss

    Also, as a COD player and BF player, I have to admire the deliciousness in COD made a big deal of a lean feature and apparently a BF dev just says, off the cuff, “yeah we added that too, no big deal.”

    • nate

      carbines as all-kit weapons = yesssssss

      With access to carbines and DMRs, I might use support and recon a lot more! I’m loving the small(ish) gameplay mechanics they are adding!

      • 3RDRANGER

        Peeking over cover = yesssssssss

    • zakrocz

      Not a whine, but Dice did say that suppression was only going to be for the LMGs in BF3 and look how that turned out…

  • Yanneckmo

    I think BF4 will be the my favourite game 2013&2014, maybe even 2015. Im excited.

    • MegaMan3k

      At this rate, we’ll have a new Battlefield in 2014… EA isn’t going to go a year without a shooter in competition, and they retired MOH. So either new IP time (lol) or Battlefield annual iteration time.

      • MrSunshine

        Titanfall is being published by EA and is being released in 2014.

        • MegaMan3k

          That won’t be their competing iteration in holiday 2014. That’ll be their Q1/Q2 stop-gap shooter, much like Crysis 3 was this year and Syndicate was last year. That’s partially my speculation, but we do know that Titanfall is positioned for Spring 2014.

          Maybe they could try something new and try a huge DLC push in October for Titan Fall … but I think they’re really going to want something out there to keep nibbling away at Call of Duty, and I think that will be another Battlefield title.

          • Titanfall could pull it off, but considering it won’t launch on the PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4, there’s no way EA would put it up against Activision’s 2014 shooter. So I’m inclined to agree with you.

            • WarBroh

              I wouldn’t assume they won’t bring it to PS4 just yet. They want to sell copies after all, and keeping it exclusive to XBONE will limit their sales especially with the growing boycott on XBONE by consumers now.

            • Starwars: Battlefront will be the game to fullfil those years that we don’t have BF…
              It’s alot more famous than Destiny and Titanfall
              and it’s being made by DICE

            • Ryan Schulze

              Not a bad idea, but no way Battlefront is ready by fall 2014. That’d by like 18 months development time. Maybe they’ll have a glimpse of progress at E3 2014, but we won’t see Battlefront until 2015.

            • dee breezy

              It actually is talks of it coming to playstaion but at a later date and most likely it will be battlefront

            • Sam Brown

              Agreed with David. From what I’ve seen and read that game has potential. Having much of the creative minds behind CoD4 and MW2 certainly helps. Say what you want about those games because we live in a democracy but there is no denying those games influenced the industry.

        • ROCKMONEY

          To be honest Titanfall looks rather generic compared to all the hype Respawn has been getting. It basically looks like MW2 with mechs & jetpacks. Not too much innovation there…

          • Storm_Worm5364

            Did you actually see the trailer??? Doesn’t look like you did…

      • Peter

        I think BF4 is going to be a monster–viable for the next two years as they ready Star Wars Battlefront for release in 2015, just in time for the new Star Wars movie to drop. As soon as that happens they’ll split their time between developing and patching Battlefront as needed, and beginning development on Battlefield 5 or Bad Company 3, for release in 2016. or what I think would be the best option, is make Bad Company 3 and call it Battlefield 5. To me this is the most logical course of action.

      • kevin lemur

        well 2014 is a year away and DICE just announced Battlefront 3 and Mirror’s Edge. i could see Battlefront in the rotation.

      • Izzy Bozz

        I doubt it. I don’t see another BF game releasing until 2015 at the earliest. To cover the 2014 gap, EA and DICE already have Mirror’s Edge and Battlefront in development.

      • Jamic

        They didnt throw MOH away. I think there was even news here on Mp1st saying that MOH is going to return… Though it did not specify when.

        And I sure hope to god they are not showeling Battlefront 3 for 2014 release. Most of the failed BF3 tries were too long (ran out of money) but 2014 is too soon.

        So either they fuck it up by too short development time or bad non-battlefront desing. Great !

      • eBunny

        There will also be post-launch DLC and premium in some way shape or form. I really wouldn’t want another Battlefield game in 2014, especially no main Battlefield, like 2, 3 and now 4, because that would just be rediculous and unneeded. I don’t think we’ll see another Bad Company game soon either. But I’m definitely very excited for Mirror’s Edge and Battlefront 3.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      I was skeptical of BF4 at first but DICE has me impressed…

    • AtheistMason

      2013 and 2014 for sure, 2015 Battlefield 5 😉

  • Blaine Reinsma

    The “Zoom-Peek” sounds exactly like the feature in Far Cry 3 where if you were close enough to the edge of cover, simply aiming down sights would make you lean around the corner. I loved that, happy to see that in BF4.

    The reversible melee thing sounds like it could be pretty annoying if they don’t tune it properly… I hardly knife people so it wont affect me much but if you clearly press the knife button first and all the enemy has to do is press their knife button in the right time window after you have and they get the kill on YOU, that’s kinda BS honestly…

    Field upgrades also sound like a much better alternative to the old specialization system. No more wasted specs.

    • Its kind of logical though, if I saw a person trying to stab me I’ll probably counter it but if someone sneaks up on me I won’t have the time to. That feature also makes it less possible for a player to go around and just start knifing at someone unlike COD.

    • Izzy Bozz

      I think the reversible melee is actually better. In BF3, when you knife somebody from the front, the enemy just stands there and takes it. Not very soldier-like if you ask me. DICE did say however, you won’t be able to reverse melee if you’re knifed from behind. All of this put together makes perfect sense.

      • Ryan Schulze

        Yeah, you’re in a medium distance gun fight with full auto rifle and suddenly someone comes around a corner running at you with a knife. He jumps side to side sticking you and running around you and only rarely can you get to your pistol or shotgun or knife to react. My best results were with just trying to continue to gun them down until my clip was empty. No, not as bad as the transporter knife from 20 feet away thing in COD, but it just didn’t seem realistic. A reversal at least gives you a fighting chance in close quarters, if you don’t already have a shotgun out.

    • Laser0pz

      The Zoom-Peek was actually in the BF3 Beta. I was surprised that they took it out, I quite liked it.

    • nate

      was going to say the same thing about FC3 zoom peek

  • Eric

    They went WAY to far with suppression in BF3. It was new and half of gun fights were done with a blurry screen. My friends and I called it Blurry Screen 3. I noticed at E3 there was a lot less blurry screen. Really good news.

    • Michael Parks

      Me and my friends call it “Suppressionfield 3” When they slip and call it Battlefield, I tell them I don’t have that game lol :p

  • diminishingNova

    I like the way squads work in Ghost Recon Online, if you stick together with you’ll get boosts from your squad mates.

    • Magilla187

      thats what field upgrades is and damn sure gets my money and stamp of approval

      • mhal

        This is the feature I’m most excited about. Teamwork in BF has traditionally been one of the funnest things in all of gaming.

        I hope this feature encourages much more of that.

  • B_Boss

    The melee-reversal system sounds complex as hell. I Wonder how they’re going to finally implement it. I’d personally like the one who reverses to have a chance at failure and I believe that chance should be great. It would suck for someone to be guaranteed victory everytime as he is being knifed.

    It also nice that they’re focusing on those small elements that make the game what it is in a larger context. I’m actually compiling a huge list of the ‘little things’ to submit to DICE to hopefully see implemented, example: did anyone notice that the grenades now have a ‘position indicator’ much like CoD? thats amazing.

    Another element I’d like to see is icon management on the minimaps, whether it be the pause screen map or live minimap. 64 players on a map will congest the hell out of those icons and anyone using the map will have a difficult time when it comes to many things and not just looking for someone to kill, etc. Perhaps make them smaller I guess, etc.

    Last but not least, when in or on a structure such a building or a map that has layers wherein other players are either above or below you, the minimap (or pause map) will differentiate which floor those players are on, only if they do anything that triggers their location on said minimap. On metro for example it was pure HELL and paranoid chaos (I am already hyper paranoid in-game anyway lol) when guarding B and there were enemies ‘under’ the 2nd floor downstairs on the tracks but it always looked as though they were running around (on the map) on your floor (2nd floor) but they weren’t, the minimap could not distinguish between the floors that the enemies are on. This would be amazing, perhaps they could make the player indicators on the map a bit more transparent depending on the level or floor they’re on. Just an idea….let me stop before this turns into a larger novel…..excellent reporting as always Dave.

    • Joseph

      I am all for the icon management idea, I really hope when we are flying around in jets that if we have air radar equipped (I don’t see why it wouldn’t come back.) the objectives on the ground are removed. I’d like to see enemy jets/choppers/gunships. Not freaking AjetBchopperC

      As for your last bit it wasn’t until later on (Close Quarters) that they fixed the mini-map for infantry. Each floor was designated and there was no horrible feeling of being surrounded while guarding (read: camping) a stairwell.

      Let’s hope everything bad in BF3 has been recognised and taken into account. And lets also hope that they fix more problems quicker this time around than last time..too many ugly glitches made most maps unplayable for fear of getting murdered from behind a wall.

      • B_Boss

        Oh damn bro….I never noticed that in CQ. Great input though!

    • kida

      I haven’t heard any news about the ability to cook grenades, if its not in BF4 then add it to your list please

    • uwantSAM0A

      Static / Rotating map selection in the options menu.

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  • Joel Ong

    i wish they can change the suppression 🙁 NO blood on the screen >.<

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  • kida

    When i first saw BF4 i though it was ok but not that great, but now little by little I’m becoming more excited for it with all of this new features.

    • AtheistMason

      Greatly improved from Battlefield 3! No more blue tint, better water effects, Levolution, and many more

  • SubXero

    I’m concerned with spotting and how it works this time around.

  • AtheistMason

    Counter-knife-takedown = ping battle

    • dasffa


  • AtheistMason

    Chinese voiceover is Chinese style English, big disappointment for me, a Chinese player. But considering there is Russian in Battlefield 3, it’s possible to hear shoutings in Chinese heh?
    Anyways why can’t they learn from Battlefield 2 and bring back pure Chinese…:-(

    Have anyone noticed that when you reload your reserved ammunition decreases by 31 (in MP)? Even when reloading with an empty chamber, your ammo count decreases by 31 and you receive 30… IMO they are bringing back the “No ammo reused” setting seen in Battlefield 2, but somehow it’s not completely finished (it’s in pre-Alpha you know).
    Anyways, I can’t wait for October 30 to come!

    • B_Boss

      How do you know its ‘chinese style english’? (no sarcasm intended bud) I’m in denial…dammit DICE, can you guys just do total localization as you did in most of the other games lol? The last one to do it was Bad Company 2 and even then, with a game far less advanced and on PS3 (for me anyway) you had the option to have “localized or original” VO….come on DICE, with nextgen and PC I know this can be done.

      • AtheistMason

        Watched a vid of some buddies playing on E3.

        • B_Boss

          It was probably an “original” setting. I want more confirmation from DICE on this….damn.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Can’t wait for this; blow COD outta the water

  • TriPpKinGs

    This will be the only game I pick up for next gen, or even current gen, for a very long time.

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  • mhal

    Hmmm. Could it be so?

    Actual innovation in the FPS genre?

    .I am starting to become very intrigued. I haven’t truly enjoyed an FPS experience since Bad Company 2.

    Battlefield 3 had certain features I loved, like jets, select fire weapons, Javelins and electronic warfare stuff….but just didn’t have that “WOW” factor in the game play and the inputs didn’t feel as nice… just my .02 cents….

    I can’t wait to love Battlefield again the way I did BC2!

  • I know it will be my fav game of this year……..and I found an in-depth multiplayer review here:

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  • Jon Wax

    this isn’t bf. bf stopped being bf back after bf2mc.
    this is cod with bf dog tags.

    • bruce

      lol All ive ever played was COD4-9 and I just got into BF3 recently. Its NOTHING like Cod

  • piratecrayons

    they SHOULD let us do multiple counters, so head on melee attacks can turn into those cinema action fights, punching and grabbing each other, and finally a guy gets on top and pushes the knife and you spam the space bar to fight back from him plunging the knife into your chest… that would be EPIC!!!