Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Coming to Non-Premium Subscribers Today

Naval Strike, the third multiplayer expansion to hit Battlefield 4 since its October launch, brings ocean combat to the forefront in all out naval warfare and is now being offered to non-Battlefield 4 Premium members on all platforms for $14.99.

Rolling out today in Battlefield 4’s in-game store, Naval Strike introduces the following new content:

  • 4 all-new multiplayer maps set in the South China Sea
    • Lost Islands
    • Nansha Strike
    • Wave Breaker
    • Operation Mortar
  • 5 weapons all-new to Battlefield 4
  • Introducing the amphibious hovercraft vehicle
  • 2 additional gadgets
    • 3GL (3 grenade launcher) attachment for the Assault class
    • Anti-Heli Mine; an aircraft disabling projectile for the Engineer class
  • Carrier Assault game mode which is a re-imagining of the classic Battlefield 2142 Titan Mode
  • 10 new assignments with unlocks for each

As mentioned above, you’ll be able to find Naval Strike in Battlefield 4’s in-game store as it becomes available in your region.

Battlefield 4 is still expecting a few server upgrades in order to minimize recent “rubber-banding” issues. Community manager Dan Mitre wrote earlier that the DICE team is “unhappy” with server performance and that “reducing lag for these players is absolutely a TOP priority for us to solve and we expect to have the solution very soon.”

Keep your sights on MP1st for more Battlefield 4 updates.

  • marpla78

    The DLC is actually good, carrier assault is not that good as they sold it…they need to change some stuff (more health to the carrier, more mcoms, some others…)

    • Green117

      Got to agree with the carriers. It needs more health and especially, more M-Com’s. Something like two sets of two (cabin quarters, kitchen perhaps?), followed by a final last stand M-Com in the main control room.

      There is so much they could have added, given that one of the campaign levels was actually set inside a carrier. Shame really. And also, why didn’t they use the huge explosion from that ship out to sea on Hainan Resort instead of how the carrier explodes currently?

      I actually find these new maps much better for Rush. Conquest is great too, if only DICE removed the AC-130 and replaced it instead with a troop deployment plane. Far too disruptive and over powered. Aside from nitpicking, Naval Strike is a pretty good DLC. 7/10

  • Samson

    I uninstalled BF4 entirely after playing a round or two on each of the new NS maps + Titan mode and confirming they sucked and the game wasn’t going to get any better. And I don’t even have the typical lag/hitreg/rubberbanding/OMG DYZE FIX NETCODEZ complaints a lot of other people do (PC). The problem is the game just isn’t fun.

    And I was a sucker that bought premium too since I found it to be a value for money during BF3. Oh well, you did it EA, you got my $, wp.

    • Grif

      You played one or two rounds and you’ve made a decision that it sucks? And you know the game won’t get better? Do us all a favor and stop thinking your a Battlefield expert on everything and you can determine that the game will suck for the rest of eternity.

      • swipe_06

        To be honest, this DLC lasted for me as long as I unlocked the weapons. I don’t say the maps are bad, but they are far from spectacular. This game is more vehicle focused than BF3 or the BC series, and this might not appeal to everyone.

        • marpla78

          there is that comment…i love vehicles and actually i think some maps need more vehicles.
          Some variants of boats, smaller attack boats, helis, submarines would be awesome (the small ones with some ammo)….i hate when people complain about the vehicles….after all BF allways had it, is not like our neighbor.

          There are other maps that are more infantry oriented for those who doesnt like the vehicle warfare.

  • Sheldon

    This game is such a sad story of what could have been for 64-player warfare epicness. As it is, 64-player Naval Strike servers have more rubberbanding than bungie cords.

    • Merciful Domino

      Rubberfield Naval Bandwidth.

    • Johnny Neat

      I’m so with you. I tell anyone who asks me that exactly this. So sad what Dice allowed EA to push on them. They all have figured out how to shit on their product.

      Pushing this game back would have helped them all around from product quality to consumer experience. So sad. They are now a cautionary tale that may or may not have been learned from like Activision’s burning out franchises with annual “sequels” ala Guitar Hero and sooner than later CoD, which has started to die.

  • dpg70

    Quality is their #1 priority after all…

  • laggy lag lag

    I have played every major battlefield release since 1942 and they are all the same, buggy as hell until 9 months to a year afterwards when they finally release the last patch, then its awesome.

  • Krashman Von Stinkputin

    It’s only fair to spread the misery equally.