Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Now Rolling Out on Xbox One for Premium Members

Battlefield 4‘s ocean combat-themed Naval Strike expansion is beginning to roll out on the Xbox One for Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers.

It was announced yesterday that the the add-on would be delayed to early April due to “issues in the animation system that hinder players from engaging targets in set circumstances using popular weapon configurations”. However, it looks like the studio was able to get things sorted out a bit earlier and are now deploying the latest update to Xbox One users.

You can catch the latest patch notes right here.

Still, we await an exact ETA for PC users. Hang tight for updates.

For now, it looks like Xbox One users will also be able to join in on some of the ongoing easter egg hunts.

  • Katana67

    I do have to say, I am VERY impressed with the level design. I was not optimistic about island maps, but they play very well.

    There’s an awesome CQ flag on Nansha Strike with two defensible rooftops. Makes for some really intense engagements.

    But yeah, still rubberbanding a ton. Still a lot of balance issues to be worked on. And still a lot of other issues, such as killcards not showing at all…

    • TripleBeamRIII .

      What are you playing on? PS4 or XBone? If you have both which rubber bands more?

      • Katana67

        PS4. And I don’t have both. But the rubberbanding is out of control.

        Infantry combat is a chore, and flight is impossible/suicidal.

        That and the map texture loading is pretty bad. Not the loading screen. But when I first spawn, there’s no terrain rendered for a good 20 seconds.

        • TripleBeamRIII .

          Damn I hope there’s no rubber banding for PC release. I mean might as well fix that while they’re at it lol

        • B0bbyJ03

          I just threw it on for the first time since i got titanfall and said fuck this.. rubberbanding is at an all time bad. Shame too cause i like this game so much better.

          • Aria68

            Try asian servers. Less rubber banding.

            • B0bbyJ03

              thanks, ill give that a shot

          • Katana67

            Yeah I mean it’s only at the start of the match and then it’s done.

            The same thing happens on vanilla maps too, but the NS map loading takes longer and actually causes you to clip through the ground until the terrain loads.

            • oofy

              “…and actually causes you to clip through the ground until the terrain loads.”

              Return of the land shark?

        • Hot-Wire

          The map loading issue comes with every dlc. Usually it gets better the more you play a map in the same sitting.

    • oofy

      Balance? Do you mean problems the new expansion added or the previous balance problems?

      • Katana67

        Previous stuff. I haven’t been able to play enough to get a sense of whether the stuff added in NS is anything to remark about.

        I suspect people may have an issue with the SR338. I hope not, I feel like it’s right on the money.

        And I have issues with the AA mine still, but it hasn’t been as bad as I’d expected. The tweaks they’ve made appear to have worked well.

        The killcards not showing at all is new, I’d say they’re not showing 80-90% of the time for me.

        • Cycovision

          My problem with the SR338 is that it is right on the money…the money DMRs got robbed of. Thanks DICE for making DMRs useless again.

          • Katana67

            I think DMR’s are pretty dern good.

            Although, I’m still very much baffled as to why they deemed it unfeasible to have a humble 6x scope available to DMRs. 6/8x scopes were available to almost every weapon in BF3.

  • BSBI

    The rubber banding is ridiculous. Makes the maps almost unplayable. So many times can’t even switch weapons, starts animation and then reverts back to same one. The map design seems nice though and they are beautiful.

    • Jerry Kehr

      Same on Xbox one with the rubber banding. Can’t wait for it on pc. But yeah these maps are pretty awesome.

      • Ryan Schulze

        I guess PS4 and Xbox One players can unite behind one thing for sure…BF4 has some “minor” rubberbanding issues.

    • Katana67

      Promise me you don’t try flying a jet! Promise me!

      That said, it was awful. I got a few birdstrike-less minutes in with the A-10 (and actually provided some decent CAS) before it started jangling around so badly I bailed.

      Fun fact, I was killed for the first time by an enemy jet as an infantryman. It was glorious. Wasn’t even mad at all. Proud some other folks are trying their hand at CAS.

  • oofy

    I’m reading about lag and other issues on other websites. Hopefully, the problems get fixed.

  • TripleBeamRIII .

    Would be nice to have Naval Strike during Double XP weekend on PC as well. Either way, the sooner the better. Can’t wait to play DLC.

  • B0bbyJ03

    im getting major rubberbanding on every map I play. its driving me crazy. I love the new maps too so its so frustrating

    • Corey

      wondering how much of the rubberbanding is internet problems. Like I get some pretty bad rubber banding. But it’s probably because I’m playing on wifi….and watching some youtube videos or something at the same time.

      This game clearly needs a top notch internet connection.

      • MrChipdiggity

        I have 115 up 30 down and about a 22 avg ping. I try and pick good servers from battlelog and not auto join on xbox one and i still get banding and the jitters. not so ofter I would say every 2 or 3 maps

  • TriPpKinGs

    15 minutes in, point blank kill with thy ole’ cannon. I was dying of laughter. Good DLC

  • TriPpKinGs

    I’m on xbox one, and aside from the occasional hiccup in rubber banding, it runs smooth.

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  • Yup…new to the Battlefield franchise (recovering COD addict) and have had no issues so far. Looking forward to playing this DLC!

  • Izzy Bozz

    I just downloaded the DLC for X1 and this is all i got to say…

    • VenomViper74

      All over Ps4 too.

  • JBeauregard

    I’m a BF premium noob. Curious if anyone can answer me this question I’ve already downloaded the first two map packs, but how do I download the Naval Strike map pack? It says “early for premium members.” Does that mean it will download automatically? Thanks!

    • Rob Machado

      Go to the in game store and download it from there!

      • JBeauregard

        Thanks, Rob! Everything worked out well. I do appreciate the help!

        • VenomViper74

          I wouldn’t recommend playing Naval Strike quite yet, its really laggy.

          • JBeauregard

            A buddy of mine said the same thing yesterday, right before I was about to head on for some Naval Strike fun. I decided to just go back to Titanfall and avoid any sort of frustration with BF4 (as we all know, there has been tons of frustration since launch!). Thanks for sharing, Venom!

            • VenomViper74

              No problem! As always EA and DICE bring more bugs to the table than the ones they fixed. The killcam works MOST of the time. The sound bug is strong as ever. Rubberbanding is horrendous and more. I would just stick to Titanfall for now.

    • Yup go to the store as before mentioned, however, you may have to restart your Xbox One for it to work. I downloaded but it would load. Restarted the X1 and no problems. It’s pretty fun thus far and shooting the cannon is funny as hell.

      • JBeauregard

        Thanks, it worked! I appreciate the help!

  • Mad Patriot

    Well, great….how about the PC Dice! grrrrrrrrrrrr

  • VenomViper74

    From a friendly PS4 owner,

    Welcome to the lag fest Xbox One players! The rubberbanding in Naval Strike ruins the whole atmosphere of the maps. I managed to trudge through 3 hours of the crap before finally returning to the Vanilla maps. It’s definitely not my internet because as soon as I left Naval Strike the lag stopped. I hope this gets fixed soon because I would like to see pro-boat maps other than Paracel Storm

  • Izzy Bozz

    Six months after the release of BF4, DICE still can’t come up with a way to fix lag and rubberbanding. By this point, I’m almost certain DICE has thrown in the white towel and has concluded that the netcode is beyond repairable. At the rate they’re releasing these DLC’s compared to BF3, it tells me they can’t wait to put this game behind them and move on.

    I’m not sure where things went wrong for them. Maybe they didn’t familiarize themselves enough with the new Frostbite Engine, or maybe the decision to release the game in 5 different platforms stretched them too thin. Whatever the reason may be, I just hope they learned from their mistakes.