Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Map Preview Images

Naval Strike, Battlefield 4’s third multiplayer expansion, is arriving later this March.

Earlier today, we learned about some of the new assignment rewards that the ocean combat themed DLC will offer, as well as more info on the mysterious “Phantom Trainee” assignment.

Now, reddit user Jrb1x has posted these brand new images of Naval Strike’s four maps; Lost Island, Operation Mortar, Nansha Strike, and Wave Breaker.

Lost Island


Operation Mortar


Nansha Strike


Wave Breaker


Thanks, Jrb1x!

Naval Strike will also offer up new weapons, gadgets and vehicles, along with the new Carrier Assault game mode.

All we’re waiting for now is an official Naval Strike trailer along with a solid release date, which is hopefully incoming soon. Keep your sights on MP1st for all things Battlefield.

  • Guest

    Nansha Strike(from the image) reminds me of the first set of mcoms on Operation Hastings rush.

    • Kyle Jackson

      Now that was how DLC should be done!

      • Guest

        It was a quality DLC, that and Back to Karkand are the 2 best DLC’s Dice has released in the past 4 years.

        • Kyle Jackson

          There are far too many gadgets, and silly weapon attachments in BF3/4. Bad Company 2 kept it fairly simple, now it’s all unbalanced.

  • Katana67

    Some of these remind me of some BF 1943 maps, as well as a few BF2MC maps.

    Should be good, although I’m still very skeptical of the AA mines regardless of how “weak” they are. As a concept (i.e. a double-deployable, reloadable, 100m radius, auto-lock AA missile station) I don’t particularly think it has any place in BF.

    Can’t say I’m a fan of the singular island aesthetic they’ve gone for with NS. At least CR had a mix of terrain. But, reserving full judgment until I’ve played them. I wish they’d’ve gone more all-out with the naval vehicles, hard for me to get excited about an unarmed two-seater hovercraft.

    Would love to see a proper jungle map, or a desert-only DLC.

    • Noobslayr

      Actually, the Stinger Turrets (AA “Mines” my ass) have a range of 200m, and they can be insta-deployed and together with an IGLA = one man strong-arms a 2-man heli crew with point&click ease.

      • Herbert
        • Katana67

          Mother of god.

          DICE. Why?

          • thatoneguy

            Because DICE has never once stepped foot into their own games. They don’t understand balance. Their running around like a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          That rooftop is OP’!

        • VEX_VEHIX

          Lol, I love his laugh at the end. Even he knows if felt too easy.

      • oofy

        First time I’ve heard that term.

        “It’s also a boon for roof roaches.”

    • NinoBr0wn

      DICE just seems to like vehicles less and less.

  • kingwill4231

    If your a player that prefers close quarter Combat and infantry these maps will probably not be so great for that. Parcel storm is my least favorite map of the core maps in Bf4 even though it may be the prettiest to look at it is a hassle to get around by foot/swimming. I am hoping these maps won’t resemble that one or it will be constant boat combat.

    • Katana67

      Yeah, I mean I don’t like Paracel. But I liked Wake, so I think it’s just the layout more to do with the concept of vehicle combat and islands.

      Vehicle combat and infantry combat can be integrated into the same map, Oman does this best I’d wager (but it still has some problems).

      This is what I think DICE needs to improve on, including ALL types of gameplay into maps rather than having vehicle maps or infantry maps. They’ve certainly tried valiantly, but I’m not sure they’ve done a good job with BF4 in this regard. They did a good job of it with BC1/2 and BF2MC.

    • Noobslayr

      No, if “youre a player that prefers close quarter Combat and infantry” then go play CoD or Titanfall, because Battlefield’s heart and soul is large VEHICULAR combat.

      So tired of infantry-only players coming into a vehicle game and complaining the maps aren’t CoD enough.

      • Katana67

        I do agree with you to an extent, those who want pure CQC should really look elsewhere. However, BF hasn’t only been about vehicular combat, it’s been about combined arms (which includes infantry). CQC is included in that as well. Trouble is, they’ve tried too hard to piece all of that out rather than work it in to the large-scale combat of BF.

        I do think that the inclusion of maps like Metro/Locker and the like, coupled with the inclusion of gametypes like TDM that really aren’t in the spirit of BF has been detrimental. I’d rather have these gametypes naturally subsumed under larger modes like CQ/Rush wherein one could get a TDM experience whilst also playing a “true” BF map/gametype.

      • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

        Although Guilin Peaks was an incredible fresh of breath air that never manages to get old for me. Probably because I only occasionally get the chance to play it due to the infrequency I see servers hosting it compared to many other maps.

        • NinoBr0wn

          Fresh of breath air. Now that sounds awesome.

      • kingwill4231

        I play conquest the majority of the time and I do use vehicles and love destroying them. However, I prefer gunfights and clearing out a base/area than to sitting in tank or chopper the whole match.

      • Ben August

        Oh, the vehicles aren’t just made for transportation/distraction??

        I could have sworn 99% of pilots just fly around in circles, needlessly dogfighting while the infantry actually play the objective.

        Hmmm. I guess if needless dogfighting is the heart and soul of the game, sure!!

        You must only play “tank/air superiority” lmaofhahdhshsjsjd

    • NinoBr0wn

      Man up.

  • Warlon

    What’s the translation on that pillar on Nansha Strike?

    • BHill4three5891

      Probably something along the lines of “haha suckers” which I admit I am one of them as well

  • Chuckz28

    They all look too similar. I’ll reserve judgment until it releases but they all seem like they could be from the same map and Paracel Storm. I would have liked some more variety. Maybe like a north pole ocean environment and a canal like area. I’m just getting sick of seeing palm trees between Hainan and Paracel and these 4 on top.

  • KennyKyle

    So that’s how you drop sub on people…. GAAAAAY

  • Michael D. Harrison

    I wish they would include scuba gear as an option. It would be the perfect map pack for it.

  • Jamic

    Lol nansha strike, dat preview.

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