Battlefield 4 Naval Strike – New Assignment Rewards Discovered, “Phantom Trainee” Spotted

Along with a number of new assignments, it appears Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike expansion will also offer up a handful of brand new rewards and dog tags.

Our friends over at Symthic have discovered a few of these items by data mining the latest Battlefield 4 files, including an award for the mysterious Phantom Trainee assignment, presumably a continuation of the “Phantom Prospect” assignment.

Check out the new items below:

Assignment Awards and Vehicle Line Art


Phantom Trainee Assignment:

  • Score 200 kills with pistols
  • Score 20 kills in a jet
  • Get 2x Shotgun Ribbons in a round
  • Unlocks Phantom weapon and vehicle camo

Thanks, Mechcell.

Dog Tag Awards

Premium Dog Tag Awards

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike launches later this month for Premium members first.

  • mechcell

    Score 200 kills with pistols
    Score 20 kills in a jet
    Get 2x Shotgun Ribbons in a round
    Unlocks Phantom weapon and vehicle camo

    • Mus1ckFPS

      i already can see its going to take me the rest of this year to complete the “score 20 kills in a jet” part everything else would be easy peasy why couldn’t it be score 20 kills in an air vehicle

      • Noobslayr

        Step out of your comfort zone for five minutes. There’s more to the game than just pew pew hide&seek fun on the ground.

        Easy as cake to terrorize Paracel or another map in an attack jet. Hell, take out the AC130 – thats usually 2-3 kills right there.

        • Paul Thomas

          Judging from what he said he can use an air vehicles. Just not the jet.

          • Mus1ckFPS

            yeah i don’t think he’s smart enough to comprehend that i said “air vehicles” i am great with the attack tub and the scout heli but I’m shit with jets only got 3 kills with the j-20

            • Paul Thomas

              While I don’t have bf4 I know I sucked with the jets in bf3. I’m a decent heli pilot.

      • JDim

        attack jet, target jeaps and small vehicles. you’ll do it in a in a few games if you’re lucky

      • Jet Master

        20 jet kills is what i got in an average game. so no problems there

    • Dylan Carda



      How to unlock ?

      • mechcell

        Same as the first Phantom assignment.

  • Katana67

    Never really enjoyed BF’s achievements, especially the DLC ones.

    I play for the experience, not the unlocks.

    • Mark Randle

      And as it stands the experience is pretty poo.

      • vapor220


      • ButteredBread

        If I was a girl I would totally use that username “Pretty Poo”.

    • Noobslayr

      The achievements/assignments are really more intended/gear toward the younger players that have unlimited free time and believe an achievement matters.

  • ButteredBread

    They should have a dog tag award for Buyers Remorse.

    • Mark Randle

      I would wear that with pride along with the bitter disappointment weapon camo.

      Thank Christ Dark souls 2 is out this week.

      PS4 can sit on the shelf and collect dust for a bit while I indulge.

    • theplantain

      i lol’d…but yes, i agree

  • SamRock

    Yawn! Been playing Thief all night for past 1 week…. okay.. back to Thieving now.

    “Need a Coffee”

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  • Kyle

    just use the laser guided on the jets… thats what i did and it took me two nights of sparce flying. conquest with jets and just go after jetskis, atv’s, dirtbikes ainly. can ake out a tank with laser guide then 30mm cannon fire