Battlefield 4 – New Levolution Features Video and Obliteration Gameplay

DICE Multiplayer Producer Aleksander Grondal Shares a few words on one of the teams newer concepts that they will be bringing to Battlefield 4 this fall, Levolution.

Also, straight from the show floor at day 3 of Gamescom 2013, DICE is bringing you another look at their newest Battlefield 4 game mode, Obliteration.

Check them out!



  • Ryupyroa

    Obliteration sounds really fun. I’m mostly a Rush player because consoles don’t have enough players to really do conquest right, but with next gen 48 and 64 is actually happening. This seems like the in between Conquest and Rush. Super hyped.

    • John A

      I just hope they improve Rush for BF4. I hate it for BF3. There is to many mcoms put in small indestructible rooms. Who thought that was a good idea needs to go back to the drawing board. It is funny though BFBC2 Rush was my favorite and BF3 Conquest is my favorite. BFBC2 just did rush so well because each Mcom was placed awesome and you could defend and attack it well. BF3 Rush turns into a clusterfuck of C4 and Defib whores.

      • B_Boss

        Damn bro thats BC2, almost 90% of my games are ALL on Rush lol!….I did not play CQ much on that one until later lol….profound you mention the same.

      • SamRock

        BC2 is the only reason RUSH became the favorite mode ever for me!
        True, BF3 kinda of messed the whole mode. Siene map & AK DLC had the worst MCOM placement.

        • Timothy David Medric

          Nothing was better than the MCOM inside the bus on the desert map. Seriously gave me tumors.

          • SamRock

            Yeah! Arica Harbor the firts map I played RUSH on 🙂

            Man!!! i want to go back and play the map now 😀

      • jaskdavis

        RUSH on BC2 was fun… and UNBALANCED! Most cases you could just take down the building on top of the MCOM and destroy it, or I could just be flying high in my UAV and hellfire the shit out of MCOMS and destroy them, or I could get my team and sit at my spawn and place C4 all over my UAV and fly it right into the MCOM and detonate it and destroy it, or I could sit in a tank across the map once it was fully leveled and take o… ok you get my point, I guess that’s why it was so fun!? lol

        • James Mulhall

          It was broken in the right way..? 😀

        • James K

          Thank the Creator that you have arm charges on the MCOM to destroy them in BF3. Rush games in BC2 stretch out too long as desperate players tried to kamikaze their vehicles into MCOMs so they earn their tickets back.

          • John A

            Yes but that is what made it so fun and rewarding. BFBC2 both sides had equal ways to defend and attack. BF3 the defending side usually has a major disadvantage. Everybody just camps the mcoms not worrying about other ways for it to be destroyed.

            • James K

              Sorry, but that made the game long and frustrating. Stalling to send a drone packed with C4 without worrying about losing tickets isn’t that exciting to watch.

              Plus, if the defenders has a major disadvantage, then it would be even worse if the MCOM can be destroyed by other means.

  • MegaMan3k

    The levolution video is popping up everywhere today, but I could have sworn that it was released and distributed on Tuesday…

    • monty2589

      I think what they released Tuesday didn’t have the commentary in it.

    • A. Mccormick

      it was a bootleg…. really dark, with no commentary.

    • John A

      I vote for them to change the title name to Battlefield 4- Levolution. Sounds great.

    • The previous video was a bootleg version and lacked developer commentary 🙂

  • Kevin Walters

    Does anyone know if Obliteration is just 32 total players or 64? I’m really hoping the footage I just saw was only 32, because frankly there was NO defense whatsoever.

    • Alex Melendez

      Hopefully we will see 64 players because honestly that game mode could go 2 ways, dead or really popular.

    • John A

      I seen in a article that it is capped at 32 for next gen consoles. I do not no about PC. But if conquest and other modes are 64 players why make this 32 players. I do not care anyway i play Conquest and rush only the way BF is meant to be played.

      • Thom

        They announced that next gen is 64 players 60 fps on next gen. At the EA live stream at games com

        • John A

          I know that idiot. i was talking about the Obliteration mode. You know how they switch up player count for different modes. LOL Learn how to read.

      • jaskdavis

        Maybe for a certain game mode or an option but both X1 and PS4 run 64 Player cap while running 60fps and the unknown or avoided resolution question.

        • jaskdavis

          CONFIRMED: BF4 on PS4 is only 720p – upsacled to 1080p

    • WarHero

      It can go 64 players when rent-a-server comes by (which it will because you know, that’s EA) or it can be official DICE server.

    • dpg70

      I hope they allow 64 for all modes. CQ would have been fun to have in the middle of some server rotations, but with the 16 player cap you’d have to drop everything to 16. Granted, 32 is still not bad, but still.


    Not really feelin how the bomb carrier automatically stays spotted no matter what…

    • MrSunshine

      If everyone knows where the bomb is at then everyone knows where the action is and can plan accordingly.

      Obliteration is pretty much Rush but all the Mcoms or whatever are open and only one person can arm the bomb. The fact that the person that can arm the bomb is constantly visible give that extra incentive to work together as a team. He won’t be able to simply ninja his way to an Mcom… unless your team is full of nubs like in the video. The team absolutely has to protect not only the bomb but their Mcoms as well. I personally think that’s fantastic.

    • dpg70

      Kinda standard for that type of mode. It’s actually the bomb that’s spotted at all times.

  • James Mulhall

    Jack Frags just confirmed the game is running at 720p upscaled to 1080p on twitter. – “Just got confirmation from Lars in an interview… BF4 on PS4 runs at 720p upscaled to 1080p and solid 60 fps.” Link to the tweet. –

    • Brian Anthony

      Doesn’t matter. Most TV’s best suited in tournaments and shooters are 32″ tv’s where 720pixles is like the max resolution you will basically be able see on a 32″ HD TV. Plus Blu-ray Discs can’t even display content more than 30hz anyways so everyone complaining about not having the game in 1080p, you need to go get educated on your tv video facts first before bashing something for not being 1080p. You won’t even be able to notice the difference, almost guarantee it.

  • dpg70

    That play by play is actually really well done! lol! Feels like I’m watching a football game.

  • ReeceGators

    Levelution is cool but i HATE that it is all scripted. You cant make the building fall a certain way, you cant have the battleship crash into a different part of the map. Hell the bouncing rock can probably ONLY hit that sign