Battlefield 4 PC and Server Patch Incoming Tomorrow

Battlefield 4‘s servers are getting a bit of an update tomorrow in preparation for an incoming client-side PC patch.

Server update “R32” will be deployed at 08.00 UTC on April 23rd, according to statements issued by server providers. The update is mandatory, and is required for a client update that will be released at the same time on the PC.

No specifics were mentioned, but we’ll surely be getting our hands on some patch notes at some point tomorrow.

Last we heard, developer DICE was ‘unhappy with server performance’ and the “rubber-banding” issues that a number of users have been experiencing recently.

“Looking into this further, we’re unhappy with our server performance, so we’ll be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience,” said Battlefield 4 community manager Dan Mitre earlier. It’s not guaranteed that these upgrades will be reflected in tomorrow’ updates, but it does seem rather likely.

Keep your sights on MP1st tomorrow for more updates!

  • ant1248

    How much worse will they make it?

    • dieger

      Prepare for more fun!

    • Samson

      Dunno, I uninstalled a month ago. Good riddance.

  • Marmadukey
    • Grif

      Hahaha that’s hillarious.

  • ……

    the question at this point is not if the next patch will introduce game breaking bugs, but how many it will include.

    • Samson

      No one’s ever said that.

      • dieger

        speak for yourself.

  • SillyCrez

    Last October the BF4 Beta’s purpose was to stress the servers…
    7 MONTHS later, they are unhappy with server performance.

    Do we really have to “understand” that, the october beta was to determine the potential number of buyers ? and until now we were their guinea pigs ?

    Seriously i don’t understand what’s the issue at Dice, do they have a real testing team ? do they understand what people say for months ? are they still handcuffed to work freely on what’s necessary ? do they just accept the curse ? Do they still love Battlefied ? Are they really expecting big day one sales for mirror’s edge and SWbattlefront ?
    WTmotherf***inF’s wrong with them?!

    • Jala Prime

      What is wrong with the people who actually purchase games on release day is the question I’d be asking.

      • SillyCrez

        maybe because no one, who has access to the game on developpers’ invitations, have the balls to say what is wrong with a game, and us the customers are only “allowed” to see and hear the nice side for months before its release, i just hope for the sanity of gaming and just to give a giant slap to editors, that pre-orders will no more convince so many people. So many games are discounted so fast, it’s terrifying, they must understand and get back to making solid games and stop bullshitting our eyes. that’s why (i guess) indie games are so popular nowadays, most of the gamers are around 30 years old i guess, and they know how good and solid and hard, were the games before.

      • Alkanida

        Wow, what a dumb comment. We buy games on release day because we want to play them asap. If we pay $60 It’s our right to expect a game working on day 1.
        What is wrong with the people eating in a restaurant when they can cook at home?
        Oh wait, People are allowed to do what they like and spend their money on what they want.

        • Jala Prime

          There’s no need to reply with such hostility. I understand people’s motivation for buying games on release day, and I’m not at all trying to put all the responsibility on the consumer – we absolutely /should/ be able to spend sixty dollars with the very reasonable expectation that we will receive a working product in return.

          However, that is not currently how the industry operates, and the only thing we can do as consumers to incentivize change is choose not to play into publishers and developers hands over and over again. When the house has such consistent and obvious tells, shame on them for trying such tactics, but shame on me as well if I’m not doing my own part to pay attention and make safer decisions based on the information they’ve given me.

          • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

            Absolutely. That’s a reasonable criticism that many people often instinctively shrug away because it shifts responsibility on themselves. As a potential customer, you’re nothing more than naive if you go into ANY relatively-free market or any industry with the mentality “if I buy it, it better be completely as expected and of good quality or fixed immediately.” If there are sellers and producers who CAN get close to meeting those needs, those are the ones you should go for. And in specific industries or markets, if it doesn’t exist at all, demanding vague perfection does little to nothing either.

            That’s not to say, in a relatively-free market, all responsibility falls on the customer, because that would be a ridiculous burden that legislative restrictions and regulations alleviate. But something like a few day’s worth of consideration and perhaps half an hour’s worth of research before purchasing something even mildly important to your happiness and complex enough to be done wrong (considering how much time you’d potentially spend venting frustrations and trying to use the product otherwise) is hardly an impossible standard to expect.

            But if you keep decrying a company you dislike who has done similar things before and keep acting surprised each time you buy into their product, nobody’s going to take it seriously, and that’s probably more detrimental to the less-vocal consumers who have already moved on after actually trying to send a message to the company. As for the gray area between the extremes of purchasing and boycotting (i.e. pressing for change, delaying purchases as mentioned, and so on), that’s probably more reserved for the level-headed on the fence who can take a punch as much as dish one without indulging in an unreasonable sense of entitlement as a customer.

            But knowing that we, as the collective consumer, have a pretty accurate reputation of being all talk and no action, I’d frankly just encourage you to do whatever makes you the most comfortable because I can hardly imagine it matters much anymore with how marketing for large businesses has evolved over the past century. Ultimately, things should head in the right direction (as perceptions of what’s right changes), the change will just be more erratic without an informed leadership or, specifically to video games, an informed audience.

          • Alkanida

            Your comment is still dumb. Not sure why you start crying here…not like I said you were dumb, its the comment.
            Let me clarify here..Companies sell products.
            We live in a world where you can only sell products if they’re working.
            Just imagine Companies selling you a broken washing machine on D1. Are you seriously blaming the customer for walking in the store and buying a product expecting it to work?
            Its our right to expect that.
            The blame is to put on EA. They sold the game even though it didnt work properly.
            Good Day to you

            • Jala Prime

              With all due respect (not much at this point if I’m being honest) it doesn’t sound like English is your first language because you don’t seem to understand what I and ThatSpeakerOfTruth have said. Your comments make statements that are just flat out incorrect, but good day to you my friend.

      • B0bbyJ03

        so you’re going to put the blame on the customer?

      • dpg70

        Not anymore for a DICE game. Never again. Lesson learned.

  • Grif

    Prepare 4 bugs.

  • born2expire

    Hopefully they’ll FINALLY fix the problems with hit markers and reloads not reloading.

  • swipe_06

    The thing that bothers me, and probably a large portion of the community, that is this a true, proper fix, or another placebo? Remember last (few) time(s) they fixed the “netcode” issue? Right away, after the launch, the fix was a tweaked killcam. The double damage issue? It resulted in a headshot icon. Rubberbanding? we got a packet loss icon.

    Every time a fix was announced, we just got an indicator, that took the spotlight away from the real issue.

    The optimist in me says, this is the real deal this time. They are cocky about this, so there must be something going on. I mean battlefield tweeted a teaser image about this! But what’s next? A weapon balance trailer? Server patch developer diary? A little humble pie woudn’t hurt these guys. The netcode isn’t the only issue in this game, it’s a big part of the fustration, but still, not the only one.

  • Hodor


  • Nelson B

    i really dont understand what went wrong with BF4 !! its almost unplayable ! right now only hardcore fans are playing ! and when i go back and play BF3 i am really astonish of the huge difference in performance, bf3 changes acordinglin to the settings you apply, BF4 doesn’t care if you play with all the settings up or down !!

    • B0bbyJ03

      What platform are you playing BF3 on? if its PC, are there a lot of people still playing it?

      • Nelson B

        i play on PC, yes BF3 is still a very well played game online

  • Jack Moon

    Why would anyone play BF4 when you can play BF3? Sure there’s not nearly as many players online but at least your screen actually reflects whats happening on the server (Not nearly as mush netcode bullshit). If there’s anything BF4 has done for me it’s that it’s made me realize how much I love BF3 and that’s about it.

    • Grif

      Ha ya everyone once and awhile I play Noshar Canals (I think that’s how you spell it) Sure is fun running around with Spas-12 with slugs one shorting people.

  • pbvider

    ” R32 Server Update Notes
    -Fix for an issue where the player could get stuck in a loading screen on a server that had an uneven number of slots
    -Fix for the Live Scoreboard that would be active without a game on a server ”

    An honest month of work – only at DICE!

  • SillyCrez

    OMG ! I noticed earlier that most of the BF4 servers running Conquest Large (on PS4) were capped to 44 players. I guessed, ok maybe they did it on purpose so at least the game works nicely until they found/fix the problem (<– LOL)


    I just saw right now, in the BF4 menu this message:
    "We are adressing an issue where some servers allow only 44 instead of 64 players in the conquest game mode"
    … — …

  • Hot-Wire

    Servers went down at 1 in the morning. Wonder if that was the update.

  • David Alan Kirkbride Dkirky

    It makes me cry that bf4 is now making bf3 look good. Go look and read some of the last 2 years of issues raised about bf3 and still ain’t fixed. Dice can’t even copy and paste a game right nowadays!!! Just watch IND gamers videos on YouTube to see that the same glitches are still in both games. F**#k it I’m off to play bad company. The last working game they made.

  • Call Of Duty 2 4ever <3

    I like to look at these nowadays comments about BF4, and remember the times when it wasnt released… ahh those hilarious hyping comments. 🙂