Battlefield 4 Platoons Incoming ‘Very Soon’ – Sign Up For Early Access

Platoons are coming back to Battlefield 4 “very soon”, says DICE developer “TheBikingViking”.

First introduced and featured in 2011’s Battlefield 3, Platoons acted as a way to party up with like-minded players and engage in small tournaments or competitions with other Platoons. It may not have been a part of Battlefield 4’s launch, but it’s coming back.

“Very soon, we will release Platoons on Battlelog for Battlefield 4 (details to be announced very soon), but we want to give early access to a smaller group of players to test certain parts of the system before a full rollout and get some even earlier feedback,” writes TheBikingViking on the Battlelog.

Details on exactly how to sign up for early access can be found through that link above.

And, by the way, don’t even think about challenging the MP1st Platoon, because we’ll, like, so totally beat you. So, yeah.

Excited for the return of Platoons?

  • Grif

    Haha I would love to join the MP1st platoon.

  • dieger

    Early access to a feature that should have been in game at launch?

    I just…i just can’t take this

    • Brandon Stern

      Well, at least it is returning in a free update. The Battlelog team didn’t have to bring Platoons back, but they are, so be grateful for that.

      • dieger

        I paid for the game so i can be as ungrateful as i want. personally i would rather they focus on the real problem like oh you know lag,rubberbanding,weapon rebalancing,crashes,campaign wipes, hit detection etc. but hey everyone loves double XP events right!? and the smooth release that second assault had right!?

        • Brandon Stern

          This is a Battlelog feature, the team that works on Battlelog (ESN) is a web developer, they literally have can do nothing in-game, I even think they are not even in DICE’s office in Sweden. Look at TheBikingViking’s reddit account, notice how all of his posts and threads relate to Battlelog and nothing in-game?

        • That guy you might know

          I feel the same way dude, I traded my copy in not too long ago because of this crap

          We paid 60 bucks for half a game, and people say be grateful for patches and stuff. They’d be sued so far out of their asses if they decided to do nothing.

          I was actually really optimistic about things at first, like “it’ll be fixed soon”. But when I read the patch notes, I see that infamous word over and over “reduced”. Reduced the chances of this or that, do us a favor DICE and reduce that stuff to nothing. You know it shouldn’t be there so why lower the chances if you can get rid of all of it at once. Most likely cause something else will be wrecked if they do, like EVERY patch that’s been released. “We sorta fixed A, but broke B, C, and D at the same time.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Yeah I uninstalled it the other week because of several severe crashes. The game worked ok to an extent, they issued a patch that broke the game then a patch came that fixed that stuff then the last patch totally effed the game up. I know MS get a lot of stick for having patches certified but when you get awful patches like this you can see why MS do it.

            • That guy you might know

              It’s not a bad idea overall.

              But you know shit seriously hit the fan when the devs put a fucking poll together on “what fixes do players want next”

              The whole thing dammit. I’m sure if I go play MoH: Warfighter it’ll be in better condition than BF4 right now. And that says alot

        • Zachary Carter

          Been running great on PS4, even before minus the sound/save bugs. Got tired of all the cheats on PC, so no comment there.

    • dpg70

      No kidding. Does anyone really care about platoons at this point?

  • dieger

    “And, by the way, don’t even think about challenging the MP1st Platoon, because we’ll, like, so totally beat you. So, yeah.” ….YEAH….What is this platoon you speak of?…..i can’t even get into the ghost clan…. >_>

    • Grif

      MP1st platoon is totally L€g¡t, they will pwn you.

      • dieger

        Oh we would totally wreck ass…you know ass…in general….if we ever got together…..even in a single match just once… making myself depressed 🙁

        • Grif

          Hahaha lol.

        • Lol. Point taken Dieger. I need to see to handing off my leadership in the Ghosts clan :S

  • SillyCrez

    We already have “clan tags”, maybe platoons aren’t so necessary right now………..Let us first squad up with our buddies before joining a server………..please ?….

  • Just saying

    I think the MP1st platoon is good. MP1st staff and readers in one platoon. That would be epic 🙂

    • DellyDellz

      I would deff carry

  • Seth T

    Screw you DICE….what happened to you guys?

    • dieger

      I think something went wrong after BFBC2 and mirrors edge….something evil and twisted not of this world…….

  • Katana67

    I don’t care much for competitive e-sports, or anything similar. But, cool? Still hard for me to get excited/care about Battlelog when the game still needs work.

    Still waiting on bug fixes, balance fixes, and hopefully the reversal of some of their sillier ideas of how they believe they should make a game.

    Appreciation Month (Placation Month) is almost over.

  • zacflame

    EA: Hey guys, get ready for Battlefield 4! Coming soon!

  • EcHo84

    Cause Tournaments on Consoles matter, caugh missing private servers.

  • Guest

    Seriously, what good is a platoon when you can’t squad up with your platoon before a match? I’m done with DICE.