Battlefield 4 R20 Server Update Reportedly Breaks Spawns, R21 Rumored To Be Incoming Tomorrow

A recent update applied to Battlefield 4 servers on the PC is reportedly causing headaches for a number of players unable to spawn in after death.

Earlier this morning, server update R20 was applied to the PC version of Battlefield 4, according to a representative from the DICE team. Though the change notes have yet to be published, players are already reporting a severe bug that isn’t allowing those affected to respawn after dying.

On Reddit, a server administrator who goes by the name “Epileino” listed a few of the bugs introduced via the latest update:

  • “Players unable to spawn after they died.”
  • “Not showing scores on kills & capping flags.”
  • “Player crash to desktop when this happens.”

“Rumour has it that R21 might come out tomorrow,” he added, which we suspect would likely resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, according to an official warning currently visible on the Battlelog, users affected by the bug are urged to update their Punkbuster files. Additional reports indicate that this method has worked for a number of users.

Keep your sight on MP1st for more updates as they come.


The official R20 Server Update change notes have been detailed:

  • Fixed an issue where players could equip the exclusive DICE camo/paint, which would cause them to become invisible

  • ThePoolshark

    Manually update punkbuster. This has helped almost everyone.

    • Sounds like that’s the case.

    • MeisseN

      Manually updating PB fixes PB kicks, but the gameplay itself has tons of issues and flaws that has nothing to do with PB, sadly.

  • dieger

    Dice keeping up the tradition 😀

    • ThePoolshark

      This one isn’t actually DICE. PB gets all the blame.

      • dieger

        just joking

        • ThePoolshark

          I assumed you were, but people are hammering DICE and EA about this on the forums, and it is hard to keep up. I just want the blame to go where it belongs.

          • zakrocz

            Or perhaps Dice could have included a message in the patch notes to advise people to update punk buster…

            • ThePoolshark

              PB is supposed to do it automatically.

  • skyfire

    They just can’t seem to do anything right anymore, sad really.

    • DerpSlayer

      Oh shut up. I haven’t had a crash in a month and have been playing rounds for the last few hours trouble-free. A few whiners post the forum and everyone turns into chicken little. There are some legit problems but nowhere near what hysterical gamerkids make it out to be.

      • skyfire

        Sorry but i am not satisfied with the horrible tick rate and the terrible netcode(among some of the problems) that plague this game.

      • shodannet

        Whilst they have fixed the soundloop hangs, they also said they fixed the friendly-triangle-tag-not-showing bug but its still not showing -.-

        • Katana67

          That bit is working flawlessly for me on PS4. Couldn’t be happier with the friendly tag fix, it works wonders for Hardcore.

      • Katana67

        Yeah, I don’t care about the stability issues. I’ve had very few crashes on PS4, and I’ve been playing BF4 since PS4 released.

        However, the included and poorly implemented aspects of BF4 (i.e. shoddy netcode and “random spread”).

        • I think Battlefield 2 was notorious for random spread as well

          • Katana67

            It was, I was more referring to the poor netcode. Just rolled them up into “at least BFBC2”.

    • ThePoolshark

      This is PB’s fault, not DICE’s

      • DBMgamer

        So PB’s is present on PS4? that news to me

        • ThePoolshark

          Weird, I swear I read PC on the article….

          • MeisseN

            As if the original poster was whining only about the things in the article… lol

      • skyfire

        Did punkbuster release a patch or update after dice released a server update?

        • ThePoolshark

          They released in tandem, but PB didn’t update automatically.

          • skyfire

            ah, thanks.

  • dpg70

    Testing? We don’t need no stinking testing

  • Ricardo

    Oh man it’s sad to see this game having so many issues since launch the only problem I had to worry about during the beta was my console freezing up every once and a while thank god I haven’t bought this game yet…

    • Kyle Jackson

      Same. This is the only Battlefield game I didn’t pre-order, I could see this happening. Shame, I want to play it but until it actually comes out of beta (March I reckon) then it’s a no-go, more DLC will be out by then too.

  • Kidanny Mendez

    Im rooting for battlefield and I hope they can get their shit together. I’m a CoD fan but I’m tired of CoD’s bullshit

    • CoDforever

      Haha, everytime ppl are talking about how broken Bf4 is the common answer is “I know its broken but its still better than ghosts” LMAO #SocialDegens #IKthisIsntTwitterButIdgaf

      • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

        To be 100% fair Ghosts as plenty (although not as many) issues itself.

        • George

          That’s true but they are nowhere near as bad.

        • CoDforever

          ahahahahahahaha like what ? huh? exactly, thats what i thought. Guns are balanced for the most part, hit detection is there and this is the best connection in a cod game yet.

          • Guest

            Well spawns, some of the maps are iffy (at least to me), the dogs have more health than people and can take direct rocket hits (this is more of personal gripe), and matchmaking is off and at times. If you are honestly saying it is perfect and it has no issues then you fanboyism is beyond rational belief.

            • CoDforever

              no, your saying ghosts has a fair amount of problems too, which is incorrect. Spawns are actually the only issue and its my fault for not mentioning that but other than that, not much. Dogs deserve to be that good, they are a 5 killstreak, its not like 1 or 2 streak

            • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

              I would just like to point out that is not me lol.

            • CoDforever

              yea that was you and you quickly deleted your comment

            • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

              If I was in such a hurry to delete why would I have posted another similar comment? Even if I had not posted my comment why would I have deleted it considering you’re the one fangirling and saying the CoD has no issues (yes you pretty much said that in your first reply). #Logic #YouMakeSoMuchSense

            • CoDforever

              Lmao, because i was online as soon as you typed that comment. It said you replied to a comment of mine, but when i checked it showed “guest” and another person replying to my comment (which i assumed was you) and it was you. So, what you did was reply, delete it because you wanted to add a couple of stuff to it, then reply an even longer reply. Chill, i do that sometimes too.

            • Raymond Featherston

              Considering Z posted a comment that maintains his/her name I hope you know (despite similar wording) how little sense that accusation makes.

          • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

            Spawns are terrible at times especially on TDM. Dogs can take more hits than players and at times can take direct rocket hits (this is a personal gripe but it also makes no sense even by video game logic), matchmaking is quite slow at times (actually getting into a game as it will often place you in lobbies then take you at and put you in another without explanation). It is the best connection in a CoD yet, but it is still wobbly more often than it should be (still better in this regard than BF4). That is just to name what is clear to me, and I am sure if you were to google it there would be quite a few others pointed out by critics.

            If you honestly think that game is anywhere near perfect and has no issues then your fanboyism is just beyond comprehension, because while it is better than the past few CoDs it is nowhere near perfection.

            • CoDforever

              yea agree with some ur points such as spawns, but nowhere near as bad as bf4 like you initially said

            • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

              I never said its problems were worse than BF4, I just said it also had some so I have no idea where you pulled that from lol. I would also like to point out your initial reply to me made it seem like you honestly though CoD:G had no problems whatsoever, so maybe work on your wording a bit.

      • kidanny

        Sorry, I’m not saying its better than GHOSTS. The bullshit I’m referring too is the exclusivity they have with microsoft, even for the patches.

  • Katana67

    Tired of getting “Battlepacks” with attachments I don’t want for weapons I don’t want/use/haven’t unlocked…

    Tired of seeing killcards with 0% health after I light someone up…

    Tired of getting shot around corners…

    Tired of hits not registering…

    Tired of “random spread”…

    Tired of turning around in jets only to get smacked by “Active” missiles from SPAAG vehicles which haven’t left their spawn…

    Tired of bolt-actions being great at all ranges…

    Tired of buggy bipods not setting up properly, kicking out unexpectedly, or setting up so that I’m facing a wall…

    Tired of [insert blatant BF4 flaw]…

    • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

      Yeah, I had a terrible time yesterday. Typically the general networking has been satisfactory in my recent experiences.

      But then, suddenly:a very high proportion of 0% health indicators, though I don’t exactly understand if something is in error or not, an inconsistency in time to kills and lost bullets, and damning deaths well behind cover. As well as a considerable increase in the frequency of DirectX/low-memory crashes that seem to be undiagnosable with solutions ever elusive for those who have the proper hardware and acceptable software to run all other games properly.


      • Katana67

        I’ve been getting a lot more 0% killcards post-patch on PS4. A lot more, which is unfortunate because the patch was supposed to have fixed this problem and has instead apparently made it worse.

        • TriguyRN

          I’m on xbox one and suddenly I get way more too…

      • DellyDellz

        I see someone with 0% health, and then get a 79% kill assist. Dice Logic

        • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

          I believe that this is generally what I observe as well, though there was one instance in which a 100% kill assist was rewarded. I am not sure if this is directly derivative of a superficial rounding error or the killed player is receiving an incorrect value or if damage is not being registered properly. But it’s all a little difficult to make heads or tails of for me, which makes it very odd to encounter in its current frequency.

          • Katana67

            I do like the “assist counts as kill” thing, that is a genius idea. But still, I personally think that damage should only be done in multiples of 5 or 10. I mean, it’s pretty ludicrous seeing people walk around with 1% health.

            You can’t function with 1% of your brain/heart/lungs/trigger finger. Nor can you I imagine with 5% of the aforementioned body parts. But it’s just so damn irritating seeing people with such low health still be able to operate effectively.

            I’m not entirely sold on this idea myself, but I’d like to see a higher degree of damage overall (I play Hardcore and I’m still dissatisfied, largely with the netcode and the implications of that). So that there are fewer instances of having people with insanely low health percentages. Might encourage more revives. That’s another thing.

            I have noticed a distinctly low rate of revives from Assault players, mostly because one can now operate as an Assault without a defib. Maybe it’d be a good idea to have one fixed “class-specific” gadget, and two configurable gadget slots. I wouldn’t be opposed to that. So that classes still have the ability to do what they are designed for, but also allow for the player to customize his/her gadget loadout.

            I think eventually they’ll have to resort to a new class, because Assault/Medic aren’t really compatible ideas.

    • Leon

      Black battlepacks are weapons’ battlepacks. You can get them only by using a specific weapon, after you have 210 kills with it. They consists of only attachments for that particular weapon (sometimes a paint or xp boost, too). Weapon attachments in golden battlepacks are just a bonus.

      One complaint less, I guess. 🙂

      • Katana67

        Still doesn’t change the fact that the reward for leveling up is a random assortment of stuff I don’t need. Know how many kills I have with the MX4? Zero. Know how much interest I have in using PDWs? Zero. Know how many attachments I’ve unlocked for it? Seven.

        Have I unlocked any shotguns? No. Do I plan on unlocking shotguns ever? Nope. How many attachments do I have unlocked for them? Eight.

        Do I want Adaptive Tiger paint? No. Do I want Urban Hexagon? Nope. Is all I want Desert Flat/Spray? Yes. Do I have Desert Flat/Spray? Nope.

        • Leon

          In previous games you didn’t get any extra “random assortment of stuff” for leveling up. So, that’s a bonus. Take it or leave it. No point to complain about it.

          Regarding you lack of interest in unlocking weapons, paints and camos, are you sure you have bought the right game? It does not seem that you enjoy the concept very much.

          I, on the other hand unlocked all the weapons and I am going to gradually unlock all the attachments for them. I’ve already got like 10 weapons’ attachments fully unlocked. I like it.

          • Katana67

            Right, you controlled how you unlocked attachments. You didn’t get anything for leveling in BF, you used the weapons you used and it unlocked attachments for those weapons because they were relevant to you.

            Unlocking stuff just to unlock stuff never made sense to me, I unlock stuff because it helps me play the way I want to play. Hence why I don’t unlock PDWs and shotguns because I have no interest in hyper-CQC gameplay.

            On the flip-side, I’ve unlocked all of the sniper rifles, carbines, assault rifles, LMGs, and kit upgrades. Why? Because they’re the weapons I use. So, again, when I get seven attachments for a weapon I’ll never use, it’s a waste. It’s the equivalent of getting a winning lottery ticket, taking it to the lottery office, and having them tell you “Nope, sorry, that’s for the Zimbabwean Sweepstakes”.

            It’s not much of a bonus if I never use the attachments that have been unlocked, it’s just a waste. If they allowed me to choose which attachments to unlock with each battlepack, instead of randomly assigning them irrespective of how I play the game, I’d be in support of them.

            Please don’t put words in my mouth. My dissatisfaction with “Battlepack” unlocks doesn’t therefore mean that I am dissatisfied with ALL unlocks and camos.

            I just don’t want stuff that I don’t/won’t use, especially if it’s being tacked on as a “reward” for leveling. It’s a pretty simple concept.

            • Leon

              It’s not a waste. It’s a bonus. You can very easily unlock everything for your favorite weapon by getting 510 kills with it, without any bonus golden battlepacks.

              You are complaining about the feature of the game in the thread about the bugs. You have the right to like it or not, but it is not a bug. It’s a feature.

              What you say, make me wonder how many kills you have in BF4? It seems that not that many since you can’t even fully unlock your favorite weapons.

              Edit: Yea, keep voting me down, pal if it makes you feel better. 🙂

            • Katana67

              I never said it was a bug, I said it was a poorly implemented but intentionally included feature. See the last paragraph of my original post.

              “Let alone being tired with stability issues, which are taking a lot of the attention away from the flaws of the PURPOSELY INCLUDED and POORLY IMPLEMENTED aspects of BF4”

              The entire purpose of my OP was to identify issues which weren’t explicitly bugs, but were the result of poor implementation.

            • Leon

              I like it.

            • Leon

              You are very stubborn and you are complaining about battlepack system as a “waste”, just out of ignorance. You seem to have no idea how it works. Here it is for you information, as somebody else has explained it:

              “At rank 110 you will have all BATTLEPACK unlocks excluding the premium battlepack unlocks, and veteran battlepack unlocks. That’s it. You will have every knife available by level 110 minus the acb-90 (veteran) and trench (premium). Two more knives have been added this week, the SEAL and Boot. Both will be level 110-120 or Premium battlepack unlocks.

              The system is fine….people just don’t understand it.

              There are “x” number of camo, “x” number of emblems, “x” number of knives, “x” number of attachments, “x” number of boosts up until level 100. You will receive the exact same thing that everyone else does, with the exception of the boost values. Some will get 200%, where you might get a 25%…they are the ONLY truly random part of battlepacks.

              Anything you don’t have unlocked by rank 100 either requires ranks 100-110, or 110-120, or premium battlepacks.

              As for Troma above me…you will get weapon battlepacks the more you use a weapon. That is how you unlock the majority of attachments for said weapon. Yes, the levelled battlepacks have attachments for guns you may or may not use, but how does it hurt you to get something you won’t use? If you use nothing but the M416 all the time, you’ll have all your unlocks in a few hours of play time. “

            • Katana67

              It’s possible for one to have an opinion that’s different from yours, defend it, and not be ignorant. Throwing accusations about isn’t going to get you anywhere.

              Agree to disagree.

            • Leon

              I’ve voted you up just because I can. It’s nothing personal. Regarding your opinion that “Tired of getting “Battlepacks” with attachments I don’t want for weapons I don’t want/use/haven’t unlocked…”, it is obvious to me that you had no idea how the unlock system works.

              I have nothing against your opinion. Moreover, I feel sorry for you that you can’t enjoy BF4 and I understand it. But you have to admit that you were misinformed regarding battlepack system.

            • Katana67

              How am I misinformed? Enlighten me.

              Show me how my grievance about getting random attachments for weapons I don’t use is a misinformed opinion to have. You can make the case it’s misguided, but not misinformed. I am well aware of how battlepacks grant rewards, you’re not revealing any novel facts which would inform my supposed misinformation.

              I think you’re just trying to find petty ways to jab at my argument without actually addressing it.

              I had offered to agree to disagree, although you don’t seem particularly interested in that idea.

            • Leon

              I will settle on “misguided” then. It does not make any difference to me. 🙂

  • CoDforever

    4 months in and the game still suffers severe issues, sad that we let this fly by. But to be quite frankly honest, had the game fuction properly i might have played it more than ghosts

    • Ricardo

      You mean 2 months and 19 days…

      • MeisseN

        Well… Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan… 4 months! I’m totally serious, Ha ha.

        • CoDforever

          thats how i thought of it lmao

        • Ricardo

          So you’re gonna count 2 days of October as a entire month? And same for January? ._.

          • MeisseN

            Lol.. why not.. the purpose’s to emphasize how long it takes for DICE to fix the game, and I think 2 months and 19 days or 4 months both make sense in this aspect 🙂

            • Ricardo

              Well if that’s what you strongly believe buddy you’re entitled into your own opinion. :p

    • NinoBr0wn

      Time flies when you can’t count.

      • James K

        O.K. That is funny.

      • CoDforever

        lmao, i looked at like Oct, nov, dec , jan lol still 2 months is pretty long

  • Jack S.

    I’ve had BF4 on Xbox one for over a month now and it has never crashed for me. I know this is article is about the PC, but I’m just commenting for the sake of the game’s stability.

    • Jonathan Warren

      Ive had it for xbox one since day one and its plagued with issues, especially crashing, consider yourself lucky. Im pissed at this game and because i bought it digitally i can get a refund, thats B.S.

  • Uses PC to fix the game
    Game broken on PC

    I said this to try and lightenthe situation, not being serious.

    • Warren Lucas

      hey clay whats your steam and origin?

    • MeisseN

      Thanks to nooby teammates who always tend to drive those vehicles into crowds of enemies and bail out after the vehicles are slightly damaged and leave them for enemies, I haven’t been able to play in ground transport vehicles a lot

  • pbvider

    Need a patch to fix the patch…

    • pot51e

      Twas ever thus.


      Patch on patch on patch on patch.

  • Walter Iego

    Oh my, well. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I went back playing BF3 instead.

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  • Leon

    The “Players unable to spawn after they died.” bug happened to me yesterday. The only way is to quit the game or change the server.

    • pot51e


      • zacflame


        • O.o


          • VEX_VEHIX


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    PS3 isn’t any better. My game locked up 4 times yesterday, within a 2 hour session. Just kills anything fun in BF4. Hard resets blow….FIX IT DICE!

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  • Just saying

    I just gave up and play BF3 on my PS3 now. BF3 had bugs and glitches but nothing as frustrating as BF4’s. I should’ve waited before getting the PS4 on launch day. No games at all that I’m intersted in are out and the only game that I play on my PS4 now is AC4. Do you guys know any other game to try?!

    • roland0811

      I know how ya feel. But I can’t even find a single decent hardcore server for BF3. I MAYBE get to play once a week ’cause everything I see is Normal Mode or just Metro 24/7. So I spend more time waiting in the server screen hitting the refresh button waiting for a decent server to pop up. I wish BC2 was still active.

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  • marpla78

    I thought they will fix something with this last patch but they actually keep making the game more buged, they really need to stop this and put some f*** real work on this game.
    I think if they keep it like this…this game will pass by without any glory.

  • Mumbai1

    This game become nightmare to me, I encounter 0 health kill. Opponent has no health and he still kill me.

  • big jobs

    Re-install pb and the game works fine. As for the rest of the bitching: learn how to play. I can manage to survive full games with healthy kdr and top or near top of the leaderboard. Netcode or whatever other bullshit excuse it’s the same for us all, unless your running shit hardware or have a dodgy Internet connection.

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Hey guys, i havent played bf since november, how is it now?