Battlefield 4 Rumor – GameStop Poster Suggests the Return of Commander Mode and Three Playable Factions [Updated]

Another promotional Battlefield 4 poster spotted at GameStop suggests the return of Commander Mode, and the ability to play as up to three different factions in Battlefield 4’s multiplayer.

Commander Mode was last featured in Battlefield 2142 – introduced in Battlefield 2 – and was a highly requested feature for Battlefield 3, though it was ultimately not included. It let players direct others from a top-down point of view, allowing for a more tactical view of the battlefield. It’s already been confirmed that Battlefield 4′ single player campaign will follow the story of only one soldier, meaning the inclusion of multiple factions would most likely apply to the multiplayer.

YouTuber luger700 spotted the poster in a local GameStop – a company who’s been at the center of a number of Battlefield 4 rumors as of late, the last being a reveal of the game’s release date – which lists these four key highlights:

  • Frostbite 3: Destructible environments and buildings!
  • 3 playable factions – Russia, China and United States
  • All our war! Vehicle combat and “Commander Mode” returns
  • Get access to the first expansion for FREE with reservation. $10 dollar value!

In all honesty, the writing looks extremely unofficial, as if it was printed on the poster by an employee at this particular GameStop. The video claims that this employee got his or her info “direct from EA,” but that means squat when we only have one person’s word to go by. Lastly, it’s also worth noting that every Battlefield 3 expansion pack, so far, has been priced at a $15 value, not $10.

What’s makes this rumor worth a closer look, however, is that GameStop is clearly displaying the poster to its customers with this information. They are either very confident about this information, or trying to score some cheap pre-orders.


Readers have pointed out the Sony PlayStation DE facebook page, which also indicates the inclusion of Commander Mode in Battlefield 4. Roughly translated, the page reads:

In the fourth installment in the popular Battlefield series is again the felt. The Return of Commander Mode promises to introduce more tactical depth.

Clearly, this lends more legitimacy to the rumor.

What do you guys think?

Thanks, Kriste, for the tip!

  • I’m sold!


    • when can i be able to pre-order it for PS4 ??

      • how about when the system itself is launched.. then expect a bf4 to come out. they’re not going to announce a game for a system that isnt even in the stores.

        • QwietStorm

          You mean like the list of other PS4 games already confirmed? lol what is so unrealistic about announcing a game for a system that isn’t out yet? It’s not like the Xbox, which technically doesn’t exist.

    • Master Chief

      Reusing same old stuff, BF4 is shaping to be another run of the mill game.

    • nextgenplox

      it would be a travesty if it’s not on next gen consoles!

      • TommyV2

        Do you really believe a game could look this good on today’s consoles? x) ..

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    Isn’t this all kind of “no shit” info? I mean, we know there are 3 factions, and who gives a damn about commander mode?

    • pot51e


    • oofy

      Plenty of people are clamoring for Commander mode.

    • Delta8A

      I give a damn! and also, stop acting like God in yer pathetic videos. you are in love with yer sexy voice – we get it.

      • Retro

        Perhaps he is a tad upset, thinking that he had the market cornered on posting articles and making video’s containing “no shit” info.

    • mrneoshredder

      True fans of classic Battlefield care about Commander Mode, for starters.

      • Katana67


        Commander Mode helps coordinate efforts and call in *gasp* SUPPORT to ground efforts. I know that smart things like CAS, Reconnaissance, and helpful sniping are practically taboo to DICE and most players… but a Commander Mode would help these actions take place more often. Hey, maybe if there are more logical ways to figure out where the enemy is (rather than maps on Hardcore by default, tracers, and lens flares) then gameplay won’t suffer so much. And, call me crazy on this, but maybe if there’s someone directing aircraft or designating targets then maybe we won’t need so many crutches (EVERYTHING having a lock-on mode, rampant use of blatantly overpowered Stingers/Iglas, etc).

        I think there should be an overall Commander role, to take care of supply drops, target designation, and ambient UAV recon… as well as executing artillery strikes. And the Squad Leader should get a “diet” version of this, with the ability to request supply drops, designate targets, and request artillery strikes.

        • This and I think commander mode is due for some polishing up as well. sleeker UI and a bit clearer communication to the subordinate players. Say you can, as a commander, give orders to infantry, reconnaissance, armor, attack heli and jets all seperately. Giving each player the proper objective based on the current role they are in clearly on the UI.

          Giving clear objectives to say, a Recon player to actively recon an area with a MAV and spot enemies while not only getting the spot bonus but also a followed orders bonus in the points feed.

          Things like this help the team players and the point whores alike.

          Battlefield also needs a point payout system for transporting teammates to objectives a la the Planetside 2 model…

          • Katana67

            Definitely. I think that would be great (with some measures taken to prevent abuse). That way, each class could have secondary objectives tailored to encourage them to actually help out.

            I agree about the transport bonus. It really was fun in PR and even vanilla BF2 just ferrying people about, giving pilots and gunners on transport aircraft a sense of purpose. That wasn’t necessarily validated by points, but was validated by actually placing assets in strategic locales. For the purposes of BF4 though, I think a PS2-like bonus would work to facilitate that.

            Commanders could even say “Drop a Squad/Recon/Whatever here!”, and transport pilots could get points for doing so. Likewise, I really think the SOFLAM (if re-used) needs to be re-purposed from providing locks for vehicles to designating “general areas” for CAS. Which is also a role undertaken by a Commander, but would likely be more accurate if a Recon in the field was lazing a building full of enemy players.

            I’m still unsure as to what I’d like Commander to be, but I definitely think the Commander should have some ability to personally affect the battlefield rather than being stuck in the rear like BF2. I personally don’t -prefer- this approach necessarily, as I like systems which have consequences, but it seems contrary to DICE’s logic nowadays to shove a player in the rear.

            Slicker UI would be lovely as well.

    • moose

      Battlefield without commander is a childs game.

    • The Army Ranger

      You don’t want Commander mode? *Gasps*

    • Clayton Johnson

      Only the people who started playing Battlefield with BC2 wouldn’t care because it wasn’t in that game

  • Dead-Sync

    I don’t think there’s any reason for this to be a trick for “more pre-orders”, a Battlefield game is going to sell no matter what, and if anything they would be promoting GameStop exclusive pre-order promotions if anything. If anything, it’s either legit, or that particular gamestop is going off of some unreliable sources and consider them to be legit

    • Insert immature CoD noob comments here. There, now hopefully that stops them so we can enjoy BF4.

      • Insert condescending BF fan comment… Oh wait, you beat me to it…

      • mrneoshredder

        The irony! It burns!

      • WasabeJuice

        For your ignorant mind, there are a lot of COD players who also play BF. They are fans of both franchise and they know how to play on both games.

        • I play both games too douche face.

        • Exactly. People tend to forget that not all gamers cling to one game or the other. I’m actually pretty excited about BF4. I’m withholding judgement of the new CoD until legitimate news breaks on it.

    • Nick Loner

      …Or they’re promoting GameStop exclusive promotions.

  • Lets see if any other stores will sport these before jumping in conclusions.

  • pot51e

    Wow. Kid makes stuff up, mocks up a couple of posters (they are obvious mocks) and sticks them up in a local Gamestop where his buddy works. Yeah, I’m sold…

    • This is my video. I actually took the first two pictures (laminated) at one GameStop, and then the video and the final two pictures at a different GameStop. This adds more validity to them. As David mentioned it is possible that the district manager is simply throwing these up hoping for more pre-order which is false advertising and is illegal in most jurisdictions. I also have the phone number to the first GameStop in my Battlelog thread here;!/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654625501083133/

      I will also put up the other GameStops phone number if you guys want me to.

      Thanks David for featuring this!

      • Thanks for the find! Its a tough one. I’d be inclined to believe that GameSpot wouldn’t post false information, but at the same time, it’s clearly not an official poster made up by EA.

        Also, while it’s pretty much a given BF4 MP will include those three factions, considering the setting, DICE took a pretty strong stance against including Commander Mode in BF3.

      • pot51e

        And I am Spartacus. Whether you are culprit or simply complicit; the player or the played – they are simply embarrassing home brew posters. Have you / Gamestop done this in good faith or are you / Gamestop making mischief ? Irrelevant. I do not believe that the return of Commander Mode would be made without fanfare and trumpets – certainly not leaked to a Gamestop branch/area manager (as we know from legit leaks, they cant keep anything secret for more than 10 minutes!). Sorry, I call shenanigans.

        • I would not crete this video simply for attention. The fact that you guys are claiming I set this up really angers me.


          Store 1. (253) 472-2267

          Store 2. (253) 446-0908

          Call and ask about the posters they had near the front desk (both stores had them near the front) that said “commander mode returns” and “three playable factions”

          If you don’t beleive me then you will atleast trust two GameStop stores.

  • Guest

    Why is the gamestop logo missing a “P” I work at gamestop and we don’t have these

    • Its over-cropped, I work for gamestop and if you look at your web store its there.

  • I think we soukd send a Spy to GameStop to verify this information.

  • Zwabber046

    I’m looking forward to BF4 but I would rather have had BC3

  • Morgan19

    >> Commander Mode was last featured in Battlefield 2

    BF2142 had it last.

  • wad

    You can tell these are not real promo materials from EA becuase I would think that even though EA has had some money problems latley. They would not inkjet print the ads on recycled paper, and use times new roman font. Look at the ink banding on the prints, vertical lines caused by print head moving left and right.

  • Katana67

    *clouds part*

    Commander mode would fix so many of the blaring problems with BF3’s multiplayer.Fucking dumb though that China is a faction, MEC should be brought back in force. There’s not enough difference between China and RU to be justified. MEC was far more interesting.

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  • GetUsum03

    There is a GameStop In Woodward, Oklahoma and the guy there says that he got his info from EA as well and states that the “BF4 is due out 10/15/2013 it can change but as of now that’s the date” and I asked if the Dogtags were given right when you pre-ordered BF4 and he said “yes and it’s only $5.00 to pre-order” and showed them to me and also there is a poster on window stating one would get the Dron Exspition Pack With game if pre-ordered

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  • so a REAL BF2 sequel?

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  • therapiist

    I just want to know when I can start putting my pre order for the PS4 then I can pre order BF4

  • Ketchupzz

    Looks like a fake print

  • Nick Loner

    EA/DICE are just as untrustworthy as most of the BF4 rumors lately, so I wouldn’t take this seriously. Even if this is official – it may still change along the way.

    On a side note, the last game to feature commander mode was BF2142, not BF2.

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  • zach

    those are not the kind of things you list to pre-order customers.
    those are things you list on a gaming news site or youtube.
    this is fake but the intel may or not be.

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  • I really hope commander mode doesn’t return. It worked in the BF2 days because it was a different generation of gamers who cared about objectives. But now? They would probably just ignore the commander stuff altogether and do whatever they want. I’d rather see some other form of player control in which players receive no rewards if they fail to attack or defend objective areas.

    • I agree in that if it returns, it needs to be done right.

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  • DragonRapide

    well they will be sued if this isnt right…..

  • john doe

    I see no point in putting this in current gen bf4. Bf3 at least on 360 is infested with noobs and retards who does not even know what objectives means. And with only 24 players its pointless. Now on next gen or pc bring it on. I hope they put in some kind of penalty for players who does not play the objectives.

  • MegaMan3k

    Three playable factions is NBD, but what I really want is a massive 3-way war.

    Completely disrupt the push-pull on Conquest and Rush.

    In Rush it could be two attackers vs. one defender. Something maybe like a 30/30/40 team split. I don’t know, it’d be difficult to balance the defenders strength relative to the attackers, since an attacker should be able to win even if the other attacking team is completely incompetent.

  • I work for gamestop. These indeed are marketing we are using… also it is common knowledge that the commander feature was already stated as being part of the game. This is not “new” news, but rather another conformation. As of now all I can say is this is “real” and I have it in my store, this is all just early marketing as its already been said that the first DLC name “drone strike” is a place holder name not even used in office anymore.

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    • WarBro

      Its rare this site sources their own article anyway. Most stories are copy paste jobs and “according to”. So what goes around comes around you might say.

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  • If they do do that, I’m just wondering how it’ll fit into the customisation and default unlocks system.

  • DownFall

    Thank you MP1st For the info i got here Credits to you

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