Battlefield 4 Rumors Suggest The Return of Commander Mode, Recording Functionality, Dynamic Weather and More [Updated]


It has been quickly brought to our attention that the following info has been deemed fake by NeoGAF mods, which falls in line with our suspicion of Battlefield 4’s alleged release date and resolution on next-generation consoles.

New Battlefield 4 rumors originating from a Chinese forum post suggest a number of exciting features including Battlefield 4’s setting, the return of the Commander mode, the inclusion of recording functionality, dynamic weather and much, much more.

Currently, Battlefield 4 is set to be revealed to the public on March 27th, and one day earlier to media on March 26th.

According to the forum post, the following information is allegedly what will appear in the April issue of Edge Magazine, which should be on stands by the end of March. Of course, none of the following information has been officially confirmed and should be considered rumor until proven otherwise.

As you read on, however, like us, you’ll most likely hope all of it is true. Should at least most of it come to pass, it looks like Battlefield 4 will turn out to be a pretty darn fantastic next-generation FPS. So, read on.

The author writes that Battlefield 4, releasing sometime in November 2013, will utilize the Frostbite 2.5 engine and will support DX11 API on the PC.

Along with the PC, Battlefield 4 should ship on current-generation consoles – PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – along with next-generation consoles – PlayStatin 4 and the next Xbox.

Current-gen platforms will, once again, only be able to support up to 24 players while next-gen consoles and the PC will support up to 64 players. Next-gen consoles are said to run Battlefield 4 in 720p resolution at 60 frames per second.

Multiplayer battles will feature dynamic weather effects including random rain, dust storms, haze, and other special weather variables. Destruction 4.0 will allow for more realistic destruction. Terrain, surfaces and figures using Tessellation technologies will also appear more real.

Battlefield 4 is said to take place in the year 2020 in China and will feature China and the US as the main factions.

The game will feature advanced weaponry and vehicles that will appear more differentiated between factions. For example, the PLA Type 99 Tank can be upgraded with laser guidance while the M1A2 TUSK will be able to utilize armor piercing tank shells. Weapon modification is also said to be improved.

The current roster of multiplayer locations will boast maps like Diaoyu Islands, Tiananmen, Shanghai Bund, Xizhimen and Xizhimen’s Rush. Of course, this is not likely the final list of maps. Battlefield 4’s first DLC is said to include the maps Power Plan of Dalian, Daqing Oilfield, the Great Wall, and Granville Island (Wake Island?). It appears that those who pre-order Battlefield 4 will receive the first DLC free of charge, as was the case with Battlefield 3’s Back to Karkand DLC.

As in Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s multiplayer, Battlefield 4’s multiplayer matches will end in cinematic sequences. In-game sequences will also be triggered as the battle progresses in modes like Rush. In modes like Conquest, the Pearl of the Orient tower will collapse, for example, once the losing team’s tickets have become close to exhausted (as in Caspian Border CQ.) Airspace is also improved, allowing for less-restricted aerial dog fighting.

The heavily requested Commander feature will return and will allow players to direct infantry through a more strategic view of the battlefield. Commanders will also be able to support their team through the use of additional firepower and supplies, as well as through use of the UAV.

Battlefield 4’s single player campaign will be played from two different perspectives of the PLA and should last about 5-6 hours.

The enhanced Battlelog 2.0 will boast a micro-transaction system as well as recording functionality. Things like personalized paints and other appearance and equipment customizations will be up for purchase as will the ability to rent servers. Veteran Battlefield players will have access to exclusive weaponry in advance. Recording and micro-transations are said to leave game balance unaffected.

Currently, DICE is still rolling out DLC for Battlefield 3. End Game released today for non-Premium PlayStation 3 users. You can check out our full written review of the End Game DLC right here.

What do you think about this last batch of rumors? Think any, of not all of it, will come true? Do you have any of your own improvements in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Chipell Forums, Via NeoGAF.

  • bots BOTS!!!!!!!

  • PCXBOXPS3_psychotruth

    Really? How many times has EA stated that it’s releasing in March? Ugh.

    • jonchr2

      none, they’ve said BF4 will launch between april 2013 and march 2014. that basically means october/november, but they havent said a specific month.

    • Never, they said it comes out in the “fiscal year” of 2014,

      which is just after starting

  • TriangleMonkey

    Hate the Micro-transations, buy a full game and still pay EXTRA for early? weapons?
    but the other info sounds perfect!

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      I agree. I would understand more if they released it a couple months after release, but I’d still disagree with them doing it, but it sounds like they’re releasing the game and instantly releasing cosmetics that SHOULD have been in the game to begin with, since they’re developed for it during it’s development stage before it was even released. It’s sad how this is becoming more and more passable/common in games. It’s okay for F2P games because you aren’t paying them anything to play their game, they have to get revenue somewhere, but P2P and B2P games doing it is getting to be bad. It’s like saying “Here, we’re okay if you take our money for this small simple and easy reskin. We don’t care if previous game developers used to give stuff like this out, or allowed the community to do it. You guys need to milk is for money, because you’re not a franchise selling millions of copies per release.”

    • kls

      no it was 4 rented servers and paints for your battlelog

  • Delta8A

    shit gets real?

    • Dirtknap

      There ya go slugger, commander mode! Hopefully they come through and this doesn’t become another “you will get battlecorder for BF3” situation.

  • peter

    MOAR AIRSPACE!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))

    • Delta8A

      MOAR MICRO-TRANSACTIONS!!! *Sponsored by JP Morgan*


    Even though I’m still enjoying BF3 right now I have some advice for EA/Dice. DO NOT LAUNCH BF4 IN NOV 13′. Let call of duty have that month and wait till spring 2014.

    • Release it as soon as it’s ready. I have zero interest in COD and, for the most part, the players that support both are different.

    • colin

      i agree. and to an extent, release it when it’s good and ready, EA/DICE! don’t rush it.

    • There is nothing wrong with that … BF3 came a little bit earlier (if im not mistaken 2-3 weeks earlier) than MW3 an yet sold ~ 18 millions.

    • If it’s ready in November, I’d like it to release in November. I think DICE/EA will lose more in terms of sales waiting till after the holiday season than they will releasing it at the same time as a COD game.

    • Its EA’s fault !

    • ktorkel

      I feel like I have to post this every day.

      Battlefield release timeline

      2002 Battlefield 1942
      2004 Battlefield Vietnam
      2005 Battlefield 2
      2006 Battlefield 2142
      2008 Battlefield: Bad Company
      2009 Battlefield 1943
      2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
      2011 Battlefield 3
      2013 Battlefield 4

      • JeffL0320

        Why do you have to post that every day? BF Vietnam was developed separately at their Canadian studio. Battlefield 1943 really shouldn’t be considered a full release, it was more of a standalone mod/map pack for BC than a full release. BF3 was in development since at least 2009, likely earlier. BF4 is a clear improvement over BF3 and is likely aimed to be a launch title for the next generation consoles. Hardly an annualized series.

  • I really hope the dynamic weather does happen!! That would make the overall playability of the maps longer and not feel so repetitive

    • Agreed. Dynamic Weather and Day/Night cycle would be total kickass. We know Frostbite 2 is capable of it. Make it happen!

    • Jordan Matt

      It’s funny, after the CQ DLC dropped, I had an idea that would be awesome in Battlefield 3, I contacted DICE, an I shared my idea. They really, really liked the idea. They ask me if I had anymore, and told me it was well thought out. That idea was dynamic events. Whether it’d be random storms, power outages, earthquakes, etc. They ask me for more.

      Me and a friend of mine did commentary over it and sent it to DICE. They enjoyed it. Strangely enough, they did add earthquake aftershocks on Aftermath.

      • TriguyRN

        Is the commentary on youtube?

    • born2expire

      im fine with it if its a server side setting, if not no thanks there is all ready to much randomness in BF3.

  • 60fps in a non-COD console game? lol, keep dreaming. BF4 is going to run at 1080P and 30fps (likely all low settings too) on next-gen consoles, i promise you that. Console manufacturers still believe that their customers prefer resolution and visual detail over frame rate. Hey, at least you get 1080p this time.

    • Fox Mulder

      battlefield 3 is 60fps on pc… and the way games get made for consoles is different than for pc. otherwise console couldnt handle any games after 7 years and still have them look good. especially exclusives.

      • BF3 is written in C++ for all 3 platforms. Slightly different coding, but same code language, which means same performance on equivalent hardware. The games are just massively dumbed down graphically for Xbox 360 and PS3. 720p, 30fps, all minimum settings, no AA, 24 players, and limited map area. Those are A LOT of sacrifices to the games max settings just to make it playable on consoles, and those settings are not any better than you’d be able to achieve on a PC hardware equivalent to the Xbox 360.

        • UnknownUser28

          Chill out pessimist.

        • Jason

          No they are not, Learn your hardware before talking out of your ass! Crysis 3 runs better on Xbox 360 and PS3 than “Low” on PC but yet both consoles don’t meet the Minimum system requirements!? Utilization of Console hardware is something that can’t happen on PC since Devs have to take in Different brands and functions of CPU’s, GPU’s, RAM (DDR3,4,5,V-RAM, etc) into account vs a console which is the same hardware at all times so they can get more out of it and develop games on Dev Kits provided by Console Manufactures, All PS4 titles were shown at 60FPS @ 1080p resolution, and Has 8gb GDDR5, Do you or anyone you know have a GPU that has 8GB DDR5? NO

          • hey

            Boy, ”next-gen” consoles will not even get close to my current gaming rig, you think you can run 8xmsaa+smaa maxed out settings on crysis 3, HAHAHAHA you’re consoles are already out-dated.

            • hey


            • Jason

              What? Not all games support 8xAnti Aliasing noob, and there are more AA options than just MS and SM (Depending on what game) and the Higher the Resolution the Less AA you need to smooth jaggies (2xAA for 1920×1080 vs 8xAA for 1080×720). YOU DON’T HAVE 8GB GDDR5 in your rig, and if you say you do, then you are a LIAR! Nvidia GTX680 ($500 Card) has 2gb GDDR5 and lets say you have the SLI (Crossfire setup) so 4gb GDDR5 (Dedicated to Graphics, NOT what your CPU shares) then your still behind, even though you are 200mhz faster, you still are behind! You would have to buy The $1,000 Nvidia Titan GPU (6GB GDDR5) to compare GPU’s! Im not saying Next Gen will be way ahead of Current Gaming PC’s, but once Developers learn the Dev Kits and how to utilize them them you will be surprised that they can Get more out of a console with Less power than a PC with a little more horse power. You could not Run Xbox or PS3 games on a PC with the same Specs if you tried your hardest. You think PC gamers would be happy to get better ports now, but i see you still complain and bash anything non-pc, if you want to bash something, bash the Piston since that the biggest joke in gaming hardware coming out!

            • Alpha

              You talk about video RAM like it makes that much of a difference. Yeah, maybe 5 frames at most. The most important thing is the core clock of the GPU.

            • Jason

              I already stated that, 1000mhz for GTX680 vs PS4’s 800mhz for AMD with Double the RAM

  • Mac

    Well if EA China was on board and they plan on releasing this in China, I really can’t see Tiamamen being a local or the Pearl of the Orient collapsing in a battle. Tiamamen has some serious negative imagery associated with violence in China and would equivalent to a map set in Columbine. It would be in poor taste. The Chinese Government is pretty sensitive to how it’s people and country are portrayed in video games. It all sounds cool, but this rumor may be a stretch. It all sounds pretty awesome otherwise. Here’s to hoping at least a portion is true.

    • xrefusedx

      Comparing what happened in Columbine to Tiamamen Square is incorrect. It would be like comparing what happened at Kent State to Tiamamen Square.

      • Matt

        Tiamamen Square killed a whole lot more people than Kent State.

        • xrefusedx

          I was referring to the government/military killing citizens. Not body count.

      • Mac

        Yeah an extreme version of Kent State would be a better analog. At any rate, we know its fake now.

    • MrLadyfingers

      Good call haus.

  • Zwabber046

    does micro transactions mean that you need to buy attachments for guns or so? if so, I wouldn’t mind if BF4 is gonna be 30 bucks instead of 60

    • ktorkel

      No, it means you can buy things like class/vehicle shortcuts like we already have in BF3. Not a big deal, and it won’t really affect the game that much as shown in BF3.

    • Dirtknap

      They say it’s not going imbalance game play, which has been true in the past so I wouldn’t worry too much at this stage. If we receive news to the contrary in future that would be cause for concern.

  • Zwabber046

    Would like to believe a lot of this stuff but I almost never trust rumors

  • ktorkel


    The guy claimed it was from the April Edge which has “leaked” before GDC, and then in spoiler text he admits that he made it up and asked people not to kill him for it.

    You guys should post this leak instead since it’s from a guy who previously leaked the BF4 artwork and predicted the teaser that was posted by DICE yesterday:

    BF4 Teaser:

    • MrLadyfingers

      I can’t get that link 🙁 Can somebody tell me what the information is?

  • Although (sadly) the above is confirmed as being fake, i’d love to see both Dynamic weather, and a proper day/night cycle on Battlefield maps. We know the engine is capable of day/night cycles, as their tech demos demonstrated before BF3 launched.

  • better hit detection PLEASEEE, and variations in the knife scenes, and cover fire, blind fire!

  • IF ANY OF THIS IS TRUE , I BE FAPPIN ALL NIGHT LONG… loving the dx 11 ONLY , I hope its x64 ONLY as well

  • what!! only 24 players on next gen:.. thats just sad…. 10 minutes just to find the actually battlefield!)

    • Dirtknap

      Current gen will support 24 players again, PC (of course) and next gen consoles will support up to 64 players.

    • Jason

      “24 Current gen” Next Gen is 64, read first

  • nelson

    again, 24 players on ps3 and xbox360 :(, it´s because of sony and microsoft online restriction, but can´t dice work a deal with sony and microsoft to remove the online restriction like dust514 did. 24 players for a battlefield game is ridiculous. please dice, work a deal with sony and microsoft, lower the graphics and give us 64 players. the game would alot better.

    • UnknownUser28

      no its because its the PS3 AND XBOX -_-.

      • nelson

        dice can reduce graphics, reduce or remove destruction and make a deal with sony and microsoft to remove online restrictions like dust514 developers did, and consoles can have 64 players, dice can make the same game for all platform and make better graphics/destruction for pc and everyone is happy. the only limitation consoles should have for dice is graphics, dice should never sacrifice gameplay for good graphics

        • UnknownUser28

          That’s basically removing battlefield from the game, that’s moving backwards not forward. Just get the game for next gen or pc if you want 64 players.

          • nelson

            what? O.o removing gameplay features like 64 players is one of the reason that maked bf3 worse than older battlefield games. you prefer good graphics and destruction to a real battlefield game. having better graphics and destructions is not moving forward when the gameplay is worse. but ok, i guess new battlefield players don´t understand this 🙁

            • UnknownUser28

              You’re lost, so i’m just going to stop talking to you. Plus, I started on battlefield 2 on pc.

        • hey

          *facepalm* NO IT’S NOT HAPPENING, NO. The graphics SUCK on the console, it’s just as bad as COD and it runs at a shitty 30 FPS which is utter CRAP. Consoles cannot handle 64 players let alone 30 players, you have no clue.

          • nelson

            pc fanboy, don´t reply to my comments.

  • vapor220

    more suppression please!

    • matt

      said no one ever

  • KennyKyle

    What if BF4 will be pay to win or free to play?

    • No


      Don’t give EA ideas.


  • Ketchupzz

    Against China? Fake. Improved Battlelog? Maybe. Changing Weather? Most likely not, China maps? There’s no reason for making a game US against China. About Recording, they said before that this will be included in BF4 along with a lot of other stuff people wanted, probaly commander mode will be there too

    • Will Russell

      The backckgroud of the box art is China, therefore the PLA will be playable as they were in BF2. This plus Commander mode show DICE is going for a back to the roots feel.

  • Izzy Bozz

    Frostbite 2.5 + Destruction 4.0 seem promising; I hope it’s true. BF 3 kinda took a step back with the destruction compared to BC2. It’s cool that the game will take place in a different setting, but WHERE THE HELL ARE THE U.S. MAPS??? Since it’s supposed to be a conflict between U.S. and China, why not add a Hawaiian map or Seattle, or maybe even San Francisco?

  • Even though these info are said to be fake, but most of them sounds real and possible, the only thing that make them look unreal is that next gen will run on 720p, that is straight up rubbish. Nextgen will run all the game on 1080p (native) not too sure about the fps but it suppose to be 60 fps.

  • Jamic

    No Dragon valey ? Obviously fake, no one would leave dragon valey out of the DLC.

    But Im not even going to take this with “grain of salt”, hell ima ignore this rumor because its more than likely some fanatics rambling of what he wants BF4 to be and then impersonates as an EA employee.

    I lost all hope on rumors when people were saying that “There is going to be M82A3 in CQB DLC !” AKA fiftycal.
    It was so retarded that I instsntly knew it was fake or simply prank of some people who wanted Close Quarters to look more like COD DLC.

    I dont even believe rerurn of commander mode because PS3/XB360 are still hanging around here. They are still limited to 24 players and thats why commander doesnt really sound reasonable option.

    Not to even remind you that creating individual ports of the game is out of fashion (ala BF2, BF2: Modern Combat and BF2: MC Xbox 360)

  • arendsb

    So DICE, which originates NOT from China, is apparently leaking major information to Chinese forums? LMAO. Right… Ok listen…just because China makes my shoes, does not mean China also programs DICE games. Its about 95.5% insulting to say “oh, there is a Chinese forum that claims X” .. .. Listen…. China landed a plane on an aircraft carrier for the FIRST TIME EVER….THIS YEAR…they havent ever done it until THIS YEAR… The only thing the Chinese are making, are fake knock offs of actual products….not Actual products..

  • UnknownUser28

    Dynamic weather? I think they’ve been looking at my forum post 😀

  • Emil Sosnin

    Anyone think they should add modding feature? EA/Dice, your goal and any other company out there is to make as much profit as possible, add modding to BF4, you won’t lose in DLC sales because you will gain respect from modding community that is waiting patiently for your green light!

  • The whole reason BF3 was exciting, because there was a huge break in the franchise. Battlefield two came out in 2004,there were the bad company games, but they are very different. Also as to why crysis 3 is un exciting. The wait between crysis and crysis two was massive, so it was anticipated. Im still getting a PS4 and BF4. But it really is to soon.

    • ktorkel

      The only reason BF3 came out so long after BF2 was because DICE spent most of their time on BF3 updating the Frostbite engine.

      Battlefield release timeline

      2002 Battlefield 1942
      2004 Battlefield Vietnam
      2005 Battlefield 2
      2006 Battlefield 2142
      2008 Battlefield: Bad Company
      2009 Battlefield 1943
      2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
      2011 Battlefield 3
      2013 Battlefield 4

  • hey

    BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, This is EA/DICE’s hype train i was once bitten and twice shy, i will still buy it but i will not believe any of the B.S that comes out of DICE. This game will be released on all platforms, it will be a PS3/XBOX 360 port but the next gen consoles and of course the PC master race will all suffer.

  • MasonMei

    Well this is quite fake, especially the part about map names. Diaoyu Islands are the islands that caused conflict between China and Japan. It will be way too bold for DICE to test the temper of the Chinese government.

    The collapse of the Pearl tower?! That’s crap. It’s unlike the antenna in Caspian Border, dudes, as it’s located in the heart of the city and hence is heavily populated, both in and around the tower. Unlike the antenna, being only a hugh iron pole with no counterparts in reality, the collapse of the symbol of Shanghai, a top city of business in our country, might cause fury of people in my country and be regarded as virtual-terroism which might cause terror in real life.

    Xizhimen’s Rush? LMAO, the author is fooling with you guys. Xizhimen is a location in Beijing, the city I live in, and the streets are ALWAYS crowded during rush hours. It’s a jape, indicating the Rush hour as well as misleading you guys to think as a Rush version of this map.
    Dunno if anyone will see this though, with 71 comments already posted.

    • Asmitty56

      Really? Why so serious? Like videogames have never crossed the line before? Kind of like shooting up an airport of innocent people in CoD? Germans and Russians have been portrayed as villains in FPS for how long? You sure don’t hear many complaints coming from them.
      It’s just a videogame people.

      • MasonMei

        Germans and Japs are set as villains in FPS since they created WWII. Russians are always used as enemy faction because of the cold war. China and the US have no direct conflict and US is somehow financially depending on China, so they won’t dare to grab on China’s balls.

        • Asmitty56

          Like I said, it’s just a video game and Germans, Japanese, Russians are starting to get stale (not that we really care). Game developers probably just want to change it up.

  • Asmitty56

    hmmm… Preorder and get the 1st DLC free (and likely get premium anyways), or not preorder and buy premium..

  • The Army Ranger

    Granville Island is not Wake Island. Granville is located in Vancouver, BC.

    Would be weird to have a map that takes place in Canada when Canada’s not even involved in whatever war that will happen in BF4.

  • How many times do we have to say it! We do not want another bad campaign, what we want is to be able to do the multiplayer mode with AI bots! Battlefield 2 is still considered the best for that reason and unless they are in this one as well Battlefield 4 will never be better than 2!

  • Yavor


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  • I game @2560×1600, ultra, what console will do that PS 7?