Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC Reintroduces Capture the Flag, Launch Trailer Next Week

Via a live stream next week on Wednesday, November 20 at 12pm PST, Battlefield 4 Second Assault developers DICE LA will be showing off three of new maps included in the expansion, as well as debuting the DLC’s launch trailer.

In a recent Battlefield Blog update, the studio announced that the team will be answering questions throughout the stream as they demonstrate Capture the Flag on three of the expansions new re-imagined maps.

The game mode makes a return, first introduced in the End Game expansion pack for Battlefield 3, as do four of Battlefield 3’s most popular maps, Operation Métro, Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border and Gulf of Oman. It launches first on the Xbox One this November 22.

You can catch our first look at Second Assault here.

Which of the four returning maps are you most excited to revisit?

  • dpg70

    This had better only be a week or two exclusive. Fucking EA man.

  • Anthony

    Really?! This couldn’t be included in the game??

  • zacflame

    CTF on THESE maps?

    I hope they add the ability to play DLC modes on NON-DLC maps.

  • Katana67

    Gulf of Oman.
    – Please do not screw with it and include over the top “Levolution”
    – Keep aircraft spawns at main bases, not in-air spawns

    Operation Firestorm
    – Please do not limit the map boundaries to anything smaller than what they are in BF3
    – Keep aircraft spawns at main bases, not in-air spawns

    • zacflame

      Gulf of Oman has a sandstorm.
      I bet it’s going to be the same as Paracel, with the ship, but sandier.
      I too hate the in-air spawns, it ruins the submersion of the game. Who cares if some assclown on the other team can destroy or steal you aircraft? That’s what battlefield’s all about, being crazy and unexpected.

      • Katana67

        Meh, the sandstorm could be interesting. Or really effing annoying, as Oman’s strong suit is long-range combat.

        If they wanted to make aircraft unstealable, then why didn’t they just make them team-specific? Rather than the caveman solution of just having them spawn in-air. There’s no incentive to land anymore. That and on most maps there is no room to land, given DICE’s hyper restrictive map boundaries. Which is why I hope they don’t mess with them in Second Assault’s maps.

      • DerpSlayer

        The “submersion” of the game? LOL

        • oofy

          It’s hard to spell when you submerged.

      • 3RDRANGER




    Gulf of Oman-BF2, Gulf of Oman-BF3, Gulf of Oman-BF4. I love Battlefield but I don’t like the re-using old map trend that shooters are going through right now.

    • DerpSlayer

      Why, they were fan favorites in BF3. And its optional content. As in OPTIONAL.


        It’s not optional because if I want to play on the other 3 maps I’m stuck with something I’ve already paid for.

    • Katana67

      Oman is a good map. I have no problem with it being used. I care about things being good, rather than being original. They’re clearly putting in a lot of new maps regardless.

    • Alexuppermost

      Wake Island – BF1942, Wake Island – Battlefield Vietnam, Wake Island BF2, Wake Island – BF2142, Wake Island – BF1943, Wake Island – BF3
      So you see, people will get the map that is most favorited.
      Besides the fact that Gulf of Oman was one of BF2’s most iconic maps. And was nice in BF3.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      I love it when an old map is re-used but also re-imagined with new details while paying respect to the original. Like Oasis and Harvest Day from Bad Company 1 being moved to Bad Company 2. It’s always interesting to see what a new engine brings.

      But I see what you mean; instead of being lazy and relying on old successful map designs, the developers should strive to map new experiences. Rest assured though that this is probably the only “throwback” DLC map pack anyways.

      • Out of 5 DLC packs there’s only one remake,I’m pretty sure that’s not being lazy, plus they’re completely redone with mre interactive environments and a levolution event

        I honestly wouldn’t mind if they did 1 free map pack(like maybe 2 maps like BFBC2)

    • Aria68

      Gulf of Oman is a phenomenal map, and i can’t be more happier that DICE is bringing it back!

  • I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed that, so far, these expansions are only reintroducing weapons and game modes that we’ve been playing with for months already. Both Air Superiority and CTF should have been a part of BF4 vanilla to begin with, and it’s like, “Hey. Remember that sniper rifle you loved so much that you had access to only a few weeks ago? Well, we’re giving it to you again!”

    I say either make sure these new modes will be available on all vanilla BF4 maps, or, while one old weapon per DLC would be more than fine with me, give us some new, or even made up weapons that we didn’t have in BF3.

    I would, however, greatly enjoy my XM8 AR from BFBC2 back 🙂

    • DerpSlayer

      That’s a glass half empty way of looking at it David, no offense.

      • It doesn’t make up the majority of my thoughts towards BF4 DLC, as it’s really the new maps that I’m most excited about, but you gotta admit, they’re basically re-gifting here!

        • DerpSlayer

          Re-gifting is a good way of putting it. I’ll give you that. That much I will give you.

          I’m looking at the re-inclusion of maps like Caspian and Firestorm as not having to go back and load BF3 just to play these old favorites.

          • Yes! Like I mentioned to @disqus_qzHgyVv4KC:disqus above, I’m totally down for an expansion of old favorite maps because I feel that they can be reimagined to a much greater extent than weapons and game modes we already had in BF3 can be.

    • Katana67

      It’s worth mentioning that the weapons are re-skinned and probably have new behaviors. So they’re really “re-introduced” in name only. That, and there’s only so many weapons you can use before you start reaching into the implausible (i.e. the FAD in CoD).

      You can’t treat it as a tangible object. Your “ownership” of said “weapon” is delineated by the games and is not continuous.

      I have no issue with content which is re-imagined. Especially if it’s good content.

      • I don’t know. If you saw the leaked footage, they look damn near identical. It just feels weird paying for weapons and game modes we had access to only weeks ago (and already paid for last year). I feel that maps can be tweaked, altered or reimagined to a much greater extent, so I’m quite okay with that getting back some old favorites in one of the five expansions.

        I just don’t really want to see every forthcoming DLC recycle old content. And if they do, how about content that we haven’t seen in a while? Like, stuff from the Bad Company series or even themed WW2 or Vietnam weapons? THAT I’d be down for!

        • Katana67

          In reference to the China Rising weapons…

          Look at the L96. It’s completely redone, it’s got a different muzzle brake and a small bracket (where I’d assume a bipod would be attached).

          The L85 has the DD RIS system now as opposed to the polymer/plastic handguard.

          The MTAR is obviously redesigned, including a new more prominent iron sight. Likewise, it’s got a non-monolithic upper rail.

          The RPK and MP7 look pretty similar, although it seems the MP7 now has a larger magazine.

          That, and consider the functionality. All of these weapons can now be reskinned using the camo system.

          • IT’S NOT ENOUGH!!! Lol. But, like I said, I’m only a little disappointed. I’m looking forward to all BF4’s DLC regardless.

    • mechcell

      I feel the same way. I hope in Naval Strike they bring titian mode from BF2142 and gives us all-new guns.

      • OMG Titan Mode on sea… I salut you, sir.

        • mechcell

          You play titan mode on BF 2142 before? For me at least Titan is the best game mode in BF history.

          • I have not, no! Was not a big PC gamer back in my day. Well, except for Final Fantasy VIII, Diablo 2 and EverQuest 🙂

            • mechcell

              I’m going to play some 2142 in few minutes. If you want to play some 2142, you can borrow my account to play it if you want it.

            • SamRock

              Hey I can come online too. Been days since I played that.. Unfortunately there are very few servers these days.. 🙁

            • Not sure if my MacBook will run 2142, lol!

            • mechcell

              Your MacBook can run 2142, but you not can download mac version of 2142 from Origin, i just check. ; / But you’re running any virtualization of Win on your MacBook?

      • 3RDRANGER

        Not to be a negative Nancy or anything, but how would Titan mode be adapted for the modern-day setting?

        I get aircraft carriers, but the Titans had shields protecting them and you had to capture the missile silos that could destroy the shield. The only thing I can think of is having a destroyer or frigate protecting the aircraft carrier that can insta-kill anyone who dares to go near it, and that you would have to capture some kind of submarine that could launch missiles to destroy the powerful ship.

        Just my two cents, but I hope DICE surprises us with that game mode.


      It’s like they don’t even care about the game or us fans anymore. All they want to do is figure out ways to make dlc look more enticing…

    • B_Boss

      Ugggh…you and everyone else with that damned monster XM8 Prototype from BC2….that gun was the bane of my existence lol!

    • Jamic

      If you think about it, its not the worst option (IMO)

      we could have had all BF3 weapons + 4 weapons from the start
      Or have new and fresh weapons from the start and throw older weapons to a throw back pack.
      Or we could have only the old weapons + couple new and get milked by DLC.

      I would rather have mostky new weapons and get the old ones in optional DLC packs than be required to pay for all new weapons as a DLC in a NEW GAME.

      I think they left out many weapons because they didnt have enough time to add and balance them. State of BF4 is already very unstable and some weapon balancing seem to have been forgotten completely (ex: Compact 45 vs M1911 and pistols in general), they just left some weapons underpowered instead of over powered.

    • marpla78

      those days…what a nice gun the xm8 was.

      Im with you on these @David, im not to happy about this new DLC…dont get me wrong i will love to see how this “new” engine works and all the levolution plays out…but i think this way of launching maps that we played a few months ago is not the best path, beside the old new guns that will probably be unbalance already, like @8vCVdklfi2:disqus said “some weapon balancing seem to have been forgotten completely”.

      I would give the benefit of doubt because i know they are working on the console stuff and the PC is on te background (even the new small patch) but i think a lot of people are losing the hope on the BF franchise…slowly but losing it…im one of those (BF veteran status 9).

      Just my 2 pesos.

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      Yeah, thats why its battlefield 3,5 with better maps


      Second that on the XM8. I have a Platinum Star for the XM8 in BFBC2. That gun was so nice to use with a 4x scope and the animations for its underslung grenade launcher looked cool.

  • Chuckz28

    How long will it be before it comes to all non xbox players? Does anyone know?

  • Brandon Stern

    Well there are five weapons in China Rising ( and five weapons in Second Assault (

    So I suppose each expansion will be adding five weapons to the game? I was hoping for 10 each, oh well.

    Five weapons were also spotted during the US vs EU showdown; two of which are not in China Rising, the AS-VAL and the F2000.

    L85- [] F2000- [] MP7- [] AS-VAL- [] RPK-74M- []

    • Katana67

      Check this video out, and scroll down a few articles on MP1st.

      China Rising weapons are as follows… (all having been updatedfrom BF3, with the possible exception of the RPK)

      – MP7
      – MTAR
      – L96
      – L85
      – RPK

      The F2000, AS VAL, and possibly the M60 comprise three of the five weapons for Second Assault.

      • Brandon Stern

        I’m just a little upset that we are only getting five weapons per expansion and so far they are all Battlefield 3 weapons… really? I am fine with returning weapons, just don’t drag out releasing them and claim they are “new”.

        • Katana67

          *shrugs* Five is pretty good and on par with what we’ve got before.

          That and the weapons -are- new. They’re returning really in name only. They’ve been reskinned, in some cases given new properties (as with the MP7’s new standard mag and the F2000’s unique optic) and have been integrated into BF4’s shooting mechanic/camo system.

          People keep saying that these weapons are “returning” from BF3, when they’re just re-appearing in BF4. There is nothing, in my mind, other than the names of the weapons which links them to BF3.

          Also, like I said, if you’re constantly searching for “new” weapons… it won’t take long before you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of plausibility (see FAD in CoD). There are only so many weapons out there and with a game which encompasses 60+ weapons, there is obviously going to be some -significant- overlap.

          • Oblivion_Lost667

            I would agree with you, but from what I’ve seen, they’re recycling the same models and just throwing a new texture on top of it. The unique optic sounds interesting though.

            • Katana67

              As I posted above…

              Look at the L96. It’s completely redone, it’s got a different muzzle brake and a small bracket (where I’d assume a bipod would be attached). The L96 in BF3 is an AWM-F, whereas the one in BF4 looks like an L115A3 or an AWSM.

              The L85 has the Daniel Defense RIS system purchased by the MoD now, as opposed to the polymer/plastic handguard that it had in BF3.

              The MTAR is obviously redesigned, including a new more prominent iron sight. Likewise, it’s got a non-monolithic upper rail. It appears to be an X95.

              The RPK and MP7 look pretty similar, although it seems the MP7 now has a larger magazine by default. There haven’t been many evolutions in the RPK or MP7’s design, so there wouldn’t be much to change regardless.

              It’s more than just textures, these are new models.

            • Katana67

              The Mini-14 fires 5.56×45, so it wouldn’t be a proper SCAR-H contender. That and it’s not really used by any military of repute. I recognize that this shouldn’t be the sole determining factor, but the Mini-14 isn’t different enough to warrant inclusion.

              Vector would be nice.

              We’ve got a SIG 550 variant. Likewise with the G36, we can put them in the AR category like DICE did with the ACE, but again, that’s still overlap.

              The FAL is one I’d like to see, specifically a DSA FAL. FNC I could care less about. The FNC is also manifested in the AK5C in BF4, which is heavily based off of the FNC.

              Not all weapons are -needed- either. Take the FNC and your proposed Mini-14, they’re just spitting out 5.56×45 just like the rest of them.

              You can offer additions to the game (which have never been introduced in BF), but consider this. If they want a Tavor in the game, they’re going to put a Tavor in. If they want an L96 in, they’re going to put the L96 in. There are weapon platforms out there that haven’t been included. But it’s not like they have an infinite pool to work with. They shouldn’t be faulted for having to deal with real-world weapon platforms. There is no continuity, the weapons behave and look differently from game to game.

              Also consider this, nobody faults DICE for having an M4A1 in their games. Yet you still have to pay for it, just as you have to pay for DLC.

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              I forgot about the FNC being like the AK5. The regular M14 with 7.62 was my main SCAR-H contender simply because it has full auto, even if not supposebly accurate under it. I’m mainly complaining because I love more variety over recycled weapons since I have a big interest in guns. I would love to see guns like the XM8 (Even though it’s most likely never going to hit a manufacturing state and is a re-designed G36) make a comeback.

              In all honesty, on the overlapping families note, I’m surprised they haven’t done that with the G36, ACR (6.8 for the AR family would be a nice middle ground weapon.) or SG550, and maybe even give the carbine class the CQC SCAR-L. Although, I’m kind of feeling they’ll do that, it’s the only SCAR model missing.

          • Brandon Stern

            Well in Battlefield 3, both Back 2 Karkand and Close Quarters introduced 10 new weapons each, and then Aftermath introduced the XBOW. I mean Second Assault is a Battlefield 3 themed expansion, but we only get 4 weapons back from Battlefield 3 (plus the GOL which was a Bad Co. weapon)? I mean the models, art assets, animations, and even sound files are there, just port over the remaining Battlefield 3 weapons, stop dragging this out. In China Rising we are getting 5 weapons from Battlefield 3 that are being dubbed “new”.

            Not only that, Air Superiority (was in Battlefield 3) is being re-introduced in China Rising, and Capture the Flag (was in Battlefield 3) is being re-introduced in Second Assault. This is seriously making me regret buying Premium. There are tons of other weapons and entire weapon platforms that they have yet to add and we are getting weapons that in all honestly should have been in the base game.

            • Katana67

              You’ve got me there, B2K and CQ did add 10. But then again, people complained about B2K’s content as well.

              The models are different, the “art assets” whatever that means (I assume textures) are different, and the animations are different. Compare the MTAR, L85, and L96 from BF4 to BF3. They are different in many ways.

              You are getting new content. The only thing that is continuous is the name of the weapon, that’s it.

              Consider the weapons that are in the base BF4 game that aren’t in Battlefield 3 at all. You’re not being short-changed in the slightest, you’re just receiving the weapons in a different order.

              There aren’t that many weapon platforms that haven’t been introduced to BF4. Barring the G3 and the FAL, most of the more popular modern weapon families are WELL represented. They could put in new variants of weapons, but I’d much rather have new weapons entirely to BF4 (which is what they’re doing). Anything else is just for the sake of being new, and not being good.

              Likewise, I’m not sure where this continuity exists between BF3 and BF4. They are different games, why is it reasonable for the content of both to be seen as the same? Did you feel short-changed when you received ten weapons which existed in BF2 in B2K?

              And do you have a source for the GOL being a SA weapon? Haven’t seen it mentioned, only the F2000 and AS VAL.

            • Brandon Stern

              Well I do understand that they have considerably updated the weapons from BF3 to BF4, its just that I am a whore for weapons. In all honesty I would prefer weapons over new maps, vehicles, modes, etc. any day of the week. This is because you can use any weapon on any map, regardless of the people you play with having or not having the expansions. Here is someone that saw the GOL as a new weapon;


  • SamRock

    Anyone wondering how CTF will playout on Metro? I understand other maps are open and perfect for CTF… but Metro?

    Will they be opening up more area around the Metro? Or may be a roof level access? Frankly I am excited to see how it will work here.

    Apart from that I agree with David and others that the Air Superiority and CTF should have been part of vanilla. Now I wont be surprised if scavenger is announced in the next DLC! 😀

    • marpla78

      I see in the future servers 24/7 Operation Locker + New Metro only…

      • ThePoolshark

        i cannot wait for those.

        • marpla78

          i would to avoid those 2 actually, 64 players on Locker is a cluster f*** and metro was back on BF3 so 2 cluster f**** in a row is too much for …pass.

  • Kyle Jackson

    So do the new DLC maps also come with Levoloution too?

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  • Aaron Williams

    Well on Console i hate Caspain and Firestorm. They play’d bad on rush and horrible in TDM.

    Oman Rush is gonna be great again.

    And I’ll be happy to see a good map finally all about infantry.

    Still upset they didn’t use Epicenter, Bazaar, and Markez or Crossing.

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  • Emre

    when comes for 360 and ps3?