Battlefield 4 Teaser – “Prepare 4 Battle” on Land [Update]

Earlier today, DICE and EA revealed Battlefield 4 naval warfare through this short video teaser, hyping up Battlefield 4’s official public reveal on March 27 and hinting at the idea that players will be able to battle it out at sea in this next-gen FPS.

It now appears GameStop got their hands on a similar teaser, this time demonstrating more familiar vehicle-based warfare on land.

This short sequence shows a tank starting up its engines and preparing for battle on the ground. This leaves us expecting an aerial warfare teaser sometime in the near future, so keep those eyes on the lookout.

Thanks, B Vg.


The official Battlefield 4 website has revealed artwork for Shanghai, a city that will most certainly play a role in the game’s setting.


  • If these aren’t pre-rendered videos, then I am impressed.
    If they are, then, meh, I’ll wait and see the reveal o.o

    • Even if they are Pre-Rendered videos im still impressed. It will be interesting bringing naval units to the franchise.

      • acealchemist

        Battlefield 1942 had Naval units… It’s not the first time.

    • Niosus

      These most definitely are rendered offline. Even with next gen consoles or current high end PCs, putting that much detail in such a small and insignificant place is not possible to keep up for a full game and still have it run it in realtime. No doubt that the Frostbite engine can probably get this visual on your screen, but not in realtime on current hardware.

      But I don’t work at DICE, so I can’t know for sure. If this truly is realtime, that would be amazing, but I seriously doubt it. Don’t get your hopes up 😉

      • UnknownUser28

        It would be slightly illogical to get bf4 on this gen imo.

        • Klonerism

          It’s all but guaranteed, otherwise why give away the beta invites with MoH?

        • Niosus

          With current hardware I was referring to hardware you can buy right now. That includes even the most powerful $1000 graphics cards.

          Next gen will not mean a magical leap from the get-go. Like always, launch titles are fairly conservative and only after some time will the optimizations really start kicking in. As a rule of thumb you can look at what a fairly high end PC can do now and that’s about the best case scenario for launch titles.

          That doesn’t mean we wont see some amazing graphics in a few years, but expecting this for a launch title is a bit optimistic.

          My guess: BF4 will look like BF3 maxed out on PC with a bit more detail, more (detailed) destruction and some more special stuff here and there. More evolution than revolution.

  • M1A2 Abrams TUSK

  • land and sea .. they left the air combat which will be awesome

  • Alvi

    C4 placed !

  • zach

    so are they are keeping the retarded electronic theme?
    i liked the classic BF theme way better.

  • Delta8A

    ah, so whats next? Pair of boots running and jet’s engine go subsonic.

  • acealchemist

    I knew i saw tank tracks on the GIF they put up, the next and last one will “Prepare 4 Battle: Air” Because the high pitched noise are jet turbines turning on.

  • Magilla187

    Type 99 chinese tank tracks ?

  • Magilla187

    type 99 tank tracks ? at least thats what they look like to me

    • Magilla187

      im going to go off on a limb and say when their next “prepare to battle” comes out it will be air and show a glimpse of the J-20 from China

    • AL_GR33N_

      While the detail of the track itself looks quite close to that of the type 99, the panels down the side do not. Wanting it to be a chinese tank does not make it so.

    • Guest

      Hopefully that thing has better handling than a T90!

  • Two teaser clips later…..

    Prepare 4 battle in SPACE!

  • 3DArtist

    It`s T-90 Russian main battle tank, you can see it on wheels,tracks and 3x hanging active protection shields in font of a tank

    • Delta8A

      right, that IS a T-90

  • PewPewTank


  • Sweet !

  • Random Objective points

    Something in the back of my mind about these prepare for land and sea videos is telling me they are going to have a massive player count in the game. More than 64 even. The one thing I hope they do for Conquest is have random Flag spots. How awesome and fresh every match would be if the Flags and Mcoms war randomly generated for each match in different places. That would keep every map from getting stale. I can only hope. DICE if you take my idea I want a percentage.

  • Looking at the background of the Tank, looks like all this we will end up in the BF4 Wallpaper that was revealed on the BF4 homepage.

  • Izzy Bozz

    I heard a lot of people say that the current gen consoles held back BF3 to some extent. BF4 is supposed to be a bigger game with better graphics and physics, yet it will still be released on current gen consoles which are close to being maxed out, if they haven’t already. I wonder how much current gen consoles will effect the development of this game, and how much more can DICE offer to current gen console players.

    • AL_GR33N_

      I would expect any version of BF4 running on current console tech to be limited to similar levels of performance and player count. Because the next gen consoles are built around X86 architecture, I would then expect the next gen version of BF4 to be a slightly toned down version of the PC game, or perhaps even the same game, but with graphics at say 720p. I am hoping for increased player count on next gen.

      • That’s exactly what I’d expect as well. Sounds spot-on to me Al.

        • zakrocz

          I’m expecting increased player count for next gen but I would be amazed if it is upped to 64. 32 to 40 is my prediction which I would be very happy with.

          • BF3 runs at over 60fps on my PC with med to high settings with 64 players. The PS4 is more powerful than my PC…. it will be fine with 64 players.

  • EcHo84

    CGI is soo cool!!!

  • Samoa

    I hope someone parodies these

  • Arda

    Euhmm… Wheres the shanghai reveal?

  • I want Jurassic mode !!!