Battlefield 4 Teaser – “Prepare 4 Battle” at Sea [Updated]

DICE and EA tease Battlefield 4’s upcoming reveal on March 27th with a quick video asking you to “prepare 4 battle” at sea.

The short, under water sequence focuses on the propeller of what is presumably some sort of naval ship, possibly confirming that they will play a role in Battlefield 4’s multiplayer.

Check it out for yourself below:

Naturally, naval warfare would open up many possibilities in Battlefield 4’s gameplay, either allowing a wider range of spawn options in multiplayer or allowing players to actually battle at sea.

What do you guys think?

Update 1

Check out the “Land” Battlefield 4 teaser.

Update 2

MP1st reader Mechcell brought this image to our attention, revealing a Gerald R. Ford Class aircraft carrier, viewable by loggin in to Battlefield 4’s official website.


We’ll surely be able to catch more this March 27.

  • MrLadyfingers

    Shit just got real.

    • Vikerii

      We’ll see on the 26th. If MP has sub warfare, then yes shit just got very real.

  • Alco

    They’re probably going to have a series of teasers like this cycling through the different battle spaces.

  • xxgh48xx

    If this isn’t in multiplayer, heads will fly

  • just so you know most IFV’s propellers to I think its one of those

    • Bob

      No they usually have a sheet of metal around them.

  • Peter


    • I can see this being the most OP thing in FPS history. Say goodbye too DC Noobtube.

      • KewlKat

        They can add a naval warfare dlc. Ships against ships, with planes bombing ships or even have their own dogfights while carriers are getting wrecked!

  • I’m only seeing a video of EPIC RPG kills on my mobile… 🙁

  • That’s good. Rarely anyone used RHIB boats for combat in BF3.

  • xrefusedx

    If there are submarines. Say hello to sub-hunter aircraft. whether it’s Heli’s or Jets dropping torpedos.


    This is DICE boys there not going to settle for a BF 3.1. There going to go all out on this one. Now that they have the power of the next gen systems and with Frostbite 2 out of the way look out. I predict lots of jaws dropping on MARCH 27.

    • Peter

      I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

      • asgaro


        • Fraz


          • Nick Loner


    • moose

      Im certainly hoping they learned from the mistakes of BF3, and hopefully the PC version wont have been stripped down to crap because of being ported over from console.

      • MegaMan3k

        If I can’t get 120FPS when playing on 4x 2560×1440 resolution monitors with MSAA x8 and x32 AF then I don’t even know why I play video games anymore.

        • Mr.Rightous

          You don´t win the game by having the highest FPS. PLFO !!!

    • Battleship CONFIRMED!?!?!…. but oh wait, it’s on rails… AC-130 from
      BF3 except on the water… another good idea which will be ruined by
      noobish catering DICE!

      • captain dipshit

        doesn’t know shit about bf4, already butthurt and mad. LOL

        • Nick Loner

          Not any different from those who are hyping up the game and singing praise to DICE also knowing nothing. :X

  • Asmitty56

    Battleships as mobile spawn points, that can bombard the land or other ships, AA guns, aircrafts capable of destroying the ships thus taking away the mobile spawn and fire power. Or have the ship work like the AC 130, control the base and you get the ship. Loveee it.

  • B Vg
    • Alco


  • nightwing2097

    well theres been a massive call for naval warfare throughout the BF3 lifespan, so i can see them doing something with that.

  • Kevin Walters

    …meh, I could live without submarines. I care for jet, and infantry combat mostly. Still cool though

  • plasid93

    So we have water, land and air. How about space warfare? Satellite v Satellite maybe?

    • jj16802

      Most likely DICE is saving that for 2143.

  • mechcell

    DICE just reveal this: a Nimitz-class or Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier

  • yes naval warfare !!

  • Loving the hype for this! Really hope Battleships are in it, would be a long shot, but just imagine. Pew Pew Pew,,,,,,BOOM and stuff!

  • You sure thats not the USS Nimitz?

    • mechcell

      Nimitz class and Gerald R. Ford class are very similar in apperance.
      after long second look, look like Kitty Hawk class to me, but every Kitty Hawk-class are now decommission

      FYI: Gerald R. Ford, Nimitz, Kitty Hawk, forrestal class are similar

      • Robert L

        By the look of the picture, it’s becoming the USS Scrap Heap. I’m no naval warfare expert, but judging by my untrained eye…that aint good.

  • Now, could we c4 a sub? Underwater warfare? Sounds cool. Also sound very boring and slow. Still, if there’s a vehicle in BF, i wanna be able to c4 it.

  • Delta8A

    that air carrier was hit by PLA. Cause if that would be Russians – they would nuke the damn thing, and there would be nothing to look at.

  • Guest

    Battleship CONFIRMED!?!?!…. but oh wait, it’s on rails… AC-130 from BF3 except on the water… another good idea which will be ruined by noobish catering DICE.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Oh great, subs and aircraft carriers. Just for ONCE, can you stop adding COD crap to BF4? BF4 is a hardcore tactical realistic military simulator, while COD is for gays. So stop adding gay stuff like subs.

    • MrSunshine

      You obviously never played Battlefield 1942.

    • mechcell

      I can see you never play BF 1942 before and it is a link you can play it
      BTW: Go back to COD you battlefield noob

    • Nick Loner

      Can’t tell if sarcasm or just plain stupidity.

    • The Army Ranger

      What do you think should be added to BF4 then, Patrick Bateman?

    • Robert L

      Subs are gay? You seem to be obsessed about seamen.

  • lrishjake

    I must change my pants in anticipation of wetting them all over again this 27th

  • Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!