Battlefield 4 To Release By March 2014, Confirms EA

EA is looking to launch the fourth numbered title in the Battlefield franchise between April 2013 and March 2014.

This announcement comes out of a recent Electronic Arts Q1 FY13 earnings call in which Battlefield 3 sales and subscription numbers were revealed.

According to VideoGamer, EA also touched on their future plans regarding the Battlefield franchise, stating that they are “aiming” for a window of April 2013 to March 2014 to release Battlefield 4.

Keep in mind that access to the Battlefield 4 beta is being handed out through each pre-order of Danger Close’s upcoming shooter, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, set for release this October 23. EA has confirmed that access to the beta will be be granted in fall 2013, meaning a release of Battlefield 4 between April 2013 to August 2013 would be highly unlikely.

We can safely speculate that EA will follow its current trend of releasing AAA shooters in the fall, or more specifically, in October 2013 (shortly after the Battlefield 4 beta, as was the case with Battlefield 3).

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  • will people who dont pre0order moh get in the beta?
    will it be like the bf3 beta?
    where people with the Ld moh got a week early, but everyone got in evnetually?

    • gph456

      there are other ways to get into the beta, but preodering MOH: Warfighter is the only current sure way of getting in

  • AScaryGhost

    Well atleast DICE is getting a lot of time. But if they really want sales to sky rocket, they should wait it out until October.

  • until MW4 or whatever gets a release date and then…..

    • Kazuela

      it’s very likely that they’re going to fight new COD with some good old friends (respawn entertainment).

      • oh yeah i forgot about them 😀

        • Kazuela

          infinity ward (new) vs ye olde infinity ward (now respawn entertainment)… now that’s an FPS fight i would like to see 😀

  • wolf onatshirt

    So there you have it people. PS4 should be out by next year.

    • umm well this is awkward

      Did you hear the PS4 is a potato.

      • Kazuela

        at least it’s not a potato you have to pay every month just to be able to use it

        • You get what you pay for. Sorry you can’t afford a measly $15 a month to help keep the service’s quality up to par.

          • Pay for internet, console, games, dlc, premium type services, monitor/tv to play the console on and you expect me to pay just to go online? No thanks.

          • Nope

            PC and online capable consoles have been providing free online forever. Before Xbox Live, nobody would have thought of paying simply for online connectivity.

          • Kazuela

            sorry, i don’t need to pay 15 bucks for a crappy services that does nothing i can’t do with my PC

  • Kazuela

    it seems like BF franchise is getting the spot crytek had on EA releases (figures since Crysis 3 will be the last game of Crytek published by EA since they’re going F2P), also it seems very likely that the october release will be on Respawn hands.

  • Would be smart if DIC and EA launched BF4 on the PS4, everyone gets on Activision’s back because of the re-hashing of content in Call of Duty. Imagine out-doing themselves after out-doing themselves with Battlefield 3 …. That’s how you make a name for yourself with true gamers and not the stupid 12 year old kids whining over the mic when they get killed…..WE ALL KNOW ON!

    • my 2 of my clan mates are like 12 😀 still they are great teamplayers 🙂

    • Have you ever played BF? I run into idiots in every game either the entire team is recon (and not good at it) or they might as well be recon since they refuse to use any of the tools at their disposal. Look at the comments on anything related to CoD and you will see the horde of children has finished killing CoD and is moving on to BF as their next target, just like EA wanted in their plan to kill of everything good in this world.

      • ya but in cod u have little kids doing no scopes and quick scopes of leaders

    • mcpinhead

      do you have to mention COD? geesh that stupid rehash argument is past its due, aside from the no balls on consoles frostbite 2, bf3 plays exactly like bf2, but no, you don’t call this rehash!

    • Kevin Campbell

      xbox 720 for me please

    • namer

      Good except for the 12 year old part. More people in CoD use a mic so that comment is irrelevant; I’m sure that the same proportion of “12 year olds” play BF3 as MW3. Also CoD is not a re-hash, every one is significantly different. The similarities are in graphics and the engine. Also, the CoD community’s problem is that they bitch that everything is op and such when that’s not true.

  • Rob

    Whatever. The franchise is already dead. They are just squeezing some extra money out.

    • Kazuela

      another thing i like about a march release is that there won’t be a huge amount of kids this time to bitch 😀

      • Rob

        Lets just hope

        • why?
          you may not like “kids”, but they will drive up sales, giving Dice more money to create more content.

          If it came out in March, that would entice kids more.
          All the other fps games are old, it is something fresh

    • Oliver Cooksey

      Haha, your kidding? BF3 sold allot more then its predecessor. Leave your COD Fan-boy predictions in your head and let economists make these decisions. Might as well also mention that EA are predicting BF3 to double the amount of sales before October 2013, something which may not be to hard to achieve.

      • cheeseburger eddy

        I like how when ever a negative comment comes about to a battlefield article its automatically assumed they play cod. O and yea battlefield is just like cod in they release games just like cod does, once a year

  • Mogwai Warrior

    Between April 2013 and March 2014? What!

    • bobshi

      This is a financial year. Basically they’re saying to their investors there will be a new BF game in the next financial year aka, expect lots of dosh to come out way, so please invest in us.

  • bigy

    Next gen consoles release after march?

    • Johnny Neat

      That would be GREAT!

  • Johnny Neat

    Here’s hoping and praying BF4 is released on next gen, which is released next fall, and it runs at max specs ala BF3 on PC so no more excuses and the true experience can be had by us console players. Tired of playing conquest on console and seeing one other enemy soldier while the rest of the players are in vehicles. Boring.

    I love me some BF over arcade shooters out there, but BF3 doesn’t have enough power to soar at full speed on this currently maxed out and past its due generation of consoles.

    • JacobKim12

      I’m sure it will since some developers seem to have next gen development kits (e.g. Durango) that was recently announced on N4G, I’m sure EA is no exception. Current gen lasting for another two years wouldn’t make sense to me.

  • If BF4 were a launch title for a PS4 and PSN stays Free…I’m relearning the PS Controller and ditching my 360 next fall. The question for Sony is…can they make their next console easier to program for? Otherwise, they’re just going to continue getting tons of ports and the system won’t be optimized for a year or two.

  • “We can safely speculate that EA will follow its current trend of releasing AAA shooters in the fall…”

    What trend?

    Battlefield 1942: September 10th, 2002
    Battlefield Vietnam: March 14th, 2004
    Battlefield 2: June 21st, 2005
    Battlefield 2142: October 17th, 2006
    Battlefield Bad Company: June 23rd, 2008
    Battlefield Bad Company 2: March 2nd, 2010
    Battlefield 3: October 25th, 2011

    The only thing we can safely assume, is that the trend is to release a Battlefield game sometime between early March (BFBC2) and late October (BF3). Given that they stated a beta in the “Fall of 2013”, it’s likely the window for launch will be between August 2013 and March 2014.

    • It’s EA’s recent holiday shooter trend, not Battlefield’s:
      Medal of Honor: October 12, 2010
      Battlefield 3: October 25, 2011
      MOH: Warfighter: October 23, 2012

      • Kazuela

        and bad company 2 is on the same trend and got released on March 2nd.

        remember there will be an empty spot on march (no crysis, no mass effect), so EA needs a good game to fill that date, especially if during those dates the next gen consoles come out, also the same year another huge FPS they publish is likely to come out (respawn one), so it’s not that they will be leaving fall releases unattended

        • Good point, it will definitely depend on when EA plans to release Respawn’s game.

          Side note, Bad Company 2 was my first Battlefield game and I absolutely loved it.

          • You ever go back and play the old ones?
            i’ve had the most fun on them.

            • Mr. X

              was playing BF 1943 and having so silly old time

    • Yeah, EA will definitely be releasing their upcoming AAA titles, (as with MoH, BF3, and MoH:W) in order to compete. Not necessarily “DICE’s” trend, but EA’s.

      • Kazuela

        nobody said they wouldn’t launch an FPS at fall 2013, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be battlefield or MoH.

        it’s highly likely that they will release respawn’s FPS next year (first is the hype that studio is creating, the fact that will be competing with their old studio and the eerie way that Riccitiello greeted West and Zampella on E3).

        there’s also the bet that next gen consoles will come out on 2014, and with it the chance to put a really good stab on CoD, and that’s a game running frostbite 2 on 60 frames per second.


      Well, their last DLC “END GAME” is due to drop in March, So it would be pretty shitty if they release a new BF title (regardless which one), when we are all just starting to play new maps and mode.

      Smart move to lock in most of us who have Premium.

      • Anonymous

        You just went full retard, never go full retard.

        March 2014 Bf4
        March 2013 End-Game BF3

  • In my opinion it’s highly unlikely that BF4 launched with next gen! Think about for a sec! why would EA releases their most important franchise for the consoles that no one even have it yet, Let’s say they launched it by next gen! will they be able to outsell BF3 first week 10 mil units ?! Of course NOT, How come, there will be 10 mil next gen buyer who happens to buy BF in a week or even more ?! so this is loss of revenue for them by a huge margin specially BF that aimed to break COD’s numbers…
    The only way it makes sense is that they either launch the game across all platforms PS3 n xbox360 + next gen concurrently or they would initially launch it on current gen and then port it once the next gen is ready.

    • Kazuela

      it’s not unlikely, it’s the most sane thing they could possibly do

      think about it

      – next gen consoles probably will be able to take Frostbite 2 @ 60fps (the only advantage COD had atm)
      – frostbite 2 engine has become almost a symbol of the next generation graphics.
      – next gen consoles will need a flagship shooter (anyone remember that the same happened with COD 2).
      – EA will be able to give the main spot of october/november for Respawn new title (we all known that a fight between old IW/ new IW will be awesome).

      • fiqst

        People would have to fork money for the console first. There is no way Sony could sell 10 million consoles before the release of bf4.
        But, EA could release bf4 over ALL platforms ( ps4, ps3, xbox720, xbox360, wiiu, pc) with the last gen consoles getting a “lite” version.

        • Kazuela

          as i said, bf4 can become the flagship of any of the next-gen consoles, just like COD 2 was the flagship title of the xbox 360

          • Wasn’t the flagship halo 2 and TES: Oblivion?

            • Kazuela

              nope, halo 2 was of the old xbox, but it was the first title to have Live multiplayer.

              COD 2 (not big red one.. that was from treyarch)was one of the launch titles of the 360 and the first FPS on that platform.

        • lol at wiiu and xbox720(because the name)

      • Well, what you said is completely true and im agree with you cuz if i have a reason to buy next gen is gonna be BF4, gonna mind blowing … BUT what’ve said is perfect for DICE and players but unfortunately in the eyes of EA there is no garante launching the Battlefield 4 exclusive for next gen can outsell BF3’s launch … It’s very risky cuz BF3 has changed the way people choose their FPS … now the best fps MP option is not COD, It’s BF n COD so if BF4 goes with next many will not adopt so soon >> and that will make COD alot more than BF4, EA wants to close the gap between COD n BF as soon as possible. but my opinion as i mentioned is that the best to launch BF4, is too launch on this gen and next gen concurrently this way EA will lose anything and at the same time it will showcase the next gen power.

        • Kazuela

          as i said, releasing bf4 at 2013 wouldn’t do them any good.
          first they have two FPS titles already for that year (crysis 3, and respawns title).

          they could release bf4 and respawn’s title on fall, but it will only led to one of the two cannibalizing the others sales.

          with respawn’s new title on fall 2013 (very likely since crysis will take the early 2013 spot), they’ll have a title strong enough to compete with COD, making way for BF4 on the next consoles.

          with all the hype of new consoles and BF4 literally without competition on that part of the year will be the punch EA has always wanted to land to activision.

          for last, if the development cycles match up then on fall 2014 we will have MoH: warfighter 2 (not unlikely since MoH:2010 was released the same year as Bad company 2), but that will depend on how good this one makes on sales.

  • hj

    I honestly doubt BF4 is going to be a game changer. BF3 has less destruction than BC2 and is basically an upgraded and retuned of BC2. Not a bad thing but not really fresh.

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  • If they’re doing the beta on current gen consoles then it almost guaranteed that BF4 will be released on current gen consoles. That means next gen consoles are not going to arrive until mid-2014 or later.

    I think EA knows when the next gen consoles are being released, and that they won’t release a major title like BF4 unless they can do the same DLC season like they are with BF3.

    Altogether this means we will likely not see next gen consoles until 2015.

    • carl

      Even if a new console comes out, there will be a small transition time. Remember games like NFS Carbon, Pro street, Most wanted? Those were released for both ps3 and ps2. Dice cannot announce a PS4 version, until sony does not reveal their new console.

      • Yanneck Mock

        Carbon and MostWanted werent released for PS3.

        • bobshi


          He is right. There is a transition period. I don’t know why people seem to think that as soon as a new console is made that games for the then ‘old’ consoles are no longer made.

          They still make PS2 games.

          Sony even released God of War 2 on the PS2 _only_ when the PS3 had been available for months.

          • RyGuy

            Part of that was because they were already so far into development with the game. Adding new hardware for a HD version of the game (GoW3 quality) would have been pointless. They would have had to redesign the entire game.

            • bobshi

              Meh – not really. They didn’t magic the PS3 up in a week, it would have been planned for years. And given it is a PS exclusive they would have known before other studios.

              I don’t disagree with your reasons, they’re true, but it is no excuse in my opinion.

  • October 2013, because it has to ‘compete with CoD’.

    • namer

      That’s what EA wants. I really love BF3 gameplay but the rest of the game is so janky. DICE wanted to release BF3 in March or sometime in spring but EA drove them to cut corners to compete with CoD. I would rather see Bad Company 3 anyway and I would rather have a quality game.

  • im not buying it. bf3 still has alot of life left in it. long as they support it and unnerf some of the nerfs they recently put in i’ll be happy. plus how much better is it going to be? they probably thought to themselves instead of spending time getting bf3 right we will just go for the quick cash grab and make bf3.5.

  • Yanneck Mock

    I hoped that BF3 would have been a longer lifecircle. But if BF4 isn’t for next-gen, then DICE made a big mistake.

  • Why are people assuming this is gonna be on next-gen consoles? The beta is on PS3 and 360. I highly doubt it will be released for next-gen. Most likely ported when next-gen console are released.



    A 1 year window!! I hope they push it back to Fall 2014. So they can get it right, this time.

    Meanwhile, you’ll have to purchase Premium 2.0 in-order to access the rent a server program.

    I can see it now.

  • ads

    stop been gready e.a sort battlefield 3 out first n bring bf4 out in 2015 atleast and get it right this time and this time make sure no kids can play and sort bf3 lag out and the stupid glitches that are still on u want to beat call off duty so do we well get your act together and do summit right and not think off your own pockets u will lose customers if u keep like this

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  • Gnujes

    Bad company 3 to xbox 720. Nice

  • jeff

    I think the wide release window has to do something with the uncertain release of the next gen consoles. Just a rumour, but ps4 might get delayed, and maybe dice wants a simultaneous next gen release.

  • doctor

    Between april 2013 and march 2014,how does it makes sense if beta is fall 2013?:D

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