Battlefield 4 – Weapon Customization and Tier Reloading Detailed by Lead Core Game Designer

Battlefield 4‘s lead core game designer Alan Kertz details some of the new weapon mechanics being introduced in the game this Fall, including weapon customization and tiered reloading.

Speaking to FTW’s Matt Cuttle, Kertz shows off some of the new ways you can customize your weapons with different sights, grips, barrel options and much more. As with any vehicle, weapons can also be painted with an assortment of camoflauge patterns, including an adaptive camo that automatically adapts to the environment of the map you are playing on.

Many will be happy to see the introduction of tiered reloading, which basically allows you to continue a reload from where you left off, if you happened to switch weapons or perform some other action mid-reload. You can check it out in action in the video below.

You can get your hands on all of Battlefield 4’s weapons (including my favorite M1911 hand gun) this October 29 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, November 15 on the PlayStation 4 and November 22 on the Xbox One.

The Battlefield 4 beta opens on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC October 4 with early access beginning October 1.

  • CoDforever

    Off topic but i think its time for a new BF4 campaign trailer 🙂

    • Alexuppermost

      Eh it’ll be here next month, I don’t want them to spoil anything else.

      • Vidalzinho

        Beta October 1st!! least I know it’s on PC..

        • marpla78

          actually is most a demo than a beta….but yay!

      • WSTCDE

        Spoil? Trailers aren’t meant to spoil XD

        • dieger

          tell that to every horror movie trailer ever

          • WSTCDE

            Haha good point. I’m sure Dice could pull it off 🙂

    • Craig Barlettani

      do people actually play the campaign? lol

      • marpla78

        when the net is not working….i do.

      • Fight Club

        I actually play the campaign before the multiplayer. Why? Because usually they have all the new mechanics and new gadgets in the single player. It is a great way to get to know the new weapons and gadgets before jumping in multiplayer and not knowing what the hell to do with the new stuff. Plus they look like they are making the campaign on this one better so it might be worth a look.

  • CoDforever

    Tiered reloading is definitely a step up. Other games such as CoD should inherit this great feature as well.

    • American Dad

      I thought reload cancelling was part of COD’s setup?

      BF3 didn’t reload cancelling but you could reload while running.

    • RoadTripToJalalabad

      Yes agree, it looks cool, has tactical purpose, and adds realism. I wonder how it will work with belt-fed guns. Reload-canceling LMG’s was often a life saver; in BF4 we’ll have an unloaded gun with still 3-4 seconds to finish reloading. Oh well, will adjust.

    • FpsGamer221

      Agreed brotha. Look how fast cod is and the tiered reloading can save you from unnecessary deaths

    • BroJ

      I found some jaw dropping Ghosts footage for you.

  • brojjj

    Adaptive camo is very nice .Will be on everything for me.

  • SamRock

    This just keeps getting better and better!! 😀

  • zacflame

    I searched google for a picture of snake in MGS3 where he drops his cigar, ignores EVA’s ass, and loses his shit over the M1911A1.
    Couldn’t find it.
    Hooray, the M1911…. well that was anticlimatic.

  • JohnO

    1911 so glad its in and we know its in YAY!

    • marpla78

      CAN we hear a YAAAY here!!! ??

  • Marcus Roue

    Will you have to do IDIOTIC assignments in order to get access to new weapons like in BF3??

    • EndangeredQuake

      Uhhh. I have over 800 hours logged and I still don’t have all of them. (I’m talking about the camos).

      • BroJ

        What sucks though is in BF3 they only have camos for guns I do not even use. Sucks. I am so glad that they have camos for every gun in BF4.

    • Craig Barlettani

      I enjoy trying to complete all the assignments.. I don’t want everything handed to me

      • marpla78

        agree 100%

  • Katana67

    Looks good. Still very little word about Hardcore.

    • BroJ

      I hope hardcore has map off by default. But man though on consoles there is never any servers for hardcore.

      • Katana67

        I agree with the first part. But I really have no problem finding decent “Hardcore No-Map” rooms on 360. In fact, the really good ones are always full and it’s hard for me to get in most times. That and I’ve been banned from a few of my favorites due to idiotic admins (who discriminate based on the fact that I’m better at the game).

        I hope they re-look at Hardcore on a fundamental level. I can already sense that they haven’t done this in BF4, as they’re still applying the “one-size-fits-all” policy to gametypes. But, there’s still hope that they’ll up the damage of weapons rather than just lowering the health of the player.

        My biggest concern, that’s not systemic, is how Hardcore and Commander Mode are going to jive. Will things like UAV scan be useless to the player on the ground? Will the commander have to relay intel manually via voice? Will the map pop up intermittently when the player is within range of a UAV scan? There are a lot of questions left unanswered.

      • marpla78

        Hope for the same…otherwise the server will be custom and that wont get too many people. But i think HC will have the map by default unfortunatelly.

        At this point HC is the only mod i play and i love it, im not too fan of regular but i respect the players that use it so no need to troll HC vs normal.

  • BroJ
  • Aria68

    BF3 learned a lot to DICE!

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  • eBunny

    Hmm 1911? So will it be in the game after all? A DICE exlusive weapon? A premium or DLC weapon? Or is it just a pistol we’ve already seen but with another name? I’m curious.

  • Justin

    Jesus this shit just keeps getting better and better!

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  • Alvaro Munive

    I can only say… Oorah!!