Battlefield 4 Website Reveals Two Characters: “Hanna” and Unnamed Male Soldier

EA and DICE reveal another two pieces of artwork on the recently launched official website for Battlefield 4 in preparation for the game’s official reveal this March 26th at 11pm PDT.

Rather than going the expected route of teasing either a piece of setting, a new vehicle, or weapon, we get a glimpse of two characters that may play a significant role in Battlefield 4’s campaign. According to the website, we know the female character’s name is Hanna, though we are unsure of the male soldier below.



Though it is undoubtedly expected, the image of the male soldier does confirm the presence of the US forces in Battlefield 4.

The above image and the introduction of a character like Hanna are interesting choices for a number of reasons. For one, she isn’t dressed in battle attire. It will be interesting to see how her character develops in the story if she is not taking on a combat role. Second, it might hint at the possibility of females playing a more prominent role in the game, maybe even in the multiplayer. Lastly, if we can expect that kind of detail in a character’s face in-game and real-time, that would be pretty awesome.

Earlier, DICE and EA released three short clips teasing battle at sea, on land, and in the air. Check them out below while we wait for the full trailer this Tuesday.

Would you like to see more campaign character reveals as we approach Battlefield 4’s unveiling only a few days away? What do you make of the two images above? Let us know in the comments!

  • lrishjake

    China vs. USA… the female character will be playable, both in certain SP missions and in MP. We will see maps set in Asia, and in the USA itself.. and on the 27th people everywhere will sh*t their pants with excitement.

    ^ my predictions

    • WarHero

      My prediction is is that China will be apart of some war but not against US. Seeing there will be a chinese setting it wouldn’t make sense that you wouldn’t fight a war that is on your very soil.

    • Name

      That would be really bad desicion to put a female character in mp,player base is so immature we all know would happen.

  • MegaMan3k

    My debbie downer prediction is that the March 27th reveal will be as uninteresting (or misleading) and outside the realm of “what people want to see” as the BF3 reveal was.

    It’s going to be single player. And especially after BF3, one of the worst military SP campaigns I’ve played this generation, nobody will care.

    Don’t get me wrong, Battlefield 3 had great MP. But the single player (and co-op) was dreadfully bad. If all this hype is building up to a big single player tease about the general plot, then … count me disappointed.

    • Stanley

      BF3’s campaign was one of the best single player campaigns I’ve played in years. The campaign is extremely underated in my opinion.

      • roland0811

        LMFAO!!!!! ^^^^^

      • The Army Ranger


      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Dude. Seriously?
        I have literally forgot that bf3 had a single player mode. Hell now that you mention it, i can’t even find my bf3 campaign disk. And i haven’t touched the coop since i unlocked all of the weapons from them. Battlefield is known for it’s multiplayer, not for linear, on rails single player campaign with quicktime events every 5 minutes.

      • The “best” is a pretty hard one to buy. That being said, the campaign is actually playable on PC. On console, the graphics aren’t enough to pull you in and overcome the boredom of it all. And the Co-Op…wow. I love some good Co-Op. MW2 Spec-Ops was great fun. BF3’s Co-Op is dreadfully boring. Hopefully they’ll bring back Onslaught or something like it. I like the occasional mindless bots/horde mode type options..

      • As much as you’re getting harped on @917f4c11ec5c2de75a9a7108fab0a4d2:disqus , I really liked BF3’s campaign as well. It was kind of the more realistic version of MW2’s story with the whole US vs Russia thing. I think we *all* know BF isn’t known for it’s on-rails experiences, that’s a given. It’s not like we’re sitting there playing BF3 SP saying, “now THIS is Battlefield! Wow!” But why can’t we be allowed to enjoy a relaxing, linear, SP campaign that had better story and dialogue than most Hollywood movies?

        No, it doesn’t compare to other SP FPS campaigns like Crysis or Far Cry, but it doesn’t need to. We all bought this game for the MP and we got our money’s worth.

        • My opinion on the BF3 campaign was that it lack a soundtrack! Besides the Battlefield 3 theme which they insist on playing over and over again throughout the campaign, and that one dull sound you keep hearing, there is no music to liven the atmosphere, that’s what made the whole experience boring for me

      • mrneoshredder

        You must not play many shooter campaigns.

        Screw that, you must not have played ANY shooter campaigns.

    • Mike

      I heard DICE hired new writers so hopefully the SP is better then Bf3’s.

  • jj16802

    Is it me, or does the U.S. Soldier look a bit like the Assault class in BF3?

    So BF3 classes are set to appear in BF4 as main characters? XD

    • I’d say he just looks like a standard US soldier, just like in Battlefield 3, which would make sense. This guy is obviously some sort of light-machine gunner. Look at the box on his weapon.

      • lrishjake

        Reminds me of the BC character, Higgs or whatever his name was?

        • Yeah but they just call him Sarge

        • jj16802

          It’s Redford.

    • Nope

      Its not the assault class because he does not have the M16a3 and his defibs is not up. Also if it was the assault class you would see three tanks a helicopter and 10 soldiers shooting him while he revives his fallen soldiers. Sorry for the sarcasm.

      • jj16802

        But remember, anyone in the game can pick up entire kits from dead bodies! 😀

  • blondbassist

    Sex confirmed in BF4.

  • blondbassist

    Sex confirmed for BF4.

    • iBeAmar

      Interracial? 😉

      • Angelreborn96

        Anal? 😉

    • damn dude, i lol and everybody around me was like wtf XD

    • Alkanida

      Prepare 4 Battle: Gangbang

  • meele1233

    The black medic is BACK YEAHHHH


      Once you go Black you never go back!

      • dont take me serious

        Once you go black, we dont want you back.

        • Hol_Up

          blacks don’t want to go back anyway.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        I’m black and i approve of this message.

      • Once you go Black Ops, we dont want you back. 😀

      • Bam=n

        once you go black you…become a single mother.

    • Mike

      Just wait till beta…..

      • hey

        Once you go black, the cops will attack.

  • Peter

    can anybody figure out what that gun is?

    • Perhaps the XM-8 prototype is back..and maybe out of the prototype stage. 😀

      • Peter

        y’know that actually does look a LOT like the XM-8…

    • looks like an LMG on an AR platform. It’s got the 100-round bullet bag but an extendable stock like you’d see on an M4

    • MrSunshine

      Looks like a Mk.46. Basically a M249 but with a shorter barrel.

  • Kitchen mission confirmed? 😛

    • nate

      Nah, an entire kitchen campaign!

      • KewlKat

        There better be a Back to Kitchen! DLC

        • Magilla187


    • Marigold

      Expect some “extra seasoning” in your sandwiches 😛 #TheKitchenFearsNoOne

  • David

    I’ve said this on another post, know one cares about the campaign, bf3 was terrible campaign and co-op as already mentioned.

    Everyone wants the multiplayer info and videos. That’s what is going to draw people to the game not some generic war plot that we have already seen. where you don’t get attached to anyone, and the only thing people remember from the campaign is something stupid like a dinosaur toy

    • lrishjake

      lol, the SP is the setting for the MP. So when they show us the SP footage, you can bet that the MP will look the same. They never release MP content first, unless its an MP only game. At best you will see both on the 27th, but if you have the ability to use your gaming brain, you will come to the conclusion that releasing SP info is in fact releasing MP info.

      Almost everything from BF3 SP made it into MP.. So why you or anyone would feel they are not attached is beyond me.

    • As cool as that would be, publishers need to appeal to the general gaming audience first with action sequences that include dialogue, fancy set pieces, explosions etc. Just to get the general public’s head turned. It’s non-gamers or gamers who aren’t into the Battlefield series that they need to appeal to in order to get them on board. They know – and we know – that we are buying this game regardless. The marketing isn’t for us.

      Plus as @bf246513fb9a0c791bd3c7d34217687e:disqus said, we need to learn the setting and the type of weapons and vehicles we’ll be using regardless, so it doesn’t really matter if the reveal is SP or MP.

      The MP goodness will come 🙂


    Having a female character in the single player is nothing new. Put her in the multiplayer with her own class and now we’re talking.

    • lrishjake

      Like Socom 4 had.. I think it was the same girl too. lol


        I mean’t in a POPULAR multiplayer game – Battlefield, COD, etc.

        • Kevin Walters


        • masada157

          Left 4 Dead

  • So far based on the characters, they look quite awful…and yes i know there’s still a year and half till release, but i want the characters to be like in MOWF, they had the best character renders, and real life effects

  • shimme

    male dude looks high as a kite!

  • Delta8A

    WHERE THE [email protected] IS WHITE PEOPLE??????

    • white people are overrated lol jk

      • Delta8A

        they should really have black and yellow BF4 logo then.

  • WasabeJuice

    Finally BF developing characters for the storyline, i can’t remember any story or character in the BF SP campaign before.

    • Kevin Walters

      true, but its impossible not to love the BFBC2 squad and “Ghost Rider” 😀

  • zach

    i like the whole diversity thing.
    i grew tired of male, white, black or brown haired, 20-30somethings being EVERY SINGLE gaming protagonist.

    if i am right, recently the US government legalised women in infantry roles, which may be a part of this.

  • zach

    take note of this:

    the weapon the man is lugging is an LSAT, or maybe an LSAT variant.

    expect to see alot of LSATs now because i think now the LSAT will be one of those early unlocks that are fairly trusty weapons, but are only specific to US.

  • ButteredBread

    Was hoping it would just be multiplayer and they wouldn’t waste time that could be spent on it with a lame single player (going by BF3’s awful SP).

  • PewPewTank

    If that’s in-game then I am impressed!

  • Is she the famous asian actress Michelle Yeoh ?

  • Nick Loner

    Let’s hope EA/DICE have learned from the mistakes of BF3 and MoH: Warfighter campaigns, and this time will provide a much better story and less scripted experience. No “press E to win”, no silly QTEs, no linear maps with a single possible route, no brain-dead terrorist whack-a-moles, no “RussiansAmericaNukeSaveTheWorld”.

    If they manage to pull this off – then having a single player campaign in a 95% multiplayer game will no longer feel like wasted effort. 😐

    • Hol_Up

      I wouldn’t mind a love during war game. That’d be really interesting.

  • Marigold

    As a gamer that just so happens to be female (i’m not a “girl gamer”, I’m a gamer), I’m definitely excited.

  • Delta8A

    i love how team based game, have one fucking soldier on the cover, CoD style.

  • negrofile

    Hopefully they wont but females o multiplayer, i may event wont buy it if there is scream cunts 😛

    • Izzy Bozz

      ….. and remember kids, stay in school! :/

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  • BillyHoWCR

    “For one, she isn’t dressed in battle attire.” How do you know this? Hat looks typical of a military style boonie hat. Similar to what Vietnamese women wore in combat.

  • AA

    Boonie hats are usually worn by snipers thank you very much, and the only cooking being done will be grenades to chuck at those silly boys.

  • FaithConnors

    DICE likes to do female asian characters….

    What now? She practice parkour as a surprise?