Battlefield 4 Will Let You Use Your Second Monitor or Laptop as a Mini-Map

According to developers DICE, the new and improved Battlelog being introduced in Battlefield 4 won’t only support dual-screen usage on tablets or other hand-held devices, but your second monitor and laptop as well.

Answering questions on a recent Reddit thread dedicated to the recently released Battlefield 4 Battlelog trailer, Battlelog Producers “TheBikingViking” and “DarkLord7854” have confirmed that those who utilize two or more monitors, or even a secondary laptop, will be able throw up Battlefield 4’s “Battlescreen” on display to enhance their online multiplayer experience.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 3.14.24 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 3.13.38 PM

Because the Battlelog is browser-based, it technically means that any device that can access the Battlelog can be used as a second screen to work some of the service’s fancy new features like swapping loadouts in-game, queuing up servers, or using the Battlescreen.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 3.18.40 PM

“TheBikingViking” also reconfirms that the new Battlelog will support an invisible mode for those who wish to appear offline as they play.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 3.20.32 PM

Sounds pretty cool! How are you going to use the new Battlelog – on your mobile device, or a second monitor or laptop?

Source: Reddit. Thanks, Yash, for the tip.

  • Jeezuus

    Hmm seems neat, don’t know how much I will be able to use it but it still seems neat!

  • Ryupyroa

    Nice, don’t really use my second monitor for much during games. Just sits there like an asshole. Now it can sit there like an asshole and be useful.

    • Red Dotter

      Use windowed borderless and browse the web in between games. My 2nd monitor is a saint.

      • nate

        what do you mean? I’d like to try that. I normally just keep a window open on the second monitor and alt-tab to it if i need to use it while gaming. The only bad thing (its actually extremely annoying lol) about that is that the monitor has to flash to black when it exits a fullscreen game. I changed a gpu setting in catalyst that made the flash to black very short, but it still seems stupid that it’s there.

      • Ryupyroa

        I’ll give that shot for sure.

    • nate

      I normally have a few useful desktop gadgets: CPU monitor, GPU monitor, a digital clock, and I usually have task manager open on my second monitor. Windows 8 task manager is actually really helpful and simple compared to older versions. When i saw that you could use a tablet or phone or whatever, as a minimap, I just thought that it would be really inconvenient. But i never even thought about a second monitor!

      • WarBroh

        it’s like you’re going on and on. here’s a tip for posting shit that others have to read: be brief. be bright. be gone.

        • nate

          oh sorry I missed the part where you had to read it. Normal, non-handicapped people’s brains can identify that there is a large amount of text just by looking at it! (amazing, right!) Then if their brain decides that there is too much to read, they don’t read it! This must all be new to you and your special brain. I’m so sorry for your mental disabilities.

    • B_Boss

      So what you’re saying is that….your second monitor won’t be….

  • Joseph

    Awesome, I will use this a lot. The mini-map has to be the most useful tool in the game! I can enjoy it in glorious 1366 x 768 😛

  • Quan ManChu

    Sort of like what my Wii U does in a few games and without the need to purchase a second display in addition to my TV. So innovative.

    • WarBroh

      No its more like being able to use a second monitor without the need to purchase a dead-end console that comes with a gimmick controller

      Or did you think Nintendo invented multiple-displays? LOL.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Except that BF4 won’t be coming to Wii U because only 20 out of 20 people who have a Wii U would buy BF4. On top of that, BF4 can’t even run on the Wii U.

      • James Mulhall

        Actually. BF4 would be able to run on the Wii U..

    • nate

      Its more natural for me to slightly move my eyes off the main monitor to one right next to it than look down at my hands then back up at the monitor/TV again, but to each his own, i guess.

  • MrSunshine

    The mini-map on a entire second screen isn’t a mini-map, it becomes a map.

    • melloooo

      Its the most useful and genius idea I’ve ever heard of to be honest. I think this will definitely carry over to the upcoming StarWars Battlefront, seeing its being worked on by DICE as well!

  • I say, project a giant “mini”-map, or “Battlescreen”, on the wall behind or beside your monitor. It will always be in your peripheral and you won’t really need to take your eyes off the game.

    • WarBroh

      Sounds like a plan.

  • Katana67

    Curious to know what will happen to Hardcore (and now, foolishly, “Hardcore No-Minimap”) with all this Commander, mini-map tablet hoopla.

    • nate

      Very good point. you could always pause your game to view a map in hardcore, but you couldn’t see it and play at the same time.

      • Katana67

        I play Hardcore exclusively, and was devastated (relatively haha) when the first six months on console were mini-map oriented Hardcore. Only after that time period did they include a feature (or lack thereof) which was previously a standard facet of Hardcore.

        Ideally, with BF4, I would like to see Hardcore return to its roots to include no minimap by default. I really think that things like relative spotting (i.e. “There’s a target to your north”) sort of negate a bit of the downsides discouraging spotting in Hardcore as of BF3. I do it all of the time just to spot targets that I would not have normally seen.

        However, I would be entirely fine with commanders being the only people with minimaps in BF4 Hardcore. People will still spot enemies for them to hone in on, and they’ll have UAVs and the like to do it themselves. It will probably reduce the effectiveness of UAVs for the player on the ground, but will require an active commander to make use of intel relaying regardless of gametype.

        The thing that -really- bugs me, is more systemic. DICE hasn’t really considered that some things that work for Core don’t really fly in Hardcore. I’m speaking of things like Proximity Scan/Air Radar and the like (which shouldn’t even be included as far as I’m concerned). I really think that they need to devote a bit more time in tailoring all aspects of their game (specializations, vehicle capabilities, weapon damage models, etc.) to suit Hardcore and Core adaptively rather than more or less having a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

        • softgrip

          Also the low health pool and fact that fun balance was designed around normal does not help for tactics. The real “hardcore” is what the tournaments were using. Basically hardcore, but with 100 health and spawn on any squad member.

          • softgrip

            ^gun balance

          • Katana67

            Well, and I don’t mean this offensively, I could really care less about how Hardcore affected e-sports. Squad spawning was always a silly inclusion to me, I thought making it SL only was a good move as it decreased the likelihood of having indestructible squads hiding on the fringes of the map.

            I do agree though that the weapons were off, in a very unique sense (not to do with how they were “balanced” in the traditional sense. I don’t think messing with the overall player health was the right way to go with Hardcore. I think they should’ve left it as is, or at 60, and upped the gun damage. Or, I suppose I’d be okay with it remaining at 100 and them upping the weapon damage overall as well.

            Bottom line, it’s really irritating to me to have to put as many rounds into a person to have them drop like I do in Hardcore. Which plays into another point I’ve made throughout my critical history of BF3, namely the inclusion of “random spread”.

            • softgrip

              I meant to post this earlier, but the iphone is stuffed with nested disqus comments.

              The best assault rifle in hardcore is the SKS. <– THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

              Hardcore was an afterthought.

              I sunk more than 600 hours into BF3, and I really wanted hardcore to work – but it doesn't.

              The tournament format was really good, and IMO, what hardcore should have been.

              Random deviation and suppression did bad things to this game. The alpha and beta felt amazing, and rewarded great aim.

              Strange that no official tournament mode was in the game.

        • nate

          It seemed like Dice ditched half of the things that made hardcore unique, and kept the 60% total health in BF3. I play a lot of HC canals TDM, and the minimap is just cheap. Its hardly less useful than 3D spotting. It shouldn’t be in hardcore at all. or at least do what cod does with the UAV, and show a location every few seconds, but not a direction.

          • Katana67

            I just think the point of Hardcore is to remove the crutches that place the burden on the player’s interpretation of information on a HUD rather than information of the actual battlefield. Ultimately, making for a more realistic and immersive experience (not realistic by any stretch, but you get what I’m saying).

            Things like minimap coupled with proximity scan absolutely ruin the idea of a minimap for me, which I could tolerate before as a separate yet different way of playing the game. Now, I outright despise the minimap in BF3 across the board due to how much it removes the burden of skill/awareness from the individual player. The same goes for 3D spotting, which I have always despised haha.

            • nate

              If the mini-map was just that- a small map- it wouldn’t be too bad, either. but nowadays (maybe forever, idk lol), mini-maps just automatically include players’ locations.

              BC2’s mini-map only showed spotted players, but BF3s shows players that are shooting, spotted players, players in proximity scans, and sometimes just random people (at least it seems).

              If it was just a quick way to view the layout of the area around you, it wouldn’t be too bad, even for hardcore. The way it is now, players who spend half of their time looking at the minimap perform much better than players that don’t.

            • Katana67

              Agreed. But I will say this, once you’ve played the map X amount of times, you know where everything is, know what street is next, know what building those tracers are coming from. Which would diminish the usefulness of a static minimap for me at least.

              Likewise, I -really- hate that the A-Z flag indicators are on the HUD constantly and that the name of the flag (i.e. Construction Site, Fortress, etc.) always shows up when you look at the flag directly. If you’ve played the map more than twice, you KNOW where these things are…

              Almost as frustrating as having the blue friendly indicators hover above enemies due to them always being on the screen regardless of line-of-sight.

              Hopefully, DICE’ll follow the proposed next-gen trend of having toggle-able HUD.

  • moose

    considering how appallingly bad the map sizes (both of them) and the zoom amountswere in BF3.. having an entire screen for your minimap will REALLY help

  • Awesome! I just fixed my laptop yesterday!

  • WarBroh

    Great news.

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  • WarHero

    I see some people complaining about the mini map not being in the top right corner even though most games have it at the bottom left corner but now seeing you can use your mobile devices or extra monitor to become a map is amazing tool.

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  • Kyle Jackson

    So I can use my 160″ projector screen to play Battlefield 4 with, and use my 27″ monitor for the Battlescreen. Sounds good.

  • DigitalDaniel

    I’m already using my three 27″ for widescreen gaming, so then I wonder if I’m still able to add another screen..

    It would be perfect to have the map on iPad (or similar)

  • Jamic

    Aww crap, I was trying to find an excuse to get a tablet.

    Now I have to somehow rearange my table so I can somehow put my unnecesarily big 17″ laptop in a practical location =_=

  • Arvid

    I got 3 monitors so i will use the map on one of them. This is awesome!

  • eBunny

    I guess I’ll just use my calculator as my mini-map then, or perhaps my Game Boy Advance SP.

  • Ryan Schulze

    Tray table with my tablet propped up in front of me and my sofa sounds like the perfect option…short of David’s “wall projection” idea.

  • Peter


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  • Zheka

    I hate minimaps. It takes away from the imesrion of the game becasue 75% of the time is spent on looking @ the minimap. I hate it!!!!!

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  • xbox rules

    I play all games on three tvs will be useful its a gaming chair with 3 tvs attached to it with surroundsound

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Kind of unclear, Will this be available on mobile devices? To use as a mini map? Cause I sometimes play with multiple people at my house. And it would be cool to have someone with my phone to be able to tell me what’s going on with the mini map so they aren’t just sitting there watching.

  • zacflame

    on another note, I REALLY hope you can download battlefield 4 commander mode as a standalone download for laptops, weak PCs, etc.

  • I guess it’s time for me to buy the new Nexus 7 lol

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  • CoDforever


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  • Sandy Irmscher

    What are they going to do about cheaters ?

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  • wargamer1969

    What about is folks that game on a higher res display 30 inch 2560 x 1600 and use a second display with a different res like 1080p led tv, so far hasnt worked for me because of the 2 different resolutions…