Battlefield 4 Xbox One Game Update Delayed, Combined With Next Update

The Battlefield 4 Xbox One game update that was originally intended to launch around or shortly after the week of December 2 has been delayed.

Instead, developers DICE are combining its contents with the next upcoming Xbox One update which the studio says is currently in testing.

“Here’s a quick update on the state of the next Xbox One game update,” writes “Trydling” in a recent Battlelog update. “The update that was originally meant to go live the week of Dec 2 was delayed, but we decided to bring those fixes to the next upcoming Xbox One update.”

“This new combined Xbox One patch is currently in testing and certification, and we will release it as soon as possible. We are hoping to get it live late this week or early next week. We will keep you updated.”

“We will share the full change notes for this patch as it goes live. It will focus on stability and some of the feedback we’ve seen from the community, including a fix for the one-hit kill bug and Commander EMP blur effect.”

Stay tuned for patch notes!

  • Richard

    It is that much to ask to just inform us as to if something is getting delayed? Yes, we understand problems happen, but to leave us in the dark is unprofessional.

  • Guest

    Is it too much to ask for an update as to what’s going on with the patching process. Why leave us in the dark? That’s just unprofessional.

  • Tommygun921

    Sad….I wonder how much this has to do with the Microsoft certification process. It really makes me wish I wouldnt have bought an Xbox One considering I bought it solely for BF4. Now its just sitting there waiting for BF4 to be playable or TitanFall in March….whichever comes first.

    • dpg70

      Enoy Titanfall

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      Yeah it’s a bummer…. BF4 is in extremely bad shape on Xbox One. I won’t even list all the problems.

    • Joe Vicious

      I heard they calmed down with the certification process? Besides from what I’m hearing the ps4 version still has all the same issues even after both patches so I’m not getting my hopes up for the X1 patch either. The pc version is doing a little better I believe.

  • Warlon

    At least you guys get second assault first.

    • Tommygun921

      Even though we cant play it…. 🙁

    • Arthur Watkins

      Not many are playing it because MS is refunding premium. :'(

  • Let’s hope it sticks this time. Already 3 versions behind

  • pot51e

    I don’t think this should come as too much of a surprise. Devs and Indie studios have been complaining about the console certification and testing program for years, and the associated cost and delays. Sony has made big strides in reducing that headache, where MS have stuck to their guns. While publicly, this affects Indies, you can bet your bottom dollar this affects the big guys too – they will just have gagging orders and have to play nice.

    Having said that, MS could be saying “we tested this patch, it breaks the game, go away and improve” – in which case, you guys get the best deal.

    PS; the last patch on PC has made the game much more unstable for me – so there’s no need to press your noses up to the window.

    • Michael W

      PS4 and the Xbox One patch both got a delay, so im guessing it was a bad patch that broke more than it fixed. Also MS confirmed that patching will no longer cost the companies anything.

  • Clayton Brevilieri

    My X-Box One updated today and I saw no diference in BF4.

    • Michael W

      It was not for BF4, it was for the system… why would you think a system update would fix a broken game from EA?

      • Clayton Brevilieri

        “we decided to bring those fixes to the next upcoming Xbox One update.”

        • Joe Vicious

          In context, dice means the Xbox one version of bf4. Microsoft is not going to let devs include code in system updates man

  • Mumbai1

    Dice is bad in fix Game.. PS4 new patch 1.05 still crashing the game. Skip to 3:55 for Ghost Texture, Game Crashed @ 7:50

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