Battlefield 4 Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Direct-Feed Gameplay

Battlefield 4 is now out on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but while you may have your hands on the game today, that doesn’t douse that burning question: “what does it look like on the next-generation consoles?”

Thanks to YouTuber JackFrags, with the help of publisher EA, he’s here to answer that question and bring you the first direct-feed footage of Battlefield 4 running on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

While you’ll be able to catch some multiplayer action on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One will be showing off a portion of the game’s single player campaign. Check them both out and let us know in the comments if you can spot any differences!

PlayStation 4 – Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

Xbox One – Battlefield 4 Single Player Walkthrough (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Update: Single Player Review by LevelCapGaming (Xbox One)

LevelCapGaming has published his personal review of Battlefield 4’s single player campaign set to footage captured on the Xbox One.

  • XFistsClenchedX

    I’m really happy — I greatly prefer the Xbox One version. The PS4 version is washed out and the textures aren’t as sharp.

    • BroJ

      Of course you would say that.

      “On the other hand, the PS4 version delivers a whopping 1600×900 resolution in all modes, giving it a 50 per cent lead in output pixels overall. As well as cutting down on jagged edges, this reduces the amount of pixel shimmer we see in motion on complex shaders or thin geometry, with distant power lines, scaffolding and other elements with sub-pixel elements creating unwanted flickering on Xbox One.”

      From Digital Foundry.

      Translates to pS4 owning the Xbox1 version.

      • The other article says the same thing and there are comparison pics, which are more accurate than YouTube videos

      • XFistsClenchedX

        It’s true. Look at the comparison pics.

        • BroJ

          The PS4 is more closer to the PC version. That is a fact. But either way both versions will be amazing.

          • XFistsClenchedX

            It’s closer yes. It has higher resolution, an ambient occlusion effect the Xbox doesn’t have, and a slightly better framerate, but the Xbox One has way better textures in many situations and looks to have much better contrast. That washed out look on the PS4 bothers me way more than the additional jaggies in the Xbox One version. Even though the PS4 is 900p, the Xbox One manages to look sharper.

            • BroJ

              To be fair no matter which version we are all in for a treat. Bravo DICE. BF5 will probably be even better when they get more familiar with both hardware.

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Yeah, I think everyone is happy.. which is a miracle.

            • Better than current gen:p
              With that said, I’m picking up BF4 tomorrow lol

              Edit: Erm, later today

            • Aria68

              Xbox one is over saturated and sharpened … it doesn’t have “Way better textures” … Don’t lie to your self! xbox one in darker scene looks terrible, go look at the video and you’ll see how un natural xbox one colors are! the sky’s blue color is too blue, the darkness is too black to the point that variety of scenes the character model cannot be seen or the gun model cannot be seen! PS4 colors are million times more natural! and it’s close to PC version! i can increase the color and just little bit of sharpness on my TV and ill make the PS4 version the ultimate one!

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Or I could increase the in-game brightness and my game is virtually identical to the PS4s. The textures are undeniably sharper on the Xbox One version up close. You have to be seriously blinded by fanboy status to not see that.

            • Aria68

              Sorry you are uninformed to think that PS4 smoothness and it’s natural contrast can be achieved with increasing the brightness of your TV, PS4 higher resolution makes the different my friend! over saturated colors were simply made by DICE just to make thing more appealing on xbox one and distract the players from jaggies all over the image!
              Frame rate is also higher on PS4 and more consistent! anyway if u are %100 go for x1 … i’d say all next gens are good specially for BF4 as they can handle 60 fps and 64 players!

            • XFistsClenchedX

              You have no idea what you’re talking about.. again. This is the exact same thing that occurs in Battlefield 3. In Battlefield 3, I turn the brightness up IN-GAME in the options so I guarantee you that if I go into BF4 and do the same, it will look just like the PS4 version in terms of detail and washing out the image. The resolution has nothing to do with this.

              I watched the framerate video. The difference between the PS4 and Xbox One in almost any instance is roughly 2-4 fps. Not even noticeable by the naked eye. The framerates are essentially a dead heat.

            • He has a point. TV brightness has nothing to do with it. Game DVRs can capture videos even with the display turned off. The source of the video and audio comes from the console, not the TV(and I can even post pictures proving that if you want me to)so cons and pros of both console’s caputred gameplay from eurogamer are 100% legit

            • They specifically said that Xbox One has color balance pushed to the low end, leading to saturated colors and deep blacks. Over saturation, was not used and also take note of how they say “Xbox One” and not “Xbox One version”. Meaning the console itself is capable of better color balance. You could very well claim that on your bias for PS4, naturally. I have yet to state anything in which I prefer X over Y.

              Your last statement is really all I care about. The fact that neither of these consoles can pull off 1080p native at 60 frames per second on Battlefield 4 and until it does I honestly do not care unless I build a PC. If AI can play with 63 other people, and can enjoy the higher frame rate that Both Consoles have over current gen, I don’t see why I should care. Aliasing, jagged lines and whatnot. All of which are significantly improved over current gen. You all need to get over yourselves.

          • T-DOG

            how u read nig u aint go no glasses man!
            blind bitches be tryin to read shit haha!

      • MegaMan3k

        The Digital Foundry article can be chopped up to make nearly any argument you want. Never trust just a snippet – read it for yourself.

        • BroJ

          I did read every bit of it. PS4 wins but really we all win.

          • T-DOG

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      • T-DOG

        bitch you dont know what time it is!

      • XFistsClenchedX

        The PS4 version is putting out a higher resolution, but the Xbox One version will be getting the ambient occlusion effect by launch per DICE. The Xbox One version looks virtually identical to the PS4 version in most situations and that’s all that matters. Most people don’t consider a game just being in a higher resolution to be “ownage”. As I said before, if the PS4 version is putting out 56% more pixels than the Xbox One version, but looks more or less the same (which is does), then the extra horsepower is mostly wasted. That’s why Crytek is keeping Ryse at 900p instead of 1080p. They could make Ryse 1080p, but why do that when you can have a 900p game that looks better than what they could do at 1080p?

        • Speaking of 9000, weren’t fanboys shit talking Ryse?

        • BroJ

          Digital foundry stated that PS4 version trumps the Xbox1 version by 7 factors. I will listen to professionals instead of a mindless fanboy like you. If the shoe was on the other foot we would have to read tons of comments from Xbots saying it is better then PS4. It is not and it is a fact. Your cloud bullshit failed you, Microsoft failed you. So quit failing yourself.

          “All in all, we can only give a preliminary outline of how Battlefield 4 will run on next-gen consoles, but there’s plenty here that should remain the case for the final release in November. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that, in this near-finalised state, the PS4 offers a superior experience on several fronts. The resolution is higher at 1600×900, as compared to the tried and tested 1280×720 on Xbox One, suffering as it does for more visible aliasing artefacts. Visually, the PS4 has a marked advantage with ambient occlusion effects too, which simply isn’t matched on Microsoft’s platform with the build we played.”

      • Jon

        Not from what I have seen looks the same and the tech you are talking about will also be in the xone version you must can’t read

    • Jake

      So, before loading the game up, we make sure to have full RGB set in both the Xbox One and PS4’s system setting menus,

      This is why it is washed out. Never been a fan of RGB. I always turn that off.

      • What do you use? YCbCr709?

        • Jake

          On pS3 I turn it off. RGB can interfere with a lot of TVs resulting in washed out colors. It makes blu ray movies look better to.

          • That’s a good point, and I’m certain once we get our hands on these, everyone will adjust both the TV options. But. We’re talking about the videos displayed here, because that’s all we have and they aren’t shown from a TV these are captured directly from the console. Notice how thy made no reference to actual TV brightness because when recording gameplay it doesn’t matter. The video/audio source is the console. Seeing this on a TV would very different as we’d be seeing what the TV outputs with because the comparison is directly from the console, the arguments they made are a lot more valid. There is no 3rd factor(being the TV). I frankly don’t care for it. I have not made one comment here claiming I x is better than y due to whatever I can’t configure myself. In reality none should matter, because when you play BF4, will you worry of how the next console version look? The fact that neither can pull off 1080p with constant FPS makes the entire thing a moot issue. I’d much rather enjoy the fact that both can at least achieve 64 player count and as much higher frame rate than current gen

  • inb4mp1stturnsintoign

    These are looking pretty great! I had my speakers as loud as they can get!

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      • The comments section…you know it’s inevitable my friend

        Also, what happened to the redesign?

        • Ahhh gotchya. As our audience grows, so can the turmoil, unfortunately.

          It’s still in beta! We’re still tweaking as we go. No ETA just yet.

          • T-DOG

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            • pot51e

              Why shouldn’t he? It’s not like there is a minimum IQ requirement for commenting is it? As much as some of the fan-boy comments are irritating, it is nothing compared to some other forums.

              Everyone has a right to comment, despite how retarded we think their comments are (or how badly spelt) – and we aren’t duty bound to respond or even consider their opinions. Its a comment section, not a legal document.

              Party on Dave.

            • T-DOG alot of your comments are crossing the line with profanity. I’ll kindly ask you to stop. Thanks.

            • James Mulhall

              Well what is he supposed to do as the site grows? Ban everyone who acts like an idiot? I’m surprised David has the patience for a lot of the people on this site.. If I was a mod, I would’ve banned a good few people now (points at 8inister) but if I would’ve done that, chances are this site would be dead because of all the banned people. :p

            • Alex Melendez

              like you?

            • jj16802

              And what, let the place turn into a fascist state and keep a team of secret police to censor everything?

              There’s a literal yin to every yang to every comment and opinion. Accept it and allow this to factor into more informative discussions.

          • Kyle Jackson

            The turmoil is great, freedom of speech is important. I like the good and the bad.

  • MegaMan3k

    Summary of Digital Foundry Comparison:
    Xbox One version runs at 720p.
    PS4 version runs at 900p.
    Both versions are upscaled to 1080p.
    PS4 version is washed out, like it’s lacking color depth
    Xbox One has color balance pushed to the low end, leading to saturated colors and deep blacks
    Xbox One version has sub-pixel breakup and haloing around objects.
    Xbox One version has textures that “seem” more detailed than the Ps4 version.
    PS4 version has a more stable frame rate
    PS4 has ambient occlusion (HBAO), Xbox One does not

    Xbox One MP was unavailable due to on-site network issues
    PS4 MP had frame rate variations that DID result in control latency issues

    • XFistsClenchedX

      Some textures are DEFINITELY more detailed on the Xbox One version than the PS4 version. It’s really obvious up close. I think the PS4 just has a crappy upscaler. As far as the framerate goes, they were more or less the same. The difference was literally 0-4 frames in any given situations where the framerate dropped.

      They also mentioned that Battlefield had a lot of issues playing on PSN, but they will most likely be worked out by launch.

      • That guy you might know

        I’m gonna call you out on your bullshit on that last part, the same issues are on Xbox 360 as well.

        I’ve been on the Battlelog forums, Xbox people have been saying the same stuff ps3 people have.
        Biased as fuck dude

        • XFistsClenchedX

          What I said wasn’t bullshit. It was stated in the Polygon review of BF4. I mentioned it because they did. It’s in reference to the PS4 version, not the PS3 version.

    • Jody Clark

      show me a vid comparison not from DF and I’ll admit defeat…they always make Sony footage looked washed out….ever notice how much darker the shawdows and dark scences are on MS games….that’s a brightness setting and or expanded color setting which is easily changed…and will make any game looked washed out….I’m not saying its not possible I’m not saying its not true I’m just saying the footage doesn’t show accuracy.

      • MegaMan3k

        What I posted are essentially summaries of direct quotes from their article. I consider my comment to be commentary free.

        My personal view is that the crushed black levels and oversaturated color of the Xbox One version and the washed out PS4 version can probably both be fixed by gamma adjustments.

        • Jody Clark

          I respect you sir! If anyone deserves a metal for BA of the night and hope for human kind it is you sir!

        • sampson3121

          vids on you tube show ps4 games sharp with vibrant colours.
          i don’t know what they have done to make it look washed out, cause if you look at a 1080p battlefield on you tube it’s beautiful

      • I can tell you did not read the article in it’s entirety.

        Eurogamer made a point to set the contrast/brightness the same in the game on both platforms and found XO darker.

        “So, before loading the game up, we make sure to have full RGB set in both the Xbox One and PS4’s system setting menus, to maximise the 0-255 colour space used on PC monitors and supported by our capture hardware – and of course, we have the system video resolution ticked at 1080p. Once the game is booted up, we also make sure that Battlefield 4’s brightness setting is set to its default 30 per cent – a factor which has relevance a little further on into this piece.” It’s the third paragraph!

        The 360 has a darker/deeper color image quality by default, and it sounds like that continues on XOne. Plus, they said they will retest once both versions release with patches and everything installed

        • Jake

          RGB is to blame for washed out colors. It will really depend on each persons TV. I am not a fan of RGB. I have it turned off on my PS3 and it is tons better.

          • XFistsClenchedX

            This isn’t a tv issue. The video was captured by a game DVR, not a television set.

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    • T-DOG

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  • BroJ

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  • Omen

    I will assume that these videos were captured by the last 15 minutes of gameplay footage that the PS4 has

    • XFistsClenchedX

      Nope. A better quality option.

    • T-DOG

      these videos were captured in yo mommas bedroom last nite with her taxadermist nigga!!!!!!

  • Jake

    From IGN review. 22 players only for current gen when commander mode is active? That is a shame.

    Commander Mode brings out the best in Battlefield 4. When one player on each team steps away from their guns to issue orders from a top-down tactical screen to 11 teammates, amazing things can happen. It’s hard to believe that interacting with war in a hands-off capacity can be this satisfying! Coordinated Commanders who work well with their squads will find themselves steamrolling enemies who can’t.

    • B_Boss

      No, 24 without Cmmdr. Same as BF3, so Currentgen is actually 26 in total when counting Cmmdrs.

      • XFistsClenchedX

        Nope. It’s 22 when counting commanders.

    • XFistsClenchedX

      The total players doesn’t exceed 24 so if there are commanders then there are 22 soldiers running around.

  • Jake

    For DICE to make next gen high and ultra settings at 60fps for next gen shows they do not hold back on different platforms. Bravo

    • XFistsClenchedX

      The next-gen consoles aren’t running on ultra. They’re both high settings.

      • Jake

        The PS4 has some settings compared to Ultra.
        Well one

        However, there is discrepancy between the next-gen consoles in the PS4’s use of ambient occlusion – which looks comparable to the PC’s horizon-based method (HBAO) on ultra settings.

        • XFistsClenchedX

          Like what? Because aside from a single missing effect, they’re exactly the same and neither look as good as the PC version.

          • BroJ

            They look comparable to the PC version. It also states that they would have to have a 800-900 dollar PC to even run BF4 on all ultra. Meaning a lot of PC players does not even have.

            This is inevitably demonstrated at the event on an absolute monster of a PC set-up: just its eight-core AMD FX-8350 CPU, 8GB of RAM and dual-Crossfired HD 7970s would cost us around £680 in total – not including the HDD, motherboard and PSU also needed to form the bedrock of the machine. At half the expense in overall hardware costs, having the Xbox One or PS4 versions even get close in terms of performance would be a remarkable feat indeed.

            So for PS4 to look even close with 60fps, 64players with graphical features that Xbox 1 does not even have all for only 400$ = AMAZING

            • XFistsClenchedX

              Except the PC version is probably running at 1440p or so. They look comparable to the PC version, but they aren’t ultra settings good.

            • B_Boss

              You failed, go home. Also, why use Fists’ name lol? The hell….

            • XFistsClenchedX

              “Like… I haven’t seen anything on either console that looks as nice as Battlefield 4 on PC.” – Jeff Gerstmann

    • T-DOG

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  • T-DOG

    PS4 for the win.

  • T-DOG

    megaman’s name makes up for his small package lol

  • Katana67

    They both look great. Are you not entertained?

  • pot51e

    Just fucking stop with all the teenage fan-boy shite. Enjoy the game you prefer on the console you prefer/can afford/have ordered, and stop harshing anyone else’s buzz.

    Leave your baggage at the door, and crack on.

    I am somewhat excited for BF4 and shivering with antici…..


  • kingwill4231

    BF4 is better on Ps4 no news here..

  • kingwill4231

    Ps4 Multiplayer looks great I don;t care what the tests say I care about what my eyes tell me..

    • XFistsClenchedX

      Both versions multiplayer kinda looks like ass, but it’s ok since they are 64 player matches.

  • roland0811