Battlefield 4’s Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand DLC To Be Developed By DICE LA

We reported earlier that Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike expansion was confirmed for a late March release, and according to one DICE Stockholm developer, it will also be the studio’s last expansion for Battlefield 4 as DLC production moves over to DICE LA.

On Reddit, a DICE developer who goes by the name “Darklord” confirmed that “DICE Stockholm is doing Naval Strike, everything else will be done by DICE LA.”

Made up of varying talent including ex-Medal of Honor developers from the recently closed Danger Close studio, DICE LA was only opened last May but quickly got to work on Battlefield 4’s Second Assault expansion that launched for everyone last February 18. According to Darklord, they will also handle the reins on Battlefield 4’s Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand expansions.

While this doesn’t come at a surprise, knowing DICE is developing the sequel to Mirror’s Edge 2 and the next Star Wars: Battlefront game, it’s a bit worrying to hear that the studio who developed Battlefield 4’s base game are seemingly packing up and moving onto to other projects. Earlier statements from the studio made it clear that they would not be moving on to future projects or expansions until Battlefield 4’s issues are resolved.

How do you feel about this? Are you confident that the developers behind Second Assault can handle the last two DLCs in Battlefield 4’s life span? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Boja0201

    Game not complete comments incoming!

  • Darthjord28

    I’m a little bit worried here. Aren’t some or most employees at DICE LA from the old danger close? After the flop of Warfighter, this does worry me that the DLC’s may not be as good as we want them to be and that the next Battlefront game is being developed by the LA Studio too.

    • MegaMan3k

      Warfighter is better than BF4.

    • jj16802

      Warfighter wasn’t as bad as the reviewers made it out to be. The only thing I’m worried about is how they’re putting more CQB in a game like Battlefield…

    • Katana67

      I mean, at some point we’ve got to get over the mistakes of MoH and be open to another title if they’re making it.

      It’s one thing to make mistakes and learn from them.

      But it’s another to make mistakes and not realize you’re making them in the first place. Which is what I feel DICE Stockholm has been doing. So they’re both equally guilty of making mistakes.

  • Katana67

    DICE Stockholm isn’t infallible.

    DICE LA isn’t infallible.

    I see no reason to worry. They’re both equally liable to produce good/bad products.

    • Lets put it this way:

      DICE LA are a support team for DICE Stockholm, and they are primarily made of ex-Danger Close devs, who made MoH. They’re only experience is the Second Assault DLC, which is just copy and paste, and to be honest, throwing the rookies a chance to make the final DLCs is like handing in the towel.

      Of course they are both liable, but this becomes more of a “can the MoH devs who havent made a from scratch DLC, pull it off without a hitch?”

      • Katana67

        Right, but DICE Stockholm made the maps for vanilla BF3/4. Some of which, are atrocious. One could argue that they made certain mistakes BECAUSE of their extensive experience, which caused them to get into certain “trends” (in this case, with regard to map design) which are no longer adequate.

        Point being, they’re both equally capable of making a poor/good product. Regardless of their past track records, especially when both are imperfect.

        In the words of James Bond/Q in Skyfall…

        “Age is no guarantee of efficiency”
        “And youth is no guarantee of innovation”

        • I was just reading some news about Bond 24 this morning, which got me thinking about re-watching Skyfall 🙂

        • RoadTripToJalalabad

          I agree that any “worrying” is pretty baseless. An alternate team doing DLC is a great way to get more stuff done and to bring in new ideas while the Sweden team fixes “netcode” and probably getting the next BF (and/or next engine) ready to show at E3. Also, like most have said here, its not like the quality bar is that high. Danger Close has demonstrated good talent in a lot of their work and are probably motivated from their beatdown in 2012.

          • Ben August

            Danger Close has only produced two games:

            -Medal of Honor 2010;
            -Medal of Honor: Warfighter

            Both of which where so bad, that EA dropped the entire series (for now). You’ve got to be pretty bad to force a company as big as EA to abandon an entire name brand (the Medal of Honor brand). I mean, really – you’ve got to be BAD. EA must believe Danger Close permanently harmed the brand name. Better be careful – Battlefield could be next.

            • VEX_VEHIX

              Maybe EA only recruited the top talent from Danger Close?

              Lets see what happens. Speculating won’t change a thing.

            • born2expire

              Yes but complaining may make DICE rethink giving the B team the helm. They’ve screwed us enough, DICE needs to redeem themselves with GREAT DLC.

            • VEX_VEHIX

              True, although it’s clear this deal is done. Its obvious EA has other plans for DICE Stockholm, which I feel, don’t have a say in it. Actually, I think they are f××king thrilled to pass this mess on. Lol

              At this point, we’ll just have to hope LA can create some quality DLC.

            • born2expire

              Danger Close was EA LA, they’ve done A LOT more than 2 games (but still nothing good).


            • Ben August

              Lol no.

              Danger Close had an additional 650 employees over EA LA, had different organizational structure, different physical location, different projects, and different name.

              They were nothing like EA LA.

              And it explains why even your wiki link notes that “Danger Close” produced only 2 games (look under the “games developed” tab of your link, and then scroll to the bottom).

              To say that Danger Close produced “many games” is completely inaccurate.

            • born2expire

              from the same wiki article
              “In 2010, it was revealed that EA Los Angeles would be re-branded as Danger Close Games.[3] The studio’s direction was to focus exclusively on developing upcoming Medal of Honor games”


            • Ben August

              Right. Because a new name, new location, new structure, new management, 650 new staff, and IO, and only two games produced = EA LA. Great analysis.

              It was derived from EA LA, but you’d have to be crazy to think Danger Close is merely EA LA with a name change. To do so, would be to pretend that 650 additional employees had no input, and thus no impact. Keep in mind they only developed one game MoH: Warfighter. They developed the single player on MoH:2010, and had some input on a few other games, but they actually produced only one single game in it’s entirety.

              EA LA- the seperate entity- produced other games. Danger Close did not. Seperate entity. lol

            • Guest

              Well thats the OFFICIAL stance, that Danger Close was EA LA. If they had a staff of 650+ and all they produced was Warfighter and MOH2010 its no surprise that studio got shutdown.

              Regardless, looks like BF4 DLC is doomed.

            • RoadTripToJalalabad

              Medal of Honor 2010 sold over 5 million copies. I agree it had some weak parts, but it wasn’t bad for business.
              No argument that Warfighter was a bad return on investment for EA, and why they dumped the series. But artistically and technically, Warfighter ideas already got into BF4.
              Even original DICE has changed a lot since one of the early BF2 patches. Plus I don’t see what there is to gain with original DICE having exclusive hands on BF. More stuff like HVT? Tablet Commander click monkey? (so lame compared to BF2 cmdr)
              I’m thinking about putting all of the BF2 maps on flyers, heading to DICE LA, and sliding them under the door. Dragon’s Teeth should be all BF2 Chinese map remakes!

            • dpg70

              The single player for each was actually pretty good by FPS standards. DICE did the MP for MoH, so DC’s only huge miss was MoHW MP. It wasn’t so much bad as it was broken. Actually there is a lot of MoHW in BF4.

            • Chuck Green

              While the studio is partially to blame I feel the pressure and unrealistic deadline that EA forces on their studios is 80% of the problem.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          Maybe some fresh eyes will be a good thing.

      • swipe_06

        The base maps contain invisible walls, and stuff that you get stuck in too. And in my opinion, they are the most uninspiring base maps so far. DICE Stockholm seems to be full with interns, so it might be even better if DC does the maps. Whatever happens, Im sure they will bring the “quality” of the DLCs so far released.

      • Aria68

        who said they are primarily made of ex-Danger Close dev ? last i remember, only few key members of DC joined DICE LA … That’s all!
        “MoH devs” that’s bullshit bro! there is no such MoH devs, it’s only few!

      • SamRock

        The Map layout were probably already designed and approved by DICE Stockholm long time ago. LA team just has to translate those designs into a digital Frostbite Map.

      • Kyle Jackson

        Phew that was close, I nearly bought Premium as well.

    • ali jackson

      what a LAME-A$#, unneccesarily negative article… NOWHERE did DICE say
      that they were “packin up and move on from BF4” .. Dice LA are only
      making the Dragons Teeth and Last Stand maps.. THATS IT.. Dice Sweden
      will still be supporting the game, just like they’re supporting the game
      after DICE LA made Second Assault. I swear some of these so-called game
      journalist are brain dead sometimes.

  • ButteredBread

    “Earlier statements from the studio made it clear that they would not be moving on to future projects or expansions until Battlefield 4′s issues are resolved.”

    Ummmmm…….I still have issues with BF3 like “map change crash” and origin crashing when changing to another server. Among other things sooooo……yeah. BF5 should be out around 2020.

    • Chuck Green

      BF5 will be released in 8 months or so I’d say.

  • Darthjord28

    I have none of those issues with map changes or origin in BF3 at all. Kind of strange.

    • ButteredBread

      Not everyone does only a certain part of players do. Just google “bf3 map change crash” and you’ll see on forums that quite a few people have this prob. I didn’t have it for the first while at the beginning but after one of the patches it happens every 3-4 map changes where it’s just a loading screen and doesn’t go any farther then you have to Ctrl Alt Del to get out. With tons of complaints Dice never even mentioned it once I think because they either didn’t know what was causing it or because it had to do with Origin. So still not fixed which is very frustrating.

  • wuzup916

    “it’s a bit worrying to hear that the studio who developed Battlefield 4′s base game are seemingly packing up and moving onto to other projects.”

    I know i’m sounding like A a**hole but really were you guys surprise?? DICE Is just handing there trash off to another dev team in hopes they can fix the game. I quit the game after i spent hours trying to play with friends instead of actually just being able to play a game like it was in bf3..

  • jj16802

    Well they do have Mirror’s Edge 2 and Star Wars Battlefront on their hands… but the future of BF4 is looking a bit more bleaker.

  • IH8YH

    maybe DICE LA can put out something that finally works…….

    • dieger

      And crashes 50% less

  • Jonathan Nisula

    And this biased article will be the last I read on MP1st

    • In what sense? Just curious.

    • Ben August

      And you don’t find it worrisome that DICE STOCKHOLM, who actually developed the game, is moving on to other projects; a move they promised wouldn’t happen until the flaws were resolved…? Are the flaws resolved?

      Because, you know, dumping thousands of lines of brand new code, onto a brand new team, in order that they may develop brand new content, for an already shaky (and mostly new) source, is totally cool. Oh, and highlighting that in an article, is clearly bias…. Get a life troll.

  • Mike

    Honestly the only way i would pick up BF4 again is if they added something different such as dinosaurs or some other type of monster. BF is needs something like this, not like CoD though. I’m still onto this dinosaur kick.

    • Ben August

      I really don’t understand the whole Dinosaur obsession…it has nothing to do with Battlefield. And why Dinos? Is this because of CoD’s Zombie mode? CoD == BF …maybe you can explain…?

      • Just saying

        I’m imagining myself flying my Viper to kill a Dino which does to me what Godzilla did in the movie.

        • Ben August

          Haha ok that sounds cool.

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  • Zebalot

    Armageddon to the BF series is unavoidable.

  • dpg70

    Did i miss the announcement that this game was fixed?

  • El3

    Im all for another studio making the last 2 DLC. Dice has made a lot of hardcore fans disgusted. China Rising maps are the worst I have seen them make. I think DICE LA will do just fine. Hopefully it will be refreshing. If Dice would drop the Single Player part of the series and have all those resources for MP that would probably turnout the best MP yet

    • Austin weister

      The china rising maps were great! What the hell are you talking about?

      • El3

        I play Rush. Rush on those maps are terrible…your grace

  • Vinne Boca

    Second Assault maps are excellent in all game modes

    • Chuck Green

      Well that’s because they are BF3 maps….

  • Cycovision

    As long as the LA branch takes out the door frames this time around, I’m okay with it.

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  • Chuck Green

    After the fuster cluck that was and still is BF4 I have zero confidence in anything dice does no matter where the studio is located. Never again will I pre order or buy any dice game until its been out for a couple weeks and proven that they got their sh#t together! They simply can’t be trusted anymore.