Battlefield 4 User-Created Cinematic Tools Are Unreal

Battlefield 4 may be notorious for it’s shaky launch and often buggy online experience, but it is undeniable that, built on DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine, it’s still one drop dead gorgeous first-person shooter, especially on powerful PCs.

Now, thanks to Battlefield fan and YouTuber Hattiwatti, you can enjoy soak in the beauty even more with his Cinematic Tools mod that turns a war-torn field of battle into a work of art.

“The new rewritten version brings new features like locking the camera onto weapons and bones of a player, getting rid of all borders as a spectator, freezing time, faster performance, better recording and more,” Hattiwatti writes. “The UI has been completely redesigned with help from Wirrew, making it a lot better and user-friendlier. Currently it only supports the 64-bit version of BF4, but a 32-bit version could be possible in the near future.”

Check out the stunning showcase of the tools in the featured section above, and if it tickles your fancy, visit the BFCinematicTools to download and enjoy one of the best mods we’ve ever seen. Be careful, however, as to not use it on Punkbuster-enabled servers.

Also, check out this awe-inspiring “Soldiers” machinima by Berdu that also does a great job showcasing some of these tools.

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  • Grif

    Berdu did a great job on that video, all of his video’s are pretty cool. I’m looking forward to all the cinematic’s and sweet montages with these new mod tools.

  • While EA may not have mod support for Battlefield 4, it’s always amazing to see someone like Hattiwatti break the rules and deliver a stunning and well made mod for the more creative personalities of the Battlefield community.

    • What does “mod” mean ??

      • dieger

        Are you trolling or are you being serious?

        • I’m not trolling and I’m serious .. so your point is ?

          • dieger

            wondered rather to answer you or not.

      • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

        Modification, to the code or assets of a video game. The most popular ways to allow it are to make parts or the entirety of the game’s source accessible or by actively offering “mod support” through tools that give modders a development environment to more easily add new content or modify existing ones (conversions) or fix bugs the community deems more pressing than the developers (community patch).

      • Heqcell

        If you were a true BF fan who played 1942 and BF2, you’d know.


  • Cameron Purdie

    Why don’t they just ship it with a theater mode? I loved that in Halo; I spent hours getting the perfect screenshots and recording hilarious clips. Ever since then I’ve always wanted every shooter I’ve played to come with a theater mode. Especially as a PC player, it would remove the burden of running recording software (in addition to the obvious benefits like pausing the battle and flying freely through the map). I really wish Titanfall had one.

  • We focus on the bugs, lags and overpowered weapons … but we never look and realize how beautiful battlefield is …

    • I won’t date a brainless but beautiful woman.

      • Benny Rodriguez

        Sad life, this is a game not a woman… A game…

        • Heqcell

          It’s called a “metaphor”, genius.

  • TripleBeamRIII .

    DICE please hire these dudes to create BattleRecorder! PLEASE!

  • I love it. I can try to play it is not.

  • I Love You.

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  • i like the music…that is all

  • ProAssassin84

    Honestly the more I play BF4 the more I find that Frostbite 3 engine is kind of a mess and not that impressive. First BF4 is in no way a next gen experience. If you have played 360 and PS3 version it has almost identical map size even with only 24 players. Also there is some underlying problems with the engine. Also how is it a advanced engine over Frostbite 2 when there is less destruction? LOL

    Kind of reminds me of a girl that is born to love her body instead of how she feels. It is beautiful on the outside but a terrible mess on the inside.

    Until DICE drops the 360 and PS3 and focuses on PS4 XB! and PC we will not see a true BF experience anytime soon. If anybody thinks BF4 is maxing out the new consoles are really dumb.