EA – Battlefield and FIFA “On Their Way to Becoming Billion Dollar Annual Franchises”

Today, video game publishing company Electronic Arts has publicized their financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2013.

Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello states, “EA is performing well, once again beating street consensus in fiscal Q2. We delivered yet another quarter of sharp digital growth, with digital revenue up 40% compared to the same period last year, reflecting our strength across multiple brands and channels.”

EA President Frank Gibeau added that “Record numbers of players have engaged in the online features and content downloads for FIFA 13Madden NFL 13, and Battlefield. On the strength of our digital extensions, FIFA and Battlefield are the two biggest revenue events in our company’s history. Both are well on their way to becoming billion dollar annual franchises.”

Notable Statistics

  • FIFA 13 Sold Through 7.4 Million Units in Its First Four Weeks
  • Battlefield 3 Premium Has Sold Over 2 Million Subscriptions
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted Launches with Strong Reviews
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter topped the charts in the UK in its first week of sales.

What EA titles are you currently playing?

  • Kazuela

    origin on consoles is a sign of what EA is preparing for.

    Digital distribution while only dominant on PC market these days will become very predominant with the next console generation.

    it was a wise move from EA to prepare themselves in advance, even though Orgiin ain’t the best shit on the street, they’ll be ready when digital distribution becomes truly dominant on all plattforms

  • hardbandido

    Battlefield 3 with premium , medal of honor and need for speed !!!!

  • They lost me though (not that they care).

    • sed

      Yeah but unfortunately they have not lost enough of other people.

    • Jason

      Yeah don’t really care for EA, but I have nothing but love for DICE and Battlefield!

    • Consumer

      For me as well. What a shame for some of my favorite franchises.

      • yeah but i hate how they are changing those franchises so they can compete with rival franchises

  • Apollo

    Typo: has posted there earnings of the 2Q for 2012*

    • jimmylara

      That is not a type

      Businesses are in their 2013 financial year

  • masada157

    > Bash on COD for being an annual franchise
    > Brag about BF and FIFA being lucrative annual franchises

    • MikePembo951

      Battlefield is NOT an annual franchise, it gets a release every two years.
      BF3 released October 2011 and we already know from the Beta information from medal of honor wf preorders that there won’t be another battlefield game until atleast fall/autumn 2013. Count. This makes it a two year franchise

      • masada157

        I’m just quoting what EA said. “Both are well on their way to becoming billion dollar annual franchises.” Read.

        • 1. Players are the ones bashing cod for being annual. This is EA they’re talking about. It’s two different groups that you somehow think are the same one group.

          2. “Brag about BF and FIFA being lucrative annual franchises.” They said “ON THEIR WAY” as in they are not currently annual franchises.

  • Nick Loner

    BF3 may have sold very well, but there has been a plenty of disappointments and broken promises along the way.

    I preordered BF3 without hesitation, I bought Premium as soon as it launched. Heck, I bought a brand new PC just for BF3. However after my experience with BF3 and Premium, I’m a LOT more hesitant about the upcoming BF4. :/

    • I’m right there with you. It was all immersion and no game.

      • This statement doesn’t make a lot of sense.

        • Meaning that everyone was too busy playing with the shiny new toy and not bothering to complete objectives or work towards the goal.

          • true as that may be, it’s the fault of those particular gamers. All DICE did was make the game, the tools re all in place for teamwork, it’s up to us to make use of those. Can’t blme DICE because x number of people would rather play the game this way. I hate it just as much as you when people do that, but what can you do huh? Stay calm and PTFO.

            • Consumer

              It’s hard to say that with a straight face when there’s things like PC not having VOIP, right?

              Though, it is true that most players should team up with friends or some likeminded players. It makes it much more enjoyable to play for objectives regardless of what the rest of your team does.

    • just saying

      what else do u want other than this game ? I didn’t in my life buy an expansion pack for any game but for BF3 I bought premium cuz in my opinion it’s the best FPS game now. The only thing I’m afraid of is that BF4 will be a modified BF3 rather than a whole new experience like BF3 but I believe EA will make something great or at least I hope.

      • You are the dumbeswt mother fucker alive.

        • youvebeenwarned

          please try to say or contribute something of actual intellect or thoughtful substance, rather than needlessly insult or bash others. thank you.

  • Hol_Up

    People like to say that EA is terrible, but these games are really solid and fun to play. A “Terrible” thing for a company to do is release horrible games (Something EA hasn’t done this year so far).

    • you are kinda missing the point. valve makes awesome games and such and they don’t have online passes, offers free DLC, mod support, steam deals etc. A lot of companies HELP make great games but not all companies rush a games release(BF3) have online passes or kill off studios and ruin studios

      • dpg70

        Yes, and EA makes a shit ton more money while doing it, which is really what it’s all about for them. We all need to get over it. Seriously. Buy their games or don’t buy their games. That is all you really control.

        • i actually decided to stop buying all EA games don’t plan on buying Bf4

          • poor you !

            • oh yes poor me i wont be experiencing a buggy game with terrible port problems (PS3) OH POOR ME!

          • Nick Loner

            I hope you really mean that because otherwise EA will never learn their lesson – players’ respect and trust also bring money. And more.

            I honestly don’t know if I can resist buying BF4 (I’ll still try though) but I will at least postpone it until it’s on sale. Either way it’ll only last a year, and then there will be a BF5, right?

          • cracks me up when people say they will not buy another game when you know for a fact that they will.. Stop crying you little babies. People say all the time that they will not buy a recycle game yet BO2 broke records sells lmao

        • i actually decided to stop buying all EA games don’t plan on buying Bf4

      • dpg70

        Yes, and EA makes a shit ton more money while doing it, which is really what it’s all about for them. We all need to get over it. Seriously. Buy their games or don’t buy their games. That is all you really control.

    • Didn’t they release BF3 & MoH:WF? to of the worse shooters on the market. looks like everything was done with sand & a chisel.

      • Jason

        ppfffttt can’t even spell “TWO” right! Invalid Comment 😛

      • LMFAO Worse games on market??? I left COD for BF3 and will not return for them same recycled ass games. Just because COD makes more sells doesn’t make it a better game, people are just more comfortable because COD is way easier to play and get use to then games like BF3

    • lol, maybe they dont release games as bad as MW3, but MoHW is a pretty horrible game.

  • Medal of Honor is the only EA title I’m playing right now. Battlefield 3 was ok, but Premium felt like a scam, and it didn’t have the sport or competition I was looking for. MOH may fare the same fate here in about 2 weeks depending on how much the MP in Black Ops II relies on pointstreaks and perks. MOH has a chance to become my new go-to franchise.

    • “but Premium felt like a scam,” felt? lets see it costs 50$ itself and then about 3 or 4 month later its bundled with the FULL BF3 game for $60…….

      • Mac

        The thing is, I think most of us expected this to happen. I mean trends are with any triple A game now that a GOTY or bundle comes out with all DLC included at a discount. When Skyrim eventually does it, will people still be outraged that they paid 60 bucks for a release title only to have a bundle come out later? I doubt it. The only mistake EA made with premium was its timing. Had it come out around the same time as B2K I think people would be less pissed.

      • Jason

        Yeah but you can’t be mad at BF for that, EA are just money hungry whores the same as Activision, I have respect for the Developers, DICE and Treyarch make great FPS’s!

    • Man, how can you called Premium a scam when you save money??I love BF3 and I planned on buying every map as they came out and I was so exited when I heard I could save money and not have to worry about buying each expansion with premium. You are such a troll and obviously hate EA so why comment??

      • hmm…maybe you forgot the part where they bundled premium + bf3 for 60$
        -__- and yes i hate EA i also hate tons of DLC and online passes

        • Well that is a amazing deal in my opinion!! I love BF3 and I am glad I bought premium, everybody has a right to hate EA but EA isn’t the only greedy money makers out there, Activision is no different

  • Making Bf annual worries me but i consider BF3 as well as Premium money well spent, im so down for BF4 but beyond that im skeptical of EA

  • Im not playing those noobshooters.

    • RFoMRAGE_5

      damn right the only thing hard about battle field is how to control the recoil of the gun and know how to move around the map with out getting killed almost instantaneously yup it takes a lot of skill to kill some one.

      • lol and your going to say that COD takes skill??? My sister can jump on COD and can come first place!! What does that say about skill??? Why are you on this page if you dont like EA or its successful franchises such as Battlefield??? There is plenty of COD BO2 news to get your panties wet

        • RFoMRAGE_5

          cod is the same shit but more noob friendly, bf3 actually took me some time to get used at but its the same thing only that bf3 is a little bit harder and it takes some what of a skill to control the gun but other than that.. i still die with 2 to 3 bullets with out my health regenerating thus dying instantly and that takes no skill for who ever raped me just because i had 60% health.

          • Not sure what you meant by the last phrase… but anytime you are wounded your chances of losing a fight are increased. On COD health regenerates in the matter of seconds which, while in BF3 if you not a Medic you have to wait. I loved COD for its noob friendly experience but lacked the overall fun that a I have when playing BF3

  • Cocoa

    @ApolloFTW:disqus it is a fiscal year…so it is a little ahead

  • ChrisBChillin

    I can’t believe people are clinging to MoH:WF in any country. I personally thought it was sooo bad. To each his own I guess.

  • kida

    In their quest to rival to beat the sales of CoD, I think they are gonna turn BF into CoD…

  • Battlefield 3 Earned it, they deserved it … Battlefield franchise is the second billion dollars franchise after COD in fps genre … Battlefield 3 online multiplayer offers an unparalleled experience, is not just a game is an experience …
    Their DLCs provides so many things that you can’t get in any other fps game’s downloadable content. Each and every Dlc offers a variety of gameplay, art design and so much interesting stuff that shows how much DICE is willing to return for our money.
    That is why their Premium content appears to be much more successful that others like ELITE (in a shorter period). I will support Battlefield 4 with love, cuz they deserve it, and surely will dominate.

  • Never thought I’d hear Fifa and “billion dollar franchise” in the same sentence.

  • FU, EA

    What EA titles am I playing? NONE anymore…F them and their crap games and unbridled greed. They don’t give a damn what they release so long as they can milk it dry with broken DLC and piss poor support. It’s a shame what they did to DICE, because I don’t trust them any longer either…