Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Under Development According To Employee Resume

Our first hint of the existence of Battlefield: Bad Company 3 appears in the form of LinkedIn profiles which also reveal that development for Mirror’s Edge 2 may also be well underway.

Gamerzines has noticed that LinkedIn user Michael Joseph C. has listed that in between 2009 and 2011, he has “provided video game prototype, design and demo feedback on various AAA titles including the Battlefield: Bad Company 3, Dead Space 2, Devil May Cry 5 and other unannounced titles.”

Additionally, a former EA Software Engineer listed Mirror’s Edge 2 as a project between July and August 2009. He also mentioned the implementation of a “wandering of crowd system within Unreal3 engine.”

Of course, neither Battlefield: Bad Company 3 nor Mirror’s Edge 2 have been confirmed by DICE or EA, though we can hope to hear something of one of the two at this year’s E3.

When do you think we’ll see the release of Battlefield: Bad Company 3, assuming it will eventually be confirmed?

EA Wants to Own The FPS Genre by 2014, Will Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Be the Knockout Punch?

  • cyborg6971

    I hope this is true.

  • bad company 3 to be released next fall 2013? that would be my bet, seeing as how its been hinted at that they want to counter COD’s yearly release with alternating between BF and MOH.

  • Hopefully DICE can learn to trust its initial game release instincts and stop fundamentally altering the gameplay with patches that ruin the game rather than make it worth playing.

    • bob

      the game is much better with the current patch. i love the way they rebalanced all the guns and attachments. at least people are using other things besides grip and silencer as they were before on all guns all the times.

      • Dkdusty

         I agree to some extent, But I now think they might have nerfed the grip and suppressor slightly to much, as I hardly see anyone go with this combination or just one of these attachments anymore…

        • bob

          depending on maps, i dont see the silencer a lot, but i see grip very often, especially on LMGs…but they made it exactly what it suppose to be, a close up combination…but grip is not that bad, it just hurts your accuracy very slightly so if you gun has a lot of side sway u’re better off using it…

        • I still LOVE using the m16a3 with a grip and a silencer and I think BF3 is better then ever with this last patch that came out. I cant wait and see what they do with BF4 and I hope EA lets DICE do there job and not rush them to release a unfinished game this time around.

      • they didn’t balance the game. they un-balanced it. They may have fixed the USAS and FAMAS but in the process they made them beyond useless and also underpowered a whole bunch of other guns that never ever get used. foregrip is beyond useless. they only guns worth using now are the M16A3 and G3A3.

        • RabidTurtle

          I use the AN-94 and AK-74m still for the assault class. While I do switch up to the guns you mentioned, they aren’t the guns I only use. Sometimes I’ll grab the the M16A4, and I see the F2000, KH2002, and L85 being used to rather well. Don’t just follow what a few youtubers say.

          When it comes to the other classes, I tend not to switch up as much. Support I tend to run with the RPK, PKP, or a PDW, Recon with the SKS, M40, or a PDW, and Engineer with the SG553 or AKS-74u. Still, I see quite a variety of other guns used.

        • What game are you playing? USAS is still ridiculous in cqc, and so is famas.

          Underpowered underused guns? You sound as if this was pre patch. Now Pretty much every weapon is good in it’s own way. Hardly any of them are straight up outclassed by something else.

          Foregrip is useful on certain guns and in combination with other certain attachments. You can’t use the same stuff and think it’s going to have the same effectiveness it did pre patch. That was the point of the patch.

        • Drabent

          Yep its sad I spend $60 on a game and can’t use any gun I want, I have to use M16s or M4…..

        • The only thing that “un-balanced” the game was the suppression mechanic. They turned it up WAY to high. And with Close Quarters coming out soon, it’ll only get worse unless they tweak the suppression again before CQ does drop.

    • nah. The biggest problem is that people don’t like change. ANY change.
      The game plays the same way it did before, only better, and Dice *knows* this.
      People bitch and moan in the forums all the time about the changes because this is the internet age and consumers know Dice will be reading it in some form or another. The customers know Dice can hear it, so they complain even louder than before, even if there is not much to complain about in the first place. So I say complain all you want, but most of those doing all the complaining are the ones who are not very good at the game no matter how often they practice.

      • Lemelisk

        the game isn’t really any worse than when it was released, but i didn’t really like bf3 from the beginning, its an Ok game but the tried to make it too much like Cod and made huge changes from bfbc2.i liked almost everything about bfbc2 better other than helicopter physics. Lol bfbc2 is my all time favorite game so far

        • Scor0806

          Question how did they try to make it like CoD just wondering other than running, shooting, and going prone like any other FPS

          • psykonesis

            easier to die very similar weapons and weapon design smaller maps less destruction weak snipers and recon in general vehicles take about 200000000 rpgs to destroy a cav and thats all i can think of off the top of my head

            • Omar

              Tanks are irrelevant when you are comparing anything to Call Of Duty. Snipers kill in ONE hit no matter where on COD. I will agree with similar weapons, and a little about less destruction (since COD in comparison to Battlefield has none.)

  • I just hope they don’t rush it… they need to use the AGILE approachment.

  • i want mirror’s edge 2!!

  • Arthur Rodriguez

    OH SHIT! DICE DO NOT FUCK UP THIS GAME! I love and still play the shit out of BC2. Please don’t rush it and give us the crap you did in BF3!

  • YES, Bad Company is one of the best series in the Battlefield franchise I personally think. Really hope that this not a false alarm, please be real !!!!!!

    • 3DArtist

      Have you ever played BF2? Just asking…

      • Lemelisk

        when i played battlefield 2 it was a great game for it’s time and i enjoyed playing it allot more than bf3

  • its way too soon maybe its in the process of being thought up and ideas but its not in development BF3 came out like 6 month ago didnt it? also i dont like the new disqus ;/

    • Unless they have new factions and change up this dumb Americans v Russians Multiplayer they done for the past 3 major games, my interest in BC3 will decrease.. Still buy it of course, but still

      • true i miss the RU,US,PLA,EU etc. from BF2 MORE FACTIONS!! i also hope it wont be like BF3 all realism no fun :/

      •  Judging by the ending of Bad company 2, Russia invaded Alaska and Canada so while they can add new fraction like the Canadian army,   it will most likely stick with US vs. RU.

  • Klone

    DICE already showed a rough version of Mirror’s Edge 2 to the bods at EA a while back. They didn’t like it and it wasn’t given a green light. I’m hoping they’ve gone back to the drawing board and it will still get made though because for all it’s flaws, the first game was great.

  • Sichani A

    i like BFBC franchise much better…i really loved the distraction in BFBC2 a lot ..the sound that a building would make before collapsing and the fact that every one would try to just get the fuck out of the building was priceless.

    • I loved the sound in BFBC2. I agree with many DICE devs who’ve said the sound in BF3 is much “cleaner” and more “spacious,” but I loved the chaotic war tapes sound of BC2.

      Also, I thought the sound of getting shot in BC2 is way better.

      • yeah it was awesome! and you could actually tell the difference unlike BF3

      • I agree David, I also thought BC’s audio sounded more fulfilling to me as well.

      • Glass Penguin

        i also loved the gunshot noises of shotguns and snipers in bbc2 so much more satisfying than the pea shooters in bf3

  • Arendsb

    Literally, if they released 12 new maps, let vehicles have upgrades like in BF3, switched to the heli physics, and added new weapons, all to the current bfbc2, I’d love them for it.

    As it is, I don’t trust the current Dice staff to make a new BFBC entry. They have demonstrated an unbelievable lack of class, of knowledge of their own product, and this obsession with cod has got to end!!

    • I personally think they should leave the Heli physics how they are in BF3, BC2’s ‘floaty’ chopper physics made it extremely easy to circle strafe, but in BF3, if you tried you’d end up hitting something or diving into the ground.

      • I think they should leave it the as it is as well, as I love that flying is not simple for most people. The one and only feature I’d like to see added in is the ability to hover a helicopter by holding down both triggers

        • Br8

          Good call! I was in a Blackhawk last night on Heavy Metal and was thinking, if i could just dive in and hit hover and be comfortable with the speed vs recovery, i could do some sick fast drops. It’d look awesome and be way tactical! Hit me up if u need backup. GT= BerzerkerBot

  • Blabla

    I’ve learned my lesson on BF3… Sure won’t be pre-buying this one.

    And I’m all knowledgeable now in signs of a “bad game” to watch for.


    What kind of netcode/hit detection?
    How many buggs and how big are they?
    Is the company dealing with hackers or are they just saying they are and not doing a dam thing like in BF3.
    Is the game going to have micro transactions that will segregate players into little online groups within the game (like they are going to do in BF3)?

    Those are my biggest concerns and from my experiences with dice in BF3 I most likely won’t be getting BC3.. They have gone down hill lately IMO.

    I’ve said it before but I think dice had some great people when they did BC2 cuz it never had as many issues as BF3 is having now.. All the smart people left dice and the idiots remain.

    • QwietStorm

      Idiots. Right.

    • Noname

      ….M60 cough cough, and even now the tank mortaring of objectives/buildings in rush pretty damn annoying. Still i agree that i prefer BFBC2 better

    • meh. 😛

    • Jimehhhh

      BF3 is a great game…
      Also these ‘Idiots’ made BC2, no one left…

  • RabidTurtle

    If this is real; if the game isn’t shown off at E3, I would expect it in 2 years. If it is; most likely next year, to continue EA using MoH and Battlefield to compete with CoD. Though to be honest, I would much prefer DICE work on/release Mirror’s Edge 2 first. And maybe take the time to learn from the missteps they have done with BF3, namely with slow patches and lack of any real communication with the community for the first 4 months (and slowly going back to ignoring us again).

    Though judging by the dates this guy mentions working on stuff, I almost feel like it is was a mistyping of BC2. I mean, he does mention it first, and also mentions “other unannounced games” that he has worked on.

    • Arendsb

      It also possible that the game he worked on was BF3, but perhaps he is not familiar with the BF lineage, and mistook it for bad company 3.

      If you search for BC3 on google, there are a ton of sites that mistook BF3 for BC3 pre BF3 release.

  • Mogwai Warrior

    Just upgrade the current FB 1.5 engine that is in BC2 for BC3 and I’ll be happy. Leave the FB2 engine for PC’s.

    • I’m kind of with you here. BFBC2 had that sery slight cartoonish thing going for it. It doesn’t need masterful graphics in order to look uber realistic or anything. Leave the serious tone to the BF series. Keep the BC series nice and light-hearted (which is why I think, in many cases, it was more fun than BF3 to many).

      • I was kind of hoping BC3 would be for next gen consoles so we can finally have increased player count. Its a console game but the PC version was still leagues ahead simply because it supported 32 players without issue. I’ll still have fun on the console version regardless but I won’t be surprised if the player limit is still 24 players

        • B_Boss

          If I had to wager money Clay I’d say that nextgen will definitely beat 24, at least at the minimum. They’re going to be pretty powerful in their own right.

      • B_Boss

        You know David, probably the most beautiful element of BC2’s graphics was that “line filter” that is used on the polygons. It is literally jaw dropping everytime I play the game to this day. I truly do hope they keep that filter in 3. BC2 is a masterpiece. It could definitely be improved upon here and there but for the most part the game is just incredible and I only wish more played it on PS3 these days lol.

  • EDY


  • Jaskdavis

    Hell Yeah! BC3 and Mirrors Edge 2!!! I love BC2, I hope they do good with this!!! Oh and BTW DICE the whole team behind BC2 worked on BF3 so yall need to chill out and realize that most the things wrong with BF3 is due to a NEW GAME ENGINE and they are learning Quick how to fix future problems, don’t worry BC3 will be EPIC! Mirrors Edge Better use the Frostbite 2 as well!!!

    • QwietStorm

      The problem for a lot of people is design decisions, not tech related bugs or glitches. There are clear fundamental differences between the games.

      • Scor0806

        Actually it is the tech that gives you the design since they were working from the ground up and didn’t want to delay the game because they were purposely trying to throw off the CallOfDuty market there were alot of glitches, graphic problems, mechanic problems, etc. People use to start with spawning on people heads and sometimes if you do alot of dodging with bullets and missiles you’d glitch while hitting the dirt, etc.

  • Of course a new BF is being made. EA already stated in the past that they’re releasing MoH one year then BF the next just like CoD. People will be saying the same thing about EA they say about Activision.

    • Maybe, maybe not because it’s not the same franchise putting out game after game year after year. At least with Battlefield/ Medal of Honor, players who rather Battlefield enjoy a game without having to buy the next game next year because the population won’t migrate to the next MoH as a mass

  • sulo

    i dont like bc series at all. it wasnt fun at all.

    • How did you even wind up reading a string of comments on an article about BC3 then?

  • Even though none of these titles are officially confirmed I still think it’s great that they’re being focused on.

  • B_Boss

    Trust me guys, as much as BF3 and BC2 before it sold well, it would be beyond foolish to not get going on BC3 (or BF4 for that matter in the future) perhaps on nextgen consoles., at the least.

  • Marcus

    Bad Company 2 is not only my favorite FPS, but literally my favorite video game of all time, so I’m 110% behind this. I just really hope it’s true. The only thing I think they should take from BF3 is the weapon and vehicle customization. Everything else needs to be of BC lineage, from map design, sound, graphics, particle effects, line shading, color, and most of all Marlowe, Redford, Haggard and Sweetwater. Those four dudes are absolute comedic genius, and an all around badass team.

    I love everything about the Bad Company series. I don’t care who says it’s not true to the BF heritage or whatever. That is absolutely irrelevant as to whether or not it’s an awesome game.

    • Glass Penguin

      I dont know if bbc2 is my favorite game of all time or mirrors edge and both of them being rumored to make a sequel is just amazing

    • Don’t forget prone

      • no prone.

        • douglas

          yes prone uther wise wheres the point. to compinsate and make it less like bf3 .. no prone with rocketlaunchers and grenade launchers or pistols
          tht would work

          • pants

            Abosolutely NO PRONE! PRONE ruins the game.

            • kev


            • jakubc

              because its not necessary.. BC2 was perfect and it didnt have prone.. so BC3 doesnt need it

            • yeah not necessary cause you like snipe or shot in the ass by machine gun fire.

            • no prone is gay just like you.

            • jj

              How does prone ruin the game it makes it wack and no fun I would of loved BC but it had no prone so instead I sold it for a dime sack

    • jimehhhh

      Bfbc2 is a WONDERFUL game, but I think that DICE/EA will keep BF3s attachment system as it is more convenionent.

      • Jimehhhh


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  • colin

    y all i ask is y… there starting to release games like cod does.

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  • Battlefield: Bad company 3 includes great collection of vehicles and gadgets. It single player is much better than its multiplayer. I had a great fun of playing this game.

  • I couldn’t stand Bad Company, the multiplayer felt nothing like Battlefield. I did not play Bad Company 2 because 1 was so bad. Maybe I’ll give them another shot someday, but until then? DICE should focus only on Battlefield 3, the expansion packs and content updates and if they want to make another entry in the series? Go ahead and make Battlefield 4. After all, having 2 full release games in the same franchise using the same graphics engine really would just end up with the exact same multiplayer experience. The only way I could understand Bad Company 3 being released is if the multiplayer was the EXACT same as Battlefield 3, much like Bungie did with Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. Different campaign, same multiplayer experience.

  • apeman

    BFBC2 is far superior to BF3. Both campaign and multiplayer.
    I will be a very happy dude if Bad Company 3 becomes a reality!
    BF3 irritates me to no end. Came close to snapping the controller in two more than a few times.

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  • DJ Krispy K

    Being a console gamer, bad company is what got me interested in battlefield and makes me wish I could have played the ones before. Being a sequel to bf2, I was excited for bf3, and while I love the game, I can’t help but miss the feel of bfbc2. At least for console, it was so much better because it was designed for it. I really hope bfbc3 will be released and expand on bfbc2, not bf3

    • Guest

      Bad Company 2 was the game that brought me in as well. BF3 was a let down through my experience. BC2 just had a certain feel to it, and I loved the destruction, sound and graphics way more than BF3. Also the XM8!! I hope they bring that gun back better than ever as well as the sniper variant to make a complete set. Its also true that BF3 was designed as a PC game, and Bad

      • Jordan Putnam

        (continued) And Bad Company was meant for Console. So there is the biggest reason why we need BC3!

  • Tim H

    I wouldnt expect BFBC:3 to come out for some time. Only because BF3 has announced that there will be several DLC multiplayer map packs all leading up till March of 2013. So i wouldnt expect BC:3 to come out untill maybe summer of 2013 or the holiday season.

  • Dan

    Please, for the love of video gaming, only take Bad Company 2 and sweeten it up with more guns, slightly better graphics, and new maps and such to make BC3. Please don’t go the route of Battlefield 3 and start messin around with all the damage and everything. Bad Company 2 Hardcore mode is absolutely perfect the way it is. All it needs is a fresh set of weapons and maps and slightly tuned graphics. I’m sick of playing Battlefield 3, driving a tank, firing a main round out of the turret, it hits the ground 3 feet from a guy, and he doesn’t go down. It’s annoying. And so is the sniper rifles always being 2-hit kills. I love my 1-hit kills in BC2 and i don’t get bothered when i get sniped. Maybe add a little prone and some maps with jets into BC3. Sorry if this seems a little jumbled, I’m just so disappointed with Battlefield 3. It’s wicked cool and everything with graphics, but the damage aspect is way off. So i saw this article and had to say something.

    • I totally agree. Don’t change the mechanics, just add more content. Plain and simple.

    • Lemelisk

      and also don’t add auto healing,like in bf3 because it made the medic almost useless

      • Scor0806

        How about you be able to auto heal to a certain point because lets face it there are certain times where you really need those certain number of HP and you stuck behind enemy lines by yourself

        • jakubc

          yeah you should auto heal to like 50% health or something like that.

  • “sneeiper”

    I love bfbc2. I still play it today. Bf3 is great but it doesn’t have the same feel that I was hoping for. So yes bfbc3 would be fantastic. If they do make it, they need to keep the “feel” of Bc2 and not take too much From bf3. It’s a shame that alot of people abandoned bfbc2. Hard to get a full server these days, on 360 anyway. Also my favorite fps game of all time.

  • EXE870

    Here is how it is going to go down.
    There will be a stable of new games released next year and of course you will be able to play them on you old outdated console. So the hype-machine will be in epic mode touting how this game or that will be so much better on the next-gen Sony or Xbox.
    BBC2 could just sell a new map pack and I would buy and play that before I ever went back to that pile of garbage commonly known as B3.

  • please make BFBC3 with fully customization gear and weapons load out

  • zach

    hopefully it comes out in the fall of 2013

  • Thomas Murphy

    If you’re going to make bad company 3 for the love of all that is holy bring back the freaking humor from Bad Company 1 to the storyline because Bad Company 2 while better than Battlefield 3, was not as entertaining.

  • Dr.frost

    Guys it most defintetly is, If you don’t remember the story, at the end they say there going to Alaska to finish the war or something like that, be hopeful that they want to finish their story for bc2, but bfbc2/2 and battlefield 1943 or wat ever were all just filler space until bf3 so let’s just hope they do bc2 cause I actually liked it better

  • Jimmehhhh

    bfbc3 would probs come out late 2013 to somewhere in 2014, but most likely 2014 as BF3’s ‘End Game’ comes out in March 2013 or something.

  • Jimmehhhh

    What about Battlefield 1944? 😀

  • Phuckduhpolicia

    Fuckkkk da policeeeee

  • Ravencroft51

    BC2 is the best game bar none. Please make a BC3 cause BF3 just sucked bad. BC2 is still going strong with many new players I wish DICE/EA would add a few more new maps.

  • Jwal

    I really hope battlefield bad company 3 will be made, BC2 was my favorite shooter for over a year

  • Peter griffin

    Cod sucks bf rocks if u play cod u like to pleasure men sexually black ops 2 sucks just like the last one and mw3 is awful just like the other 2

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  • Bad Company Fan

    My friends and I were all avid Bad Company 2 players, most of us with over 1,000 hours into that sweet, sweet game. As much as we tried to like BF3, it just fell short of the experience BC2 provided and wasn’t nearly as fun. It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what it is about BF3 that most of us just didn’t like, but it was enough that we are back to playing BC2 again on a regular basis. This is the news we’ve been waiting to hear, can’t wait for another installment in the Bad Company series!!

    • cursedwon

      My clan mates and i all have close to1000 hour or so on ps3 bfbc2 we all got bf3 thinking it was going to be great and after playing bf3 for a week or so most of us went back to bfbc2 and we tried going back to bf 3 a few times but it still lacks the game play of bfbc2 so we play bfbc2 exclusively now no more bf3. We are all hoping that they make a bfbc3 like bfbc2 if they make it

  • Crashman

    Since when did everyone hate BF3, I watch a few videos where the commentator feels bfbc2 was better than bf3, and now all I see in the comments for articles about Battlefield is that BF3 sucked, and still sucks, but before it was an awesome game. I don’t get the community anymore.

    • Vince

      In my opinion battlefield 3 should of kept the maps and destructibility the same way as they were in bc2, which is why i can’t wait for armored kill to come out. All the maps so far seem like they are trying to go too urban in bf3.

      • Lemelisk

        yeah i liked the more open maps, and destructability of bc2 way better than bf3

    • SS-Laz

      This is the reason. BF3 was a good game until EA/DICE ruined the game by patching it over and over. They ruined the vehicle balance badly. Oh, and dont bother calling it BF3. Call it “Operation Metro.” DICE needs to outright ban that map entirely, and put the game back to the way it was at release date. In addition to all of that, the recon class was already badly in need of balancing from the very beginning. Scope glare? Lets get serious. They need to remove that BS and give the recon more weapons to get them into the fight, like C4 and such. So yes, Bad Company 2 is a WAY better game. You cant prone, but at least the classes were balanced properly, and at least the vehicle combat was balanced and enjoyable.

  • Ricky

    BFBC series all the way in my opinion! if BC3 is true in the furture, then PLEASE leave the bullet drop the exact same as in BC2 because it was perfect and they effed it and blew it all to smithereens in BF3.

  • bals of steel

    Bfbc 2 was better than bf 3 more destrution good Maps not to big like bf3 a better sory line to

  • NathA

    I’m glad I thought I was the one that likes more bbc2 than bf3… The gameplay, the weapon’s sound, the recon class was 1000 better (using c4 and stuff), the maps, for christ sake even the graphics!

  • ToPTaVeliki

    i think that bad company 2 is a great game but it needs bigger maps more vehicles like plains jets but this things needs a balance!

  • And PLEASE make it where having lw pack only makes you faster instead of giving you a lag advantage! I love bbc2 but the lw pack makes the game very frustrating when you unload an entire clip into another player and don’t even get any hit markers.

  • bobby

    bf bc2 is so much better than bf3 really hope they come out with another one ill be very disapointed if they dont

  • bobby

    lets face it bc and bc2 really put battlefield games on the map ive played them all and thoese 2 by far the best they define online warfar i want shit to blow up good grapics a sniper rifle that will dropem in one shot.bf3 has none of that the guns r week so r the grapics i got rid of my copy a long time ago if bf4 is any thing like bf3 ill be pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Electric Rider

    Bad Company 2 was only a blah title for multiplayer games. What made BC2
    special is that it unlike other Battlefield games, had a full single
    player PC campaign. That game had great interaction between the NPC’s
    that made up your team and how they included you in to the story with
    them. The story was deep and full of immersion. BC2 is one of the best single player games I have ever played, and
    I’m a first person veteran of 20 years. It’s a pity they never
    released BC 1 on PC. If they stick to that formula on PC BC3 will be a
    hit but they have to focus on the campaign story first.

  • Skrooloose

    BC2 is pretty damn perfect the way it is. If they are going to do bc3 don’t change much. Add some new weapons, don’t touch the customization with the limited layouts for the classes are simple and perfect. If you make it where each class and weapon has to be lvl then it makes it about weapon lvling and not game play.Fix that god forsaken rubber knife, pc players know this well, and let’s roll. Simplicity my friends.

  • Abi

    Five Finger Death Punch – Bad Company

    Theme song for Bad company 3 Please!

    • Jordan Putnam

      YES!!! Plus Bad Company-Bad Company(original). One at the beginning and one for the end. Maybe even somewhere in between as well!

  • mam

    bad company 2 was the best game of the series…there ruining it …bf3 is just competative like call of duty..and they dont care about how they make the game…there a big brand and they know people will buy the game..there not making it fun…if they dont make a bad company 3 the franchise will just suck

  • Guest

    The problem I have is, like every other game that takes 2 life times to release, by the time it does everyone who loved the original don’t care anymore. If they dont plan on a sequel then don’t leave yourself open for one.

  • Guest

    The problem I have is, like every other game that takes 2 life times to
    release, by the time it does everyone who loved the original don’t care
    anymore. If they don’t plan on a sequel then don’t leave yourself open
    for one.

  • Suiscycho

    I just had to say, im sure that im much older than most of these people. Anyway, i was at my brothers a couple of years ago watching him play bfbc2. That alone was enough for me to go out and purchase an xbox and the game and ive been playing it since. Two years now and i still get enough of it. I tried other games but theyre not the same. I was extremely disappointed with bf3. It sucks. So does cod and mwf. Nothing has the same feel that bfbc2 does. So until they come out with something else like it. They can take the rest of these games and shove it

  • cursedwon

    If they do make bad company 3 they should take the vechiles out of squad death match. Its kinda stupid to have a tank in a match that is a death match cause anyone can jump in a tank and get a ton of kills and it ruins the match

    • cursedwon

      Also no prone

  • BC2 lover

    i think that BC2 is a lot better than BF3 but BF3 does have one really good thing: CO-OP. co-op is really fun with a friend, i hope there will be more missions to co-op

    • BC2 lover

      and I’m waiting for BC3.. I’ll buy it INSTANTLY when/if it is released

  • Fuck you

    everyone is a fucking noobs it not true the i hate everyones lies shutup with thats fucking lie

  • yoyo00ya

    I ave tried to play BF3 many times. But I always go back to BC2. BF3 is just boring compared to BC2. In BF3 the maps without vehicles are just boring run & gun and in the maps with vehicles there are not enough and you spend most of the time walking everywhere. Boring.

  • Sam

    Ahem. I played the shit out of Bad Company 2 multiplayer, loving every minute of it. I loved that it was easy to get into a hardcore or regular game, on the map of my choosing, in no time at all.

    I think the thing that made the gameplay so memorable and special to all of us fans was that certain feel to the game. It didn’t feel as clean and clear-cut as Battlefield 3. The running was choppy, bobbing, and you flopped around when you went down on a knee, but it made you feel like a soldier, not a computer generated image running around on your tv screen. Vehicles were also put more or less on an even platform, and the lack of extreme specialization made the gameplay overall a lot more fun for everyone I think. In battlefield 3 I never got to use a jet effectively ever, because if you weren’t around for release, you would just get endlessly fucked by some pros with lasers and invisibility cloaks(or whatever you get, I never got any points for the jet).

    Playing on xbox 360, the maps actually fit! Battlefield 3 is clearly not made for console, with incredibly massive maps where 90% of the battle is just finding some fucker to kill.

    The destruction was also crucial to Badco 2, the only thing I would like to see in the next installment would be less… generic topple effects. Like when you hit a wall with a grenade, only a certain part would blow out. Then to take down the building, just hit it by square by square until it fell. It was neat, but it could be better.

    NO prone, too.

    The suppression was also incredibly annoying on B3.

    Using a bipod was infinitely frustrating. Just give us a steady hand, its enough trouble to account for the distance and bullet drop.

    Rant. 🙂

  • yes prone why fucking not yo idiot it benefits snipers also better protection while getting prone? whatkind of shit is that in a war game.

  • dice please dont give the attacking team all the fucking vehicles and put more stationarys for the defenders in future battefield games.

  • battlefeild addict

    I play bad company 2 still, it has that fucken addictive ingredient unlike bf3 as i was over it after a couple of months. If they make a bad company 3 they shouldnt fuck with it to much and just keep it real 🙂

  • SaveSam911 (PS3)

    No prone i repeat no prone battlefield 3 is garbage, it’s similar to cod which is garbage

  • jay ruth

    hjruth here bfbc2 is also my favorite game to play online so i hope bfbc3 well be the same way as bfbc2 its great to play o ya.