Battlefield: Evolved Leaked, More On Battlefield 3 DLC

More and more Battlefield. That’s exactly what fans need. It seems that they are in no short supply with the recent DLC announcements as well as a newly leaked Battlefield title. Also, check out some screens of the upcoming DLC.

UK-based retailer Hight Street listed an entirely new Battlefield 3 title on their 2012 release schedule. According to trading site MCV, who were able to obtain a copy of this list, this release will be titled Battlefield: Evolved. Of course, no other details are currently available. While a brand new Battlefield title seems unlikely this year, what with EA’s release of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, perhaps the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLCs will be gathered into a single bundle pack later this year. For those interested, it was also mentioned that Grand Theft Auto V will be seeing a Fall release.

Also recently discovered was a new image featuring covers of each new piece of Battlefield 3 DLC: Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game. According to MTV Multiplayer, there are still no details regarding End Game other than what DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson had to say: “Only a few people in Stockholm actually know what this is.”

Lastly, a few days ago, Redditor, ExOAte, was able to capture the image below of a map to be featured in the upcoming Close Quarters DLC. As you can see, it is quite small and features both indoor and outdoor environments.

So much to be speculated! What do you think Battlefield: Evolved really is? What do you think Battlefield 3: End Game is all about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • DarthtaterIII

    looks cool

  • logan_boy1

    I think battlefield evolved is a remastered 1943 battlefield that they were suppose to give the ps3 users for preordering the game.. or something like jk i have no clue, just starting rumors like most of u already do lol

  • logan_boy1

    I think battlefield evolved is a remastered 1943 battlefield that they were suppose to give the ps3 users for preordering the game.. or something like jk i have no clue, just starting rumors like most of u already do lol

  • WOW .. last pic of end game is interesting !!
     very exited to see it .. 

  • Hdhdj

    I would say BF Evolved would be BF 2143? Makes some sense, a little hah. I interpret the picture for End Game to be a hoard/wave mode. Should be a interesting year, I just hope they don’t wait too long to drop the other dlc after CQ in June.

  • jurtza

    I see Black Hawk I see Black hawk on the Armored Kill photo!!!

    •  Black Hawk has already been confirmed as a new vehicle in an expansion.

  • Tludt888

    Battlefield Evolved feels like one of those crappy titles they throw about for iOS and handheld game titles

    • Maybe, buts it most likely like how Bad Company 2 had like a collection type thing

  • finbars75

    im betting that end game will be something that everyone has wanted for a very long time.Dice said only a few now about this.Im going with Dino mode.Its going to be like onslaught with dinosaurs.I put all my money on this.They have had lots of time to get this together.If they do this after a mediocre showing of Bf so far this will redeem them as the king of MP and inovation.

    • Phatl2028

      end game hopefully will have snow maps since it’s release is december. i could see them bringing out dino or 2143 for new year content, don’t really need horde mode unless it’s dino. the image for end game looks like head lights from a vehicle behind soldier with sparks raining down and maybe a flare in his hand ?

  • Happy Friday

    I’ll guess that bf: evolved could either be a remastered bf game or a free-to-play. And end game might be a 4 player co-op against ai opponents with snow maps for the mp since it’s coming out in winter..

    Also guessing that armored kill will be coming out in September and end game on December. Again I’m just speculating 🙂

  • I really hope Close Quarters is as good as Karkand, and not just a COD rip off map pack, please don’t dissapoint. I got my hopes VERY high since Karkand was amazing…

  • guest

    i want snow maps!

    • Tludt888

       I am sorry, to me, snow maps aren’t as cool… or as big a novelty as everyone says. I hate snow, living in New England, I am thankful that we didn’t get much snow this winter.

      I really don’t understand the draw or attraction to snow maps, I really do not. Not from just a “I don’t like snow” point of view. We don’t fight in the snow (With some exceptions in the mountains of Afghanistan). It’s just a white canvas on which to play, rather than a colored, detailed, canvas.

      Snow isn’t worthwhile, I’m sorry. For variety’s sake, maybe, but I’m sure you could make the same argument about panda porn being considered legitimate because it’s “different”.

      • Rgaysack

        no one gives a shit where we really fight

        • Tludt888

           Right, and that’s why there are no desert/arid maps to speak of in Battlefield 3? Oh, but… there are! Tons, in fact. All in relatively plausible real-world locations.

          And are you speaking for the entire community? Because that seems like you’re ignoring the sizable portion of veterans/active duty personnel who play Battlefield who -do- care where we really fight. Not to mention just sensible gamers, who aren’t in love with idiotic locales and oil refineries galore.

      • Andrey

        Well bud , snow maps would look extremely cool in Frosbite 2 for instance , the game it’s set to be realistic , real time events , wars , operations , etc… but really , 80% of  gamers don’t give a f*** about realism anymore , we all just wanna have some fun and stimulate our brain wth pleasure..if you want a game that it’s based on real time events , i encourage you to check out medal of honor 2010 , and the new upcoming game MoH: Warfighter .

    • Wilmer Esteban Sosa

      especially if snow is falling during gameplay. too bad, i dont think the consoles can handle that :[

      • Anonymous

        Yea I know. Uncharted and Killzone have full on blizzards. I don’t think they could handle some simple dynamic particle effects…

        • an0n0mus

          We already have rainy maps on BF3 for the Ps3 and Xbox 360, why would they NOT be able to handle snow?  lol, sorry but your comment was pretty ridiculous implying that we can’t handle snow…

          • Anonymous

            I think you replied to the wrong person

    • Anonymous

       it might make some people change from using the spec op camo the black migt not blend so well lol.

  • cmon CQC should have night maps!!

    • Phatl2028

      totally agree.

  • Gallantsquirrel

    Nuclear winter for End Game. Seems obvious! I don’t quite get the posture of that soldier though. Maybe we’ll finally get some Real Destruction happening! I’m still waiting on earth quakes.

    • platypus

      I agree, i think nuclear winter or some kind of natural disaster apocolypse scenario. Actually i hope it’s something completely different from what i’m expecting so i can get a good surprise, but either way it’ll be new and fun.

  • Aaronjshoemaker

    This game needs more game modes!!!!! There isn’t enough variety. I think some kind of base vs base action where you have to defend your base and blow up the enemies would be a good addition and strategically challenging, or even Titan mode from 2142… Seriously add more modes!!!!

    • Titan Mode was cool and all but if you moved the titan too much it lagged the server out.

  • Jemapelleethan

    Evolved is probably a BF game for the PS VITA taht’ll be revealed at E3…

  • Guestos

    Post apocalyptic nuclear wastelands for End Game has been my guess.

  • Trollhunter

    I dont understand the mentions of a “dino” mode. Isnt the thing about battlefield that everyone likes is the realism? Dinos sound stupid just lije cods zombie mode.

    • Common Sense

      Yeah, because instantly bringing bullet-riddled soldiers back to full health with only a defibrillator and using blowtorches from your local tool store to repair vehicles that have regenerative armor just screams ‘realism’.

      Although a Dino mode for Battlefield 3 isn’t going to happen, only an idiot would use realism as an excuse as to why such an idea in a VIDEO GAME wouldn’t work out. We don’t play games for ‘realism’ – that’s what real-life is for. We play games for fun.

      Call of Duty’s Zombies brought a new twist to its franchise, and tens of thousands still play it to this day. But according to the moronic fanboys that currently plague this FPS community, anything that shares a similar concept to anything that’s been in Call of Duty is bad.

      I don’t even…

      • Steve

        I think he’s referring to “authenticity” more than “realism”. Yeah, medic bags and regenerative armor aren’t realistic, but they don’t detract from the game’s “feel” as an authentic representation of a modern battlefield.

        Dinosaurs would definitely take away that authenticity. Medic bags do not.

        • Common Sense

          That’s why you add dinosaurs in a gamemode separate from competitive multiplayer. For those who prefer to not have such an inauthentic experience, it’s as simple as not playing it.

    • finbars75

      Nice name thats all I have to say.Dino sounds stupid okay.Actually the possibilities of having dinosaurs against tanks,choppers ect would be cool and different.But when you have a name like trollhunter it tells me you are very narrowminded and not open to new ideas in gaming.

      • Harry the Satellite TV Guy

        im inclined to agree with trollhunter whose name does not indicate he is a troll but rather against trolls. Dinosaurs against tanks and helicopters are you serious? Give it a moment to marinate in your mind, the realize how idiotic you sound, the dinosaur thing was a joke DICE saw it on 4chan and made a few easter eggs implying NOTHING of the possibility.

    • Hartleydm7

      I agree. I think dino mode is stupid.  I would much rather see battle recorder and a Special Forces exp pack with some jungle maps and new fighting forces. Chinese vs Allies or something besides Russia vs US.

  • Ketchupzz

    Its battlefield 2143 thats why the “evolved” maybe? 🙂

  • Of2006

    End game. Just an onslaught of Dino’s. 12-24 Player horde mode. Sweet

  • Michael Kelley

    Bundling all the DLC with Warfighter sounds like an interesting idea, but I don’t know if players would want to wait that long to get it all at once

  • Seriously, if they have dinosaurs in this game, i’m done.  All I hear on youtube and everywhere else is this.  I’m not sure by trolls, little kids, or what, but that is a very lame concept.

  • The screenshot for one of the new cqc maps isn’t really helpful in showing it’s true size. It’s tdm in the screenshot, so obviously it will be a tiny playing area.

  • chocsaway

    BF3 evolved could be a remake of BF2? ; )

  • Positivesolutions805

    END GAME is New York.. look closely at the picture.. gas mask, rainy streets, times square lights in background.. But what else is it? Thats what I want to know.. it seems like they have something other than a “cool” map pack up their sleeves. hmmmmmm? 

  • Positivesolutions805

    END GAME is New York.. look closely at the picture.. gas mask, rainy streets, times square lights in background.. But what else is it? Thats what I want to know.. it seems like they have something other than a “cool” map pack up their sleeves. hmmmmmm? 

  • clusterfuck


    I moved from COD to Battleield (on console) cause freaking wanted to play some tactical shooter…and now they bring COD into BF? fk sake! 

  • Hm

    before bf3 was released didnt the devs say they had alot of dlc on the way, yet in bfbc2 we had 7 map packs and vietnam, and this is the huge ammount of dlc upcoming  4 packs????? did i miss sumthing?

    also i love bf3 but they can stick close quarters up they fat asses lol, im not here to play cod,  no offence to coc players that like really small maps no vehicles and mass cheating on consoles 🙂

  • Mark25

    Stoped playing the game since all and everyone are using usas frag rounds…but I still need to aim my weapon…

  • Sonly

    Playing games and realism? STFU & GTFO add dino mode, haters gonna hate, It’s a game if you want realism join the army or buy an army sim. oh no there’s dinos in your battlefield game how will you live. 

  • Andrey

    Battlefield Evolved could really be a DLC with multiple weapons , tanks , jets , perhaps new skins? something similar to Back To Karkand , and DICE isn’t like Activision(CoD), they don’t release a game then after 6 months another title..hopefully the upcoming patch will be a success and it’ll make BF3 a greater experience . In my opinion , End Game will feature snow or jungle maps , as well as new weapons and vehicles . Farewell Battlefielders !

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  • Evan

    Why are you gonna hate on small maps? You guys say you like “strategy” and then hate on the small maps? The small maps are the close and tight battles that press on for hours. Its the best experience in the game. Op Metro is still my favorite map….

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  • C.McGuire

    Hello, It is obvious End Game is post-apocalyptic I mean look at it. A soldier with no gun in a place that looks like it is destroyed and he is holding a flare which means it is dark which means no electricity. hm… I gues it isn’t so obvious… that is what it looks like to me anyway. No dinos probably no vehicles looks like no guns just you, a knife and a lot of assassinations. They might even throw in a bow or two. that would be cool.