Battlefield Hardline in Development for Over 2 Years, Says Creative Director

Production hasn’t been in full-swing for the entirety of the duration, but according to Visceral Games creative director Ian Milham, work on Battlefield Hardline began “about a year before [Dead Space 3] shipped.”

“Well, development sort of ramps up rather than begins all at once,” he answered in a recent post on NeoGAF. “There was a core team on this for about a year before DS3 shipped, then the bulk of the team came over.

We always have multiple things going at different scales. Star Wars is our other thing currently going, but we always have some other stuff simmering, including the New IP.”

Producer Yara Twit echoed Milham’s sentiments on Twitter, stating that development on “Hardline started over 2 years ago.”

“I was working on DS3 till ship though, like many others…”

If you’re a tad puzzled by the significance of the news, EA’s last three or so big shooters have all been built on a strict 2-year development cycle, which the industry appears to have adopted as the norm as of late. It goes without saying that many question the practice, as it’s seen as a way to produce quantity, rather than quality.

If anything, the a 2-year plus dev cycle means Hardline might get that extra bit of polish time that a Battlefield game deserves. We’ll see when it launches October 21.

Watch Battlefield Hardline’s first trailer and check out some of the new screens here.

  • Darkthunder

    From what has been seen so far, it looks essentially the same as BF3/BF4, but with some new skins for the “soldiers”, and some new cars (instead of tanks). Hardly something that took them 2 years to develop up until this point. As usual, just a bunch of marketing bs.

    • pbvider

      At this point they will say anything to sell this game.

      • Leon

        Finally, people start to get it!

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Makes sense to look the same as BF4, since it’s been in development on it’s side. (supposedly)

      • Darkthunder

        So you continue to prove the critics point: If it looks, and feels the same as BF4, why is it not made as an expansion, rather than a standalone game? To make more money, that’s why.

        • VEX_VEHIX

          Agreed. This should be a BF3 expansion pack.

    • Leon

      What they don’t say is that they’ve been talking about it for 2 years and they re-skinned it last week. lol

  • Zach Wilson

    hahaha @Yaratwit’s real name is Yara Khoury not Yara Twit and she’s awesome

  • Zheka

    We already heard that one EA…

    • marpla78

      More and more i think this youtuber lost their integrity. One of the famous UK said and i quote “Success” for BFH ….sad.

  • Guest

    I never thought the series would go to shit this quick. I know the game hasn’t been out. but with the past 2 titles being ass, I think I have the right to judge considering they don’t release demos anymore.

  • Ryan Schulze

    So Activision finally gives in and says 2 years is not enough time to develop a new COD title and EA’s Visceral actually promotes that this took two years, So, the development cycle for any COD game is now longer than the development cycle for a Battlefield game.

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      Well, technically, if it started over 2 years ago, it’s likely to hit the 3 year mark when it releases.

  • Sort of strengthens my thoughts that this is just a BF3 reskin with new maps, some minor improvements. If that is truly the case I expect the MP to be near flawless.. but we will see how well that works out for me. 😉

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    Can’t wait for this so pumped.

  • Zebalot

    2 years waiting to launch is more appropriate,wait BH for free, 2 years from now.

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  • Ballistic Shield LMFAO

    This is a cash grab. Nothing more.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Just like every other game.

  • KennyKyle


    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      It’s not even DICE you fucking idiot.

      • KennyKyle

        1. Battlefield franchise is DICE. 2. DICE works with Visceral. 3. Visceral is redoing the battlefield 4 into their “modded” game. Therefore it’s fuckin DICE. Oh DICE is the “commander” of Visceral of this game. Visceral just a factory for them. Idiot.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          HOLY SHIT. I’ve never read such an atrocious comment.

          Ok, let me explain you something.

          Both DICE and Battlefield are owned by EA.
          Visceral is also owned by EA. Therefore, DICE and Visceral have literally nothing to do with each other, other than being EA’s property and the BF franchise.

          DICE isn’t commanding shit, EA is.
          Visceral is leading this Battlefield game, both single- and multiplayer. The only thing DICE is doing in Hardline (IF they’re even doing anything in this spin-off) is supervisioning the MP to see if Visceral doesn’t “screw up”.

          So, to answer all your points:

          1 – Battlefield is 100% owned by EA, so no, “Battlefield franchise isn’t DICE.”
          2 – DICE does NOT work with Visceral, they’re two completely different, non affiliated studios.
          3 – I don’t even know that you mean with that, but either way you’re wrong.
          (4 – ) DICE doesn’t command anything.
          (5 – ) Visceral and DICE have the “same” power. (DICE probably has more freedom and/or can bend EA’s mind better into making other games/stuff that studios like Visceral might not have that, since EA trusts DICE more than anyone else. Example, the Mirror’s Edge Reboot.)

  • Norwegiantroll

    I’m the only one who’s actually pumped for this game? I think it looks awesome, but we’ll wait and see when it releases.

    • Wiz

      Im pumped for this and CoD AW

      • extreme_name

        THERE IS HOPE!

      • Norwegiantroll

        I don’t agree with you when you say you’re pumped for CoD. That game is just worse and worse every year…

        • Wiz

          Don’t be so closed minded. This CoD is being made by a new studio and has had a three year devolopment period. Same with battlefield.

          • Norwegiantroll

            Yeah, maybe. But I try to stay positive every year, and the games keep letting me down, so I’ve given up I guess

          • Phil Rome

            COD is hardly by a NEW studio.

            it’s an old studio from COD MW3

  • Krashman Von Stinkputin

    My eye’s are still recovering from the blindness of all the brilliant shine on last’s years dump.

    Gonna need a welder’s helmet to handle the flashburn of this BF4 expansion pack. since they’ve had the extra year to “polish” the turd.

    • Leon

      And that’s poetic! LOL

  • ColonelBoston

    Maybe working on multiple projects at once is why these games are such a fucking mess…

  • MegaMan3k

    I feel like the bigger news here is that Visceral has a new IP in the works and they’re working on a Star Wars title…

    • Thee games mentioned before the firstvbobebis even duly realized.

      I fear the lack of support this game may get

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    Lolz everyone don’t be fooled so soon again…

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