Battlefield Hardline’s First DLC Will Launch With 4 Maps Total, 2 Night Maps, New Vehicles, & More Destructon

In a recent discussion with members of the Don’t Revive Me Bro podcast, Visceral Games Multiplayer Producer Zach Mumbach dropped a few juicy details on the Battlefield Hardline‘s first upcoming multiplayer expansion pack, which was previously revealed as “Criminal Activity”.

According to Mumbach, Hardline’s first expansion, included in all Premium memberships, will introduce four new multiplayer maps — a standard affair — two of which will be night maps. “Not, like, re-do’s of the main game, but, like, two brand new night maps,” he said.

The action will take place in a modern setting, like the main game, in locations like California and Florida. Maps will range in size and will be “a little bit more” destructible, but Mumbach says the studio has “done a better job of visually messaging what’s destructible and what’s not.” Players can also expect a few new vehicles, but probably no planes. He also told listeners that some of the DLC maps that are bigger in size are being saved for later, as they take longer to produce.

Non-Premium owners can also expect additional content in the future as well, like new weapons. “[…]the future is not just about Premium,” Mumbach explained. “We’re obviously doing a ton of Premium stuff, but we’re also going to support players that just bought the game and aren’t necessarily Premium.” No promises were made, but Mumbach says the studio also discussed letting non-Premium subscribers sample new maps with friends who own Premium. However, there are a few technical hurdles to overcome in order for that to happen.

Battlefield Hardline’s Criminal Activity DLC will be available this Summer with two weeks of early access for Premium subscribers.

Check out the full discussion with Zach Mumbach on Don’t Revive Me Bro’s channel.

  • MegaMan3k

    More vehicles? Ew. The best maps in Hardline are those without vehicles. The “Battlefield” of Hardline is the worst part of Hardline.

    • Hortey

      I’d assume most hardline players feel the same because anyone who loved battlefield for the dynamic combat that lots of different powerful vehicles gave most likely never bought the game to begin with. Played the beta for about 3 hours and while it felt like battlefield shooting, the maps just felt empty and ridiculous with only cars and a weak helicopter moving around in 64 man battles. I think they’re trying to win back battlefield players, but most are already gone or were never there to begin with…

    • xXx360spinNoScopeFTWxXx

      CoD dink detected. Look if all you want is hide&seek run around on the ground, seriously, go play call of daycare.

      More vehicles are a good thing.

      • That guy you might know

        I’m assuming you haven’t played Hardline if you’re just going with a “Go play CoD” comment. You’d know that Hardline’s “on the ground” is great, there’s already enough equipment that supports it well enough. I’m not saying the vehicles are bad, it’s more like its slightly difficult for the fact that you can be blown up immediately every five seconds because the amount of RPGs they just throw at players.

        There are RPGs damn near everywhere, if you don’t pick up one up you can easily spawn one in a car just by getting in it.

        But since you’re clearly a seasoned Battlefield player, nobody knows what they’re talking about. You clearly don’t even need to play the game to put us in our place.

        • jckrbbt

          The guy is a troll and a bad one at that. All his posts are cynical and disrespectful. It’s easier to just ignore him.

    • jckrbbt

      If the vehicles contribute to the game, I’m all for it. If it’s just more sedans and coupes and motorcycles, or anything that can be one-shot by an RPG, it wont add anything. I’m starting to think that Hardline wasn’t really aimed at the standard Battlefield demographic, and was looking for a wider console audience.

      • Guest

        No really?

  • SubXero

    Honestly, I really do love Battlefield but, for me, the best part of Hardline is the lack of vehicles. I primarily play solo and nothing is more annoying than being the only guy trying to take out vehicles while thirty-one other people run around getting annihilated by said vehicles and don’t seem to care at all.

    • Trevor Squires

      I agree. I love vehicles in Battlefield but in Hardline the game feels a whole lot better without them. Except in Hotwire, that’s a different story.

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  • xHDx

    There is near enough no destruction as it is, so I don’t think Hardline deserves to be called “Battlefield” Hardline. In my honest opinion, I think they removed Destruction for performance issues. That’s quite a large accusation to make but im confident in it.

    • xXx360spinNoScopeFTWxXx

      Nobody cares what you think it should/shouldn’t be called.

      • xHDx

        Do you speak for everyone? Didn’t think so. Let me fix for you.

        *I don’t care what you think it should/shouldn’t be called.

    • Guest

      No ” Battlefield” has had any significant destruction. Only the bad company series did.

      • xHDx

        I did say anything about the destruction being significant, just that it had practically none. I’m pretty BF Company and BF3/4 had a higher amount.

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  • Soldier

    They try to incorporate vehicles on some maps, but they make them made of paper so they are just used to travel. Why even include them at all? You give RPG’s all over the maps, which are 1 shot kills to every vehicle, so why even bother adding more?

    • Corey

      they give ONE RPG power weapon on the map…and it works like a power weapon. The RPGs in trunks is debatable. I haven’t seen them as a HUGE problem yet though…but I can see them being one.

  • Cloud Flash

    California and Florida?

    We already have a map in Florida and several in California, why would you rehash the same locations?

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  • Corey

    I like Hardline a lot. I wish DICE would stop doing this premium stuff though. Premium is just annoying.

    I like the content but it just ends up fragmenting the user base.

    • jckrbbt

      One of the best changes to BF4 was the All-Maps playlists. Finally Premium members can join a game that lets everyone play on any of the DLC maps. I just wish it came along sooner, and that it removed the DLC specific options. Better late than never, but I deeply agree that DLC maps fragments the playerbase.

      • Corey

        When did that happen? I still don’t really like BF4 though. But thank God they did a playlist like that for once.

  • Corey

    I liked vehicles in BF3.

  • TheShwantz27 (Brian)

    Why do people have such a hard-on for night maps? It’s so difficult to try to see anything at all with dark maps & characters in dark clothing. Needing to turn up the brightness for certain maps is idiotic.


      I think because night maps are easier to camp for kills in.

    • Corey

      I like night maps. And snow maps, And jungle maps. I like all maps. The more immersive a map is the better.

  • RebornAngel666

    If the guns are being given out for non-premium users as well, then I shouldn’t have ever bought premium for this damn game.

    • jckrbbt

      I bought Premium for the gun bench, the masks, and the Legendary status! And because I clearly hate my money and believe too much in pre-release promises.

      • Leon


  • Rob Hestar

    Love hardline..I hope the new maps will be awesome in Rescue mode best mode in the game IMO (unless u want easy points,than hotwire)

    • Corey

      ya Rescue is pretty awesome. That and heist. Heist feels similar to Rush from Bad company and BF3 days. BF4 destroyed Rush. And that’s precisely why I don’t like BF4….at all. Just isn’t fun.

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  • TripleBeamRIII .

    Where’s the damn Gun Bench at? So far there is no advantage of having a premium account.

  • trem

    This game kinda ruined it for me, I thought cod was bad to be honest at first, I wasn’t too fond of jetpacks but now hardline is horrible. Everything is off balance, just not a smooth game at all

    • Corey

      I 110% disagree with you. (also….smooth? What does that even mean?)

      • trem

        Well that’s good it’s just a forum and it doesn’t matter, but smooth as an adverb means without difficulties, hence “this game is not running as smooth as battlefield 4” hope that answers your question

        • Corey

          I figured that’s what you meant. But still….I think Hardline is a thousand times more “smooth” than BF4. But anyway….

          • trem

            It doesn’t bother you guys either that aop maps are same size? I’ll go from heist to hotwire to conquest large and small, AND STILL SAME MAP SIZE!!!. Bf4 at least provided that

            • Corey

              Honestly, that’s partly why I like Hardline. I don’t like the maps in BF4.
              And I don’t play conquest. Yes I know….blaspheme and what not….I just don’t like playing aimless gametypes with aimless people. That’s why I liked Rush in Bad Company and BF3 so much. And why I like Heist so much. Because you can’t really be aimless in those gametypes without getting destroyed.

              BF4 went for the whole idea of “scale” that everyone screamed about BF3 not having which I think was ridiculous and dumb to begin with. Scale in BF3 and Bad Company was just fine. Any bigger than that and you just have a lame, disjointed, aimless, boring game. (unless you’re playing clan vs clan)….but even then.

    • riotdolph

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