Battlefield Hardline’s New DLC Map Is A Remake Of Battlefield 3’s “Grand Bazaar” – New Video

With Battlefield Hardline’s fourth and final content drop, revealed just last week, Visceral Games is turning back the clock by bringing back one of Battlefield 3’s most popular multiplayer maps.

In Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal, players will find the new map “Chinatown” awfully familiar. As the studio’s latest behind-the-scenes video reveals, that’s because it’s a direct reimagining of Grand Bazaar from Battlefield 3, known as one of the game’s more action-packed, medium-sized maps.

Senior Environmental Artist Jonathan Hackett walks viewers through the process of bringing the iconic map back and updating it for Battlefield Hardline in the video above.

Pretty neat! Was Grand Bazaar one of your favorites? Happy to see it return in Battlefield Hardline?

Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal DLC launches first for Premium subscribers in March.

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  • Just a guy

    Looks awesome. Too bad the new maps will be dead 2-3 weeks after they release.

  • dpg70

    What a waste of a fabulous map.

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin

      Amen brother!

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  • Patrick Matthew Barahona

    Battlefield 4 would have benefited so much more with this map than Hardline.

    • JASONH


      • Patrick Matthew Barahona


  • xHDx

    I’m craving a BF5 already :]

    • JASONH

      Nobody cares

      • xHDx

        You do, otherwise you wouldn’t have replied…

  • Aria68

    They should seriously consider bringing to BF4. I have Hardline but i can’t see my self playing it anymore. I just like BF4 and can’t wait for BF5.

  • oofy

    But, can you drop debris on the enemy?

    • dpg70

      You can’t barely break a window in hardline

      • RamboCommando

        That simply isn’t true.

  • RamboCommando

    EA just had an Xbox One sale. Hardline was $17. Hardline and all DLC (premium) was $20. This is easily worth $20. Xbox One daily max player count is around 10,000 and growing after every EA sale. So these maps definitely will not be wasted. I didn’t like it at first coming from BF4 but now it’s my number one game on Xbox. Try it out if you haven’t. It will pass the time until BF5 releases in November.

    • Patrick Matthew Barahona

      There are sales that go lower than that on PS4 and it still really isn’t worth it.

    • Brian

      The peak in 24 hours for Hardline on X1 is 7,774.

      Nice made up number btw.

  • pb0yd1

    How easy would this be to make it work on bf4 .