Battlefield Premium Accidentally Confirmed by Sony, Allegedly Releases June 4th On PSN Along With Close Quarters

Seems like the official European PlayStation Blog may have “accidentally” released information concerning the much rumored Battlefield 3 Premium service.

According to the store preview from the blog post (now fixed), Battlefield 3 will be releasing it’s premium service on June 4th along with the first new multiplayer expansion pack, Close Quarters.

The pricing for Europe is set as following:

Battlefield 3 – Close Quarters (Monday 4th June release) (£11.99, €14.99, AU$23.95)

Battlefield 3 – Premium (Monday 4th June release) (£39.99, €49.99, AU$79.95)

The US prices convert roughly into $15 and $50 retrospectively which falls pretty closely in line with what we reported earlier.

Electronic Arts is set to have their E3 Press Conference on Monday, June 4th around 1pm Pacific Standard Time. This will most likely be the day that Battlefield Premium is announced. You can also expect an official announcement concerning a release date for Close Quarters as mentioned on the Battlefield Twitter account: “Keep an eye on our upcoming E3 press conference on June 4th, you will catch any news concerning Close Quarters there. “

Guess DICE couldn’t keep this one a secret for very long! Stay tuned to MP1st on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about Battlefield Premium as well as the Close Quarters and Armored Kill DLCs.

  • I hope it’s not more than 4000 msp :/

  • Cyborg6971

    Why must we pay for things that used to be free?

    • kathead

      since when has battlefield 3 content been free besides the physical warfare pack.none they all cost some amount of money

  • so june 11th would also be the date for pc/xbox assuming this is correct. I think I will pick and choose DLC rather than buying premium.

  • 50$ isnt that bad still wish it was cheaper but it doesnt matter ill just buy the DLC seperate 🙂

    • It’s rougly $15 per DLC, and they’re promising 4 more DLCs in the future (including Close Quarters), so if you’re going to buy them all separately – you’ll be paying $10 extra and won’t be getting Premium’s bonuses. I think $50 is a pretty good deal.

  • Alkanida

    seriously guys, just give us information not on the same day it releases
    wth is going on with you guys? damn, i wanted to take vacation for this and enjoy it all day long…guess what no i gotta work 10hrs/day and play a few hours everyday.
    if this is true, then very NOT well done!

  • Arendsb

    So no announcement about a possible patch?

    Close quarters on ps3 might as well as be called Froze Quarters; the efffing input lag is only compounded at close range, and it literally almost “freezes” or gets all “jumpy” between left/right (x-axis) movements.

    If there was a graph of x-axis movement, it would likely show movements of x, in increments of like 5, or 10 units each. It’s a disaster.

    I think it’s because you press right, nothing happens so you press more right, then the games new “increased returns to movement” (acceleration) kicks in, and moves you even more, such that movement is not linear, and is also delayed, so you move more, and it increases at an exponential rate.



      While I have no doubt that there seems to be some type of lag plaguing players such as yourself, I’m just curious as to why I don’t have any lag whatsoever. I mean, maybe a little hiccup very rarely nowadays (Before the last patch, my lag resembled what you’re having to deal with), but nothing crippling.

      I play on PS3 as well and have a slim(?) with 120GB (Again, ?), but I wouldn’t think that would have anything to do with it… Have you tried re-installing the patch? It’ll certainly take awhile, but it might do some good, you know?

      Hope it works out.

      • Arendsb

        I think it’s a factor of TVs and the game. Something about the way the game outputs or pre-loads HD textures, that may give *some* displays additional or increased input lag, when compared to alternative TVs.

        But we know it isn’t the entire fault of the tv, as other games of the same screen resolution (720p) do not experience the input lag.

        Some sort of regression of function like:

        IL = bf3 + tv + E

        Where IL is input lag, bf3 is lag related to coding, tv is lag related to tv, and E is the unknown factor

    • there is like not input lag well i never had it

    • colin

      um actually they did say on this very site that there were posts stating there will be aan update

  • Booger

    Lol. Aussies get charged 30 extra. Bullshit.

    • pouncingpuma001

      their dollar is different than the american dollar

      • jgalena

        79.65 (AUD) = 77.52 (USD)

        • SwarleyAUS

          so bullshit. the US price, if you work from the cost of the pack in Europe, should be at least $60. ARGH WTF EA!! i wouldve been happy to pay $50, but not bloody $80!! >:O

  • I remember people bashing Actvision for COD Elite. Now I see people welcoming BF3 Premium? Double standard?:

    • Arendsb

      No one welcomes this crap,

      There’s only 2 type of people: fanboys, and every else.

      Fanboys s*** the ***k of whatever entity it is, that they blindly follow. They may not support it, but they’re too busy s***ing to pay attention.

      The rest, miserly pay up, or stop playing. Too bad we all paid once, and so EA walks away laughing, and satisfied.

      Most companies are happy and satisfied with the first payment; EA is that greedy little corner prostitute that wants even more.

      Seriously not a fan.

  • Casavult

    I’m not sure If I want Premium or not yet. :/

  • tr

    So the premium is £40 including b2k, shouldn’t that be cheaper if you have already purchase b2k?
    Someone pls reply, kind of confused here!

  • Wiitardation

    How do they still justify the huge price difference between AUS & US on DIGITAL content?

    Shipping? no, packaging? no………..what the hell is there that makes our dollar which is on par with the US become irrelevant when deciding the price?

    • jgalena

      Australians get really ripped off

      • SwarleyAUS

        as i said above, total bloody bs. if this is true, i will rage so hard on ea and dice’s twitter and facebook!

  • I am a little disappointed that Premium is released NOW! I have already PAID for B2K (1200 ms points) and if I had waited for this I would have got that included in the Premium! Yet another example of EA money grabbing! Personally I think the Premium should offer a slight discount for those that already have B2K as those without will benefit a LOT more from this service. I am unsure as to whether or not this represents good value – I don’t know how much it will cost (in ms points) for the xbox yet. If it costs 4000 points, then I would be spending 5200 on DLC although it is dependent on me actually wanting ALL of the map packs and STILL playing the MP when they are released. There are a lot of games coming out between now and then that will also be wanting my attention – Black Ops 2 (SP, MP and Zombies), MoH, BioShock Infinite, Aliens:
    Colonial Marines, Tomb Raider, Halo 4, The Last of Us, Crysis 3, RE6,
    DS3, AC3, GTA5, Hitman, Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Lego Batman 2 😉

  • Annyomous

    I dont like battlefiled it is a crappy game to me because everytime i join a lobby the host boots me. Because i start winning argh battlefield 3

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