Battlelog 2.0 Now Live On iOS and Android Devices, Battlefield 4 Section Now Open

The exclusive Battlefield 4 beta is only a few hours away, but you can get a head start by exploring the game’s recently updated social stat-tracking service, Battlelog.

Battlelog 2.0 is now available for download on iOS and Android devices, according to the development team behind the service, including support for the Battlefield 4 beta and tablet use.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 12.36.49 AM

You can download the app from each respective store, or simply update your current app. Need a reminder of Battlelog 2.0’s newest features? Check out the demo below:

Users will also notice a brand new “Battlefield 4” section on the browser-based Battlelog, which will fully unlock once you have created your soldier within the Battlefield 4 beta.

  • dieger

    will the forum get updated too? will there be more trolls and aholes? if not then this is a terrible update

    • theplantain

      the forums actually used to have some funny trolls and people who made good suggestions and contributions….now its just people still crying about the BF3 m16 and people making ridiculous suggestions for BF4

      • Katana67

        Patrick Bateman

        • oofy

          He used to be on here. Guess he got the Banhammer.


      I have never took that forum seriously.

  • Douglas Carr

    I have an android device, and a fairly new one. Says it’s incompatible?

    • Is it running ICS or Jelly Bean?

      • Steve H

        I have the same problem was Douglas Carr. I’m using a Nexus 7(2012), which runs 4.3.

    • Mika Vastamaa

      I got two different android phones, claims incompatible. Other’s chinese ZTE Blade II, the other Samsung Xcover – which should be okay for the app. Alas, no.

  • Took them forever to release an Android version but both are updated round the same time.

    Can’t really complain though.

    • marpla78

      is working ok, a little slow sometimes but overall is looking good.

  • Mika Vastamaa

    3 different phones, 2 androids and a nokia lumia. No app for any of them. Also the earlier BF3 app is now apparently (more) broken and doesn’t work, no scroll, no updates.. just junk. Fix this app ASAP.