Battlelog Dev Adresses Privacy Concerns, “Invisible Mode” a “Top Priority” for Battlefield 4

Battlelog developers at DICE plan to add additional steps to ensure privacy for users of the social, stat-tracking service by the time Battlefield 4 rolls around this Fall.

Speaking to Battlefield fan Rubén Santana on Twitter, Battlelog developer Filip mentioned that an “invisible mode” is a “top priority” for the team.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.14.41 AMPresumably, entering into an invisible mode would not allow other users to see if you are online or which Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4 servers you are playing in.

Users currently dealing with privacy issues in Battlefield 3 (“trolling,” stalking, etc.) may hopefully feel some relief by the news, but we’ll be sure to add more details about additional security measures as we learn them.

Filip also answered questions about player stats, mentioning that players should care less about their kill-to-death ration and, instead, focus on playing the objective.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.29.51 AM

What sort of stats do you think are important in the after-match reports? Also, what sort of security measures would you like to see implemented in Battlelog for Battlefield 4?

  • Ikaros

    maybe they could implement some kind of system that detects a player’s pc or implement it in a server for the game that disables cheats/hacks,that’s be awesome!

  • AtheistMason

    Oh my, do whatever you are gonna do, Battlelog dev team, but please don’t destroy BetterBattlelog -__- Can’t live w/o it now

    Anyways it’s OK to add K/D to TDM/SQDM game modes, but K/D in Conquest or Rush is meaningless.

    • Matt

      that might clutter the scoreboard, with that many numbers?

      • AtheistMason

        Nope, player ID is restrained in 16 characters so names are quite short, and the scoreboard leaves much of the screen (provided you are on above 720p), thus it’s fairly spacious now. Anyways just Cap/Neutralize or Arm/Destroy will be okay. 2 numbers won’t take a great place.

    • potatolol

      BetterBattlelog gets ”destroyed” with every Battlelog update.We will have a BBlog as long as its devs will keep supporting it.

      • AtheistMason

        You got the point. I think there would be no major updates for the BF3 section on Battlelog, so that’s fine 😉

        After BF4 come out, however, there will be a period when I have to use BF4 section without BBlog 🙁

    • Kevin Walters

      the info that is presented for each match in the server browser should also include the score of the match

      • AtheistMason

        Do you mean Live Scoreboard? I didn’t quite catch your meaning… DICE once introduced Live Scoreboard in Server Details page but for some reason I can’t load it now..

  • JustinD

    Don’t care about kdr? If you play the objective but have 1000 kills and 10000 deaths you are garbage. If your kd sucks you suck. I would rather have someone staying back getting kills, or not getting kills, instead of someone running to the objective getting killed and wasting tickets. If your 1 and 20 you get kicked even if your on the other team. Nobody deserves to be dragged down

    • AtheistMason

      You are right, KD is not That important in Objective-based gamemodes, but it doesn’t mean one can be a reckless noob. But still I don’t want KD displayed in Conquest/Rush scoreboard 🙁


        I agree. K/D should only be shown on your personal profile page. When it is showed in the after match scoreboard it turns into a pissing contest. I’ve heard players who won their match complain about not going positive.

        • JustinD

          It should be shown but maybe add a flag capture score

  • Yeah we need it before BF4 ..

    • potatolol

      Are you some BF celebrity?There are very few people who actually needs it.

      • pbvider

        Don`t matter,more privacy is allways better!Don`t want to be invisible to others,no problem…don`t use the option!

  • Kyle Jackson

    Wouldn’t this make it harder to track cheaters to report?

    • Kyle Jackson

      If you’re down voting my comment because you disagree, don’t just hit and run. Supply an answer, or some sort of debate, I’d like to know.

  • eBunny

    A thing I really like about TF2 and games alike is that K/D really doesn’t matter so there are often a lot more people actually playing the objective, playing their role and trying their best to win. Now of course there will always be trolls and people who don’t care that much for winning and stuff, but even though I try not to care about my K/D in Battlefield, I still kind of subconsciously often check the scoreboard to see if it’s above 2.0
    Now playing the objective doesn’t necessarily mean just recklessly running from flag to flag without giving a crap about getting killed, because that way you are likely to lose as well, but it’s just doing what is necessary for your team to win. So if your team keeps getting killed by heli’s, it could be a good idea to get in your own chopper or jet or get your stigila’s out and if you see a flag you capped flashing, get on it and defend that flag.

  • K/D Ratio is one of the worst additions a dev can add to a game lobby screen

  • MegaMan3k

    Removing all stat tracking from their MP titles would the best thing that EA could possibly do in the history of forever.

    • WarBro

      Best thing for whom? All the CoD kids they’re trying to attract as crossovers certainly wont tolerate a lack of arcade mode instant feedback kill scoreboard, sad but true. If EA didn’t have such CoD envy then shitty game modes and features that only appeal to kiddies on the consoles might disappear.

      • MegaMan3k

        Your attitude is unwarranted and severely weakens your argument. Long term stat tracking was popularized, if not invented, with Battlefield 2.

  • ThePoolshark

    The privacy mode is something that is top on their list. Myself and others have been throwing ideas about privacy options at Battlelog Devs for a few months now, hopefully some of them will be implemented. It could definitely help high profile players avoid stalking. (by that I mean devs, youtubers, or anyone with exclusive dogtags)

    • SchwartzJesuz

      Or Battlelog moderators, such as yourself 😛

      • ThePoolshark

        yea, stalkers suck….

        • WarBro

          Then don’t do things to encourage being stalked? I’ve played over 700 hours of BF3 and have never been stalked because I don’t sit there getting into it with the try hards and chat spammers.

          • ThePoolshark

            I am on a stalking site because of my tags. It is nothing I say that causes people to stalk me

  • kyuubi_clone

    thank god! i am fed up of being stalked by my friends lol. it can be unnerving – especially when trying to do assignments. they should remove the K/D stat altogether and make it like BFBC2 – just show kills and points on the scoreboard.

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  • WarBro

    I’d rather maintain the ability to track cheaters game to game than indulge a handful of prima donnas that stream the game trying to make a profit .. But that’s just me.

    • Matt

      You have to take into account that its their full time job, of course they’re looking for profit, they sustain themselves on it. Also I haven’t seen too many hackers in BF3, their population is relatively small compared to the amount of legit players. Invisible mode shouldn’t make this number rise unless BF4 has some major holes in its makeup and people get to hack a lot easier..

  • B_Boss

    My idea? Create the stats as they were in BC2: You never saw your kills until post round. The only element of your results you saw in-game was the points you obtained. Hell it would be great if that stat was done away with in its entirety.