Be In Call of Duty: Ghosts – Infinity Ward Wants Your Gamertag

Infinity Ward wants to immortalize you in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Though details are sparse, Infinity Ward wants to select 10 lucky winners to have their Gamertag featured in-game in Call of Duty: Ghosts at launch.

Entering is pretty simple. You’ll need to fill out this form right here and follow the instructions below. UK residents can enter here. Registration closes on August 2 at 2 pm PDT.


Winners will be selected during the Call of Duty: Ghosts global multiplayer reveal on August 14, so be sure to tune in. We’ll also be at the event covering it live.

Sounds pretty cool. We wonder exactly how your Gamertag will be displayed in the game when it launches this November 5 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, later on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Did you enter?

  • zacflame

    wow! I’m going to be immortalized!

    (forgotten 1 day after release)

  • Mohammad Nassir

    bad marketing .. I don’t know what the point ??

  • Oooo

    They also want my money but they can fuck off.

    • WarBroh

      If you don’t pay up Bobby Kotick’s bastard kids born to hookermoms go hungry.

      Think of the childrinz

  • Rashad Gill

    They are gonna have to redraw so many times when they pick gamertags like “I 69yo daddy 2X” and “Allah Akbar666”. (Yes these names are real)

  • No love for Canada?

  • jahladagaming

    All the under age kids have something like xXeLiTeSnIpEZZXx or bullshit to that effect

    • Mike


      If I had a cool name it would something like “xXxEL1TExLAGG3RXx” or “H1TmarkerMike” but it sadly ended up as my ol name.

    • WarBroh

      And if you’ve been on Xbox Live recently, thats just about everyone.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      If you are under 18 they don’t let you register I don’t think, My cousin couldn’t.

      • WarBroh

        Good. Your “cousin” has homework to do anyway. Then warm milk and early to bed.

        • AtheistMason


        • ReeceGators

          which unlucky kid has homework during the summer?

          • Oblivion_Lost667

            Don’t a lot of high schools giving reading assignments and stuff like that over the summer? That’s technically homework lol.

        • Joseph


        • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

          Whyd you put cousin in quotations? I’m 18 and graduated lol.

      • Joseph

        You can register from 13 up with a ”parent” account. lol — luckily most kids don’t know how to do that and actually ask their parents. That’s probably your cousin.

        • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

          Haha most likely. I told him he can’t even buy it so why should he be in it lol

    • Joseph

      And the French…..they seem to think shit like that looks cool or something.

    • YinYang27

      Not me, mine on PSN is a simple”YinYang27″

  • Jay Gautreau

    Where is the Form For Canada?? 🙁

    • zacflame

      infinity ward only knows Great Britain and the U.S.

      • nah I changed ‘us’ to ‘au’ in the url and it worked so for once there is one for Aus/NZ

    • WarBroh

      America’s Hat aka America Lite isn’t the center of the universe, always with the whining about being left out. Don’t you have some pelts to pack and ship

  • AJ

    Ok cool ill sign up.. get to form page fills out everthing. error AJ is not a valid name.

  • blondbassist

    I filled out one for my dog

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      My dolphin plays CoD.

      • Kishan Amin

        yea i dont see what wrong about it my sloth play it…

      • SubXero

        So it’s safe to assume he’s mastered diving?

    • uwantSAM0A

      A Joke about a dog on an article pertaining to COD? Youre barking up the wrong tree, buddy.

  • Mr. Thuggins

    Good lord, Infinity Ward… You’re focusing on the wrong f****** things!

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      But it’s for the kids lol

    • zacflame

      but think of the children, Mr. Thuggins!

      • Mr. Thuggins


  • Ryupyroa


  • theplantain

    XxYoLoxSwagzX420xsniperXxKillerxX…i will be immortal!!!

    ….well, till CoD: Ghosts Part Deux comes out

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    Why would I want to associate my gamertag with a game that is about to be forgotten once all the other REAL next-gen games hit? CoD ghosts graphically looks like a decent Xbox 360 or PS3 game.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      The most popular franchise in gaming history won’t be forgotten lol. No matter how much you want it to.

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        True I guess, it is a fun as hell game to play with friends although it’s been 2 years now since I quit CoD. But I want to see how the game will hold up against really ground breaking titles… Will people stay loyal to CoD or finally move to these newer next gen games that catch their eye? BF4 for example, is looking great and is now 64 players and 60fps for next gen consoles, bringing big battles and taking CoD’s main 60 frames per second feature away (as most other next gen games are too now). Of couse there is a certain charm to the twichyness and over the top-ness of cod’s multiplayer that other games can’t copy but we will see.

        • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

          Agreed. I have always been a COD fan but got into Battlefield with Battlefield 3 and it always seems to be setback by not being able to live up to features it has on PC. We also don’t know what Ghosts is going to do yet either with MP. (Until the 14th) They could have 64 players as well if they wanted to.

          • Zheka

            Their shitty netcode won’t handle 64p.

            • AtheistMason

              Well actually the netcode isn’t the problem. But dedicated servers (you don’t expect someone hosting other 63 guys)

            • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

              Looking at your past comments, even if they ended up having 64 players you would still find something to bitch about.

            • Joseph

              Ha, quit whining.

          • faponit

            64 players on what ? Map size of a pinhead ? Don’t be ridiculous.They keep this shit tiny and 12 players only for a reason

            • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

              Maybe map sizes will be larger in Ghosts :O Shocking

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    They probably should have told you what your gamertag would be used for lol.

  • DennisB407

    xXxPoopyHead69xXx get ready to be a star!!

  • Bradley Griffiths

    Did anyone else read What the rules for this say? I was a business major so I always look through it and in the prize section they make it a point to say ARV is $0 and you cannot exchange it for cash value. I mean I know Activision loves there money but wow they really want to protect it.

  • uwantSAM0A

    I wonder how many unoriginal names they will have to go through until they just give up and pick the ones with the least amount of “x”‘s.

    • Joseph

      thousands man

    • SubXero

      At least mine only has one X 🙁

  • Joseph

    Nobody seems to be asking the question of ”why”, why do they want our GT’s? I think that during their little Multiplayer Reveal those 10 lucky mofos will be the ones playing it…therefore showing up their Gamertags in the trailer and those people will be forever shitting brix because millions and millions of people are gonna see it?
    That or it’ll be in the

  • Zachary Myers

    If you see Rugged Savior appear in Ghosts, then prepared to be amazed! lol

  • Scott | MassNERDerer

    Oops, missed that deadline. Lol