BF3 – BF1943 Not Included in PS3 version, Highest Rank Revealed, and more

DICE has recently clarified what exactly the deal is with Battlefield 1943’s inclusion in the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 as well as revealed some new information about ranks, private matches, and the day-one patch.

In a follow up to one of our previous articles looking into the fact that Battlefield 1943 may not be included in the PS3 version of Battlefield, DICE has officially announced that “The Limited Edition will not come with BF1943, but with the Back to Karkand expansion.” It seems either DICE has taken back their original promise, or will include it at a later date for PS3 owners. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Daniel Matros also had a few interesting things to say this morning as well. First, according to him, “Private matches [are] not on launch for consoles.” Exactly when they will be added has yet to be confirmed. PC fans have been asking whether the day-one patch that was announced earlier will be included in the preload or not. To this, Matros replied: “already integrated in preload.” Matros also had something to say regarding the current state of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. He said, “stuck in between launching a new game, we are taking a look at those issues for BC2 as well.” Many gamers are revisiting BFBC2 one last time before the release of BF3, and it would nice to see the game end on a strong note. Are you going to be playing Bad Company 2 up until the release of BF3?

One fan asked Tomas Danko if any of the multiplayer maps would include earthquakes, like seen in the earlier single player trailers of Battlefield 3. He responded, “there are similar moments on some maps, but not like in SP.”

Lastly, Fredrik Thylander has officially revealed the number of ranks available in Battlefield 3. “Highest rank is colonel 100 star (rank 145)”. Remember, it takes more to rank up in the final build compared to the beta.

Also recently reported, make sure to also check out the brand new Server Browser Feature in the Console Versions of Battlefield 3!

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  • Nick

    They have spent the last 12 months either trolling MW3 or telliing lies. They said the campaign was 15 hours long, now it’s only 8. They said we would get BF1943, now we are not and they give no reason. I am not buying their game I think the way they have acted this year is atrocious. 

    • Azninv4sion

      no one cares

      • Idiot^^

        You spelled Asian wrong, sir.

        • tard

          not really, this is a slang for asian.

    • Duhast111

      stfu trolls, u guys been fked worse by activision somany times, besides no one whants 1943 when bf 3 is out, and better for us the less cod player buy the game the better the game play will be whe dont whant no k/d campers that dont even know how to play

      • I’m one BF player who would love my CoD buddies to join in 🙂

        • Duhast111

          its ok if they join but plz dont try to play bf3 like cod, they need to learn u play them different k/d is worthless if ur loosing a rush or conquest round

  • What a load of bullshit. DICE really needs to get their act together. This is extremely unprofessional, and reflect poorly on all of their staff.

    • Mark

      Not really, this is such a non issue. Relax

      • I’m perfectly relaxed. I think it’s a really terrible thing to promise something to millions of players then not give it to them. DICE/EA has been awfully scattered between their Devs and CMs, in terms of getting news out.

        • well it aint much of a big deal i mean 1943 is only 10$ now also if you had a choice between karkand and 1943 what would you choose?

  • Not a big deal that it’s not on the disc. Yeah they promised, but 1943 is a novelty now more than anything.

    Dedicated servers with server browsing trumps all.

  • fghj

    Who cares? I bought this for BF3 not 1943.

  • Wlmerriweather

    im still gettin this game and anyways i think after they make sure everything is alright they will give us what they promised.. be patient lil grasshoppers

  • tomt610

    As for BC2 I am just downloading last (2.6GB) patch.
    And this 145 rank is more like confirmation since this was known already in beta that there will be 145 ranks.

  • I think Sony exchanged the deal for 1943 on disc to get DLC a week earlier than everyone else.

  • YF2

    seriously, who wants to play bf1942 when you have bf3? stop crying. and wow 145 rank O.O

  • if it wasn’t included why couldn’t they just denounce it?:/

    • Da


  • Kittle

    Personally, I am buying this game because, like others, I need to plan my massacre.

  • Ramon

    1943 doesnt really matter, because i doubt people will play it anyway, especially the 145 rank BF3 and sure we’ll be busy. i doubt i’ll be purchasing many games after this one, the multiplayer seems like its going to last a good couple years 😀 Lets see who will reach that 145 rank on PS3 servers first.

  • Fag

    Ive fucking tried to play some bf bc2 before bf3 releases on the ps3, but i literally will search for a rush game and no games are found -_-. Still 400,000+ players on b ops. . . disgrace.

  • It would be a generous addition, and a certain mr microsoft is extremelly overdue giving something back to the community.

  • Guest

    The PS3 version seems less and less enticing to buy anyway as the 360 version runs better and teh PC version has the most features. PS3 is an EPIC overhype and underdeliver failure.

    • 360 version does not run any better than the PS3. They are both shit. 

      • ultra stench

        60fps vs 30fps, so yes does run better on 360, yes both versions are shit compared to PC.

        • Kevin

          But it’s not 60FPS on 360…

    • Darth_paul

       youre more of an x360 fanboy than anything else. and in terms o PC being the best version, thats a no-brainer. shame that a pc that can run this in high mode costs like 6-7x more than a ps3/360.
      simple economics

    • Happy Gamer

      Isn’t it always PC>360>PS3? I mean I have seldom seen a multiplatform game on the PS3 be the best version. This will be no different and I’m sure the Lens of Truth or Digital Foundry will prove it.

    • actually the ps3 looks better then the 360 (its a fact look at the screenshots and see for yourself) it has bloom (360 does not) it has slightly better shadows

  • Stonehammons

    This game still is awesome

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  • Yes i played lots of bc2 over the weekend along with mw2. BC2 for the vehicles and recoil but i felt the COD mechanics were more fluid like ill be seeing in BF3 tonight so i hopped over there for a little bit! excited about such a high rank and also still hoping the servers dont crash tonight <3  

  • Guest

    It is a dick move to take it back, but i dont care because karkand has wake island

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