BF3 – 5 Flag Maps in Back to Karkand on Consoles, DICE Puts Lead Platform Rumors to Rest, Color-blind Mode Details

More details about Back to Karkand and color-bind mode in Battlefield 3 have been revealed. Also, DICE shares it’s response to recent development rumors.

Besides the graphics, some of the biggest differences between the PC and console versions of Battlefield 3 are the map sizes, especially in the Conquest game type. Where you might find maps that include five flags on the PC, those same maps might include only three flags on console eg. Operation Firestorm. However, with the release of Back to Karkand this December, DICE is looking to change that. According to Global Community Manager, Daniel Matros, consoles will also be receiving five flag maps. However, recent GameSpot PS3 footage of Back to Karkand showed the maps Strike at Karkand and Gulf of Oman to be only three flag maps. We’ve yet to have seen console footage of Sharqi Peninsula or Wake Island, but if only one map were to include five flags on console, it would most likely be wake island with its lengthy U-shape design.

As a follow up to one of our recent articles detailing how they will be handling cheaters in Battlefield 3, DICE has recently announced that they have “banned hundreds of offending accounts and have stats-wiped additional accounts for exploiting (such as boosting).” Lookout for more!

Many fans are still on DICE’s tail regarding support for the color-blind. It’s something that is a must for Battlefield 3 considering the recent Modern Warfare 3 had color-blind support at launch. Thankfully, Tomas Danko, VO Producer at DICE, has some new info. He confirms color-blind mode “has not been forgotten, only postponed. This is an important issue to lots of people at DICE.” Expect updates as more details of the upcoming patch become available. Follow MP1st on Twitter and Facebook to stay informed!

Despite recent rumors of Battlefield 3 switching to consoles as the lead platform mid-development, Danko assures us this was not the case. “We spent years making the game on PC only, then ten months to fit it onto consoles AFTER the design was done,” he said in response to one distraught fan. Take from this what you will, but it’s important to recognize how much work DICE has put into the PC version of Battlefield 3.

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  • I’ve never doubted DICE regarding their work because I love their work. Also, I see no reason for “fans” to keep yelling at DICE about such trivial matters. PC runs the game the best, and there’s no denying it. 

    • Dethred

      Definitely feel free to keep misunderstanding the complaints of the PC community.

      • The PC community needs to understand that it’s a whole different market now and any business would be stupid to ignore where the money is at.  DICE has done a lot more than most game companies and that should be commended.

  • Glock 23 Lover

    I don’t understand why console players (im a ps3 player) insist in 5 flags, unless DICE add at least 32 players for consoles it doesn’t make sense a bigger map with only 24 players, it would feel empty. Now, is they add more than 24 player i agree with those 5 flags. Right know as it is, and with the love i feel for BF3 and the fun i’m having, some maps feels empty with 24 players. So read this, not always, bigger maps means more fun.

    • I had the same thoughts with maps like Caspian Boarder and Kharg Island. Unless you’re playing Rush both maps very well give off that empty feel with only 24 players. I’ve practically given up on long range sniping with these maps. I think DICE should have attempted to squeeze in 32 players for consoles. Five flags sounds interesting but it’ll just add to the emptiness.  

      • Just because you have five flag maps, doesn’t mean they are bigger. Do you think you can fit at least one more flag on Caspian Border? Seine Crossing? Or even Grand Bazaar? Hell yes.

        Let’s take Grand Bazaar for instance. My guess is that at least 50% or more of the maps is never touched. (The square street that borders the map) No one hardly takes those streets as (foot) transportation and it really seems to me like this area should be utilized.

  • Boo

    “Take from this what you will, but it’s important to recognize how much work DICE has put into the PC version of Battlefield 3.”

    It’s just as important to me to note how much of the development was seemingly made with only consoles in mind.

    • Good point. I think it’d be hard for any dev to resist the temptation to appeal to the mass console market these days. If this temptation wasn’t there, perhaps the PC version of BF3 would have been much more polished and unique to that platform.

  • chacale47

    24 players on Conquest= Fail
    Time to ask for 32 players on Console!
    Graphics does not matter, gameplay is most important 🙂

  • next time you talk to dice ask when eyefinity is going to be fixed. they dont respond to us.

  • Hux

    5 flags and 32 players on a map for console would be great…obviously this game was built for PC…everything from the server lobbies to jumping into games and battlelog were all designed for PC and then ported to the consoles. I wish the PC’ers would put a sock in it…they get fixes first and I’m okay with that as long we get the fixes in a timely manner…and lets be honest who is tired of the spamming of mortars, getting blinded by tack lights and laser guides from 200 ft away…oh and the crazy abuse of the IRNV scope that everyone has mounted on every gun.

  • My main problem with CQ and Rush; Flags and M-COMs are in horrible locations. In Conquest, one team usually has a horrible deployment and can easily be spawn trapped there. This is a result of the bad locations of the flags. I believe that moving the locations of the flags or adding 1 more flag to a Conquest map will help alleviate this issue. 

    Most of the Rush maps are a complete joke. It’s practically impossible for the attacking team to take the beginning M-COMs at the first base on Grand Bazaar. After playing Rush on each map, it truly made me hate this game mode.

    I am o Xbox 360 and would love to see these changes made. I’m not saying that five flags capture points on maps will fix this; they just need to be adjusted and looked at with more scrutiny. 

  • Arindom Bhattacharjee
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