[Updated] BF3 Battlelog Updates Hint at E-Sport Features and Spectator Mode

Along with the recent PS3 and PC patches came some mysterious and unannounced updates to Battlefield 3’s social, stat-tracking service, the Battlelog.

You’ll now notice, upon hovering your curser over the “Multiplayer” tab on the Battlelog, that two new options under “Matches” appear: “View matches” and “Create a match.” Upon clicking “Create a match,” you’ll be taken to this screen below:

Nothing yet. But we do know that this feature will be available across all three platforms. Of course, many speculate that this feature will help open up Battlefield 3 to the e-sport audience, as DICE has admitted it being a goal of the team for quite some time now. Could this also be one of the features that Senior Designer Gustav Halling teased in our earlier reports?

Others speculate that we may soon (finally) be seeing a spectator mode or Battlerecorder make its way to Battlefield 3. A few things lend to this idea, one being that one of the new menu items is titled “View matches.” On top of this, we’ve also gathered a few clues ourselves to a Battlerecorder which you can check out right here. Lastly, a user on the Battlelog posted these codes found within the Battlelog:


Notice the word “spectator” a few times? It’s certainly obvious. Perhaps the inclusion of “matches/betasignup/” signifies that DICE will first run a beta to test this new feature as well. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more of these features soon.

Update: As QwietStorm has mentioned in the comments below, “My Matches” in the main menu of Battlefield 3 mentions e-sport matches. We’d also like to thank Geoff for providing us with the image below of the notice given to players when selecting this item in the PS3 multiplayer menu.

On a less official note, “Better Battlelog” has recently teamed up with BF3Stats.com to provide the ultimate stat-tracking add-on to the Battlelog service. You may remember a while back our report on the Better Battlelog browser add-on which allows for much more in-depth stat-tracking than the original Battlelog provides. Having recently partnered with BF3Stats.com, players can now view extremely detailed graphs and tables of a wide range of stats. Check out the image below to see a quick example of how this updates tracks stats like your score per minute, kill/death ratio and win/loss ratio.

Image provided by “Colonel Ramirez

You’ll notice the ability to track your stats over time, making it much easier to see your progression throughout your BF3 career.

Make sure to give the Better Battlelog service a try and let us know in the comments below what new features you think DICE will be providing in the near future!

Thanks, PCGames

  • Jesper Rex

    i think create match is a esl service

  • L1pp3r

    HAHA I would love to see competitive gaming in BF3 on the PS3 playing in HD.
    Input lag festival, yeah! And even more now after the patch. I now call it “Blurfield 3”

    • QwietStorm

      Even more? I had little to none before, and it’s felt noticeably smoother after the patch. Or are you just being sarcastic?

      • L1pp3r

         disabling AA dont make any differents. And yes you have input lag if you are playing it on the ps3 in HD, all ps3 users have it. There are no evidence of “NO” input lag in BF3 on the PS3 in HD, not a single video on youtube supporting your view on it, why is that? And why I call it Blurfield 3 now you will soon notice…

        • QwietStorm

          haha differents. I’m not playing in HD. I don’t know what you mean why is there no videos supporting my view. I’m talking about my experience and mine only. It doesn’t matter what’s on YouTube.

          • L1pp3r

             “difference” my bad, I’m from sweden so this isn’t my first language and I missspelled, Im terrible sorry. Atleast I can make myself understood in a couple of languages.
            If you are not playing in HD you dont suffer from the input lag like you do in HD. All I care about is proof and data to back it up.
            IN HD = input lag(unplayable)
            IN SD = less input lag(playable)

        • QwietStorm

          You can’t say unplayable. Thing is, I’ve played in HD with no problems, then moved to a different TV and immediately noticed a significant difference. There is obviously a rendering communication error that is more notable depending on your setup.

          • L1pp3r

            Yes I can say its unplayable because a 233ms delay in a fps game is unacceptable. Pls prove me wrong with video and data.
            Many have tried on youtube but all have failed big time.

        • QwietStorm

          Relax with all the proof and statistical data. I’m talking about just playing the game. I’m not saying it’s desirable or even acceptable when it isn’t supposed to be happening, but the game is not unplayable.

          • L1pp3r

            For me and its unplayable in HD.
            But hey, if you enjoy a broken product good for you!
            Perhaps you even could live with input lag on your steering wheel or your brakes while driving?

          • An0n0musx

            Hey l1pp3r, there IS input lag on your brakes in your car… It’s called your foot.  You’re never going to have split second 0.00ms reactions..  so that statement completely contradicted itself, bud.

        • QwietStorm

          So you’re comparing a video game to something that could potentially end your life now? Great analogy. And are you really going to continue to ignore the fact that I get no lag on the TV I am playing on when I’m on console?

          • L1pp3r

            Im comparing the feeling and effect of input lag.
            Im not ignoring your claim that you have no input lag, Im telling you that you have it. But as you said before you are playing in SD and in SD the input lag is not that big of a deal.
            Denying input lag in HD is like denying that BF3 is a video game.

          • An0n0musx

            I agree with QwietStorm.  I have played BF3 on my PS3 on multiple TV’s.  Some have a definite input lag, but luckily on my brand new Panasonic 52 inch ST30 there is no input lag at all.  And i play in full HD.  It’s ok t be wrong sometimes L1pp3r…  Some people have it some people dont.  The reason you see nothing on youtube verifying this is because the only people that post vids about input lag is the people that have it.  Why would someone post anything on the issue if it doesnt apply to them….

        • Guest

          Input lag varies from player to player from some reason, some have no real input lag and some do, it has nothing to do with them playing on SD or HD. BTW, when I refer to input lag, I refer to the annoying input lag, not that tiny input lag found in all games.
          Anyways, you just have to take my word on it, I’m not gonna post a video on youtube just to prove this to you, but I play BF3 on HD and it is very playable for me, I cannot notice any input lag, it’s just very smooth for me, I even did simple tests, as soon as I pushed the right analog stick to the left, my character would aim to the left instantly too.

          • L1pp3r

            Bla bla goes the retards who ruins the game for the rest of us.
            If you cant back up your statements with solid facts and data pls shut up.
            No a single video on youtube that proves your point!! why is that? 

          • Guest

            Maybe because a majority of the people can’t be bothered to prove it to tards like you.

        • Dkdusty

          Just because you have it don’t mean everyone has it or that everyone else have the exact same level of input lag,I had little input before patch now it is pretty much 0  now that the AA option is available so turning  AA  of has helped for me…

          • L1pp3r

             You f#cking morons that claiming that you have no input lag in HD on the PS3 pls prove it dont come here with your retarded brains and tell me that you dont have it and you cant freaking prove it!
            Just because your parents are your brother and sister doesn’t make the fact that input lag doesn’t exist! Pls pls pls for the f#cking 1000000 times pls bring show me some evidence pls pls otherwise shut the f#ck up.

            The same people claiming the input doesn’t exist are exactly the same people that claiming the holocaust didn’t take place.People who has nothing to back up their facts up.

        • LaDewd

          Sad little person aren’t you?
          Watching all the youtube videos to claim there isn’t solid proof…
          I’ll just play BF3 in HD while you keep on searching Youtube videos like an idiot.


      Quit it, its all in your head. 

    • moose

      competitive gaming on a console LOL

      thanks for that i needed a chuckle

      • Anonymous

         I facepalm at faggots like you that give us PC players a bad name.

    • Bing

       i really dnt see this lag everyone is bitching abt seems to just infect the stupid and the shittu

      • L1pp3r

        Or perhaps the other way around?

        • Derpaherp

          I agree with Bling on this one. I have yet been able to reproduce this “input lag” at all on my setup.  L1pp3r what is your setup like?

          • L1pp3r

            Pls back it up then with some proof.
            As I said before retards like you have tried before to disprove the input lag on youtube but all of them have failed big time. Pls explain that?

          • Colinm_368

            funny cuz they have a option u can push to fix that now…

      • You don’t see it because you’re use to it.

    • Dkdusty

       What are you on about, I had little input lag before the patch now I have pretty much 0…

  • QwietStorm

    If you click on ‘my matches’ in the main menu of the game, it mentions scheduled e-sports matches.

  • blitz1904

    Battle Recorder!

  • Xander_B312

    Not sure why DICE are doing all this other stuff when what they should be doing is making sure the patch is out.

  • Kewl.

     It’d be nice if you could spectate a match while waiting in a server queue.

  • asgaro


  • Hugh G. Rection

    The only smart thing DICE ever did was start DICE Canada in London, Ontario unfortunately when EA bought DICE in 2006 they dismembered  the Canadian office in less then 1 day feeling as if the employees at the office where a threat and did not follow by EA’s rules of producing a game as quick and half done as possible to push to  the masses. If DICE Canada worked on this game you would of got all this from the start. Certainly  not half ass done from some ball less Swed’s that are yes men. Maybe they should look at their European friends from the Czech Republic at Bohemia Interactive on how to release a product you can be proud of. 

  • Xander_B312

    I am sorry but could everybody just cock block DICE until patches are released across all platforms?

  • Not7Silent

    I had input lag, then I got good.  : )

  • Nice, spectator mode@!!!!


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