BF3 – Co-op Weapons Glitch, CommoRose Voice Commands, Battlelog on iOS Soon

The Battlelog has been a very successful aspect to the Battlefield 3 experience, which has also seen a few updates since the latest patches. However, many are still wondering whether or not it will ever make it to mobile devices. Thankfully, DICE has stated that the “iOS will see it soon. Android, Blackberry, and Windows may see it yet in the future.” A little ambiguous about the last three devices, but at least iOS users may get their hands on an app soon.

DICE has also recently responded to some new issues that Battlefield 3 players are experiencing after the latest PS3 patch. However, this particular issue doesn’t really present itself as a “problem,” fortunately. Strangely, some fans have reported that after the patch, all co-op weapons were automatically unlocked. Responding to fans asking whether or not this was intentional, DICE states, “unfortunately not. This is a bug and we’re aware of the issue. Thanks for your report!” Whether players who have unlocked these weapons through the patch will get them taken away or not is still unclear.

Tomas Danko, Voice-Over Producer at DICE, has revealed some new features that may be included in the next PC patch. (If you missed what was included the previous one, check out the patch notes here.) Some fans have been asking if it will ever be possible to be able to hear CommoRose commands over the radio, just like in Battlefield 2. Danko responded saying, “you might like the upcoming patch.” This obviously isn’t an official statement from DICE, but it seems pretty safe to assume that PC players will soon be able to enjoy barking commands over the radio.

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  • i want dice to make it so you cant get blinded by you friends flashlight or laser -_- also fix the audio in BF3 on ps3 it cuts out alot

  • Wlmerriweather

    yeah i totaly agree

  • Bsk92484

    Dice needs to fix the crash problem on the ps3 that people have been having with the single player since this newest patch.

  • A useful bug at least 🙂

  • i hope in the next console patch DICE will add something cool like ,
    Comma rose , Battlerecorder , the ability to change color of the hud and the UAV like bf2 and not Bad Company

  • Michael Kelley

    I hope they make the app for more than iOS.  I have Android

  • I am disappoint about only releasing iOS app. Android has more users worldwide.

  • Fordfalconfella

    Release the app for android. Android has more users so it makes sense to release it for that platform. I dont know why developers persist to give iOS users everything and Android users nothing or a watered down version.

  • Dratomic

    Funny how battlelog is nothing different from the statspages of BF:BC1 but all of a sudden it’s well used and received due to the marketing hype behind it.

  • Anonymous

    Give some BlackBerry love damnnit! 🙂