BF3 – More Battlefield Premium Details Surface Revealing What’s Included And Title of 5th DLC

From the same sources that leaked initial details of Battlefield Premium, we’ve learned further information on what exactly might be offerred in this “premium” package. Of course, this information is unofficial until proven otherwise by DICE or EA, but here’s what we know so far.

Update 2: coolshop UK lists Battlefield Premium at 34.96 GBP which converts to just under $60.00 as well. (Thanks, Colonel Ramirez.)

Update 1: Danish retailer coolshop lists Battlefield Premium at 369 Danish Kroner which converts to around $60.00 USD. The description translated reads:

BF3 Premium Service is 1 code in a box to give the consumers early access to the BF3 DLC expansion packs – Back to Karkand (already released), Close Quarters (releasing June), Armoured Kill (releasing Sept) and End Game (releasing December).

It does not, however, list the 5th DLC, Aftermath, so we’ll have to wait for confirmation on that info.

Original Info:

Battlefield Premium will allegedly include:

  • 20 Maps
  • 20 New Weapons
  • 10+ New Vehicles
  • 4+ New Game Modes
  • 30+ Assignments
  • 20+ Dog Tags
  • Also includes “Premium Benefits” which are made up of skins, camos and most importantly early access to all DLC.

These maps, weapons, vehicles game modes assignments and dog tags are spread across the following DLC:

  • Back to Karkand
  • Close Quarters in June 2012
  • Armored Kill in Fall 2012
  • Aftermath in late 2012
  • End Game in Spring 2013

If this info is correct, this means we can expect a 5th, unannounced expansion pack titled Aftermath to be released before End Game. It is said that DICE will announce official details on June 4th during EA’s E3 press conference.

Stay tuned to MP1st on Twitter and Facebook as we learn more about Battlefield Premium.

  • Here EA/DICE, take my money now.

    • I mean, I’m getting the map packs anyways so why not buy this instead of all the others individually? Especially since it will more than likely be $50 to rival COD Elite. Good deal IMO.

      • David

        This will be a great deal! It will be cheaper than buying them one by one for sure. Definitely buying it.

        • And you get some extra tidbits, I want to see the knife

        • Just Jay

          Not so sure it’s going to be a good deal for anyone that already has the B2K dlc. I believe B2K was/is $15 if you didn’t pre-order, so $15 x 4 map packs (assuming each expansion will be $15) = $60. If the information linked in the article is true, we won’t save anything, but we will get some early access to the map packs and maybe a shiny knife or camo or something. Yay! (sarcasm) However, there is one big problem with that line of reasoning, most of the community already has B2K, so it’s really $60 / 3 map packs = $20. I think it’s going to be a slightly bad deal, but most of the community will convince themselves that it’s a good deal, mainly because no one will want to sit around and watch their friends playing on the maps early. I promise you, EA is banking on that, because it doesn’t cost them a penny to offer map packs early.

          • David

            The last
            Map pack will probably be something like Vietnam from BC2. That may cost more than normal expansions.

            • Just Jay

              It wouldn’t surprise me to see Aftermath be like BFBC2’s Vietnam expansion, but keep in mind, it doesn’t appear Aftermath is being included in the BF3 Premium offer. The rest of the expansions will very likely be the same as B2K, which was $15, and came with maps, assignments, new weapons, etc.

              Just for the record, I hope I’m wrong. As a huge BF fan, I hope EA offers an amazing deal. Unfortunately, I don’t have much faith in them. Dice I used to have faith in, but now that they are sleeping with the devil….well, you get the idea.

          • TheRealMsChung

            Yes, but you have to count the new DLC Aftermath. $60/4 = $15. That is the same as buying each dlc separately, but you get the extra shit. and its early, so if you plan on buying the remaining dlc’s why NOT buy the premium??

            • Just Jay

              No, I don’t. If you take the time and click the links provided in the article, coolshop and coolshop UK, it makes no mention of Aftermath being included in BF Premium. I stand by what I said, if you own B2K already, it’s not going to be a very good deal. EA is looking for that most delicious price point/deal, where you still gobble up their BF Premium, but they don’t have to give you much more than if you just waited for it to drop on it’s own. Mark my words.

            • VEX_VEHIX


        • If that actually turns out to be true, and it is indeed a complete DLC package with extras but for a cheaper price than separate DLCs – then it really is a great deal.
          Let’s hope there won’t be any nasty catches which EA loves so much.

      • thats right feed the cow feed it

  • Duhasst

    Could this be EA’s way of testing the idea of a subscription service on the Battlefield community? These leaks have been around for about 2 months without denial or confirmation. It isn’t to late to pull the plug on a subscription and continue to sell DLC as it is now. It’s to early to tell.

  • nate

    Endgame was already announced for winter 2012 so they changed it?

    • I think the author just got the dates down wrong

      • I know it seems off but that was actually the information we were given. Again, could be completely off regardless.

    • Trav

      It’s a mistake from the author

      • Lulu

        No it’s not.. -_-

        • Trav

          I thought Winter 2012 was the official date for End Game and not sometime in 2013? Aftermath makes sense after the End Game expansion. Hence the title name. It’s all unofficial so it varies

  • Ethan Angles III

    4 new gamemodes is what excites me most.

    • MasonMei

      lol like Conquest Domination? and then Sabotage, Search and Destroy, Demolition right? It’s a shame they don’t add Headquarters or Kill Confirmed or Drop Zone.

  • me gusta ! DICE take my money now !

  • gutlessVADER

    I don’t believe it… EA, voted the most sinister corporation of the year, has finally figured out how to sell a game twice. And it’s totally worth our money.

    • says you i already bought B2K XD

      • nate

        You didn’t preorder?

    • Timmyfelldownthewell

      Voted by morons, who think a video games company is more evil compared to BoA, AT&T and whole host of other things that cause actual damage.

      But it is worth it, if you are going to buy all the DLC.

      • MasonMei

        I really hope it’s not bundled with one account… cuz if so i can give the B2K to my friend. Or part of the money is kinda wasted.
        And definitely i’m gonna get all the DLC man 😀

  • when is this coming out? i think close quarters is coming out the 5th of june, right? i have to wait for this to get my money worth?

  • All I want to get is more info about when we get the CQC dlc and next patch and what is in it for sure, and when we can get more EA and DICE servers in EU to play on I still haven’t seen any increase in official servers even though they said they are adding more at the moment, I’m sick of spending so much time trying to find official servers(and it is not possible to do the same easy search as in US where you just type in p24, it don’t work for EU. I couldn’t give a lalala about the premium and the other things that are so long out in the future…

    • scotty 2 hotty

      Yeah I hope the patch comes soon to fix the glaucoma/suppression effect and the m26 sniper shotgun.

  • Or about rumours

  • Trav

    “Also includes ‘Premium benefits’ which are made up of skins and camos”

    What skins? Weapon skins? I probably answered my own question

  • 30+ assignments and only 20 new weapons. Either numbers are wrong, or the assignments will also be used for something else. I wonder what…

    • Arendsb

      I heard one the assignments, is dice literally asking fans to help fix the broken coding for ps3’s input lag.

      • Lulu

        Hahaha that would be funny!!

    • MasonMei

      Assignment #21 “Stayin’ Alive”: 1000 kills with Assault Rifle; 1000 kills with Carbine; 1000 kills with LMG; 1000 kills with Sniper Rifle; 1000 kills with PDW. Complete them in 20 days or get perma-banned by PB.

  • miDnIghtEr20C

    This is great, reading how many people are excited for BF3 Elite. I wonder if most of these same people had a problem with COD Elite.

    You know they’re out there… and I’m tasting the deliciousness of it all!

    • And none of us are complaining about $15 for map packs. Are we numb to the cash grab or are we hypocrites? I’ll go for numb. I had no interest in Elite and unless they can make all this extra information that Elite promised about in game “kill zones”, etc…accessible on my 360, I can’t see a reason to get it. Battlelog has a lot of great information, but since I have to get on my PC to check it out, I never use it.

      • Longinus

        Numb is buying something that you consider expensive and not worth it. So if you think 15$ is too much, then dont buy, idiot.
        I bet you also complain about the prices on gold watches or Ferraris.

        In my opinion 15$ is ok (dont tell EA, but I would even pay up to 20$ for a 4 maps DLC) because i love this game and its the game i mainly play.

        I would feel dumb if i wouldnt buy all the expansion packs because i just love them, I love them almost as much as getting a new game.

        • Tim

          I think a lot of gamers are actually addicted, there’s no other explanation to them continully buying dlc/sequels and still slagging of the developers and companies calling the ‘evil’.

  • If it’s 4 map packs (after B2K), then it’s a wash at $60. Even at $50, it’s not a deal. $45 maybe we can talk. I’m not paying $50 today for something I can pay over the next year at $60. Plus, who knows if I’ll still be playing BF3 by the time the last DLC comes out? I love the game, but I played MW2 religiously until I just got completely burned out on COD. BLOPS & MW3 didn’t change that feeling. So…for me, the PREMIUM isn’t worth it for access a week early on maps that a year from now I may not even care about.

  • Arendsb

    Who actually wants early access to anything that Dice makes these days? I suppose an argument could made for Xbox- I dont think they had much fail for them, but pc and ps3 both have had their share. Sorry, I’d rather have 6 month old content that works the first time I try it, rather then break my controller in frustration, as such has happened with regard to bf3, ps3, and it’s YET TO BE FIXED input lag.

    Maybe the premium service could get early access to a functional game instead?

  • TheRealMsChung

    If it costs $60 and you wait to buy the close quarters DLC so it comes with the premium, then it is totally worth it because the content comes a week early and you get awesome new shit. same price, more shit

    • yeah well unlike everyone else here i hate the new CQC dlc it looks terrible so im gonna save my self about 15$

  • anthony

    I think this should be $30 maximum


    What are they giving the players who ALREADY have Back 2 Karkand? Plus for $60 I would like to have a whole NEW game…

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  • MikePembo951

    Do the people that already own back to karkland get a discount??
    I don’t want to have to pay twice 🙁

  • asgaro

    Looks good. BUT first I need to hear the price tag.

  • ShavedApe

    As I understood it there will be two different types of Premium one with DLC’s and one with only b2k which I would of thought a huge percentage of us already own.
    Package 1 – BF Premium + B2K
    Package 2 – BF Premium + All DLCs
    I see only one price and on reading its difficult to tell if the prices quoted are for premium 1 or 2, My understanding is that premium will offer early access to the dlc regardless of package with package 1 youll still need to buy the dlc though to take advantage of the early access.So £35/$60 could be for package 1 only and that’s not so great a deal especially if you already own b2k

    • ShavedApe

      Oh I would also like to add early access could be as little as 48 hours its not like they haven’t done that before.

  • jonchr2

    what does the early access mean for Ps3? extra early?

  • RabidTurtle

    Sounds like EA’s version of elite. Get the DLC early, cost covers all the DLC (so worth it if you were gonna buy the DLC anyways), and some additional perks. Seems reasonable, will probably pick up for my PC account since it doesn’t have B2K.

  • masada157

    > Laugh at COD Elite because it charges you $50 to get all the DLC as well as some exclusive benefits.

    > Think Battlefield Premium is super affordable and a great deal because….it charges $60 to get all the DLC as well as some exclusive benefits,

    Huh, interesting…

    • i know they are so finicky

    • PickDeath

      Cod Elite is yearly Bf3 Premium is one time

  • La Volpe

    It’s not ‘danish kones’.
    It’s ‘danish kroner’.
    Dafuq, Mp1st?

    • ramirez19pl

      DDK 🙂

  • dr randog

    Anyone got any ideas as to whether signing up to the battlefield premium service entitles you to DLC on different consoles.

    I have the game on xbox and PS3 due to different circles of friends. If the cost covers the ability to download on both consoles then I’m all for it.

    If not I’ll be a very sad man 🙁

  • I have been a customer on for 2-3 years now, and I’ve been helping their customers for a very long time. (If you look at the comments under the product, you’ll see my name). list some weird stuff from time to time, and especially the release date they put on, seems weird. I don’t really believe this.

    Also (Copy paste from my post on Battlelog): “If Battlefield Premium is supposed to be for the hardcore Battlefield players, who just can’t get enough of Battlefield 3, why the hell do they include Back 2 Karkand and the Close Quarters DLC in there?

    If you are a player who just cant get enough of Battlefield 3, you already have these 2 DLC packs…..

    (According to the BF3 blog, Close Quarters will be out for PS3 June 1st, and according to rumors, we’ll get a date for Battlefield Premium on E3, wich is on the 4th June, wich is AFTER the release of Close Quarters)

    I doubt the casual BF3 players will buy BF premium, so it doesent really make sence.”

  • I suppose its a good deal. If you want the map packs right away and plan on having them all. The only thing about it is your securing them money relaying on them actually giving you really cool map packs. Could end up being terrible. Plus it matters the most is how much you plan on playing battlefield 3 with so many other games that will be coming out. Is it really worth your time to buy all this stuff to end up trading the game next year.

  • emancipator2

    so does that mean we already have 4 of the new maps, 10 of the new weapons ect..
    and that after close quarters we wont be seeing any new weapons??

  • LUiS

    On both the updates it states that Battlefield-Premium will cost about $60.00, which will include five D.L.C.’s. With each D.L.C. costing $15 (5×15=75), then you are saving $15 or getting a free D.L.C. Then again what about those of us who already own the B.2.K. expansion, weather if you got the limited edition free by pre-ordering B.F.3. or purchased? Will we get a discount of some sort?

  • yuuppp i cant wait… love you bf3

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  • Too expensive. That’s how EA rolls.

  • AnderZEL

    Im trowing my money at the screan but nothing is hapening!

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  • MasonMei

    LOL first i thought it’s another way of taking away my fuking money. A COD way. But then I remembered… for like half a year i have bought MW3 for PC… i’m not seeing shit of Elite. Suddenly BF3 premium sounds much much more promising. But 10+ new vehicles??? do you mean only premium players can spawn in this and it cannot be taken by other ordinary guys? or it’s just part of new contents of the DLC.

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  • svsvd

    people need to learn how to exploite the “ea help service” ^^ free ex[ansions here i come again!

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  • cilliangreene

    How id it worth it?

    you don’t get the maps for free, you still have to pay.

    woo, lets pay 34£ for a week early map!

    cod elete is worth more, atleast you get the maps for free

  • cilliangreene




    lots of ps3 players bought elete, thinking they would get the maps at the same time.
    i thought bf wants cod to die, yet they are copying the same marketing stratiges…

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  • cred

    They should have special pricing for those who own Karkand already. The $60 price rumor is no discount package.

  • nate

    $60 is too much…that’s the price for 4 expansions… I wish they would give the real fans a bigger discount. I don’t classify 16 new maps as the price for an entire new game…

  • blabla

    We won’t fix the game with the little issues we created… and we don’t care about hackers…

    Please purchase our Premium package

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