BF3 – Next Update to “Improve Jet vs Heli vs Ground balance,” DICE Dev Defends Bolt-Action Changes

Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, defends his decision to give bolt-action rifles the ability to one-hit-kill in the chest at close range and reveals what balance issues he’s considered.

First, Kertz clarified the range at wich this new change will be effective when a fan asked if the upper chest 1-shot kill will be the same as the 870’s 1-shot slug kill range. He replied, “indeed the range is the same.” Kertz believes this change should help keep all weapons balanced since, at the moment, Battlefield 3 “is faster up close. All other guns are deadlier since BC2 except snipers,” according to Kertz. To keep thing in perspective, he added that bolt-actions also have “abysmal hip accuracy, horrifically low fire rate, and the requirement to hit a small target. I’ve just made it bigger.” This seems like a fair adjustment, but nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how the community responds to it once the change has taken place.

Recently, Kertz compiled a list of bolt-action rifle and other future updates which went into detail regarding changes to vehicles and the balance between them, on top of outlining more reasons for the change to bolt-action rifles. Regarding this list, Kertz would like to say “thanks to the Community for some great feedback.” He added that “the next update should have much improved Jet vs Heli vs Ground balance,” something we can all look forward to since vehicle warfare is a huge component to the Battlefield 3 experience.

Let us know your thoughts below!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this epic jet kill video!

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  • Michael Kelley

    The sniper rifle is SUPPOSED to have terrible CQB applications; it’s meant for mid to long ranged engagements.  Hopefully the minute area required for a one shot kill will balance the increased close range damage; if not, expect massive rage from the community

    • finally someone gets it perfect why would anyone in real life run around with a sniper charging at a soldier with a m249

    • Anthony Golovin97

      Dude, people complain and complain about the snipers sitting back at the deployment sniping and not doing the objective. I think this next update well help the recon class be recognized and at least have a chance in a panic C.Q.B. situation.

  • i agree bad idea. “snipers are underrepresented in CQB” say that out loud and see if it makes sense….dont worry–i’ll wait.

    DUH!! they’re friggin snipers!

  • Fred

    Maybe Call of Duty Snipers are the only skilled up close?  What a dumb fix on dices part. Last I known snipers were meant to stay away from combat not right in your face.  Next patch will be suicide bombers planting c4 to their chest and magic pixies sprinkling dust in the opponents eyes. I don’t understand what they think when they patch some of this stuff.  You get a couple crybaby’s who complain about nonsense and they fix it.  But the real issues in the game are left untouched. 

  • Dan

    I really hope they don’t do this, and if any thing, make the 1 hit kills from all ranges, might as well if your doing close range only, because close range only is encouraging players to run around with sniper rifles. I really thought this was 1 game with the potential to have what makes a real sniper, skill from a distance, but they are sabotaging their good reputation, and basically are getting rid of what makes a sniper a sniper. I have a strong feeling this is a decision catering to MW fans who quickscope, the thing I hate most of that game. I’d prefer medium to long range kills will be 1 hit kill to the chest, more realistically, being that distance increases bullet impact increasing damage because of the speed it gains over the period of time it is flying in a downward motion due to gravitys pull. Please Dice, don’t ruin such a  great game with this. Like seriously, why can’t players just play as Recon and use the 870 shotgun (being that shotguns are for all kits) if sniper rifles are going to be same exact range, but slower rate of fire, worse accuracy, and small target? It bothers me to even begin thinking of people running around with bolt action rifles, having the straight pull bolt, a foregrip and acog scope.

    • Baconbits200

      I am no physics major but I am pretty sure the velocity of the bullet is highest when it leaves the barrel. The further away the less impact. You would be pretty much dead either way though!

  • Blingblaine

    Yeah the whole repairing while inside the heli’s is pathetic. Unable to drop helis when 2 people constantly repair them is definatly overpowered. Needs to be addressed.

    • Sustantivo_espitu

      Damn you are right man. I encountered on of those Indestructible helis. I manage to down them though cause their 2nd engineer died or something.

  • Edd3m

    Tell you what, Jets definately need a buff after they’ve just been nerfed on PC..

    Just posted this thread, to try and get some response..

    Jets are awful now, I cant understand why they have to change things.. Stupid.

    And Snipers should be long range killers, not up close and personal..

  • Tom

    I love the mad assumptions that everyone will start quickscoping and using snipers on every level. Have you seen how close the kill range is for a 870MCS? Chances are that if I kill you with a bolt action, then I would have killed you with any other weapon. Just because it’s a sniper everyone seems to rage. Yes you can sit in a bush and use a sniper “like it’s supposed to be used”, but this update should help players who want to play more agressively and actually help their team. Wait until the update comes out, it won’t be a problem as every other weapon will still trump bolt action in CQC.

  • Johh

    He says everyone has a shotgun to counter the CQC Sniper Rifle. What about long range? lol. what a complete moron. Sniper Rifle will have long rang and short range, people who counter with shotgun…only have short range.  No wonder COD sells more, this guy is retarded. Not to mention, Sniper Rifles are default guns for Recon, Shotguns are not defaults for other classes.

  • NAME

    how about the next update fixes the fucking green flashes on my screen

  • Anonymous

    wow…so theyre bringing cod quickscoping to bf….sweet. wtf dude? snipers if anything need to be wotse up close. dice has no courage to do anything different man i swear.

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  • Eletteri

    I run the 870 and only the 870 when I play this game, people have be saying that the CQC sniping can be countered with the shotgun, this is true but as others have also mentioned, the shotgun can’t counter range. I can say by experience that whoever makes that point is a coward. Out of every shooter I’ve ever played, this one is the easiest to run a wide flank on ANY sniper and blow them away with the 870. The amount of people who complain about any of the recon cowards utterly amazes me. If you want to find yourself less upset with the changes they make on this game, try charging EVERY situation, you’ll be surprised how many players have no idea how to handle it no matter what gun they use or how nerfed it is.

  • Ryan

    I feel that the snipers should be the other way around, maybe increase the damage at range.  From what I understand most sniper rounds do more damage as they start to slow down (military channel, special on battle of felluja) and since it can be difficult to get a hit at long range, especially on consoles this may a better fix.  Lets say rounds over 200m or 250m would be a one hit kill in hardcore. 

  • DongKany

    Man guys the range of the 1 hit kill is about as far as the slugs one hit kill to the body. Jeezus calm down on that boner of rage u guys are riding on.

  • Seabass

    i always play hardcore with the strongest sniper (m98b) and still only get 98-99 damage on chest, thats rediculous, you’ve made the recon class no fun.. i was looking forward to fun, not frustration

  • Seabass

    i am a sniper, and i believe that the m98 should atleast get 1 shot kills in hard core, im using the strongest sniper, in the mode with the most bullet damage, and still cant get a damn kill? rediculous! and if this game is supposed to be more realistic, then why appease quickscopers and people running around with a sniper! that probably doesnt happen very often in iraq just saying

    • DongKany

      uh dude u arent playing hardcore then. M98B does 95 damage up close and the the default hardcore health is 60.

    • Cricket_Licks

      I use the L96, Love that gun btw.. I think the damage increase is not needed as mush as when I shoot a guy easy 400m while hes moving through objects and hes not dead. I have been really trying to raise my skill to make it a headshot, but anything pass 450m or there-bouts you can’t see the guys head…. so pixelated.   I think something else that needs to be fixed is frag ammo….. to OP.  But I wont start a book on that..

  • JonyDAG

    we will see some people using red dots in snipers now.. but it wont matter much… if they miss.. they will get raped by automatics… so no need to rage… actually seems like a good challenge for me and my M416 (w M320 underslung)…