BF3 No One Hit Body Kills with Snipers, More Weapon Recoil, and More – DICE Talks Guns

There has been tons of Battlefield 3 info floating around the internet this past week. Recently, DICE developers have been much more generous with specifics on weapons and other details about the game. In particular, Alan Kertz, known as Demize99 on Twitter, has revealed some interesting tidbits of info and MP1st has it all here:

When asked about the AK47 and the two M16’s, Kertz stated, “the M16A3 and M16A4 are both in the game, [this] was decided after the fact sheet was printed.” What could be the in-game difference between the two is still unknown. Perhaps they are meant for different classes? In regard to the AK47, Kertz said the “AK47 is obsolete. We have the AK74M.

Kertz also talked about weapon customization. Weapon optics were a point of interest for many fans. When asked about the recently announced enhanced night vision, Kertz stated, “the ENV is a weapon optic. It only turns on when you zoom in. There is no always on ENV. It cannot be disabled in zoom either.” In regards to side arms, Kertz said there will be “no pistol customization, but a wide variety will be available.” Kertz was also asked if all weapons could have suppressors attached to them. He answered, “not shotguns, pretty much everything else. Some are more effective than others.” He also mentioned the flashlight attachment. “Shadows play a big role, and flashlights make a big difference.

Kertz also elaborated on bullet drop saying, “gravity is the same but velocity is different giving [bullets] different drops and travel time at the same ranges.” He added, “the distances are larger so the drop has been tweaked accordingly.

Another interesting feature that was shown in the latest tailer was the scope glint on the weapon optics. Kertz informed us “glint is based on the scope. Out a high zoom scope on a AR will give glint too.” When asked about whether glint would be noticeable only if the enemy is aiming at the player or not, Kertz confirmed, “yes it’s directional.”

A hot topic about weapons that was noticeable in the leaked alpha footage was regarding the recoil. Daniel “zh1n0” Matros replied to the question of whether or not there is more weapon recoil by stating “yes, depends on what guns you pick.

One very interesting, and potentially controversial statement that Kertz made was, “there are no 1 hit body kills with sniper rifles. Pull your side arm or use a semi auto for fast follow up hits.” Do you Battlefield fans agree with this? Is it unrealistic, or does it better serve the gamepley?

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  • kpdc1

    ill take it head shots still count as one shot kill?

    • Of course, headshots will one hit kill.

  • t

    Why ever use a bolt action sniper is a chest shot isnt 1 hit kill. Real sniper aim for the chest because it is an easier shot and essentially a one hit kill. I just don’t see why you could ever use a bolt action if a bolt action and a semi-auto sniper do the same amount of damage?

    • Chaokoh

      Well in reality people care a lot more about dying, i’ve got a few friends that are able to assault using a sniper. Its also why snipers have a longer reload than normal, since players would just run around and hip fire them like crazy. I think its about keeping snipers sniping which is inline with the general goal of real war of the BF games. I think with the recoil changes there are also going to be more people stopping for a bit to shoot.

    • Ahfh

      Semi shot snipers do less damage and don’t kill in 1 headshot. If you are so bad at sniping that the majority of your shots aren’t headshots than you should not snipe in video games. Stick to the SMGs.

  • nate

    “One question fans had was regarding the laser sight shown in the latest BF3 trailer. Kertz stated, “the ENV is a weapon optic.” Exactly as alan said, the env is an optic. And it hasn’t been in a trailer yet. It stands for enhanced night vision. It is not called a laser sight. There is an attachment called the target pointer. It is a laser pointer, but hasn’t been in a trailer yet either. please change “laser sight” to something else. It makes you look dumb, as that’s what a 3 year old would call it.

    • Nate,

      I am grateful for someone like you not only having a watchful eye, but also letting us know what needs to be corrected.

      Thank you.

  • BEAR

    That’s bone headed game design from kertz once again. Everyone in the alpha said bolts actions are too weak and they might as well use an m16 to pick off targets it would be easier, if you cant one shot someone with a well placed body shot and you have to finish them of with a pistol then whats the point of using them at all? a good bolt action sniping mechanic can make a game judging by the popularity on youtube alone.

    • Have you not seen Sgt. Enigma? Thats what makes it hard but amazing if you’re good at advanced sniping and aggressive movements.

      • Man, Enigma’s the reason why I won’t play on the PC. That man could be lurking behind any corner waiting to face punch me with a 50 cal. mini warhead projected from his long range space cannon while blind folded! …I also don’t have a good PC.

      • BEAR

        i knew kids like that would ruin it for legit aggressive snipers that play objectives like myself. And if you bad enough to think some one that purely plays the game to collect jump trick shots for youtube you are exactly that. Bad. I don’t think you should be able to jump no scope someone even though its ridiculously easy in bc2 or one shot every person you shoot but when you have to worry about Bullet drop, hit registry, bullet flight time AND hitting them perfectly in the head from far distances it makes sniping less accessible to everyone. and take it for what its worth my kd is 3.02 sgt.enigma’s is 1.8 LOL

        • larr37


          “and take it for what its worth my kd is 3.02 sgt.enigma’s is 1.8 LOL”

          Totally negates this:

          “ruin it for legit aggressive snipers that play objectives like myself.”

          As far as I can tell Enigma will without pause sacrifice himself for the objective. You have made yourself sound like someone who puts K/D over team play.

          • You’re absolutely right. Enigma’s play style is very objective oriented, and that’s why I like to watch his gameplay videos. I think he has one of the best underrated channels on YouTube.

          • BEAR

            I do play the objective even if it mean dying over and over and still maintain a 3 k/d. i’m sorry you cant comprehend that. Stop digressing from the point ty.

  • Ahfh

    I like that there’s no 1 shot kills. It makes it so you actually have to be good at sniping to get lots of kills with the sniper. I have 1400 kills with the M24 in BC2 and 1200 headshots. Other people use the M95 and GOL because they do more body damage. Those people are easier to kill for me.

    • nate

      The m24 does more damage than the gol… you have 1200 hs but what is your time played with it?

  • i liked the snipers in bad company 2, but i wanted a really slow bolt action sniper that kill from the chest and up

  • D Block

    If there’s no hardcore mode for BF3 I’m going to cancel my reserve and move it straight to MW3. And I had 0 interest in MW3 before I read about the sniper rifles thing. 50 cal anything anywhere should be insta death.

    • Alaris

      I agree (except for the MW3 part. Kill streaks are for punk teenagers, not for team oriented games like BF3) Don’t put a .50 cal in your game unless it obliterates people like it does in real life. Compensate with fire rate / clip size – heck even require the player to go prone with terrible sit / stand scope bobbing. Just don’t call it a .50 cal and then make me shoot someone twice with it and call it a modern military shooter. Go watch some .50 cal clips of people and things getting obliterated. I was hoping BFBC2 would allow you to punch huge holes through walls with the .50 cal .. you know like in real life.

      There needs to be a hardcore mode at the very least if not an IO mode ala bf2.

      • They all hurt

        In real life an M16 takes 1 headshot (2 if they are a lucky son of a b****) to kill. Alternatively 2 or 3 body shots that puncture the armor is also generally enough and it doesn’t take very many shots to puncture the armor, heck at close range (30ft or less, aka very common FPS range) body armor is more fashion then function. Even pistols can kill people with one well placed shot at close range. The main advantage of a .50 cal is that it can do that at LONG range. But if they aren’t going to have people die in an average of 4 shots or less from most guns, its way overpowered to let the .50 cal do it in one.

        If it was realistic a arm or leg shot from the .50 cal would take a target out of the fight. Course, you would also have to have a player next to you that didn’t get to shoot anything and just spotted for you, and you would have to take into effect wind and humidity. Unless you wanted to get closer, which would be fine except in real life you don’t get to come back after you took a sniper rifle to a close combat fight.

        Is it unfortunate that the .50 cal doesn’t kill in one body shot? Yes. Can you say that the game shouldn’t call itself a modern military shooter because of that? Only if your going to complain about everything else. A notorious problem in first person shooters is snipers being annoying as hell, and its almost always because they get the perks of being a real sniper (long rang powerful weapons) and none of the drawbacks (pretty much can’t fight at all at close range, and medium range is dangerous because you get targeted by the enemy and you don’t get to respawn). They are trying to solve that issue without making people that play a sniper get 1 life per map.

        (And really, if the sniper rifle is underpowered compared to real life, the jets are paper airplanes with rubber band guns compared to real life)

  • Pernesti

    BF3 will probably be full of snipers like BFBC2 is now so if there was a bolt action rifle that would one shot from chest up from any distance, why would anyone use anything else and most importantly, what’s the headshot for then?

    BFBC2 had a nice balance with every bolt action being able to one shot no matter where you hit given that you were close enough. I hope they would keep it that way.

  • That’s unacceptable! How do you want to score correctly with bolt-action snipers if they don’t OS? Honestly given to time you need to action the bolt-action how do you align 2 successful shots. That’s a lame move designed to please rushing barbarians…

    • This actually brings up a good point. I hope this decision doesn’t make bolt-action snipers obsolete. I guess we’re all going to have to get good at following up shots with our side arm.

    • BEAR

      Thank you, My point exactly. Plus bullet flight time, bullet drop, ping etc.

      • Carl

        Do we really need the excuse “I can’t lead a shot and aim for the head, so give me a freebie and let me kill him in one shot” Come on people, snipers use recon because it’s what they genuinely like to do not because it’s the “I kill one shot no matter where” in BC2 at long range not even the m95 with magnum ammo killed 1 shot, unless it was within 100m which at that range you were more worried about the Assault/engineer steam rolling you with Rate of Fire, Personally I like the no 1 shot mechanic keeps the faggoty quickscopers out. Mind you I CAN quickscope and do it on the fly now and again but when I wanna arm an M-Com I pull my pistol out. I am sure at close range snipers will stay 1 shot, but then again, it’s EXACTLY like BC2. Stop your crying.

  • nekonak

    hey, think about battlefield 2 back in the days. there were no one shot kills with sniper riffles too, but it was great. everyone had to really get good at headshots or switch to an assault riffle. Either practice and get used to aiming for the head or go up close and spray and pray.

  • Simon

    If they do it right, M16A3 will be full auto, M16A4 will be 3 round burst, which would explain why they would have them both.

    • Asgaro

      That’s indeed the reason. 🙂
      Strange the article doesn’t have this info.

      • Just curious, do you have confirmation from DICE that this was the reasoning behind the two M16s, or is this just how the guns behave in real life? I never came across it if this was indeed the reasoning.

        • Asgaro

          The community (especially from the EA UK forum) didn’t like the 3 fire modes M16, that was in the alpha. Because it isn’t like that in real life indeed.
          Here a tweet but there was another where he confirmed that the one will be burst mode, and the other full auto mode. But cant find it in all his tweets…

  • dakan45

    Well the alpha had one hit killls and i belive there should bewith the 50 cal sniper rifles.

    As for the m16? the alpha had one m16 that could be used in all 3 firemodes.

  • heatseekerFl

    well its always been like at least 2 shot body shots on normal multiplay but if u want less shots and to play with more hardcore players go play hardcore on the game

  • Petro

    Would like to add that “there are no 1 hit body kills with sniper rifles. Pull your side arm or use a semi auto for fast follow up hits.” this quite probably meant those who like to assault with their bolt action rifles. I used to do that with my m24 and I must say it is way overpowered in close range as it one shot kills where ever the bullet hit.

  • Dan

    More Recoil + No quickscoper wannabes = F*** YEAH!

  • Nick

    I totally agree that there should not be 1 shot kills. If you ever played the newest Medal of Honor’s multiplayer, one shot sniper kills are the most annoying and game breaking thing to ever be put in a game.

  • Crias SK

    In video games, sniping is unrealistic.

    Too many snipers rush like they’re running ARs, quick-scoping and no-scoping like mad-men. Other snipers don’t use effective cover and rush their shots.

    I don’t blame them. Every player should accept the game mechanics, and get better within the confines if the game. If it’s possible to one-shot no-scope somebody at close range, and it’s more effective than an AR spray, then do it. The game developers will fix it if it’s a real problem.

    This is essentially a case of them fixing it. Yeah, the change is a bit unrealistic, but the effect will likely be more realistic gameplay.

  • Hmmm interesting, i think that HS’s and center-mass shots should be OHK , and when I say center mass, I mean directly in the middle of the chest or back and DICE should make it a small window for Snipers to get the OHK

  • Casey Jones

    No one shot kills seems silly if you’re using a 50 cal sniper rifle, because in real life those things tear peoples entire bodies apart when shot with one. But I guess it’s for the sake of gameplay so it should be alright, in the alpha trial the sniper rifles seemed weak and unfinished. The glint off the scopes was pretty amazing though you could see snipers that were down range with sun on their scopes. The laser attachment for guns was pretty rad as well in the dark subway tunnels you could see lasers flying all over the place when people were running around. The laser makes it kindaa intense because you know when someone is coming for you cause you just see a laser pointing around looking for you. Overall bf3 is shaping up to be an amazing game, its kinda sad there is no pistol customization. hopefully there are some nice silenced pistols.

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  • Marshman500

    No 1 hit body kills for snipers?? Even for the .50 cals and bolt actions?? Thats down right stupid. I say if its above the mid torso, disregarding limbs it should be a one hit kill. I don’t think I will be sniping all too much. The sniper damage drove me nuts in BC2, and now it looks like it will be even less…

    • Marshman500

      Also, since apparently this isnt as realistic as they have been saying… I guess I will be playing more hardcore game modes to make up for that.

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    • We shall keep’em coming! Thanks for checking out our site!

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  • AdamD

    In a real war if someone gets hit with a sniper round, they should be killed. In Battlefield, being a more realistic game, you should never need to take a 2nd shot unless it hits their arm.If this game ends up being a unrealistic piece of shit like Call of Duty became I will return it the day it comes out.

  • ikaro

    One hit kill is very nice thing!
    Because this I will play red orchestra 2
    BF3 to me is for fun.

  • SpecterFX

    I think that they should at least make it range dependent on whether or not a high powered sniper rifle kills in one hit to the body, like anything under 10-15 yards kills in one hit, and as long as it isnt like a leg or arm shot.

  • good advice

  • I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was pretty good. Cheers!

  • Thanks for posting, I like this blog!

  • I’m adding your blog’s rss feed so that I can see your new posts. Keep up the good work!

  • Battlefield3fan

    I didn’t like in Medal of Honor how a sniper could just sit in the back all day and just shoot your foot with their sniper and kill you instantly. I’m not very good at sniping so I’ll play a lot as the other classes in BF3. I’m glad to see they’re not bringing this to the game for it was the most annoying thing that one sniper can dominant a whole entire game.

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  • Great post mate.

  • Pzizzler

    I can get a headshot with a red dot sight with a M24 100m + and usually what fallows is me spinning in a circle whilst shooting in the air. ive been playin battle field for a while and its really satisfying when you get a headshot with a sniper at long range and i look down at people who have to do follow up shots at me with the M95 at 50 m. and if i get really excited ill use the type 88 and just steam role their team with repated headshots as the enginners begging the medic not to revive him cause he knows what hes going to get as soon as he gets up again. its what defines the class. its too kill.stay out of targets win the game.
    thi isnt call of duty people. your not going to 360 backflip sombody through a wall. keep it real

  • Pzizzler

    And to original FPS players if i want to get a insta kill ill play some cs

  • Bourne 117

    DICE needs to realize that doing this is going to make snipers very unrealistic to play. I think that they should allow sniper rifles to get one shot kills if they shoot an opponent center mass (chest) and up. I know when I was in Afghanistan, many of or our snipers were shooting targets more than 600 meters out with the M24 and would kill the target everytime. DICE Should focus more on the firing positions such as the standing, sitting and the prone. Each position has it’s pro and cons but each position highly affect your ability to control the rifle which affects your ability to fire accurately. One thing that really annoys me about BFBC2 is that you can pull off long distance head shots with the .50 cal sniper rifle while standing. DICE really needs to take a look at all their weapons when it comes to the number of shots needed to kill an opponent because it seems that every BF games the weapons get more and more unrealistic.

  • Maxmoney7

    Completely agree with bourne177. You avoid the one-hit-to-the-foot-kill, but still keep the lethal areas one hit.

    But to deal with noobs that rush you and fight at a range that real snipers would be SCREWED, it should take 2-3 bolt action hits at center mass to take people out, then at short range, instead of pissing people off and owning, you would be screwed, like real life.

    DICE is under the spotlight and under the microscope with everyone expecting to feel uninhibited by their style of play, but maintain a level playing field. Being a recon fanatic myself, I feel this idea might do that, angering only the people that exploit the differences between reality and games whereas everyone else wants to experience a battlefield without reprecussions, but maintain as much reality as possible-

    I know it’s backwards to make a gun LESS effective at SHORT range, but with a sniper rifile I think it encorages people to use the weapon the way it was meat to be used and doesn’t punish people who love to try to truly emulate the role of a sniper (like myself) and takes away the BS factor of cod players who find themselves in a realistic military shooter by accident, true BF snipers being gentlemen, will direct them back to Modern warefare where they can be re released back into the 13 year old wild with little permanent effect from thier exposure to a video game with conviction ;).

    What do you guys think? And please excuse spelling, I’m on an iPhone, it’s my only Internet acess right now

  • No one hit body kills with snipers ……is unrealistic..but as far as game play I completely understand why they removed it. Gives players an unfair advantage.

  • Xander129

    Regarding the fact that he said pistols can’t be customized but suppressors can be fitted to everything except for shotguns, does that mean then that pistols can be suppressed? That would really suck to not be able to have a backup weapon with a sound suppressor.

    • I’m quite sure that you will not be able to attach suppressors to your pistols, unfortunately.

  • Shooter_mann

    This is just something I don’t get. why cant deva cone up with something for this. A sniper round hitting a guy in the heart should take him out. idc about quickscopers I don’t recall seeing one quick scoper in my entire career on bfbc2. it’s a stupid argument. If I nail a guys lung from say 100m or yds and up. (I don’t recall what measures are used in bc2, sorry) the guy should stay down or at least if your gonna nit pick disable his regen up to the damage dealt unless healed by a medic to a certain extent.. No hiding for two seconds and running off at full power.. I use a gol for the iron sights and accuracy and I’ve lost kills at 230+ cause I didn’t hit the guys head, from that range it’s obviously a sniper and not a quickscoper or a run and gunner. that’s my opinion if I’m 100s of yard away and he’s a black speck it should be a one hit kill to the chest. that simple. And by chance someone quickscopes me or no scopes me even from that range and kills me.. Screw it that guy deserves the kill. if he can pull that off without random firing downrange..

    • Shooter_mann

      Oops meant devs not deva and idk why I said ironsights lol.. I like the scopes smooth sights with no notches. you have to be better and feel the shots at long range

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