BF3 – PS3 VoIP Problem Top Priority, Back to Karkand Release Times, and Upcoming Maintenance for 360 and PC

DICE reveals upcoming maintenance and Back to Karkand release times and prioritizes PS3 issues.

DICE has announced that tomorrow, between 9 am GMT (4 am EST) and 10 am GMT (5 am EST), Battlefield 3 PC and 360 servers will undergo maintenance. PC and Xbox 360 players will also get Back to Karkand tomorrow. Be sure to check all the weapons and attachments that B2K has to offer. The release times for Back to Karkand are the following:

  • Xbox 360: starts rolling out at 9 am GMT (4 am EST) on December 13th.
  • PC digital:  starts rolling out at 8 am GMT (3 am EST) on December 13th.
  • PC code in a box on December 15th. (No specific time was given)

You’ve been asking us for an update on PS3 VoIP and input lag. While there is no definitive time frame for fixes, DICE did state “we are quite aware of the issue [input lag/delay] and we’re still investigating it for a possible solution. Thank you for your patience.” Also, in regards to the PS3 VoIP problems, DICE highlighted that the team behind Battlefield 3 considers “PS3 VoIP a top priority.”

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  • L1pp3r

    I’ll give them another week to fix the input lag and VOIP, otherwise I’m done with it.
    Im gonna return the game and buy MW3 instead and never play it because i don’t like Justin Bieber games and their community.
    BF3 best online FPS ever but their mistake was to release a unfinished product. (PS3 user)
    BF3 for PS3 new release date: 03-03-12?

    • and we not miss you ~~~~~~~~~

      • L1pp3r

        I dont think you understood my post little boy… pls try again.

        • actually you edited it so i was replying to the unedited version of your comment although i do agree they should have waited awhile to fix everything

          • L1pp3r

            What are you talking about? I have not edit my post.

            • ja u did when i commented on it it didnt say all that but anyways it doesnt matter mate it all good 🙂

  • Motojack

    PC code in a box? …is this for those who buy the expansion?

  • Steffen

    Wow theyr actualy going to fix the input lag. Maybe there is some light with this game in the end..

    • Blingblaine

      Ya the voip problem is a serious issue that has been swept under the rug and it is unacceptable for a team like dice.

      Voice chat broken after 6 weeks, really appauling.

  • Steffen

    You do a good job with all the updates Fahed!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, sir. 🙂 I hope they’ll fix the PS3 issues as soon as possible; it’s been 6 weeks.

      • Steffen

        Have you tried it on the ps3 ? U got the input lag? Just curious !

        • Anonymous

          I got BF3 on the 360. 🙁

          But, I do have 1943 and Bad Company 2 on the PS3.

          • Steffen

            I got the same on ps3 they work just fine only bf3 problem. I can tell you this for sure, im getting the new xbox before PS4 because all the games seem to rum wery good on the xbox. Thanks for the reply 🙂

            • Anonymous

              Sony seems to have a new approach for its new consoles. More developer friendly approach, at least for the PS Vita. So, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

            • Blah MS I bet releases another crappy box that will break on people to pad their sales numbers again.

              Sony’s next PSN system will match and exceed XBL.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more like Steam than XBL.

  • David

    fuck u dice

  • Rohaimi Rahim

    For latest and quick info about BF3 this is the place where i can find 1..

  • Akira2020

    So, they’re going to fix the VOIP before fixing the lag/input problem.  Great, now everyone can hear me complain about NOT being able to play because of the lag/input problem.  Jesus DICE, get your priorities straight!

    • Grey

      lol 😀 good one!

    • Well I agree, the input lag stuff has to go, but DICE knew of VOIP problems day 1.  The input lag thing wasn’t discovered until a little later and I don’t think DICE really took it seriously until a week or so ago when that video came out.

    • Anonymous


  • Dynamix

    @ FahedJ: may i ask if you obtained the statement about the VoIP issue from trusted sources?

    I really would like to believe it, but there are to many reasons not to… Still waiting for an official statement of Dice!!!

  • They better fix the damned input lag in a hurry.  I am getting sick of not being able to make quick minor adjustments to my aim, it totally fucks my BF experience.  I almost feel like putting BFBC2 back in.

  • Guest

    Meanwhile PC has no voip

  • if you’re sick and tired of the broken voice chat in battlefield 3 do something about it!


  • Asd

    I have yet to witness this input lag.

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  • Remy

    I WANT THIS INPUT LAG FIXED. I can only get 2 kills in a round, input lags real bad on my PS3. Real. Bad. 

  • x-bf3 player

    Its not on their own blog.
    I’ll believe it when I see it actually fixed.

  • Jamesdurkanwatson

    My problem is that it just says Failed to join server. Please check your Internet connection. So I did and it’s a 100% signal Does anyone know how to fix it