BF4 Community Test Environment Improves Server Tick Rate, ADS Sensitivity, Screen Shake, and More

Battlefield 4‘s Community Test Environment has been open to Premium Subscribers on the PC for only a short period time, but already we’re learning about some exciting test results from participants.

DICE launched the Battlefield 4 CTE exactly one week ago as a way to test game updates at a more frequent rate and experiment with various improvements using the help of willing participants. It allows the studio evaluate updates on a larger audience and gives them the opportunity to guage what tweaks may or may not be suited for release to the public.

Some of these updates may never see the light of day, but here are a few of the things community members are reporting in as results of the new test environment:

  • Server tick rate improved from 10hz to 30hz – Leads to a smoother and more responsive network experience
  • High Frequency Network Update option – Customize your tick rate based on your own hardware specs
  • Customize ADS sensitivity – Customize the sensitivity of individual optic zooms independently of hip fire sensitivity
  • Screen shake from explosions and other environmental hazards reduced
  • Chat delay fixed
  • Terrain exploits fixed
  • Character collision improved

Known Battlefield 4 commentators XFactorGaming and LevelCapGaming both provide an informative overview of some of the changes that are in the works inside the test environment. Give the both videos a listen below.

If you are a Battlefield 4 Premium PC member and are interested in participating in the Community Test Environment, learn how by following this link.

  • BigCzee

    7 months later

    • dieger

      i still find that funny as hell.

    • Sheldon

      6.5 but who’s counting

  • Ben August

    Chat delay? There is a chat delay?? What, are they using telegraph lines to send the chat?? Absurd

    • oofy


      • oofy

        …….chat delay?

  • Krashman Von Stinkputin

    Sounds cool.
    So when is this game coming out?

    • swipe_06

      Wait until Dragons Teeth arrives. They going to drop support in the same hour after launch. 😀

    • Hot-Wire


  • Katana67

    Either way, late or early, sounds great.

    Is this going to be applicable to console as well (if it is implemented)?

    • Wargreymon559 .

      yes it is.jjjuu who is a developer at dice has already stated this.

      • Katana67

        Pretty rad. Could you do me the solid of linking a source?

      • TI_21

        Could you give us a link? It might not be as simple as you say since a tick increase increases the CPU usage.

    • Aria68

      I really hope so… even though i don’t really have any problem.

  • Samson

    The CTE has been great, its all I play now — feels even better than BF3 as far as feeling the individual shots and having time to react, rather than getting hit with a burst of them for an insta kill

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  • MegaMan3k

    EA should implement a rating system per round, like “tell us your thoughts…” and then randomize whether the benefits are “implemented” or “not” and see if it’s actually improving gameplay or if it’s just a placebo effect.

    That said

    Neat. I hope it comes to consoles. I’d be happy with a placebo effect.

    • Niosus

      Good idea. Make it a blinded experiment. Otherwise the subjective reactions are biased before you even asked the question.

  • Analdo Gomez

    “Some of these updates may never see the light of day…”, so we may never have what we paid for 🙁 ahhhh shietssss

  • Guest

    So will future Battlefields be at a new standard 30 tick rate and allow us to customize our tickrates? AHHH wait, these updates might not be implemented………………

  • Cool news = they are 100% aware of main ways to improve the game.
    Confirmed news = We are the beta testers, and we are heared “too” late.

  • Zheka

    It’s just a hoax. Nothing is ever going to be fixed. For example, the game still has a memory leak and crashes with directx errors.

  • S4vant04

    ok someone explain this to me. If they allow a higher tickrate, but still have let some players run a lower tickrate, how does that help?
    Isn’t hit detection on the client side?
    Wouldn’t the guy with the lower tickrate have an advantage again? Same as someone with a higher ping?

    • born2expire

      I would assume the “tickrate” is our own clientside tickrate, not the tickrate the servers are running at. So it’s just a placebo, the server is still only going to send us X updates a second no matter if we are sending 10 or 30 each second.
      Tickrate is a easy scapegoat for DICE’s “netcode” problems, when in reality it’s the problem is clientside hit detection (both sides of the gun fight see 2 completely different things) This could all be fixed with server side hit detection like every other game under the sun.

      • oofy

        The vast majority of shooters use client side or a combination of both.

        When I looked up games that used server side hit detection, the list was lean and it was mostly old games, so I checked the official forums for those games…and it was full of people complaining about server side hit detection and the developers should switch it up to client side. The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess.

        • born2expire

          I’d love to see that list you found, because the only game I know of that uses client side is the Battlefield games (i’m not sure about planet side 2, i think some of the new GR games use it as well) but every game using the Source (CS, DOD, TF2) Cryengine, Quake (Q3, COD, ect) and unreal engines are all server side.

          Its not a grass is green scenario, no other game i’ve played in the last 15 years has the problems of BF. Fine BF is a larger scale but bandwidth has dramatically increased in the last decade also.

          • oofy

            I made a list of games a few years ago when the Battlelog forums were ripe with mad discussions about the topic. I spent days looking all the info up. If I have time, I will, but to simplify it:

            Server side: Gears of War 1, Source games

            Client side: Everything else.

            But it gets murky because there are games that use a combination of both…and the developers won’t say which has a greater percentage.

  • pot51e

    Well, I’m in the CTE this weekend and intend to hammer it – so we’ll see what it is like. A friend of mine says that is an entirely different experience – much tighter, much better, much smoother.

    We’ll see.

    • Oscar Gallagher

      how do u get in the CTE?

  • born2expire

    The tickrate makes a small difference but its just a placebo/scapegoat. The REAL problem with BF3/4 is client side hit detection, which DICE will never change.

    • Samson

      Wrong. Server side hit detect would make matters even worse. It is not the holy grail that the uninformed like to believe

      • born2expire

        It would only make it worse for high pings. This day in the digital age there is absolutely NO reason anyone should have more than a 100ms ping.

        • ChessMania

          ? There is always someone with 100+ Ping.. It happens, mostly because they play on a far off region! I know for a fact I get 120ms because my friends play on U.S. East servers.. Western I get like 19ms..

          • Alen Babacic

            Oh maybe i should start playing ih China becouse i know a Guy there. Play on your own continent or coast or bare the consequences.. Russians playing on EU servers just because they get an advantage with high ping. Its because of you we have this problem. I would integrate a filter that wouldn’t allow players to hop around the world like that but restrict them to connect to their designated servers. Were their ping is defenetly max 50-60 high and 15-30 normal. Like we have in EU .

  • SamRock

    BF5 is now ready to be launch with “Back to Metro Again” DLC free with “BF5 Ultra Premium Deluxe Tetra Gold Edition”

  • For the time being game works fine on PS3. Maybe they solved it with server-side update. I hope game remains stable.

  • Johnny Neat

    It’s like BF4 is the first online game or first FPS experience ever how these DICE developers are handling BF4. Embarrassing!

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