Bioshock: Infinite Will Not Have Multiplayer, Irrational Games Confirms

Originally planned to release last October, Bioshock: Infinite had slipped into a 2013 release date with no definite reason other than to improve the title. Many began to speculate that Irrational Games, the developers behind the title, were using the time to add multiplayer, similar to that of Bioshock 2. Rest assured, Infinite will not have multiplayer.

Taking to the Twitterverse and responding to fan concern, Irrational Game’s game designer, Ken Levine confirmed today that there would not be any multiplayer for Infinite.



Do you guys think this is good news considering how Bioshock 2 multiplayer was handled?

  • im both happy…and sad i actually very much enjoyed bioshocks 2’s MP even though everyone hated it. but im also happy its not in because it would take time and development from singleplayer which is what i buy bioshock games for.

    • jimmylara

      I know what you mean, but I’ll be honest Bioshock 2 campaign sucked in comparison with the first. That is because though it was handed to a different 2K developer (@K Boston is now Irrational games, the ones who are developing Infinite)

      NS2 was developed by Marin and Arkane Studio, which explains why the MP and SP weren’t so well.. I expect this one to have just as good as a SP as the first. Glad to see it’s back in the original developer hands

  • mv

    Great about time multiplayer wasn’t forced on a game for the sake of a quick and easy $. Focus should stay on the single player story driven game.

    • Joe

      Yeah, I really wish more developers understood that not every game needs MP, especially an uninspired, unoriginal throw-in MP like Bioshock 2, Dead Space & Mass Effect 3.

  • Nubslayer

    One less Multiplayer experience for hackers & aimbotters to ruin, bravo.

    • Kyle Jackson

      But so many people will torrent this because it has no mulitplayer.

      • PopeJohnPaulTheThird

        No they’ll torrent because they torrent, MP isn’t stopping anybody. Dumb argument.

        • Kyle Jackson

          Not really kid, I only torrent good games that have no mulitplayer. Otherwise, I buy them, pretty sure I’m not the only one.

          • fero

            This is one of the most stupidest comments I’ve seen. That makes no sense at all. Your saying because you cant play against a stranger in another place that makes the game bad. Have you ever played bioshock 1?

            • Kyle Jackson

              It’s ‘You’re’ saying and yes I have, I love the Bioshock games.

  • JK Monroe

    No Multiplayer, No purchase.

  • PopeJohnPaulTheThird

    On a side note seems like everyone and their mother gets to be verified on Twitter now if some dude at a videogame co. is, and twitter used to be kinda cool

    • Joe

      I feel cool on twitter because I don’t know who the fuck 99% of the verified accounts are..

  • T-51b

    They might have been able to make it work…. Bioshock 2s multiplayer was mediocre but it could have been good with more work

  • newoldwolf

    im happy with all the big MP games now black ops, halo and BF no time but a good single player will still make it a day one buy for me

  • Joe

    As a long time fan of the Bioshock series, I was completely psyched for the new direction the series was taking. However, now I couldn’t care less. This game has been delayed how many times now? And, it doesn’t have the feel of it being delayed to improve it, it has the feel of being delayed because it’s a mess. Maybe at some point I’ll pick it up (if it ever actually launches), but truth be told, I can take it or leave it at this point. New studio + constant delays = indifferent customer.

    • There is worse games that have been delayed before, btw. I.e. Earthworm Jim, MDK3, Mechassault 3(instead you get the Mechwarrior online F2P), Homefront 2, etc.

  • QwietStorm

    Thank the lord

  • I was glad they didn’t put in MP for Bioshock Infinite because of “Oh I want multiplayer in every game” whiners, honestly there is games like this that DON’T NEED MULITPLAYER! The devs put it in anyways and it ruins the game, imo.