Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP Event Starts May 17th

With the latest Black Ops II DLC pack hitting PS3 and PC on May 16th, Treyarch will be holding yet another Double XP event.

The team behind Black Ops II has announced through the in-game message system that players can expect to earn double weapon XP this weekend.

“Don’t even think about resting those thumbs, because Double Weapon XP weekend is coming this Friday, May 17, starting at 10am/PDT and running though Monday, May 20 at 10am/PDT,” wrote Treyarch on the MOTD.

Here’s a photo I snapped of the announcement on Xbox 360. Keep in mind, Treyarch always runs the same even for all platforms, so PS3 and PC users should expect the same treatment.

Double XP MP1st

We recently also reported that Treyarch is also working on an update for the PC version of the game and might enable Call of Duty: Ghosts camo on PC.

Having reached Master Prestige few weeks ago, I’m really looking forward to levelling up the rest of the weapons I overlooked. Are you guys excited for this event?

  • ryan

    whats the point in giving everyone double weapon XP when you go to shoot someone empty half clip in them only for them to turn around and drop u with one burst from a pistol .

    • MegaMan3k

      Cause some people enjoy the games they play. You don’t have to, if you’d prefer to be a miserable sack. But some do.

      • Some people have more issues with lag than other, it seems. Personally, I’ve enjoyed Black Ops 2 a lot, obviously since I prestiged all the way through.

        • MegaMan3k

          I’m a prestige master and think the game has massive lag issues. That’s why I stopped playing. Hah.

          • hsradaa

            if on steam , u willing to exchange your keys for Metro 2033 ??

        • Godisgood

          Black ops 2 is shit multi, black ops 1 is where it’s at. BO2 copy of BO1 just like MW3 was a copy of MW2. MP1st reports on shit games and leaves the good ones in the wind, nice work idiots.

          • Dirtknap

            I’ll go as far as agreeing with you on black ops 1 being the business, the rest of your comment is irrelevant and ridiculous. MP1st report on gaming news, as in newly received information, in particular regard to recent events. Tell me, what would be the point in reporting news on a CoD title that’s two years old, just because it superior in the eyes of some. Have some class.

      • ryan

        there is a lot of people that play this game with 10 times the internet connection i got and they still get shit on by scrubs running around with pistols. maybe your not one of them, so u have no idea what a lot of people go through with this game and don’t say go play something else because really what else is there to play .so stop riding the treyarch dick for once .

        • Lilith-is-beast<3

          Just because you get killed by pistols does not mean the game is bad in any way. Maybe you should change your strategy? I seem to have no problems with this, that being said I occasionally run Five-Seven extended mag. Also before you say it I do know about the issue as my cousin has it and I have seen it, however there are easy ways to avoid that issue for the most part. As for your “because really what else is there to play” statement I will now list several other shooters (both 3rd person and 1st) that are decent: Battlefield (Bad Company 2, or BF3), Borderlands 2, Mass Effect trilogy, the 1st Borderlands, Resident Evil 5 and 6, Killzone and the Uncharted series (or Gears of War and Halo, depending on your system preference), and there are many others. If COD is the only set of games you play, then you may want to expand your horizons because your missing out on a lot of games that IMO are way better than COD.

      • DanDustEmOff

        Its not a matter of enjoying the game or even being bad at the game its about the devs putting in some time and effort into fixing a broken product. I have a 1.8 kd and a 3.5 wl which is ok seems I play ffa mainly and don’t camp I win nearly all my games even on a bad connection. Its just the fact that there is way too much bs in this game. Ryan has the right to complain and express his opinion if he bought the game. For me its not even about the lag its the matchmaking and broken cameras thats the worst part of this game some tweeks and it would be as good as CoD 4 but Treyarch won’t do anything about it and we should all expect more from them otherwise they will keep selling progressively worse games.

        • Even if they sorted out their shit, I find BO2 UNBEARABLY boring.

          • Dirtknap

            My biggest issue (setting aside the obvious absence of hygiene factors), its like a Treyarch does MW title. Too many score streaks, that also stack along with a faster pace. The beauty of the previous Treyarch developed titles was the simplicity in the killstreaks, there weren’t too many to choose from and it just had a more measured pace. I found BLOPS 1 had a much more competitive feel with less killwhore type behavior from the community in general.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Its not for you then dude.

  • Dirtknap

    Time to get back on the horse for this new map pack, fingers crossed there are evident improvements in the net code from those sneaky hot fixes. I want to get maximum value from my season pass but I’ve been playing BO I in favor of the second iteration.

    • DanDustEmOff

      There won’t be Treyarch never patch netcode WaW and Blops1 both had bad lag and matchmaking issues.

      • Dirtknap

        I think you and I have had a similar discussion before. I hear you on the lag and matchmaking issues in both of those games, however my experiences with both WaW and BLOPS have been a lot better than yours have clearly been. For example, BLOPS I post launch was terrible, though six months down the track I noticed vast improvements. lag was visible so I knew exactly what was going on when my performance went pear shaped and lobby shopping resolved both these issues. Neither of which were anywhere near as prevalent as they had been.

        I guess this just reaffirms that CoD’s netcode (since BO1) is consistently inconsistent, hence the incredibly varied range of issues that different players come across. Both the BLOPS titles have been things of beauty when they play as they should, its just a shame that this is the exception and not the rule, even more so for the sequel.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Yea i agree with you except BLOPS only had a slight improvement by adding the local search.

  • Bradley Griffiths

    I could care less about double weapon xp. I still don’t understand why double xp is the weekend before we actually get the content.

    • Dirtknap

      Huh? The double XP weekend starts the day after the new content drops.

      • ciaran

        double weapon xp yes. double xp was on this weekend and its over. before the map packs

        • Dirtknap

          Aha, gotcha. Cheers.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Double weapon xp is more useful than double xp in my opinion. I suffered through some serious lag/ connection issues tonight, but I’m hoping things are better come Thursday.

    • Dtoxz

      they wont be though. I had a complete lagfest on xbox last weekend when i tried to play. I have direct connection -wired with no router….and yet every 3 games it would time out or lag like crazy. its the double XP combined with a lack of dedicated that kills it. Everyone hears the news, hops online and the servers cant take it. I went on a fucking 13 killstreak about to get my freaking VTOL once again, and the damn thing migrated, picked ME as host, then completely timed out. Not to mention all the error messages on COD TV, I wonder what else doesn’t work in-game since they cant even get the theater mode right.
      People bitch about this game, true, but you can tell the true fans from the trolls. The ones that go back to it, because they want to relive the time period where they had a COMPLETE BLAST with the game are the true fans and that it the reason they complain. For me, it was MW1. I loved that game, played for hours. Ever since, I’ve always wanted to relive that hoping that year after year the game would improve despite the fact that it doesn’t..

      • thebulky1cometh

        You’re speaking my language, man. I would sit and play original blops for hours… haven’t been able to rekindle that magic since. People jump all over me on these boards because I often criticize what has become of the FPS we all love.

        • dtoxz

          that’s where I’m at Bulky. its not the connection, its not the system or console, its the underdeveloped cash cow. done with COD

  • COD=shit

    Nobody cares all the COD sheep has already jumped on the GHOSTS hype train. ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why would I hop an a hype train of a game we have 0 official info about and it’s made by IW who don’t give a crap about their customers by never fixing
      OP shit.

      • DanDustEmOff

        What like infinite betties and shock charges, m8a1 select fire, a shotgun with the range of a sniper rifle, fal select fire, smr select fire, b23r, kap 40 I could go on but I think I made my point.

      • I’m with you. Black Ops 2 seemed like it would be the bomb-diddly and what we got was a steaming pile of shit.

        If Activision can deceive us that badly I have no interest in this series anymore.

      • Never fixing OP shit? I’m sorry but I think you should look at Treyarch instead of IW.. I look at David Vonderhaar’s twitter and he replies to NOBODY.. he only talks to big youtubers and MLG players, for reasons unknown. If you complain about his game he’ll give you the typical if you be nice and stop using caps then I’ll reply and he still doesn’t. While I look at a dev’s twitter account like Mark Rubins and he’s always replying to people. When MW3 was in its prime Mark was responding to almost every tweet and talking to the community.. I think IW done a good job with patching MW3. While Treyarch sit on their ass fixing stupid UI bugs that I’ve never even noticed yet they’ve had thousands of complains about the cameras being way off and the LMG’s being OP and nothing has been done in any patch.

    • W3GOKU

      I don’t know what you’re on about bro but as far as I know no one is even looking forward to “Ghosts”, esp if it’s anything like their last game. ( looking at you mw3)

      • John Doe

        Finally Mitch/ W3GOKU this is what us BF players have been trying to tell you all along. Be smart with your next COD purchase. Do you think I would buy another Battlefield if they removed vehicles or Conquest and Rush. HELL NO

      • Dtoxz

        You guys realize trolls feed and survive off of reaction…make the world a better place….don’t feed the trolls.

      • DanDustEmOff

        I liked MW3 and I’m genuinely interested in what a new engine and console can do for the series. You can say what you like but MW3 has way less bs moments than blops. Two magic words is all it will take for me to buy ghosts. …..DEDICATED SERVERS well I can dream anyway.

        • John doe

          I am a hardcore BF fan and i will say something nice. I do wish that they would get off there wallets and give you guys dedicated servers for the new ghosts. Also if it is going to be on next gen there should not be any excuses. Dedicated servers on BF is really amazing although they do come with there share of problems. It would completely level out the playing field for you guys and practically squash the lag problems. Hell i barely get 1MB download and 700kb upload and BF3 plays beautifully. It astounds me after all these CODs that they have yet to give you guys better servers or matchmaking. All the money they make and they cannot reward you what a shame.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Yes i think that they have exhausted all the excuses under the sun for why they can cant do it servers are cheap and i would have no problem paying an extra £5 to get server access for the year and P2P to be free. I play BF on the PC and its annoying when your server gets DDoSed and I really wish the hit detection was handeled server side rather than client side but it is still way better than P2P having both options is the best solution IMO.

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  • already got diamond tho


      And we care, why exactly?

  • MasonMei

    Need double-headshot for my Diamond camo LOL

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  • Fuck the MP, I can’t wait for Mob of the Dead.

    • Dtoxz

      Mob of the Dead kicks soooo much ass. Pay attention to the wolf head in the wall. Stick with him, and kill all the zombies near him. Do that in all locations and go to the basement heh heh heh……

  • silent

    nice room. =)

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  • Teh Joyet

    how dose double weapon xp works exactly when i need 75 freaking head shots to unlock the next camo tryarch how – -_

  • bsgtrick

    Is double weapon xp just attachments or is it camos as well? Response well apreciated

  • Black Ops 2 sucks

    Why put the message up on Xbox360?